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You Deserve A Spotlight

Are you someone who likes the spotlight? If you asked me that question, I’d probably say no, but… I don’t know. I think I kinda do.

You Deserve A Spotlight

I think all bloggers do, to an extent. We take our pictures for others to see and hope that our words reach out to someone somewhere. I like DJing because it means I get to share music I like and kind of keep a captive audience if I speak. And let’s face it, I always speak. *laughs* What can I say. I love to perform and I love public speaking. I’m also highly competitive, as my family can tell you from our game nights! So yes… shine that spotlight on me!

I’m actually DJing for a couple of private parties this weekend for the first time in forever. I miss doing it more often in SL but I can’t really commit to a regular set anywhere, unfortunately. I wish that I could. If anyone has a club in SL and needs a sporadic DJ who plays country and top 40 and will probably bring her kids along, hey, I’m your girl! LOL!!

Anyway, it’s SUPER cold here tonight [I’m not ready for this winter life] so it’s time to go get into bed and cuddle up with blankets!

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Day 123 – A Royal Affair

I don’t get a chance to dress up a lot. I don’t really go out a lot, at least not to formal places, so most of my ball gowns just sit in my inventory unused. But tonight I’m DJing for little Peyton Oleander’s birthday party, and it’s a royal theme. I finally get to pull out some of my lovely gowns! And since it’s a themed party, I needed to make a new photo for my tip board, so I figured I might as well make it my pic of the day. 🙂

Day 123 - A Royal Affair

Speaking of parties, I think we’re going to throw a little get together tomorrow evening. Aldwyn feels like DJing again in SL so we’ll probably just be out in our park again, or maybe up in the fun skybox to play Greedy or trivia. We haven’t really decided.

And then Saturday evening, I think I’m DJing for the grand re-opening of Funky Junk since Ulaa just moved to a new location. I hear…I hear there might be a little sale if there is a party. 😉

Much to do before tonight, so I’m off!

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Day 46 – The Denimore-Otoro Wedding!

My friends Lourdes and Salvatore got married today!! I was their DJ, so I took extra special care to dress nicely.

Day 46 - Before The I Do

It was a great place and it was really nice to see some of my plurk buddies in world! We so rarely get together. Well, okay, I so rarely get together with them. I’m sure a lot of them see each other all the time. But of course, nothing was better than seeing the bride walk down the aisle. LOOK AT THAT DRESS!!

Lourdes Walking Down The Aisle

They had Pamala, Aldwyn’s friend who officiated at our wedding, also do theirs! I thought that was nice, because Pamala really seems to get into it! 🙂

At the altar

Awww, the bride and groom!!

Mr and Mrs Otoro

We had a really great time at the reception. They requested a pretty much all 90s playlist, which of course you know I was totally into. I love 90s music!! And yes, we did take our shoes off!

Party time

Kesseret really enjoyed the reception! She did share, though, so that was a plus!

Kess enjoying the wedding

It was really an awesome wedding and I’m overjoyed that I got to be part of their day. 🙂 Now who is NEXT???

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I’m DJing tonight for the Oleanders’ Halloween party. It’s the first party I’ve done in a while, and I’m happy about it. The only thing better is if my husband could come, too, but he’s DJing tonight out in the physical world. Did you all know he’s a real DJ? I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that before. I keep telling him he needs to do it in SL, too, but he claims he plays mostly old man music. Hey, I like old man music!!

But since he’s not here, we didn’t get a chance to do costumes together like we did last year when we went as sparkly vampires. I wanted to be Little Red Riding Hood but I never did find an outfit I liked. Either they were too ugly or too “sexy.” Or too ugly while attempting to be sexy. So I settled on this adorable Alice In Wonderland costume from Deviance that I’ve had my eye on for a while. Combined with an oldddd Halloween skin from Free Speerit, and some tattoo layer bloody cuts, I feel spooky and cute all at the same time.

It's not exactly Wonderland...

In the field

I’m starting to wonder if I should make my shoes blue. I made them red to match the Heart and Diamond on my apron, but now I’m wondering if that makes it more Dorothy than Alice.

I guess I should get back to work putting the playlist together and digging out my tip board and all that fun stuff. I DJ so rarely, everything always gets lost!

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Day 300 – In the home stretch!

Well well well. Number 300 in the 365 photo challenge. Of course, had I not been postponed a few days here and there, I guess I’d be closer to 315 or so. But I told myself that when I started, if I had to miss a day, I’d pick it up and not skip. So there you go. 300.


September seems to be a month of change for me. Last year at this time, I was holding that massive yard sale, becoming friends with new people, and starting to SL date again. The year before that, I was getting unpartnered and acquiring my island. Oh wow, tomorrow is Bluebonnet’s 2 year anniversary! If I’d thought about it, I think I would have thrown a party. Maybe next year. 🙂

So what changes will come this September? Who knows? I already feel some “shifts” in my SLife. Good ones, I think. I hope, anyway!

Just a reminder, but I’m DJing tonight from 8pm-10pm SLT at Wear Gray, a charity event being held to raise money for the American Brain Tumor Association. I’d love to see you guys out there! 100% of my tips tonight are going right into the donation box, so come have some fun and help raise money for a good cause! ♥

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Day 261 – Three Things

So I learned 3 things today.

1. When I’m using my male shape and I happen to go out shopping, I really should consider investing in a male AO so that I don’t bounce around and walk girly all over the place.

I really need a male AO sometimes. LOL

2. I need to warn people before they come into my house that I have it set so I see the sun & moon only, not local lights. I don’t know how I got into that habit, but honestly, it just LOOKS better to me because I usually have my windlight setting on a bright light. But, I really didn’t realize that anyone who has it set to show local lights who might come into my house will be blinded immediately. that's what local lights looks like.


And 3. I really did miss DJing. I always have loved to do it, but I did get worn out after a while holding the weekly parties, which I did for pretty much a year straight, minus a week here and there. I’ve been taking quite a bit of time off this year. Everyone needs a break. But the more I do it again, the more I remember that I love doing it, and I’m always happy to DJ for a friend’s party or an event. [I don’t like DJing clubs.] Tonight I DJed for the Exodi & WoE sim launch party. It was sooo fun and soooooooo crowded!! I really had a good time, and I hope others did, too. 🙂


That’s one of the new Isolde skins by Exodi, btw. I think it’s the Gacha gift makeup one, or the fishing gift one. I’m not in world at the moment to check. I didn’t have time to really tweak my face for it, so if it looks strange on me…well, I look strange in most skins other than Belleza these days. LOL It’s not the skin’s fault, it’s my crazy faced shape.

My next post is going to be kind of a personal one, so if you don’t care about my RL stuff, then don’t read it. LOL Just wait for the next 365 day project post. I promise I won’t mind. 🙂

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Day 257 – Friday Fun

I’m always really happy when I find just the right thing for the house. I’ve been attempting to finish the living room, but I had a blank wall that I just didn’t know what to do with. I hit up Kyoot for Fifty Linden Friday, thinking their memory tree was small for a tabletop. I was so excited that it was wall sized! And perfect for the house!


I rarely take photos in world anymore, so I’m digging through my flickr to find good pics to upload for the tree. I love it.

This evening I came out of my semi-retirement and DJed a birthday party for Bethany Heart. I say semi-retirement, but really, I just have just been too lazy to DJ. LOL It was really fun, and the party was full of the cutest little roller girls ever.

Bethany's party

It probably looked better than this pic, but my settings were at the absolute lowest so that I wouldn’t crash, so you know how that goes. 🙂

I spent the last few hours making some of the shopping rounds. I probably should have waited, though. My Saturday is free and clear. Usually I go visit with my parents on Saturdays, but my mom has this thing against me driving if it’s too cold, too wet, or too hot. Tomorrow is supposed to be 106. Yeahhh…I think I’ll stay in the air conditioned house. :-p Maybe I’ll actually knock out some blog posts I’ve been sitting on. You just never know what a free Saturday will bring. 🙂

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Day 119 – Glitz & Glam

I DJed an Oscars party over at my friend Gwendolyn‘s sim tonight. It was fun! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get many pics at all [my first attempt led to a crash] but I did manage to snap one of me.


Gwen did a great job, asking people who they were wearing and providing some free swag for us. Lots of fun and everyone looked soooo good!!

Then I got home and Heidi helped me keep it classy.

Keepin' it classy

I love how she always thinks about me when she’s out and about. ❤

I’m bored with writing. I think I’m going to go spend what I made tonight.

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Day 56 & how I spent my New Year’s Eve

So when Codie asked me if I’d be interested in DJing at Rouge for New Year’s Eve, I jumped at the chance! I hadn’t planned on going out because I have a cold and because I don’t like to take my chances out on the roads anymore during NYE just because of all the drunks. I am so so glad that she asked me to DJ because I had an absolute BLAST last night!!! And now, of course, you all get to see pictures. :-p

Me, on top of the DJ booth.
New Year's Eve - DJing at Rouge

Such a fun crowd!
New Year's Eve - Rouge

I had probably my first real fangirl moment in ages when Phaylen Fairchild showed up. I’ve been such a fan of hers for so long. 🙂 It was also her 7th rezday!
New Year's Eve - Phaylen!

Of course, Linden Lab was doing rolling restarts, and wouldn’t you know it, Rouge got hit during the party. Everyone scattered and some of us ended up on neighboring Leek Island.
New Year's Eve - We had to run!

But, all was well and the party picked up just as big as it was before.
New Year's Eve - Yay!

Another crowd shot.
New Year's Eve - Good crowd!

This pic makes me laugh because it looks like Gabby had a little too much to drink!
New Year's Eve - Oh no, pick her up!

After my set, DJ Dancien took over the air and I hopped down to dance with Moggs. I never get to party with her, our time zones are just too different!
New Year's Eve - Moggs!

I also hopped up on the pole with Dan, because hey, why not?
New Year's Eve - Pole dancing with Dan

Then we all decided to hit up Madame Maracas’s party! Party bus, forward!
New Year's Eve - Party hopping!

I don’t know why he has his own pole…but considering I think I’m the only person I know without my own, I’m not really going to question it. That’s the great Madame dancing near!
New Year's Eve - Madame Maracas!

All in all, it was a fantastic way to usher in 2010! I hope to get out a see people a whole lot more now, because I just had an absolute ball!

And yeah…I dragged myself home at the crack of dawn.

New Year's Eve - How I made it home

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My favorite party of 2009!!

I can’t even begin to describe how much fun tonight’s New Year’s Eve Eve party was!!! So…here’s some pics!

Me, right before the party started.

New Year's Eve Eve - Right before the party

When did all these people get here?!

New Year's Eve Eve - What a crowd!

Uh, hello? Could I be any luckier dancing near Fricker Fraker, Shiryu Musashi, and Gahum Riptide, three of the most awesome men on the grid? I think not!

New Year's Eve Eve - Could I be luckier?

Also, could I be more up on Gahum? LMAO! That’s Sehra’s hand poking out there, btw.

New Year's Eve Eve - Hot guys and me!

Eva & Nikki looking super hot. I thought Eva had come in with a longer dress. I guess she lost it. Oh! Like on the Buffy movie when Pike stepped on her dress and ripped half of it off!

New Year's Eve Eve - Eva & Nikki

Fricker, dancing with Gorgeous Yongho and Wilma Delgado. Wilma made her way straight to the bar!

New Year's Eve Eve - Gogo, Fricker & Wilma

Everyone crowding around the big sign. Oh hiiiii, Shelly & Dazz on top!

New Year's Eve Eve - Hi guys!

By the end of the party, which had gone on an hour longer than I thought it would, I was looking rough. And I lost my shoes.

New Year's Eve Eve - I lost my shoes

Did you ever wonder what I was like in my early 20s? Here ya go.

New Year's Eve Eve - I didn't make it inside

There are many more pictures, including some of the new year kisses under the sign that I caught, over here in this Flickr set. I have more pics, actually, but I need to sort through and crop and all that so I’ll probably get to those tomorrow.

I think my caffeine and party energy has FINALLY worn off, so I’m going to go crash into bed. If I’m up before noon, it will be a MIRACLE!