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Day 45 – Stop It

So earlier today, someone mentioned that a fashion blogger actually blogged that they wouldn’t be able to show anything new because they didn’t have any money to buy anything. My first thought was, “OMG WHAT?!” I mean, that’s just straight up tacky. But, again, there are people who get into fashion blogging under the assumption that their entire SLives will be paid for. They blog a bit, maybe a friend gives them something from their shop, and a few weeks later they feel like the Lelutka and Maitreya fatpacks should just be rolling in.


They learn quickly that fashion blogging takes MONEY. Cold hard cash, baby! You will not be on the Fatpacks Forever list of most stores. You can even be on a list and then taken off later if the creator decides they don’t like how you blog, or even how you look. And that brings me to the next thing. Don’t expect for a lot of the super popular designers to shower you in free items if you look like this:

Day 45 - Stop It

Saddle hag, invisible pony rider, Grand Canyon, Derp face – I’ve heard many terms for this kind of shape. I’ve exaggerated it a bit here, but you’ve seen them on the feeds. They look like they’re riding a horse that isn’t there, their frowny mouths look like they’re about to slide off the chin, the eyes are so squinted people wonder how they can see at all. The faces are unappealing, and the bodies stretch out the clothing in bad ways. Poses often look wrong, as well. In that pose, my foot is actually supposed to be hooked around the other ankle. A lot of creators refuse to give items to people who look like this because they don’t want their creations to be shown badly. And that’s a good reason! After all, they’ve spent a lot of time making things. Why would they GIVE it to someone who is going to stretch it out and make it look ugly? They can’t do anything about it if you buy the item and blog it, but they are definitely less likely to just GIVE you the item.

Something to keep in mind if you’re just starting out as a fashion blogger! 🙂

Since I’m being all advice-givey, someone asked me not too long ago how I manage to blog for events like Stumblebum and Festival of Sin and stuff like that. Well, honestly? It comes down to just keeping an eye out for open blogger calls! Many fashion events call for bloggers a month or two in advance. Just keep your eyes open and apply when they ask. But keep in mind that even though you apply, you might not be chosen. I’ve applied for events and never heard Yes, No, or Kiss My Ass back. Sometimes the event gets more blogger applications than it could possibly ever handle. Let’s face it, there’s a TON of bloggers. Sometimes the event organizer just takes the first 20-30 bloggers that apply. Sometimes they are honestly picky and only choose the ones they like best. And yes, sometimes they pick their friends first & a few others after. It happens! Oh, and if you ARE chosen, sometimes that only allows you early access to a sim or something, it doesn’t guarantee freebies.

So to conclude my little advice post:

1. Don’t expect freebies if you’re a fashion blogger.

2. Don’t expect freebies if your shape is really out of control disproportionate.

3. Don’t expect freebies even if you are an event blogger.

Oh, and don’t blog about how you can’t afford anything. That’s tacky and it does not guarantee that someone is going to take pity on you and send you freebies.

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It was so easy.

I was sitting around this afternoon after a good laugh and a long talk with a good friend, just thinking about stuff.

Just thinking

My SLife is so so good right now. It’s like almost everything I ever hoped would happen in my SLife is going to happen, or has recently happened. And the funny part is that I didn’t have to work for it nearly as hard as I always thought I’d have to. I thought to get what I wanted I’d have to fight for it, log into SL for hours and hours daily, give up huge chunks of myself just to make others happy, even if I was crying on the other side of the screen. I didn’t think that I would ever be enough. And it turns out? I was wrong. All I had to do was be myself, good, bad, and all the quirks and crap in between. If I don’t log in for a day or two, it’s okay. If all I want to do is sit and be quiet, or run around wearing something crazy, or bounce around being obnoxious and laughing until I snort, that’s okay, too. It’s really freeing to know that. I’m really grateful to my friends for teaching me that. I just can’t believe it was that easy all this time and I never really knew it.

In other news… I’ve been asked a lot when the wedding is. I really don’t know yet! July is going to be fairly busy for me and the fiancé [hee!] because my daddy is having surgery probably within the next 2 weeks and I’ll be away from the computer, and Al has RL commitments as well. So I wouldn’t expect any major planning to happen until late July, early August. But despite what people might think, I don’t really want for us to have some massive wedding. I want it to be amazing, obviously, but not huge. So really, you all are spared from my bridezilla wedding planning for probably a month. Be happy! :-p Just kidding. I don’t see myself going too bridezilla because Aldwyn is totally easy going and pretty much what I want is what we’ll do. See? I’m totes marrying the right man!

Oh, and yes. I do plan on staying partnered until the wedding day. :-p

Speaking of which, my wife wants to play Rift, so I’m off!

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It’s almost here! It’s almost May 28th! May 28th means everything that I’ve signed on to do in SL will be finished, and I can go back to just hanging out and having fun. Heck, maybe I can even feel right about going and playing Rift for hours again. I don’t know how creators do it. I don’t like feeling like I HAVE to do something in SL.

But May 28th is coming. I’m not – NOT – signing up to blog any more events for a few months. I would never never give up blogging for the Shoe Fair, and of course RFL is an extremely worthy cause, but I think we have been oversaturated with charity events this year, don’t you? I know bad stuff has been happening, but goodness. Charity events are not the new black. When I hear creators say they haven’t made a real sale in ages because people only buy their charity item, you have to wonder if it’s all worth it. It’s good to give to charity, of course, but not at the expense of your own livelihood. I don’t know of many people who could say “Oh sure, take my entire paycheck and give it to the Red Cross” in the real world. I think in June, creators should go back to designing just for their own stores. Charity begins at home, and some creators need to work to keep that home standing.

I’ve been asked about it, but I have no idea if we’ll do another Big Bad Blogger Challenge this summer. Although I have enjoyed it the past few years, I don’t know if I want to do it again. I think a lot of bloggers in SL have changed. It’s more about fashion and charity events than just “This is what I’m doing while hanging out in Second Life.” And that’s not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong. But it does make the challenge a little more difficult. We’ll see. If I choose not to run it and someone else wants to do one similar, don’t take the name please. :-p

Rylan and Sixx got married last week. It was truly a lovely and touching ceremony and I was so glad to have been there.

Rylan & Sixx

wedding reception

I guess I should get back to taking some shoe pictures.

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Y U Hate My Gift Card?

This is an opinion post! O-P-I-N-I-O-N. That means it’s MY opinion. It might be yours, or it might not be. Either way, it’s just an opinion post, so that’s the warning. :-p

For my birthday and my rezday last year, I got a couple of Earthstones gift cards. I like Earthstones a lot, but I don’t often have it in the budget to buy new things because over the past couple of years, it seems like they have just gone up and up in price. Of course that’s well within their right to do, and the stuff is pretty, but just not always in my budget.

So I was really excited when I got the group notice about a sale at Earthstones. Yay for SALES! I have my 2 cards which equal up to about $1600L. Double yay! I skipped on over to Earthstones, card in hand, and discovered….

I can’t use the card on sale items.


Now, had I read the notecard that was sent beyond “Sale!” then I would have realized this before I went out there. But still, why CAN’T I use my gift card? Is a gift card not like money? Someone paid for it so that I could have jewelry. Earthstones has the money. I don’t have the jewelry. Something is wrong with this equation.

I guess they could say that the reason is because it would be like getting almost double the items with the card that I personally didn’t pay for. But if I was paying for $1600L worth of sale items, no money has been lost. The $1600L was paid at one time. [Actually $3000L, the value of the 2 cards, but of course I’ve used some since then.]

Is it just too hard to set the gift card script to reflect the new sale price? Or is there another reason? I just don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to use my gift cards on the sale items. It makes absolutely no sense to me, and truly, seems just slightly selfish of the creator. But hey, if there’s a really good reason, let me know! It’s not like I’ll ever stop shopping at Earthstones, but I have to admit, this leaves me a little uninspired to spend money there again.