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Special Delivery

Usually on Saturday nights, Aldwyn and I go out on a date. But tonight, he had another obligation, so no date for us. But that is okay, because I had all my little ones with me!

We had thought a few days ago that after the girls were all settled in their new homes on the new sim, that we would drop off a housewarming gift. So tonight, the kids and I set about making some treats.

Special Delivery

Abby’s wearing her pillow hat just in case our baked treats ended up too hard and Rory wondered if rodents should be in the baking supplies. But um… everything came out great. I promise!

After we strolled over to the girls’ houses and delivered our baskets, and after we made it safely back through the Tunnel of Doom, we were all pretty tired. I mean, walking all the way around Bluebonnet takes approximately 5 minutes. Walking to the new sim and home again? It’s a LONG walk. Especially for little legs! So we all got into our pajamas and decided to have a sleeping bag slumber party in the living room. [That pic is on plurk, if you have me added there!]

So it might not have been an adult date night, but it was a great date night with my little loves. ❤

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Any Time, Night or Day

So for the past month, Aldwyn and I have been making sure to take one night a week to go out on a date with each other. When you have 4 little ones in the house, sometimes you just need that one evening of adult time. NO, NOT LIKE THAT. Pervs. 🙂 Usually I dress in some scandalous dress and we head out to a club or two and listen to music and people watch. Then we head to our special date place [aka my Linden home] for cuddles and chatting. And then we go to sleep. 🙂

Any Time, Night or Day

Well, okay, he goes to sleep. I lay there looking adorable. But whatever, it works. But I really love our date nights. We usually have so much going on during the week with RL and SL things, sometimes we barely get to speak to each other. Having 2-3 hours that are just ours during the week is really nice.

We have some upcoming things coming up, too, as a family. More of our family will be living closer, which will be awesome! I’ll talk about that later when things are more settled. Which will probably be tomorrow but whatever. *laughs*

And next month we have our family vacation coming up! I am always so so excited for when we go on our trips. They are such a great bonding experience for us and so much fun! This will be our 4th big trip together. [I don’t count the week we spent back at the rainforest after camp. That was more of a quick getaway to relax.] This will be the first family trip that Rory and Heath will be joining us on, so that will be super fun to get to include them in on the fun of packing pictures and everything. I’m excited! We have about 3 or 4 weeks until we go!

I’m exhausted, so off to sleep for real. ❤

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So Much Valentine-ing

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I feel like I’ve been celebrating this day for days. *laughs* We had our official family party on Thursday, the adults only Suits & Lingerie party on Friday, Saturday I took a Galentine’s Day photo with my sis and my nieces, then also made it into Birdy’s Valentine photo, too. Then Sunday was the actual day and I ended it with the family dancing to our family songs. [We have lots of songs!!]

Well, that’s not quite how I ended the day. I really ended it watching my 4 kids floating with balloons in the house.

So Much Valentine-ing!

Freakin’ cuties. 🙂

I’ve always liked Valentine’s Day because of all the pink and hearts and love stuff. And chocolates. It never quite mattered to me if I was single or not. But I’ve never really celebrated like I have this year! Even in my offline life, it was a big deal and THAT was kind of strange. *laughs* But it’s been good. Really really good.

But now that the celebrating is over, I need to get back to business as usual. I am behind a bit on blogging for the style blog. Not a lot behind or anything, but I just need to catch up on a couple of things. I also made a pose for our family picture that we took on Thursday, and I meant to put it on marketplace that evening but it never happened. Have I mentioned that I’m selling the random couples poses I make? Well, only 2 so far, but people are buying. Probably because they’re flippin’ cheap! *laughs* They’re not GREAT poses or anything so I’d feel bad selling them for too much. Especially since they are custom to Aldwyn and me and I figure they probably won’t fit anyone else except us anyway.

I’m exhausted from all this Valentine celebrating, so it’s definitely bedtime.

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The House Is Full

Guess what?


The House Is Full

Tonight we asked Rory and Heath if they would be official Zanzibars, and they agreed!! We didn’t scare them or bore them away! *laughs*

We asked them in a surprise way, since that’s how we roll around here. Aldwyn had suggested to me last week that we ask them by flying a spaceship up into space. I have a space ball we have used before and planets that explode [which everyone loves to do!] and so we decided that it would be fun to ask them that way. I decided the aliens could greet us “in space” with the sign. Of course, the ride to space was… well, it’s US. What can I say? We’re just US.

Help Help Police!

But we eventually made it to space, and the aliens were holding the sign, and there was a flurry of “YES!” and “YAY!” and screams and everyone was just incredibly happy. 🙂 Then the time came for them to accept their new names.

[21:01] Second Life: Heath Matters (Heath Pevensey) is now known as Heath Ryan Zanzibar.

[21:01] Second Life: Rory Matters (Rory Larnia) is now known as Rory Olivia Zanzibar.

We really could not be happier! When Aldwyn and I had talked about possibly adopting again, probably late last summer, we had planned on just one kid or perhaps just being godparents again. But these two just slid into our lives so perfectly and are exactly the kids we needed to complete our family. This is it – our last adoptions.

I think we did brilliantly. ❤

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Got The Sun!

We had kind of a more RP-ish day on Tuesday. It’s rare that we do a whole lot of what people think of when they think of SL families. I mean, just answering questions from folks, they think we are in this constant RP mode where we’re doing dinners every night and tuck ins and all of that stuff. Truthfully, we’re kind of boring and most of the time we’re just sitting or standing around the house talking about random stuff or being quiet while we do our own things. *laughs*

But our friend Jill has opened up a little homeschool and the girls were invited to attend. Birdy, unfortunately, couldn’t do it because of her RL school, but Abby was excited to give it a try. She asked me on Monday if I would be able to take her to school, and if so, could I also take our friends Rory and Heath to school, too. The more, the merrier, so of course I said yes! I decided since we were doing the drop off thing, maybe I should be a better mom and feed the kids before we went. So before school, the kids had sandwiches and lemonade. [I considered cupcakes and soda, but I thought I’d take it easy on Jill and not get the kids all riled up!] My niecey, Riley, was also going to school, so I snatched her up before we left so she didn’t have to go on her own. School drop offs are very easy, and the kids were excited to see old friends, so I just dropped them off quickly and headed back home.

When I caught up with the kids later [I had to be offline for a while, so I dunno how they made it home. Magic, I guess.], they were quite happy with how their class had gone and I was glad! Schools come and go in SL and some of them have NOT been very good. I’m just happy the kids have something to do. There’s not always a lot that SL kids can go do where they can be together in a safe space.

Abby wasn’t feeling well so she went to bed early, and so Aldwyn and I took Birdy, Rory, and Heath out for dinner. The kids had to deal with my driving and they MIGHT have gotten an ocean bath on the way to get burgers, but… well, yolo. 🙂

I really had a lot of fun with everything on Tuesday. We don’t often do that kind of thing and we really should. Plus it was fun having more kids in the house. I’m soooo lucky that Aldwyn just rolls with the punches when we’re doing things because most of the time when he logs in, he doesn’t really know what he’s logging into. *laughs*

Got The Sun!

He really is wonderful and I probably don’t say that enough. ♥

And speaking of him, I’ve been putting his gift to good use and I made us this pose! Woo! It’s better than my last one. *laughs* Well, kinda. It’s still pretty rough but I’m learning how to work with the AnyPose. There are a few things I wish it had – like the ability to rotate the arms a little better, or being able to adjust how small the increment is when adjusting limbs. Or maybe there is and I don’t know because I don’t read instructions? I mean…that’s pretty likely. 🙂

But, if you like this pose, you can buy it here on marketplace. Because well, I think it’s cute, so if you think it’s cute, you might as well buy it.

Man, I’m good at marketing. *laughs*

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After The Party

Tonight my family went to celebrate with a new family! My friend Sai and her husband Jeffry have been on trial with a lovely little girl named Yuna for the past few weeks and tonight they asked her if she would like to be their daughter. She said yes! 🙂

I’m always excited when I see new families forming in SL, but we all had more interest in this one because we’ve been there to answer family questions and stuff since they became interested in adopting in SL. Seeing it all come together has been great! Of course, we had many great suggestions for the new family – like getting a choreboard [my suggestion] and giving Yuna the middle name of Enchilada [Payton’s suggestion].

After we came home and Birdy went to bed, I changed out of my party clothes and Aldwyn and I had some time to spend together. We don’t always have a lot of alone time together these days because of schedules and stuff, so we like to take advantage of it whenever we can. ❤

After The Party

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Mother’s Day

So last night I was glancing at plurk when I saw Birdy say that my presence was requested in 2.5 minutes. *laughs* I’m just glad that I had chosen that moment to look at plurk because I had been thinking about just curling up on the couch and watching tv. I logged in and my sister and brother in law grabbed me on Skype because they had also been told to be on. I got dressed while we waited for Aldwyn and then we were teleported over to where the kids were. And these little monkeys… they had set up a stage and did a dance for Lolita and me for Mother’s Day!

The kids doing a Mother's Day dance for us

It was insanely cute! They did a dance for us last year, so I didn’t really expect anything this year. But it was sooo sweet!

After they danced, they served us dinner – Sketti-Os! Hey, the oldest is 8 and the youngest is 3. That’s pretty good cooking when you’re little! They also gave us gifts and pie. Okay, so the pie was “Cajun style” and a little black on top, but a little charcoal never hurt anyone.

We ended our evening with a carousel horse race around the street.

Family Carousel Race

It wasn’t actually a race. But um… we might have made it one. Okay. I might have made it one.


Actually, no. That wasn’t how we ended our evening together. We actually ended it with Aldwyn suddenly snoring in our ears and me placing him in a blinging case while the children put food in it so that if he woke up, he wouldn’t be hungry.

[I have a pic of the box, but Flickr is being a jerk and the dang picture won’t upload. So I’ll add it here whenever Flickr decides to get its sh*t together.]

Hey, you fall asleep on us, you pay the consequences.

It was a really really lovely evening and I am so lucky to have such sweet and thoughtful people in my life. ❤