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I Like When People Are Good At Stuff And Things.

Once in a while, Aldwyn and I attempt to not be lame and we go in search of something that the family will be able to do together. Pretty much every outing that we have done with the family in the past year, my sister has organized. She is just a LOT better at that stuff than I am! And thank goodness, too, or we’d probably never do anything. *laughs*

We stumbled upon this area called Woodsy. It’s not really a big activity sim, but oh, is it ever pretty!! It’s open to the public, and I don’t think that anyone actually lives there, but there is a little house on the sim, so maybe someone does. There are some areas for couples dancing, too. We danced for a while until he got sleepy, and then I played around with my windlight to get this shot. This is just SL windlight and shadows, none of my normal Photoshop filters or anything.

I Like When People Are Good At Stuff And Things.

I *think* you are able to rez out there, so if you want to drop a posestand or something, you’d be able to. There was a little sign that said that snow was coming soon to Woodsy, so I can’t WAIT to go back to take more pictures!!

As Aldwyn and I were dancing, I mentioned to him that I like it when people are good at stuff. I mean, this sim is just so pretty and put together so nicely. It’s like everything I’ve always wanted for our parcel but I’ve never been able to really get it together. So someone who is good at putting together things like this…I really like it. And I could sit around crying about how I suck at landscaping and all of that, but really, my sucking at it just means that I appreciate it a WHOLE lot more when I go somewhere and someone has done it so well. If everyone was good at everything, who would ever appreciate it?

Anyway, it’s raining and it’s late, so I think it’s time to go to bed. ♥

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Pumpkin Pickin’!

Tonight, the family headed out for pumpkin pickin’! And I should actually be in bed, so I logged out of SL without getting SLurls for places. Sorry!!

Our first stop was at the Gilmore Farms.

At Gilmore Farms

It was so cute there! We found pumpkins, the girls bobbed for apples, they met a horse, and then they found free baby chicks! Payton wanted one for umm…well, food purposes. But Riley cried and they made a deal that no chicken nuggets would be made as long as Riley cleaned up the poops. Abby asked if she could have one, and I said yes as long as she cleans up after it.

Abby's Baby Chick

After our time at the Gilmore Farms, we headed to a pumpkin patch that we went to last year because they have a LOT of pumpkins of different sizes.

Pumpkin Pickin!

They also had coffee and cocoa out, and Birdy grabbed the BIGGEST coffee. I couldn’t control her!

Birdy LOVES her coffee!

Of course, the Oleander girls wanted the biggest pumpkin in the place. No worries, their daddy would somehow get it home for them!

We love pumpkins!!

Our girls didn’t ask for the biggest… but somewhere along the way, Aldwyn ended up with a pumpkin head. I…I can’t. LOL!


We set out all our pumpkins when we got home. If you go trick or treating this month and stop by our house [more on that later!!], you’ll be able to see all our pumpkins! I also worked on the front porch today because we are going to have candy out for trick or treaters, but we’ll be heading out to our vacation soon and I wanted to have it ready before we left. Saturday is the day, so you know more packing pictures are to come!

But it’s late, so I’m going to bed. ♥

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Day 124 – Old School Date Night

It’s rare that Aldwyn and I have more than an hour or so to spend together in world these days. He works 90823409 jobs, and I’ve been going to bed at a decent time, so our time together is pretty limited. But last night we actually had a whole evening together! We decided to go on an old school SL date night.

Of course, you can’t go out without having dinner. I wanted to go to a restaurant. HE wanted to just order pizza. So I just ended up cooking burgers and onion rings.


I think he was making sure my burger wasn’t bigger than his!

I cook good

I dunno WHAT was in those burgers, but man, I just felt like dancing! He wasn’t quite as amused. There really were onion rings all over the kitchen.

See his beat down look?

We decided for the first old school part of our date, we’d go skydiving! For those of you who are newer to SL, skydiving used to be a BIG thing. I don’t exactly remember why, but it was.

Aw Yeah 2006 Skydiving

Of course, we had to use the old school parachutes and…well…

This will not end well

Pretty sure that’s not going to end well.

We decided after that to go dancing, as that is the ultimate SL date thing to do. A long time ago, back before we knew each other, we used to both go to The Blue Note. It’s a very old club, and really hasn’t changed much in the past 5 years that I can tell.

The Blue Note

After that, we decided to explore a bit and ended up at two places.


The bakery

I can not fly this thing

I will water you!
[Yes, I was trying to water this noob.]

And Abduction Alley.

Abduction Alley

Not without my bread

We ended the evening by listening to FrankLee Anatra, a live singer. Now I am NOT the biggest fan of live music in SL, at all, but I was very pleasantly surprised by Frank!

Day 124 - Old School Date Night

He sang all songs that I really liked and his voice was very very good!! I’m really happy that we happened to stumble upon one of his performances, and we will definitely be back!

And THAT’S how you date in SL! :-p

Or that’s how you waste time giggling and laughing for a few hours. Either way, it was really fun!

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Day 74 – Easter Town

I took a little trip today over to see Easter Town.

Day 74 - Easter Town

It’s a pretty cute little place. There are freebies you can grab, and other holiday things you can buy. But my favorite thing was the PEEP RACE!!

Peep Race

Now I don’t really mind racing against myself [because I always win!] but I think it’s probably more fun with friends. While you’re racing, there are obstacles in the track that you have to jump over or just run around. It’s fun! But be careful for the BIG MEAN PEEPZILLA!!


I don’t leave the island all that often, so imagine my surprise when I went back down after racing and found some guy [Roy Nieuport, I’m talking to you] just totally spamming it up like it was 2006.

Oh Richard.

2006 style griefing

The spam got worse, so I was able to get in an abuse report before he was kicked from the sim. I don’t know why people bother griefing. It’s not like it really did anything. Hell, if I’d had my particles off like normal, I probably wouldn’t have noticed a thing until he started to wear a box with a big booty on it.

But the griefer was kicked and all was right again in Easter Town and we were able to bunny hop our way to happiness.

The Bunny Hop

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Day 64 – Back To Normal!

Helloooo! Spring Break is over. 😦 I had a great time visiting family!! It rained like mad on the way home, but that’s okay. We made it!

It was nice to get back into SL, though. I am not one of those “I’m soooo bored of SL! I haaaaate SL!” type of people, as you all know. I was totally excited to get back in! Aldwyn is back from his trip too, so we decided to head over to Mayfair to see what was shakin’. I’d seen all the posts over the weekend about how it was packed but really pretty, but you know how it is sometimes. You can’t ALWAYS believe what folks say about a sim because they might be just kissing ass. But it was not the case this time! Mayfair is an exceptionally well done sim! I did pick up some demos at Celoe and Mon Tissu while we were there, but mostly it was just fun exploring the sim and finding things to sit on!

Day 64 - Back to normal

I am totally and utterly exhausted from all the traveling. Why is it that I almost always need a vacation to recover from my vacation??? Are you guys that way too? I think it’s time for bed!

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All we wanted was some organic food!

So earlier today, Rylan grabbed Ulaa and me and brought us to see baby furniture. After all, she’s pregnant and baby stuff is on her mind.

Baby rooms

There were lots of full nursery rooms, and also rooms of furniture for toddlers to teens. If I had a kid, this would be her room.

Oh, and that is Mommy Rylan doing handstands. I don’t know HOW her baby is going to come out with all the shaking.


After the furniture trip, we decided we needed to swing by the grocery store. After all, we must eat! And Rylan needs to start stocking up on baby formula and diapers, too. You can never have too many diapers! We decided to go to the Pleasantville Grocery Store because they have organic food.

Rylan found baby stuff

And I found pie! Y’all know how I love pie!

Hmm... pie

So somewhere during the shopping trip, Ulaa got hot and lost her top. We’re pretty sure she just wanted to start a new career as being the only hooker in Pleasantville. She’s even on FUNKY Avenue!

Pleasantville has hookers now

Rylan and I were going to hit the skating rink [I’m telling you, she’s an active pregnant lady!] while Ulaa was working on the corner, but when we showed up, people were already there.

Watch out, Rylan!

Pretty sure, just by their conversation, that they were totally lost.

I think they're lost

So very lost.

So very lost

Then they said Rylan was ugly. If we weren’t afraid of that woman’s ass, shit would have gotten real, y’all!

Also, the woman seemed to want to take Ulaa’s place as the new Pleasantville hooker!! What the heck?? You can’t just be taking someone’s hooker spot. There are rules, you know!

More hookers

Pleasantville wasn’t so pleasant anymore, so we got our groceries, covered Ulaa’s boobs, and went home.

Just a normal afternoon!

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There’s always just so much to see!

Usually my Saturdays are family days and I spend the day with my folks. But on occasion my parents don’t have a great night and we rearrange our plans. Today was one of those days, so I decided to set off and do a little exploring in SL.

I opened the Destination Guide and ended up at the Sherwood Haunted Graveyard. It wasn’t really that scary to me, but it was kind of cool.

Hi skelly!

Yeah, I’m still wearing the same clothes as last night. Shut up.

There was a fridge inside a shack that ate me up and spit me out.

Spit out

And then a skeleton that tried to grab me. I don’t quite get my pose in this picture, because I would think that should a skeleton try to grab me, I’d be trying to run, but whatevs.

Skelly Grab

After I finished up there, I remembered that a while back for a style blog pic, I had gone to The Looking Glass. I had thought it was neat, but never truly looked around. So I spent a great deal of time walking around there today. It’s a neat neat sim to explore!

A bit of an Alice moment.

An Alice Moment

I’m so meant to be on stage!

On the stage

I tumbled down off a wall and ended up here. Pretty!


There was a great landscaping shop there, too, and I think I might need to go back and do a little shopping. I hear they have live music and poetry readings out there sometimes, so I might have to look into that at some point.

I saw some other places in the Destination Guide that I want to check out, but now I think it’s time for lunch and go get out of the house for a bit. 🙂