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Ever So Spoiled!

It’s been 4 days into The Arcade and I’m almost completely finished with my list! Well, wait. I mean… Aldwyn is almost finished with my list. *laughs* See, being married to a fashion blogger often has its drawbacks in that he can almost never gift me with items because I already blog for most of my favorite stores, and the other ones, I just shop immediately. So The Arcade is when he gets to shine and get me the things I want most. Plus, I can’t make it TO the actual event because my computer is crap. In fact, Sunday was AWFUL because I actually woke up to a dead computer. Omg, I was freaking out! I do a lot of things [non-SL related] online and to be without my computer would be terrible. Luckily it was just an overheated processor. Did you know you have to actually open your computer up and clean it? *snickers*

But Aldwyn has gotten me almost everything on my list, my girls picked up some items from me, my niece gave me some things, and I’ve shopped our Yard Sale like crazy. I’m just so thrilled with everything! The little fairies from Ohmai and the gnomes from Mutresse make my heart smile.

Ever So Spoiled

I’ve rezzed some of the fairy companions and made them bigger and put them in the garden with the gnomes. You’ll see it tomorrow in my style blog when I finally get my picture up. But I couldn’t resist taking this pic. If you read my style blog, you’ll see them in the picture. Since most people who read that one don’t read this one, it’s like y’all get something extra! [Well, kind of? LOL]

I’ve had a super long day, though, so I think I’m going to bed. Oh, btw, if you have Arcade trades you want to make, Aldwyn has a whole list here. He’s pretty good at trading! 🙂

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Day 80 – Squeeeeeeze!

I wrote this last night but my internet was being an asshole, so I didn’t get a chance to post until today.

I went out to the Kawaii Fair today. It was pretty cute. 🙂

Day 80 - Squeeeeeze!

I’ve always been totally into anything little and cute. I used to collect miniature tea sets until the Great Shelf Crash of 2001. I have a little collection of Dreamsicle angels now. In SL, my eyes immediately go to anything pink and sparkly and adorable. But, I can’t really say I’m totally into the whole “kawaii” thing. Even I have my limits on too much cute. 🙂 But I did have to pick up this bee costumed bear. It’s soooo adorable! I think it’s really for kids, but the ad said it could fit adult arms too, so there ya go. I just needed something to squeeze!

Anyway, you should check out the Kawaii Fair if you like cute stuff. There’s a lot there that’s just normal template junk, but some things are really nice and worth picking up.

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I had told myself I would never ever get involved with another breedable in SL again after the whole cat thing. I didn’t need the hassle or to feel like I couldn’t express an opinion about it again, you know? But the Meeroos started to interest me. I knew they were cute. I knew some of my friends were taking more of an interest in logging into SL than they had done in a while. I’d heard tales of big shot creators dropping their work and running just because the Meeroo wanted a cuddle. I started to think more about getting one, especially since I don’t have much else to do in SL at the moment.

Then it happened. Sophia gave me a meeroo. She instructed me to go get a home and some food for the little creature. The food is pretty dirt cheap [$225L for a 4 week supply for 1 meeroo], and the home was only $250L. I figure if I grow bored of it, I pass the meeroo back to Sophia and all I’m really out is about the cost of a pair of plain shoes. Not a bad deal.

But oh! I wasn’t prepared for the CUTENESS.

Hey! Wake up!

I rezzed her out and she promptly curled up for a little nap. I gained a regard point on the HUD thing when the Oracle asked me a trivia question [gah! cuteness AND trivia! how can i resist?!], and Sophia helped me learn how to set the range and activity level for Biscuit. Her name was Sammy when she came to me, but I renamed her Biscuit in honor of my RL bestie.

I’m freakin’ in love with this thing right now. I picked her up and she grabbed her toes! After I put her back down and she woke up, she made the cutest little noises ever!! I watched her just gallop around while I sat and waited for more trivia questions from the Oracle.


Seriously, I cannot believe how SWEET these things are. Just as precious as can be!! I do not plan to breed Biscuit because A, I’d like to think that I have the ability to learn a lesson, and B, I really just want a pet to play with, but you never know what could happen. I don’t think I’ll breed her, though. She can stay virgin pure.

Thank goodness I got this. I was *this* close to thinking about adopting a kid avatar.

Oh, and I totally knocked my inventory count down tonight. No more 80k for me! I’m riding pretty at 74,900 and I realized I attach way too many memories and stuff to virtual goods.

Well, and I seem to be a packrat who forgets that in her inventory lies the dumbest things the grid has to offer. But hey, we all have our faults, am I right?

Inventory cleaning