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Fabulous Fab.Pony

Back in January I stumbled upon a store called Fab.Pony where I sat in a camping chair and received a dress that I was less than impressed with. I blogged that I wasn’t happy with the seams and then kind of forgot about it. I had also picked up a pair of shorts while at the store, and while they aren’t part of my regular look, once in a while I still wear them because they’re very cute.

Today I received a package from Fab.Pony designer Tatianna Faulkes. Inside was a dress and a note. The note said that she had become aware of my disappointment over the last dress, and she apologized. She also wanted me to have the new camping chair dress without having to wait for it.

Immediately I told my group, and we were all kind of surprised, and favorably impressed. The more likely scenario would have been the designer screaming at me for not liking her work [and she certainly wouldn’t have been the first designer to throw a fit over a bad blog review!] and banning me from her store. Instead, Tatianna took the classy way. She took the professional way. I am impressed not just by the way she handled this, but also by the adorable summery dress she gave to me.

Fab.Pony Tiedye Sorbet

Fab.Pony Tiedye Sorbet 2

The very pretty Tiedye Sundress, in Sorbet, just perfect for the summer sun and the beach! I can already tell this is going to get a lot of use from me when I’m running around the island.

This dress is the new camping chair dress at Fab.Pony and there’s a 50 minute wait for it. Well worth it, in my opinion!

Thank you so much, Tatianna, for your lovely gift and for helping me remember that even with all the drama that goes on in the SL fashion world, there are still designers like you that take the high road and believe in your product enough to make things right in a calm, professional way when someone has not been satisfied. I appreciate it and will definitely be dropping by the store again the next time I need to shop!

Also worn in this post:

Skin: ‘Meows in the Nude’ by Belleza
Hair: ‘Jasmine’ by Frangipani [no longer available for purchase]
Eyes: ‘Earth’ by Miriel [free in the demo pack]
Shoes: White & Silver sandals by Lassitude & Ennui [freebies!]
Poses by Imperial Elegance
Elle the kitten snuck into my shot, she’s from A.I. Friends

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Party At Ingmann’s & The Neko Diabeetus Insulin Pump!

This is the first of what will probably be at least 3 blog posts in here today, and probably a couple on WTFug, because I’m backed up on pics & posts and I think it’ll be fun to slam it all out in a few hours. So forgive me for spamming your readers or feeds or whatever it is you use to read blogs.

Sunday night, while tons of people were watching the Super Bowl, a bunch of us who didn’t care about it that much headed over to Conatus, the new sim for the Ingmann Design Group. They make wonderful prefabs!


I DJed at the last minute because the live performer who was supposed to be there canceled. I didn’t mind because, hey, paying gig. LOL! I kid, I kid.

The new sim is just fantastic. If you had ever gone over to IDG when it was on Natalis, the basic look/layout is the same, but it’s much better! Plus there are some great stores there, including GREENE Concept, which is owned by my friend Peter Stindberg, Steinwerks, Hollie’s Place, and a few others.

The party was totally awesome. So many people showed up!!

Ingmann's Party

There was no theme, since it was a last minute thing, but I told my friends to dress sexy. And they did NOT disappoint!! As I’ve mentioned before, my friends and I are totally into teeny tiny dresses lately. I wore a great one from Kitties Lair, but wow, some of the girls were REALLY sexy!! It was great!

And I just love this picture. LOL


You might have to click on it to read the writing better.

After I finished, the totally awesome DJ Tristan Micheline took over and rocked out. If you’ve never gone to any of her events, you’ve got to. She’s amazing!!

Oh, and somehow I ended up looking like this.

I can bling like a $2L Hooker.

Yeah…I don’t know either. LOL

When you go out to Ingmann’s [because you know you want to], be sure to pick up your insulin pump. I’ve mentioned the original insulin pump before in this blog, but Noelyci Ingmann, at the prompting of Hamlet Au, created a pink insulin pump that – get this – speaks LOLCat. LOL! It’s another great way to promote diabetes [or diabeetus, in LOLCat] awareness. Personally, I use my insulin pump to remind me to get up away from the computer and walk around or eat something because every 90 minutes, it asks you to check your blood sugar. While I don’t have to check my blood sugar, thankfully, it is a great reminder to me not to sit in one spot for too long. Go pick yours up, I believe it’s free or a dollarbie! For you men, there’s always the regular one, so don’t get all offended by a pink one. 😉

IDG - Diabeetus Insulin Pump.

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Lucky Chair Bear & More Linden Bears!

My life is full of bears lately, and I love it!! Bears have played a huge part of my life since I was just a baby, starting with Winnie The Pooh. So being in SL and having all these bears is awesome!

Jungeun Vella of JE*Republic dropped a super cutie bear on me last night. It’s the new Lucky Chair item at the store, special for Valentine’s Day!

JE*Republic Lucky Chair Bear

Isn’t it adorable? I want to snuggle it! The best part is that unlike most lucky chair gifts, this one is transferable! So if there’s someone special you want to give a gift to, and you’re low on $L, go stalk that chair at JE*Republic!!

And I love my friends. They’re helping me out big time with my collecting of Linden bears!! One thing I’ve noticed is that people LOVE Molly Linden. Well, everyone who has had to deal with sim issues. I know Molly was super helpful when I was getting my sim, and it seems like others share that experience too. Yay Molly Linden!!

But I got 2 more Linden bears, and they are sooooo cute!!

Beach Bears

That’s Alexa and Blondin, just hanging out on the beach with me. Yeah, we brought our own pools. That’s just the way we roll. Except for Blondin, who is metal and would rust.

If you want to help me out with my collection, feel free!!

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Is it the reason for the season?

If my blogging is slacking lately, there’s a good reason for that.!

SHOPPING. Oh, tis the season. 🙂 I started doing that crazy Peace On Earth hunt today, just hitting a few stores I know [no WAY am I going to every single store. There’s over 350, I believe, and I sure as hell don’t want to trek through over 300 stores and end up with ripped skins and BIAB mess like I did during the ghost hunt] and of course picking up any gifts along the way.

My inventory is crying already.

If you see me curled up in a ball in the middle of some store weeping hysterically because I can’t find the globe or tree or Santa or whatever…please try to orbit me home.

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Elegantly Free

So I have this friend named Sai. And Sai is totally adorable in many ways. If you haven’t met her yet, you totally should. Especially if you’re a single guy who doesn’t suck. *coughs* But she also has this great store named Imperial Elegance where she sells these really fantastic poses that she makes. She recently had her store rebuilt and it is awesome!! So to celebrate that, she’s having a great sale. I picked up a whole bunch of 2 person poses out there, plus a pack of mermaid poses all for $1L each. [The mermaid poses are a pack for $1L. Not that I have a mermaid outfit, but I can’t pass up a good deal.]

My favorite thing that Sai has made has to be this moon with some built in poses. And it’s a freebie!

Sai's moon

There’s a moon with the menu script and one without, and 3 poses. It’s so cute!! I am totally looking for a place for it on the island because I love it so.

But it’s not wearable. Just so you know. And you wouldn’t think that you’d have to say something like that, but the night I was out at her store picking them up, 2 people were in there like this:

Don't wear these.

Sai also is now doing the picks reward thing that is so popular. The gift for November are some wall poses that I love. She even includes a menu driven wall in case you don’t have your own. 🙂 But I threw the poses in my Imperial Elegance posestand [I have posestands for different stores once I get enough poses from one store] so I could pose anywhere.


Oh, Sai also has freebie AOs for women, one which is for a larger sized avatar, that are very natural and subtle. If you don’t want one that has your arms shooting over your head or your hip shoved out to the side, I recommend these. 🙂
So go out to Imperial Elegance and do some shopping!!

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About Quality

I was thinking tonight about quality. As most people know, I’m not a huge fan of hunts. I think we’re a bit over saturated in SL with hunts and they tend to get on my nerves. If I do one, it’s either because the girls have raved about it [actually, that’s how most of my shopping gets done these days – my hardcore shopping friends tell me something is fabulous and I go out to buy it] or because a designer that I really really like is in it. I’ll go through a whole hunt just to find something from Long Awkward Pose, and I’m totally not lying about that.

So when my group started buzzing about that crazy ghost hunt, I figured since I didn’t have anything better to do, I’d go ahead and do it. Besides, LAP was in it, and Katat0nik, so what did I have to lose?

The answer is – I lost a lot of time.

Oh, I’m not saying everything was bad. I picked up a lot of very good things, actually. Most of it will be boxed up until next Halloween season, I’m sure, but some of it will become part of my regular rotation. But it did get me thinking about quality.

You see, when you’re new to SL, you don’t know what’s really excellent and what’s just good enough. You pick up all kinds of junk that you think is fab just because you don’t know any better and you’re a bit awed that someone made a skirt and you’re still working on not wearing a box on your head. But as you progress, you start to talk to people. You look at people. You find out about blogs and you start to notice changes in products. Those jeans that you picked up that you thought were so hot now look noobie and sad next to a pair of jeans with matching seams and sculpted cuffs. Those prim shoes with bling shooting out of them look crazy next to a delicate pair of heels with pretty little buckles and straps. You learn and you grow. And for a LOT of people, gifts are the way they learn about quality in SL. Anyone can go down to Freebie Island and pick up pants, shirts, and some jacked up shoes. You can be dressed. But you go somewhere that is offering a free gift that is quality work, suddenly you think, “Hey…this looks SO much better! I wonder what else is here…” It would not surprise me one bit that stores that give good quality gifts on a regular basis produce higher sales than a store that doesn’t.

But then we have the people who participate in freebie days and gift hunts who are so obviously only wanting the traffic. And really? Who’s paying attention to traffic anyway? Does it even matter?

While I was sitting on my posestand tonight looking through all 113 ghost folders [yeah, you know, this hunt was a BIT excessive], I was trying things on to make sure I wanted to keep it. And oh heavens. Mismatched seams, prim skirts that were crazy and huge and couldn’t be resized, poorly fitting shoes… Heck, someone even gave an item of clothing she’s been giving away since January, and the neck seams were STILL all wonky! The BIGGEST blooper came from a store that put a skin and an outfit in the folder. Now at first glance, it looked like they were being incredibly generous. But if you do a lot of shopping, you know that the RONJAS brand is pretty much a big ol’ business in a box mess. So right away I threw all that out, knowing also that Ronjas is not my taste whatsoever. Then I tried on the skin.

It was a ripped skin. Granted, it was a ripped skin from a designer that has had the finger pointed at them for ripping off others, but holy cow. LOL It was a surprise!

But really, what was that about? Putting business in a box mess and a stolen skin in a folder and saying “O hai dere! Come to mah store!” is not a good way to market your crappy stuff. I went out to the store later and almost everything in there is ripped or from a BIAB. Nice.

After that, I was a little more ruthless as I went through the rest of my hunt items. I was looking for quality. The bed from Instinct? Fantastic! The pumpkin from LAP? So cute!! The dress and shoes from Katat0nik? Precious!!

It’s all about the quality, folks. Free or not free, it’s always about the quality.

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A tiny Halloween hunt

I took a little time today to go do the Loco Pocos hunt that I’ve been hearing so much about. I’m glad that I did because it really put a smile on my face. It was probably one of the cutest things I’ve done in SL in a very long time.

Loco Pocos - So happy!

I’d never been to the Loco Pocos sim before. It’s mostly for tinies, and although I do enjoy dressing up as such on occasion, it’s a bit of a hassle for me to get redressed. lol But this was a hunt that you can do as a human. You go to the little Halloween neighborhood, hold your pumpkin, and start knocking on doors. Sometimes you get candy or baked goods, but other times…

Loco Pocos - Fire!

Loco Pocos - Spikes!!!!

Loco Pocos - Ghost!!

It’s random, but at some point you’ll knock on a door that gives you a key. And when you get the key, you go to the treasure chest in the town center. Click on the chest and you get 2 Loco Pocos avatars! 🙂

Loco Pocos - I got the key!

I haven’t put on the avatars yet, but I’ve seen pictures in some other blogs and they look wonderful.

I was only out there hunting for the key for about 10 minutes or so, but it was very fun. I tried to go and explore the rest of the sim when I was finished, but I was lagging a fair bit and actually ended up crashing. First time I’ve crashed in ages. lol

Anyway, head out there and have some fun. Yes, even you guys. You get a male & a female avatar, so it’s worth it. 🙂 And besides, sometimes someone else gets fire blown on them after knocking on the door, so that’s pretty cool. 🙂

Loco Pocos - Oh no, more fire!

Loco Pocos – SLurl

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Seeing Sam & the Jewelry Expo

Thank you all SO much for your kind words to my last post. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve started that very same post and deleted it. But I figured with everyone talking about it, it was a good time to just throw it out there. 🙂 There ARE people with true SL addictions, but as far as my closer friends go, I know they’re ok. 🙂

Now… Guess what happened last night? I was standing around on my beach thinking of how to make a little Halloween area that doesn’t suck when the name “SaviorSam Caproni” popped up on my screen. I couldn’t believe it!!!!! I waited about…oh…45 seconds and IMed him. He’d gotten to use his buddy’s computer and it was just so awesome to talk to him again!!!! I spent the next few hours hanging out with Sam and the rest of the family that I don’t see much anymore. We even went to go drive cars and shoot things. Well, they shot things…I ended up getting shot. LOL! It was just so cool.

Sam came home for a bit!

I hit up the Jewelry Expo late late last night to pick up the gifts. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry in SL normally. I wear my rings that I never take off, but I tend to wear the same bracelets and necklaces or chokers whenever the need calls for jewelry. So to say that I didn’t know more than half the jewelers at the expo would be an understatement. LOL I haven’t gone all through my gifts folder yet, but I made it through about half and I have to say…quite unimpressed by the quality of the gifts. And you know how I am. If I am unimpressed by the gift, I think that it’s an example of the quality of the actual items for sale. I deleted a great deal of the gifts that I tried on. Putting a torus with some spheres linked to it around my neck does not mean it’s a necklace!! And even more disappointing than the quality of a lot of the gifts was the fact that they were gifts that have been in world for at least 6 months, if not more. At least show us what your new work is like, if you have refined your skills. If you give me what you gave me back in January, I’m going to assume that your skills have not improved any and therefore your new work is not any better.

There were some true gems, though. LOL! No pun intended. 🙂 The totally gorgeous Tiffany earrings from ~flirt~, the bottlecap earrings from Bliensen + MaiTai, the cute friendship bracelets from :+:Studio Sidhe:+:, the pumpkin earrings from Kat’s Meow, and the spider Halloween set from Star Kindler were all among my favorites that I grabbed last night. They’re stores that I’d definitely go check out again if I needed jewelry. I was sad not to see Alienbear or Muse there, since those are 2 of my favorite jewelry stores. But all in all, I picked up a few decent little items, and I’ll go back again to buy something where I’ve gotten decent gifts from.

I’m going out to dinner with my friend tonight, so I think laundry should be done today …. Oh wait! I already did laundry! WOOT! I swear I would kill for parts of my SL wardrobe to make its way into my RL closet. LOL Just the tshirts alone would be helpful. I can’t wait until it gets cold and I can pull out my sweaters again. My winter RL wardrobe is so much better than my summertime one. I think perhaps a bit of a shopping trip should be planned for this weekend. I hate RL shopping [unless it’s for books or lotion or lip gloss], but unfortunately my wardrobe is starting to reflect that. lol

/me clicks hard on her SL inventory. “Come HERE!”

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It was a great day. :)

I have…. too many pictures to show. LOL But my Saturday didn’t go as I’d planned it to go, RL or SL, and in fact ended up being a lot better than I could have guessed. 🙂

But since I have so many pictures, I won’t try to type up a big long post. 🙂 BUT…lots of pictures!!!!

Cen took me to Tempura Island to do tai chi and lay in the flowers because I was all antsy and stressy again.

In the flowers

Then I went to a club to watch Bellalera in a Rat Pack cover show. It was pretty cool, but almost as soon as the show started, I got caught up in rental stuff and then a very much needed phone call. 🙂 But I did get to sit with Ms. Emerald Wynn!

Bella the showgirl!

Dean's - Rat Pack Party

Emerald & me being pretty.

So I finally got around to modding houses for the beach on the part I’m renting out. Afterwards, and after going out to dinner and doing some other RL things, I got bored and started dancing on our party deck. I invited the Ch’Know group out there just for dancing, talking, and inventory sorting. Emerald and Laleeta pulled out their “men” from Weird Shit [oh yes, I said it] and then we decided to take some pictures.

The thing is….no one should ever leave us alone for pictures.

Just dancing...

They have men.

Pretty girls!

Uh oh.

Here we go... LOL

Chuck Norris takes up a whole picture.


Oh dear.

Because we can’t leave well enough alone, we had to get into full boxbot avatars and spent some time running around the deck before deciding what to do for the night.

We decided to hit up the Glamour Expo.


(Sorry for the crappy quality of this. If the better one ever processes, I’ll switch out.)

Boxbots - On the move!

At the expo

We stopped to dance to “Celebration.” This woman just stood there pretending not to watch us.

Don't look the other way!

JamieNoah Breguet of Ci:Di asked us to pose for a picture in front of his shop sign. We willingly obliged. We’d lost some of the boxes at this point because they got sleepy.

We model for you! LOL

Also a special shoutout to Pixieplumb Flanagan of Baby Monkey for being so awesome to us little boxes as we went scurrying past her.

I have said often that I don’t think I could have gotten through the past few weeks if not for the friends that I have in SL. Their kindness and compassion to me in times when I didn’t even have the words to tell them what was wrong has been wonderful. But it is their craziness and their willingness to go out and be nuts and laugh until we’re all crying that keeps me strong. 🙂 I love you guys!!

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Get Lucky @ Crimson Shadow

I was starting to get worried because the dress in the Crimson Shadow lucky chair had been scheduled to be taken down on the 10th, and here it was, well after the 10th, and nothing new! Although I guess that really worked out, since Laleeta hadn’t been around to pick up the Midnight Blue dress and after what had to have been more than 15 hours stalking the chair finally got it. LOL

This morning Lokum Shilova dropped the newest lucky chair dress on me – The Crimson Shadow Webbed n Lace Red dress! 🙂

The dress is, of course, richly textured and came with a 2 different skirts so you could wear it a couple of different ways. Naturally I had to throw on the short skirt first, along with a couple of things that were not included in the folder just to give it a different look.

Crimson Shadow- Webbed n Lace - Short Skirt

I think it’s adorable. I love the netted sleeves and the poofy shoulders. Most of the things from Crimson Shadow look better if you’re more on the goth looking side, which is why I threw on some black hair for this picture. 🙂

If you take a closer look, you can see the unbelievably wonderful texturing that’s going on. Look at the detailing on the corset front. It’s excellent! Also, I’m not sure if you can tell, but there is a belt I’m wearing too. It’s on the skirt layer, not a prim, so it may fit you different than it fits me.

Crimson Shadow- Webbed n Lace - Close Up

The dress also comes with a high collar perfect for the ballroom [or castle, or cemetery since I can totally picture this dress on one of you Bloodlines players!] and the long skirt is just swirly and gorgeous. The web overlay is just incredible!

Shoes and some cute stockings are included, but you cannot see them under this dress. I wasn’t actually a huge fan of the shoes, but that’s a personal opinion. 🙂

Crimson Shadow- Webbed n Lace - Long skirt & Collar

This dress will be available at the Crimson Shadow lucky chair from now until September 15th, so be sure to head on over and have some fun stalking that chair!

In this post I am also wearing…

Skin – La Sylphide Ingrid in Smoky Blood Red [group gift, unsure if it’s available]
Hair – Both by Free Speerit, no longer available for purchase.
Stockings – Beloved Designs Lace Top stockings, available at the mainstore.
Shoes – Dolly Goth Pumps by Unique Needs, available at the mainstore.