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Payton Forgot How To Ferris Wheel

I DJed a birthday party for my great-great-niece Livvy tonight. It was a circus theme, hence my outfit from my last blogpost. The party was super fun as it usually is when we’re all together.

Livvy's Party - Group

Livvy's Party - Group 2

Livvy's Party - The Birthday Girl

Livvy's Party - Lolita and Takeo

Livvy's Party - Aldwyn, Abby and me

But, the best part of the entire night for me was when we decided to ride the ferris wheel! Everyone took their places in the cars and got ready to go.

Um. Except Payton forgot how to ferris wheel.

Livvy's Party - Payton Forgot How To Ferris Wheel

I laughed until I cried! Crazy girl. LOL!

I’m deliberately keeping myself up a little late tonight because tomorrow night I’m DJing for an anniversary party but it’s a late night party. I’m usually getting ready to head off to bed at that time. But hey, it’s a weekend and I’m not an old woman. I can do it! :-p

hmm… I really should go back in world and blog something, but I think I’m going to go play Dragon Age. After Origin had Dragon Age: Origins in their “On The House” deal thingy a while back, I remembered that at some point, I bought the ultimate edition on Steam. So I figured out how to move it from Steam to Origin [so I wouldn’t lose my character] and I’ve been playing off and on for the past few days. I’m still pretty much in love with Alistair. I blazed through it in 3 days to get to the ending, but now I’m going back and playing another character so I can take my time and do things I didn’t bother with before since I was just basically trying to get to the end real fast. In my haste to get to the end, and in my whole “let me add mods in the middle of the game” thing, by the end, everyone was confused on whether I was a guy or a girl and Morrigan thought I could give her a child, making me scream at the screen, “I HAVE A VAGINA.”

Still managed to knock her up, though. I dunno.

Anyway! That’s it for now!

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Day 305 – For Ferelden!

The past few days have been… mmm. LOL I don’t know. Not BAD, but just kind of off. You watch a friend do something that you’ve done before that is very obviously going to hurt in the future. You lose a friend who wasn’t really there in the first place. You listen to a good many things that while they may not actually concern you and you’re not truly involved, the information swirls around you in a big tornado of ickiness. It’s in those times, I like to step back from SL for a moment to clear my head, and I hop back into Dragon Age. 🙂


I’m the one in the middle, Elissa Cousland. I didn’t bother making up a name for her this time around and just went with what they gave me. She’s pretty awesome. She’s a human noble, daughter of the Teyrn of Highever, which I suppose is kind of like a king, but maybe closer to a Duke. She’s also a rogue, which is my first time playing a rogue in Dragon Age. I usually choose to be a warrior, and I have played a mage once. Playing a noble means that there’s a great possibility that you could end the game as Queen of Ferelden, which of course you know *I* love. LOL

I adore this game for so many reason, but a big one is that I can lose myself into it and not have to worry about anyone else. This is the reason why I don’t play WoW. WoW has never never interested me, and I really think it’s because I have seen my friends screaming about guilds and raids and that just so does not appeal to me. Not being a gamer [aside from like, Wii bowling and random Facebook games, Dragon Age is the only thing I play], I like to play games just for me. No waiting around for anyone or having them get in the way.

Oh. And I like to cheat. God mode FTW! LOL!!

[Only in the hardest spots. I promise.]

I’m heading back into my game for the evening. xox

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Day 128 – Awakening

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m not Irish and I don’t really celebrate it, but I do make sure to wear green just to avoid pinches. Hmm…maybe next year I’ll rethink this. I ran out to get a green shirt for my male alt for a post on the style blog [I wanted us to match] and so I figured since I had him on, I might as well take a pic for this blog. Lots of green in this photo!


Last night I received Dragon Age: Awakening, the expansion pack for Origins. I’ve put in a bit of time playing so far [I’m worthless without a walkthrough, I’ve discovered] but it’s been ok. There’s a lot more fighting than in DA:O, which I suppose for some would be a plus. And there’s a bit less interaction with the party members. And yes, I completely miss the romance aspect, as it is not in DA:A.

The worst part is that I had to uninstall my mods to get the game to work properly. With the mods installed, the darkspawn wouldn’t look at me. They were just hanging out. So after I uninstalled the mods, I went back and imported my 2nd character, Alyssa, because I had gotten the closest to her and she had become queen at the end of DA:O. This is what she looked like when I played through with her before.

DA:O Alyssa

Unfortunately, with the mods uninstalled, something happened. And my pretty character… well, she ended up like this.

DA:A Alyssa

I don’t get it either.

I’m eager to get through the game, though. But I do hope there is a patch at some point so that I can keep my mods & still play correctly.

Ok, I feel nerdy writing this post, so I’m going to go stare at my clothes or something.

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Day 80 – I could talk forever, but I refuse to spam.


We’re switching over to grass this coming weekend on the island. Yay, no more snow!! After running all over trying to find a decent spring grass texture, the most awesome Aisuru created grass for us. I briefly placed it down on the sim earlier and it’s so so bright and pretty! I can’t wait to get rid of this snow.

Bleh, I just had a whole big diatribe written about how I choose what to blog on my fashion blog, but it doesn’t matter. I blog what I want in my own time, unless specifically asked to blog a limited time offer or sale. If I’m blogging the same thing as 80 other people on the same day, so be it. I usually am not quite aware of it because I’m not a huge fashion feed reader. I tend to just stick with the bloggers I enjoy so I don’t have to see someone sporting bling or an ugly shape or something like that. I’m sure there are many others the same way. I’ll glance through on occasion if I feel like shopping, but that’s about it. I tend to rely on my friends and Plurk to tell me where to shop. lol

Some people have asked me how my time in Dragon Age went. Well, I really really enjoyed the game! It made me laugh, it made me cry [Oh my god, Alistair breaking up with my character? Heartbreaking!], and I was very proud when I won. And if the damn thing hadn’t crashed out at the very end, I would have loved to have seen the ending. LOL But I was very upset that I couldn’t become queen just because I wasn’t of noble birth and I was an elf. There are elven princesses, I swear!! So as soon as I won that round, I restarted with a new character.

Dragon Age, new character

That’s actually not the most flattering picture. She’s quite pretty normally. This is my human noble of the warrior class. Royal, pretty, and can kick your ass. How sexy is that? It’s still fun, because the storyline is a bit different with her. So even though I’m going through the same places, it’s slightly different.

Ugh, remind me not to look at plurk while I’m blogging. I start coming up with too much stuff I want to bitch about.

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Day 68 – Still stuck in the game

Oh…day 3 of not changing and mostly being in Dragon Age. Don’t judge me. Send me a full outfit so I don’t have to think! LOL! Kidding, kidding, kidding. I haven’t really even been shopping, but I did run out to La Petite Morte for the 69L Hump Day Happiness today today pick up this skybox. I love it.


And I haven’t quite figured out how to take screenshots in the game [my Prt Scn button doesn’t work or something] but sometimes it takes screenshots for me. This is my little elf girl. The guy behind her is the one she’s going to eventually have sex with, but the last time she asked, he said no. Even outside of SL, I get no play.

Another Dragon Age shot

Maybe he would have liked her better as a blonde.