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Ever So Pretty!

I *think* Lolita is almost done with decorating Bluebonnet!

Ever So Pretty!

I mean, I could be wrong, but honestly, I can’t think of anything else she could possibly add! Every bit of land has been tended to and the place looks AMAZING. I can honestly say that this is the best Bluebonnet has ever looked in its history, even before the place was called Bluebonnet. [Long time readers/friends may remember that when the sim was transferred to me, I renamed it.] Everywhere I go on the island now, it’s gorgeous. We have a road that goes allll around the island now and I LOVE to drive. [Don’t listen to my family. I’m a great driver!!!]

It’s funny, though. I knew Bluebonnet like the back of my hand for so long. Now when I look at it, I don’t know where anything is! *laughs* I tried to find what I thought was the middle of the sim last night but I was wayyyy off. Because for so many years, the middle of the sim was up on a hill. It’s like my direction is all off!

Our house is just about finished, too. I really think getting a slightly smaller house was a good thing. I do wish it had just ONE more bedroom, but it’s not really a necessity. I’m still adding a few touches here and there but mostly just randomness from The Arcade at this point. I’m still not QUITE sure what to do with our back patio, though. I have ideas, but I think I’m being lazy about actually doing anything. I was extremely under the weather last week to the point of sleeping pretty much all day for several days. Which was terribly annoying, to be honest. I feel somewhat better now, but my brain is still foggy, which is why I probably cannot figure out what to do with the patio. It’ll come to me, though. It usually does.

Or I’ll just stick a big ol’ tree on it and be done with it. *laughs*

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At The Beginning

It’s almost 4am and I’m exhausted, but I’m also a bit wired up, so I thought I’d blog and bore myself to sleep. *laughs*

So because I already had some of my renters move out and so much empty parcel already, Lolita got started on the corner for our home tonight! Oh gosh, you guys. Watching her make something out of basically a flat piece of land is incredible! I have neverrrr been that great at landscaping and as most people know, my landscaping skills basically boil down to “Throw some trees on it!” In fact, I had almost 2000 prims just in trees on our parcel when I was picking things up. That’s a LOT of trees.

But my sis, she’s really creative and what she’s doing for the sim is a little different than she’s done on other sims. I snapped a picture as she was putting a few more things down. How awesome does it look already?!

At The Beginning

I’m so excited to see how the sim is going to come together! My mission when I log in later today is to get our house more put together. I started a bit but nothing major. I was too busy running all over the roads looking at this and that! Maybe we should have a sim-warming party when everything is done?

Ugh, I better to go to bed before I end up logging in again to work on the house.

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Easy Like Sunday Morning

My sister was nice enough to come help me with our parcel the other night. For the past…well, forever, our home has always looked like it just kinda showed up in the middle of a lot of trees because I am not great at putting a whole area together. I can do bits and pieces, but not a whole thing. This is why I’ve always let my renters do what they want on their parcels rather than have some some carefully constructed residential area. They can do what they like and I can enjoy their art.

But after the whole house moving craziness, we had LOTS of room left and Lolita came and put down a road similar to what she has on their sim. It’s kind of amazing what having something defined does for a place! The road is bigger than what I would have done which I think makes it better. I’m not really good at proportions. Years ago when I was hanging out with someone, he told me that when you do landscaping like this, you should always go bigger than you think you should. He gave me a couple of huge trees to prove his point and he was right. But of course, being me, I end up working in smaller bits and I think that I should have remembered his advice. *laughs*

The new road goes around in a rectangular shape, so we have a grassy area in the middle. I decided it would be a good place for a small park, so I plopped a fountain down in the middle. For some reason, I’ve acquired a few fountains in my SLife! I have no real idea why because I think I’ve only used a fountain once. But I like this one quite a bit. And with the addition of our little cafe caravan and a table set, it’s becoming the perfect place to have my morning coffee and some quiet.

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Of course, my sis has an awesome coffee shop on their sim, so I’m still going to be running over to have my lattes and cappucinos!

I am still working on the park and on putting more trees around so that it looks a little bit more natural and not like a tree farm of the same trees. I also need to get our backyard done up. We had a great deck last year and I KNOW I took it all up in one big piece so I could just put it out again, but we’ll have to see if that actually happened or not!

I guess since my coffee cup is empty, I should go do something productive so I can come back and start hunting for my perfect Valentine’s dress. There is a Valentine’s formal this coming Saturday night and I need an awesome formal gown!

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So…that happened.

So as part of the whole “I’m tired of our parcel looking like crap” thing, I decided I wanted to move our house. Should have been a simple thing. I have mod rights for pretty much everyone in the family at this point, so it should have been as simple as unlocking the house, selecting everything, and scooting it on over. SHOULD HAVE BEEN THAT SIMPLE.

Somewhere along the way, random things of mine in the house got locked down. Not just the house, not the walls I built downstairs and in our bathroom. Just random things like my teacup pigs, pictures on the wall, beds, posters… It had no rhyme or reason! A wall hanging I put up just 2 days ago was locked, but a music box I put out months ago was not. It was all completely random. And the more I unlocked items and tried to move things, the worse it got! Things were just becoming locked down for no ding dang reason! It was frustrating and laughable all at the same time.

The whole family was over while I was doing this so they really kept me from shedding tears. And hey, my sis even put out a fruit plate! *laughs*

Eventually, I decided to just move the house by itself and then move each individual room. After I moved the house, everything looked NUTS.

So...That Happened.

The guys, in their EVER so helpful way, said I should say that it’s very zen. You know, inner peace comes from living without walls. I threatened to kick them in the face.

A lot, actually.

But I meant it with love. ♥

Everyone had to go to bed, and I stayed up, checking every prim of mine in the house to unlock what was locked. It was insane how much was locked and how random it was. I still have absolutely NO idea what happened. In fact, in my head, all I was thinking of was that cover of the Atlanta Voice from last year. “What happen? Why it happen? Can it happen again?!”

All I know is that if it happens again, we’re living in tents outside.

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Fra-GEE-leh! It must be Italian!

Since the girls went to bed early tonight, I decided to try to pull out some of my Christmas decorations for the house and also do a little bit of redecorating in the living room. But well, as I was pulling things out of my inventory, I discovered something that I forgot I had!

Fra-GEE-leh! It must be Italian!

Behold! The leg lamp!!

Obviously this is the best Christmas decoration that we could possibly have in the house. Obviously.

I just hope the girls think so. *laughs*

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My tractor’s cute, but not really sexy.

So after a while at The Cornfield, you run out of things to buy with your cornbucks. I mean, things that actually help you in your quest to kill monsters and collect corn. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE better weapons, better armor, a bigger corn basket, things like that. But, there are prizes you can spend your cornbucks on. I got a trophy, a necklace, and this stupid chicken that does NOTHING special and gets freaked out if I cross a path. Stupid chicken.

But…there was a tractor that I had my eye on. It’s 5000 cornbucks, which is kinda pricy for a little prize, but I definitely have the cornbucks to spare. Look at it!

Go Tractor Go!

I attempted to run it in “advanced” tractor mode, but I couldn’t really figure it out, so I had to go back to basic mode.

Not that it mattered. Advanced, basic, remedial… I’m a horrible, horrible driver in SL!

Still not a good driver

After I managed to get out of the pond, I sat on our porch for a while. I really haven’t done anything with our porch because … Well, mostly because I’m lazy. LOL! But also because our porch is just a slab and some steps, no cover or railings. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. After thinking a little bit about it, I rezzed out a fresh copy of our house and yanked some of the railings from the back deck and put them in front. Surprisingly, it worked out pretty well, and made a more defined spot for an outdoor couch and stuff. No pics because I was just playing around with ideas out there since autumn will come to Bluebonnet next week, and y’all KNOW how much I adore decorating for the fall!! Pumpkins EVERYWHERE.

But, while I was sitting there on the porch, I got up close and personal with my head.

Just a snap of my big head

I keep feeling like I need a change simply because most of the bloggers I know change their skins and shapes very frequently and I do not. Makes me feel like I SHOULD. But…I like my face. I like my skin. I’d hate to change it up and not be satisfied, you know?

Anyway, bedtime!

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Back to almost normal!

No pretty, edited pics today! Woo! I’m so lazy. LOL


Quick Snap - They're Home!!!!!

The girls got home late Sunday night and I was sooooo glad to see them. They had lots to tell me, all the little things that never make it to plurk, but they were also both super exhausted and needed to go to bed since it was late. I was just relieved to have them home! While they slept, I kept working on the up-upstairs of our house and added a craft area to the family room.

Quick Snap - My new craft area

You know, as much as I am hating gacha these days, The Arcade will always be a fave because seriously, I have done SO much decorating using Arcade items in the past week. That’s where you can get all the little knick knacks and decor items that really make a home.

Last night, both the girls were still tired so I went to hang out with my sister and the rest of the family. They had camp souvenirs to give me, including music/dance things to put on!

Quick Snap - Dancing with the Oleander girls

Then it was an all out fight for my sis to try to catch her dirty little kids so she could get them in the tub! Oh my gosh, Payton is FAST even with all the mud caked on her! *laughs* At one point, she snatched Riley from Lolita’s head [because where else do you do the running man but on top of your mom’s head?] and just ran! Eventually, Lolita got Riley and Raven to take their baths, but Payton managed to skip out on one again because her internet died. I have a feeling Lolita and Takeo are going to have to work together on this one!

Takeo was working last night on a camp video! Even though I didn’t make it to camp, I made it in the video, so that’s pretty cool. 🙂 It’s long, but if you’re interested in camp stuff, you can see it. If you’ve never been to camp, take a look. You might want to sign up for the next one!

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Day 340 – Restful

I spent a little time tonight working on our living room. It’s really not done, and this is just a small part of it, but I like how it’s starting to come along. The whole room is like this eclectic mish-mash of stuff and I love it! And I feel like it’s really restful, even though we have a lot of brighter colors throughout the room. It’s cozy! Or comfy-cozy, as my sister would say!

Day 340 - Restful

And yeah, I know, some of the pictures on the wall aren’t fully rezzed. I could NOT get all the textures to stay rezzed tonight! Just when I thought everything was, poof! A couple of pics would go fuzzy, or the words on the frame would, or the tea boxes table would. Blah!

We’ve been having fun this week hanging out at the yard sale! We’ve gotten to talk to a lot of people and run around and just be goofy. It’s been fun! There are still a lot of items out if you haven’t completed your shopping lists yet. I’ve actually been buying extra stuff there just so I have another copy to put in other rooms. Aldwyn has rares, too, but they won’t be out until probably tomorrow night. He would have done it tonight but he was yawning so much, I got bossy and told him to go to bed.

Speaking of which, I’m yawning like crazy myself. I’ve been trying to watch documentaries on Netflix in bed lately but I keep falling asleep before I finish anything. Do you like documentaries? Recommend some to me! Even better if I can watch them on Netflix! 🙂 So since I’m yawning now, but not really sleepy sleepy, I think it’s time to get in bed and see if I can actually finish the one I was watching last night. Goodnight!

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Day 332 – Gotta Make A Mess First!

Earlier tonight I left Abby in her room to start putting it together while I worked on a post for the style blog. Like most kids, though, she got pretty distracted! [Well, both of us are easily distracted by stuff, so it’s not just a kid thing.] So when I was finished with my post, she asked if I could pretty please help her because I had done so well with her last room. Awwww. 🙂

Of course, to get started decorating, you have to make a mess.

Day 332 - Gotta Make A Mess First!

In the family community, it’s more common for the kid to do their own room in their homes, from my understanding. At least, when Abby came to live with us, she said she’d always had to do her own rooms before and it made her feel good to have one done for her with the big stuff so she could just add her own personal touches. And I certainly don’t mind doing it because I love decorating for kids! It’s different than decorating an adult’s room even though I’m actually using a lot of the same things I’d use elsewhere in the house. Some things I just scale down to make more kid friendly, or I just combine it with something else or tint it a different color and suddenly it’s for a kid!

I worked on her room pretty much all the rest of the night, even though she went to sleep. It’s not finished, but I’ll let her decide what she wants to keep in there or move around or whatever. Then of course she’ll add her things to it, too. I really am loving this house and how easy it is to make it cute. Thank God so many furniture makers do little cluttery decor stuff, and oh my gosh, thank God that Aldwyn has always been so willing to hit up The Arcade for me because so many little decor things are finally being used!!

My eyes are totally glazing over and my computer is dying for a rest, so it’s off to bed for me.

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Day 302 – And Then A Quiet Cup Of Tea

It’s late, almost midnight by SL time, and my family have all gone off to bed. It was a good day. Abby and I went to an amusement park that was quite awesome, and we rode rides and had hot chocolate. Well, she had hot chocolate. I had coffee because you have to have a lot of energy to keep up with her! We went under the sea and into space! We ended our evening together with a snuggle and a chat. She really is a joy to talk with. An hour or so after I got her off to bed, Aldwyn showed up and we sat and chatted for a while before he needed to also get some sleep since he’s got things going on this coming week that require a lot of brain power.

So with my two loves tucked in, I meant to start in on decorating our kitchen. But instead, I decided to just sit with a nice cup of tea and be quiet for a while.

Day 302 - And then a quiet cup of tea

I’ve been slowly decorating our home for Christmas, but goodness. What does a person have to do to get a really awesome mesh wreath that is modify?? I got the cutest wreath at Follow Us, but I guess I didn’t read the ad right because it was no mod and just too small for over the fireplace. I wish someone would do a deco mesh wreath. I make them in RL [yep, I make mesh stuff in RL. LOL!] and I’d love to have a good one in SL. Do any of you have ideas of where to get a really fabulous Christmas wreath? The one we have now is okay. It’s decent looking and mesh and very low land impact. But it’s just not EXACTLY what I want.

My tea mug is empty and I’m yawning. I think it’s time to snuggle on into bed.