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Day 74 – Easter Town

I took a little trip today over to see Easter Town.

Day 74 - Easter Town

It’s a pretty cute little place. There are freebies you can grab, and other holiday things you can buy. But my favorite thing was the PEEP RACE!!

Peep Race

Now I don’t really mind racing against myself [because I always win!] but I think it’s probably more fun with friends. While you’re racing, there are obstacles in the track that you have to jump over or just run around. It’s fun! But be careful for the BIG MEAN PEEPZILLA!!


I don’t leave the island all that often, so imagine my surprise when I went back down after racing and found some guy [Roy Nieuport, I’m talking to you] just totally spamming it up like it was 2006.

Oh Richard.

2006 style griefing

The spam got worse, so I was able to get in an abuse report before he was kicked from the sim. I don’t know why people bother griefing. It’s not like it really did anything. Hell, if I’d had my particles off like normal, I probably wouldn’t have noticed a thing until he started to wear a box with a big booty on it.

But the griefer was kicked and all was right again in Easter Town and we were able to bunny hop our way to happiness.

The Bunny Hop

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Day 18 – Give Peas A Chance!

I’m really tired today. I was up super late because I cannot sleep during a thunderstorm. Don’t give me all that nonsense about them being calming. There’s nothing calming about “BAHBAM CRRRAAACKKKK BLAM!!!!!” directly over your head. Let me come into your bedroom while you’re just drifting off to sleep and bang a metal spoon against a metal cookie pan and see how relaxed you get.

Anyway, I was on my own again tonight because Aldwyn seems to have gotten sick from some petri dishes that were in his house this weekend and I suck at asking anyone if they want to do anything. So I opened up the destination guide and ended up at the Give Peas A Chance hunt. I’m glad I did it because not only is the island incredibly adorable, but I got this pea avatar for free!

Day 18 - Give Peas A Chance!

I will admit it! I practically laughed myself into an asthma attack while running around! I got some other pea avatars, and then some random stuff like jeans and a shirt, but this little pea avatar is AWESOME and my most favorite find in SL in the past month. If you have kids in SL or are just looking to go to a cute sim, head over!

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Big Pimpin’

What a very fun night!

Not that we did anything super amazing. We didn’t even leave the living room, actually. But let me back up a bit.

Hi! Are you a single guy in SL? Do you have a decent looking avatar? Do you know how to hold a conversation in chat and/or voice? Are you looking for more than someone to just hop on a sexytimes poseball with? Are you nice but you enjoy a bit of snark sometimes? Do you NOT have a vagina in the real world? Are you not a whiny bitch submissive? Well, then have I got the girl for you!

I’m pimping my former wife out for a holidays boyfriend! She’s hot, right?

Ulaa Morph 2

LMFAO! Okay okay, the morph is a joke. I promise she’s not running around thinking morphs are perfectly acceptable. If you think morphs are fine, then you are not the right guy!!

Ulaa is actually super pretty. See?

Ulaa's actual face

Anyway, I’m looking for a holidays man for her! She’s super funny, she’s a much better conversationalist than I am, she builds great houses, and she won’t be all greedy grabby expecting you to fund her entire SLife. PLUS you get to hang out with Al and me, too! It’s like getting instant friends!

I’d say she would hit me for this, but I already plurked it. So you know. No surprises! :-p

She’d come over tonight so I could grab a few face shots to do that morph with. We invited Pumpkin to come hang out with us, too, since she told me she was out in the snow with no shoes and that’s just NOT a place a Latina should be! This is the first time we’ve hung out in a couple of years since we only recently started chatting again. It was the first time we’d ever really had people in the house, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it! I spend so much time in SL by myself when Al is out working and Ulaa is up on her platform building, I forget how to be social. But we had a great time talking, laughing, and doing the crazy drunk dance.

We get nuts at home!

It’s time for bed for me now. 🙂

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I still got invited back!

Pretty much won SL today. Truth covered Sophia and me with his peen. 😦


I’d show a picture but I like to keep my blog family friendly and work safe. If you follow me on plurk, you got to see the picture. We got him back, though, when he went AFK.

Truth went AFK. BIG MISTAKE.

He’s pretty with his cracker crown, gold wings, and blonde pubes, right?

So I had a conversation a couple of days ago that got brought up again today. When did people forget that creators in SL are not just brand names?

I’ll admit, I used to fangirl certain people in SL, usually designers, but occasionally bloggers. It’s hard not to at first, especially when you’re really in awe of how talented some folks can be. But as you grow in SL, eventually you really get to know people, either because you’re good at chatting in world [I’m not.] or you’re good at social networking. [Plurk FTW!] The fangirling ends real fast when you really get to know people. Oh, you still like them [Umm… Usually.] and you still appreciate how talented they are, but it’s hard to remain in awe of someone who just said that they peed in the shower or ate too many marshmallows in a row. In fact, most of my closer friends told me that at one point they fangirled over me too, until they got to know me.

I’m still not sure if that’s an insult. :-p I kid, I kid.

But, what my point is here [I swear I have a point] is that some folks have honestly forgotten that behind the talent, behind the skills, behind the prims and textures, are actual PEOPLE. Yes, they can whip up a hair or a shoe in Maya or draw a face or a shirt, but they’re just people. Creative, yes, but mostly kind of goofballs. They laugh over flexi-peens. They give you virtual hugs if you’re sad. They sit in sweatpants eating Snickers bars while snorting over some silly video on YouTube. Just people.

I mean, seriously. We’re all on Second Life. How cool can we really be? LOL!

Anyway, speaking of social networking, I have a 2nd Hub! I like plurk a lot more because conversations seem to flow better, but 2nd Hub seems okay too. If you join it, you should totally add me. I don’t post much there, but maybe that’s just because I don’t have all my buddies on it.

I have a pretty busy day tomorrow, so I really should try to get some sleep.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year’s Eve!!

Last night was our New Year’s Eve Eve party [because a lot of folks go out tonight] and wow – was it FUN. I was already laughing and excited before it started because my group was active and chatty the way we used to be, and it was wonderful! We had almost 40 people at the peak of the party, and everyone was just joyous and being crazy. The party lasted longer than I expected and even after the music was over, several stuck around just to chat, which surprised me a bit.

I think what it is, and what I’ve seen others saying, is that for some reason in 2010, we were kind of antisocial. I know that I was, for the most part. Things got so freakin’ touchy for a while. I know I sure wasn’t in the mood for parties or anything like that. It was easier to stay at home with Aldwyn and/or Ulaa. It seems like others were the same way. They stayed at home and didn’t bother going out.

But it seems like times are changing. We don’t want to be just tucked away all the time in our houses or on our platforms. We want to chat with others, have fun, dance, and just BE. Heck, we even said we wanted more SL weddings! Family, friends, good times and fun parties – that seems to be what we want out of our SL in 2011.

You know what? That sounds quite alright by me. 🙂

I hope everyone has a wonderful evening. Please please please be safe if you’re going out. If you drink, don’t drive. If you have to be on the roads [sober!], watch out for other people. I want to see all of your shiny happy faces in 2011!

[And I just realized today is the 3rd anniversary of my blog! Holy cow. LOL]

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Day 350 – Ay Papi!

Fun night! Ulaa, Aldwyn and I decided to go out to see what trouble we could cause. [Okay, I’ll admit it, I kind of wanted to find someone to pick a fight with. I was in that kind of mood.] We got dressed up and went to Frank’s, but that was DEAD BORING. I mean, boring with a capital B and that stands for BORING. Except for the squeals of “Oh my god, what is she WEARING!?” [and in one case, “Oh my god, is she NAKED?”], it was dulllll.

[We were nice. We did IM the naked girl.]

I said we should try to find a Latin club, and Ulaa found us the Tropicana! And it was fun! The music was awesome, the DJ had a beautiful, sulty voice that made everything she said sound utterly sexy, and it was just a good time. We didn’t talk to anyone there except ourselves, but it was really fun. I definitely think we’ll be back.

I tried to get a picture of the 3 of us, but Al always managed to have his leg in a weird position as I snapped pics. :-p