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All The Things I Couldn’t Say

So camp is coming to a close. Today was our last full day at camp and tomorrow we go to start the RFL walk. We had our Friendship Night today. It’s a time where people are quiet and many of the counselors and campers give speeches. I considered doing it, but I couldn’t really get my thoughts together enough to make a short speech. Luckily, I have a blog where I can be wordy. 🙂

This has been probably one of the most incredible experiences of my SLife. I know that it might seem silly to others. I know there are people in Second Life who don’t understand the family community or kid avatars in general. For a long time, I was one of those people. Being fully immersed in something like this with kids…it wasn’t something I thought I’d ever do.

But being a mom in SL has helped me in so many ways. I can’t have children in RL although I have desperately wanted them. To be able to be some kind of mother, even if it is just in SL, has truly been healing for me. And even if sometimes I don’t feel like I’ve been the best SL mom, I know that maybe RL moms feel that way sometimes, too. When my sister said I needed to sign up as a counselor this camp since it is the last one they will do, I wasn’t sure how good of a counselor I would be. But I also figured that most of the counselors probably would feel that way too at some point, so I signed up.

Being around all these kids has been definitely fun! I knew it would be. After all, my kids and the kids in our family are pretty awesome. But what I didn’t expect is that it would be as inspiring as it has been. I didn’t expect that my heart would be so full. I didn’t realize that this was something I needed in my life.

Have I been the best counselor? Probably not. I’m pretty shy and not great at the whole RP aspect of things. Over the past week, it’s been so different for me. I am so very used to just being in my tiny family bubble where they all understand me and know my quirks and flaws and accept me anyway. But these campers…they pushed me out of the bubble and made me play and do things that maybe I probably wouldn’t have done otherwise.

So first of all, thank you to Jill and Gattz Gilman. They are the creators of Camp Hardknock and I know that if not for them bringing everyone together every year none of this would happen. It’s because of their vision and hard work that this happens and so many people have the chance to play in such a safe place. Jill and Gattz are in the process of adopting a child in RL and I know that when they finally get their baby, that baby will not only be loved by them, but by an entire community.

To my amazing sister – You always seem to know what it is that I need in my SLife before I do. You pulled me into a family when I needed one. When I really didn’t think I was going to be a counselor, you convinced me to do it and who knew that’s what I needed? Obviously you did, because this week has been incredibly special and I have you to thank for it.

Big thank you to my fellow counselors! The veteran counselors totally helped me out when I had NO idea what I was doing, and the new counselors helped me ask questions that I might not have thought of before. And all of them were more than helpful every step of the way. Best team ever!

And the campers. Oh my gosh, what can I say about these campers? They are just the most amazing people I have met in SL. To be a kid avatar in a place that maybe doesn’t always get it is not an easy thing. When they are kids, they open themselves up to being hurt in ways that people in the “adult” circles cannot imagine. But yet the trust and love and pure joy I have seen this week is so beautiful. They’ve made me play in ways I really haven’t done in a long time. And if I was unsure of myself, they always made me feel like it wasn’t a problem, they just rolled with it until I learned how to do things the right way. I will miss them terribly when we go home, but because of them, I think I’ll go home a better SL mom.

You know, I took the week off from fashion blogging. Even if I’d wanted to, it would have been hard to find a place in camp where I could just stand on a posestand wearing some fancy outfit without kids running around. And also I would have missed out on interacting with people and that is definitely not something that I needed to do. Let’s face it, blogging can be a very solitary hobby. Although I do miss it [and have much to catch up on when we leave camp!], I think it was good for me to not be worried for a week about my clothes or my hair or if I have the latest and greatest things. It was good to just be myself in a place where everyone was just happy to be there.

At the heart of everything, Second Life is about the people in it, and the more you open your heart and your world to people, the better life – Second or First – can be.

All The Things I Couldn't Say

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Day 257 – It Started With A Pie

It started with a pie.

Yesterday, Rylan stopped over because where she lives was being restarted. Of course, being Rylan, she didn’t wear pants as she burst into the house. But we’re used to her, so whatever. She decided for my birthday, she’d make me a pie. And for, you know, breaking and entering into our house. Pantsless.

Lexi decided to send me a birthday cake. It was a nice cake, all pretty and colorful. I set it out on the kitchen counter so we could have cake later.

But Rylan didn’t like that the cake Lexi sent me was bigger than the pie she made. So while we slept, she broke into the house again [I really should just give her a key] and she made me ANOTHER cake. It’s a big cake, with lots of flowers trailing down the sides. It’s quite lovely! And it’s bigger than the cake Lexi sent, which was her intention.

However, Lexi wasn’t about to be one upped by this cake. Ohhh no! She baked YET ANOTHER cake for me. It’s huge and has stars and she got kind of messy making it. I wasn’t even sure if it would fit on the counter without touching the ceiling!

If you’re keeping track, I now have one pie and three ENORMOUS cakes in my kitchen.

Then Willow broke my house with her gigantic cake that is so huge, it burst through the ceiling into the 2nd floor of the house.

Day 257 - It started with a pie

So now I have a hole in the ceiling, one pie, four cakes, and probably diabetes if I attempt to eat all of these baked goods.

I love my friends.

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Day 236 – Crazy Eyes

Oh my god, could I look more crazy in this picture? My eyes look ridiculous and … Well, whatever. It’s 2:30 in the morning and I’m coming down from some caffeine I accidentally drank.

Day 236 - Crazy Eyes

Tonight I was invited out to see my friend Kirsten’s home. It was so much fun to finally meet her in world [we’re plurk friends] and to see her home. I even got to meet her cowboy! I don’t get out a whole lot to peoples’ houses, but I think that’s mostly because most of my friends live on platforms where they build or blog and well…that’s kinda not as interesting. :-p

But it made me realize that our own home is quite unfinished. Basically we’ve got pigs and a couch. Almost everything I have shown you guys was specifically set up for a blog post and that really makes it a lot less personal, you know? It’s PRETTY, but it’s not terribly personal, and a lot of the time my “sets” are torn down right after I finish the photo. [Except for the fact that I have 3 of Barneworth’s skyboxes up in the air and I have junk in each one. I really need to clean the air space at some point but I forget about it unless I’m up there.]

So since Aldwyn was not able to be in world tonight, I spent my caffeine fueled evening decorating our bathroom and finally setting up our bedroom. Neither room is finished because I got caught up looking for mirrors in my inventory, but they’re well on their way. I still have to finish our living room, too. And the dining area. And our kitchen is COMPLETELY empty. I need some really good kitchen stuff. I probably HAVE really good kitchen stuff and just don’t realize it. Has anyone made any amazing mesh kitchens?

Oh my goodness, I’m yawning like crazy. Bedtime!!

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Day 175 – Twerked my wig off!

You know it’s a great party when THIS happens. [Thanks, Lexi, for catching this pic of me!!!]

Day 175 - Twerked my wig off!

Much more to say about the party tonight, but I’m exhausted. It was the perfect way to get a start on 2013, I’ll say that much. I am surrounded by some of the funniest, most awesome people in the world on a daily basis, and I need to be around them more. After the past week, I know I definitely can’t take any friendships for granted.

I’m going to bed tonight with my heart full of love and my cheeks hurting from smiling so much. Not a bad way to end the night. 🙂

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Day 85 – I got all my sisters and me!

I think the apocalypse must be coming because the unthinkable happened today. My sisters and I were all online at the SAME TIME. Naturally we had to take a picture to record this event, as I’m sure it may never happen again.

Day 86 - I got all my sisters and me

Actually, Ulaa took the picture. I just photoshopped it to death.

Short post today because I’m working on a post for the style blog. I would have had it all done earlier, but I went for a movie and Mexican food on the spur of the moment. That’s my favorite kind of day!

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Day 52 – Webcams and Pimps

Fun night tonight! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get pics of the most fun part of the evening because I attempt to keep this blog safe for work viewing, and it involved some pretty graphic scenes since a bunch of us went to Webcam Wednesday at a dirty sim. As much as we were laughing and snarking on the people, we agreed that they had MUCH more courage than us because we’d never have the guts to get on webcam in a public place and show off the way these folks did. Of course, a couple of them should have maybe thought about taking better care of their skin before getting on webcam, but that’s just my thought.

Since the Festival of Sin closes on Sunday and I hadn’t been yet, we gathered over there for a bit. There was a guy dressed like a “pimp” just kind of standing in front of Ruby’s store. So naturally I had to go and dance behind him because that’s what I do.

Day 52 - Webcams and Pimps

It took him like 4 tries, but finally he got out what he wanted to say.

“get lost kid”

Indeed! I told him I wasn’t a kid and he said he was thinking about buying the sim, or “hellhole,” as he put it. Ruby hopped over to ask him about it [we knew he didn’t plan on buying the sim as it appeared that he could not even afford real shoes] and I talked to a guy who had prim pubes. Well, not that it was much of a conversation. All I got out of it was that he’s from San Antonio. Then he wandered off. Guess the correct reply to “What are you into?” is not “Hanging out and having fun.” Oh well. No new friend for me.

But going back to the “pimp” for a moment – Okay, so maybe some of you who are newer to SL can enlighten me. You guys start out with stuff. Shoes, clothes, hair, etc. And while it’s not all perfect stuff, most of it is pretty decent. So why is it that a lot of new residents end up basically wearing junk? You know what shoes look like. Why walk around in basically just a shoe base? Or in a skin that doesn’t look even half as nice as one from your Library? I don’t understand. Fill me in!!

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Day 46 – The Denimore-Otoro Wedding!

My friends Lourdes and Salvatore got married today!! I was their DJ, so I took extra special care to dress nicely.

Day 46 - Before The I Do

It was a great place and it was really nice to see some of my plurk buddies in world! We so rarely get together. Well, okay, I so rarely get together with them. I’m sure a lot of them see each other all the time. But of course, nothing was better than seeing the bride walk down the aisle. LOOK AT THAT DRESS!!

Lourdes Walking Down The Aisle

They had Pamala, Aldwyn’s friend who officiated at our wedding, also do theirs! I thought that was nice, because Pamala really seems to get into it! 🙂

At the altar

Awww, the bride and groom!!

Mr and Mrs Otoro

We had a really great time at the reception. They requested a pretty much all 90s playlist, which of course you know I was totally into. I love 90s music!! And yes, we did take our shoes off!

Party time

Kesseret really enjoyed the reception! She did share, though, so that was a plus!

Kess enjoying the wedding

It was really an awesome wedding and I’m overjoyed that I got to be part of their day. 🙂 Now who is NEXT???

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Day 19 – Un-Anti-Social

I see the people on my plurk list getting together a lot. Well, maybe not a LOT, but more than I usually end up getting together with my friends. I rarely head to any events, but today I saw that a friend was DJing at The Folly and some of my plurk buddies were heading out there, so I put on an outfit that I threw together last week for a blog post [that never happened] and headed over to say hi.

Day 19 - Un-Anti-Social

It was really nice to get to finally meet some of my plurk buddies in person! I really should go out more often, but I’m such a bad conversationalist, it makes me feel bad that I can’t keep a conversation going or jump in without sounding awkward. At least, I sound awkward to me. I don’t know what anyone else thinks. I’ve never actually asked.

Hmm. I guess since I’m still dressed, I might as well try to go take a picture of the outfit and attempt to blog it.

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Day 13 – Once Upon A Time

I was going to show you guys a picture of me building this really horrible house that I keep telling Ulaa I’m going to sell in her store [she threatened to cut me if I did], but instead a fairy showed up in my house!

Day 13 - Once Upon A Time

Awww, adorable! That’s my friend Wilma in her new form. Tooooo cute!! I really really think that I’m going to need one of these avatars [which are mesh, btw] because I don’t dress up in costumes nearly enough anymore!! And who could resist such a sweet avatar?

Fairy Wilma

I’m heading out to the Petite Avatar Kingdom very very soon!!

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If you lived here, you’d be home by now!

Oh hi! Are you looking for a nice place to live with great neighbors and stuff? Welcome to Bluebonnet!

Okay, so for real, I have two small parcels for rent right now. [Or one big one. I can join them together.] Parcel #1 is 3312sqm and has 758prims. And Parcel #2 is 2944sqm and has 673prims. I am a pretty easy going landlady. As long as you don’t put up any ugly or overly large buildings on the ground, I pretty much let you do what you want with your parcel. You’re able to terraform and control your access list. The island is usually fairly quiet and lag free. I’m huge on checking scripts and anything causing collisons so that we can all have the best experience on the island.

What else? If you rent one, you can live near Aldwyn and me!

I like to rake leaves

Or near Heidi & Black and their springtime parcel!

They have spring on their parcel

Aisuru’s parcel is always really tastefully done and gorgeous.

Aisuru's lovely home

Or if you’re into the more whimsical stuff, Emerald usually has a ton to look at!

Emerald's place of wonder

If you’re interested in checking out either parcel, please feel free to IM me and I’ll be happy to show it to you and discuss renting!

Oh. It probably would have been awesome had I taken a picture of the parcels rather than just running around to all the neighbors’ yards, huh?