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Day 281 – I don’t think we’re going to Masterchef.

You know, I’m not the best cook in the world, but even I wouldn’t stick my bare hand in the pot. :-p

Day 281 - I don't think we're going to Masterchef

I wasn’t expecting to see Aldwyn tonight since he’s still on his trip, but I was really happy that he was able to come in to see me for a bit! We went kitchen shopping because while I have several kitchens in my inventory, I wanted something new, mesh, and a lot less land impact than what I have. I mean, not that we’re hurting for prims or anything, but well, you just get used to your new mesh things being a lot less land impact!

There seems to be a real shortage of good mesh kitchens on the grid, though. There is a great one at The Garden this round, but it wasn’t what I wanted. We hopped around to a few stores but nothing was really any good. But then we stopped at Bazar and found one that was pretty and texture change and had animations in it. AND it was less than $600L. Score! It doesn’t have a fridge, which I don’t understand, but that’s okay.

However… when I got home and put it out, it’s TOO BIG FOR THE KITCHEN!


Now, okay, it does resize down. But then it’s really tiny and sad. I’m so bummed!! It’s mod, but I don’t think I can break it down and make it fit. I don’t know.

Does anyone else know of other places that have pretty mesh kitchen sets?

I’m exhausted, so I’m heading to bed. Goodnight!

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Day 200 – Lady In The Streets, Freak In The…Well, You Know.

So last week sometime, I saw a pic in my Flickr contacts with a girl on a really awesome looking bed. Naturally I ran to Plurk asking where the pretty bed was from and one of my buddies pointed me over to LAQ Decor. I hadn’t been over there since their houses were first released, so I wasn’t aware that they were making furniture. I have to admit, I wasn’t exactly into the houses back then, so I kind of just wrote off the store. But man, the furniture?? AMAZING. Seriously seriously pretty stuff.

I didn’t buy the bed after seeing it on marketplace because another bed landed in my lap and, quite frankly, I have a LOT of beds already. I’m a sucker for furniture, what can I say?

Earlier today I was browsing marketplace and came across a toilet from LAQ Decor. Well, I may have a lot of beds, but I don’t have a lot of bathroom stuff. I’m not really happy unless I can see home stuff in front of me, so when Aldwyn got online tonight, we went off to check the store out.

While we were there, I fell in love with a coffee table that was part of a sofa set. It was just so cute and JUST what I wanted AND it was only 2 land impact!! The problem was that they didn’t sell the coffee table by itself! Now I understand that the big money is in people buying the whole set of stuff, but I just really really wanted the one piece.

Aldwyn is pretty used to my indecisiveness [and my spontaneous decorating] so he sat around with me while I played with the poses on the floor model of the sofa, and played with the colors on the bed. But then I guess he was tired of sitting because he bought me both the sofa set and the bed [which also came with nightstands & lamps!] to 1, make me happy, and 2, get me out of the store. Of course, we WERE having a good laugh over a guy that was there who claimed to be an “advanced builder” and also a collector of fine furniture [gonna guess he also has many leather-bound books, and his apartment smells of rich mahogany] who was walking around with a flexi ponytail and guns strapped to his thighs, so maybe he just wanted to make me happy. And happy I was as we came back home so I could put out my new pretties.

The coffee table is actually just a smidge smaller in our living room than I thought it would be. I’m a terrible judge of size and think most things are bigger than they actually are. [*snickers* Shut up.] But, it’s mod so I was able to make it bigger. Then, even though I was just working on the bedroom the other day, I picked up our bed and nightstands and put out the new ones. The bedroom is definitely not finished yet, but I really like how it’s coming along so far.

Day 200 - Lady In The Streets, Freak In The...Well, You Know.

The house is definitely coming together, slowly but surely. Eventually I’ve got to get back outside and work on the landscaping, but one thing at a time. For now, it’s time to get into our gorgeous new bed and go to sleep!

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Day 83 – It’s sooo big!

You pervs. I know what you were thinking with the title of this post!!

Sunday evenings keep me pretty distracted with my tv shows [gah! How evil is that Joffrey asshole on Game of Thrones?!] and with menu planning for the upcoming week. So in between all that, I was looking on some decorating websites and throwing down furniture. I kind of, KIND OF, got the living room half done. Kind of.

Day 83 - It's sooo big!

I know, it’s super plain at the moment.

Do you ever notice just how oversized furniture can be? I sat in one of those chairs and I had enough room for two more people. I ended up shrinking the chairs slightly for balance, but then after I decided on a couch, I had to put them back to regular size or everything would have looked off. I know that our homes are usually pretty spacious because we need to be able to cam in them, so the furniture can be bigger to fill the space but… I don’t know. Sometimes, it really IS just too big.

Hehe…that’s what she said!

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Day 42 – The Drama Pose

I hadn’t put out the mesh couch that The Loft had for the last FLF [I think that’s what it was for] because it didn’t fit our color scheme at the time. But I put it out last night and we had a chance to sit on it tonight. We were flipping through poses and then we laughed at this one!

“This is our new drama pose!”

Day 42 - The Drama Pose

Yeah, I know my arm is all kinds of in my leg. That’s dramatic maybe? LOL

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Day 229 – She’s not just decorative

Long, long day, but a very good one. 🙂

I was asked to fill in for the decor writer for Icon magazine for the next issue, which I happily said yes to. I currently write for Second Style, and I had a brief stint over at VR Style magazine, but pretty much all of my articles have been about fashion. Since furniture & decor is something I’m really starting to love in SL, this was something I was kind of excited about doing. I had started decorating a new room of my house yesterday before I was asked to fill in, so today I spent hours getting the rest of the room just right. It actually came out really nice, in my opinion. I’m not a decorator, at all, but the boho chic look I was going for came together pretty easily once I got started, thanks in large part to my plurk buddies. They are so so much better at knowing where all the good furniture shops are. Like I said, I’m still pretty new to the whole decorating thing [my idea of decorating was either to buy a set and put it all out like it was in the picture, or asking Sophia to do it for me] so learning new shops and learning how to put things together was super fun. I’ll show other pics later, but this is all you get for now, because I’m exhausted and it’s really time for bed.


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Day 118 – Knee deep

Spring is most definitely hitting my neck of the woods. And with it, I feel the “winter shell” that hardens around me each year cracking off of me, piece by piece. It’s a wonderful feeling.

However, with spring blooming around here, I’ve got allergies like a biiiiiitch. And I think too many people have been hit with my “I’m all hyped up on meds” IMs tonight. I’m sorry.

The fantastic Rayvn Hines of Mudhoney released her new low prim furniture set tonight. When the Linden Homes came out, we’d mentioned on plurk that furniture designers would do good if they made some full sets of furniture for less than 117 prims. Rayvn is the only one who stepped up to the challenge so far, that I know of. She sent me the Naturals set tonight. I rezzed it all out. It’s soooo cute.


I think it came to 112 prims altogether, I’m not at the house right now to check. But it’s amazing. Seriously. I’m going to blog it for the style blog after I finish getting everything placed.

Time for more meds.

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It’s finally a home

I’m pretty spoiled in SL. Not bratty spoiled [I think] but spoiled in that when I need something, someone is usually right there to do it for me.

As I’ve mentioned before, my good friend Noelyci built me a fabulous house back in April because I was in dire need of one and I’m exceptionally picky about most things. So he took my vague descriptions and built me a wonderful house that I simply adore. [You can buy it at his store too, along with lots of other nice prefabs. /end shameless plug]

But the problem was…I’m not good at decorating. I’m honestly not. My physical world house is just kind of there. I find something pretty, I set it down, and that’s about it. No mesh to it. But no one really comes over so as long as it’s clean, I don’t care.

It was really bothering me that I was leaving this gorgeous house empty. Or semi-empty, as I’ve had bits and pieces of furniture and photos scattered about. But it just wasn’t very well decorated, and it wasn’t very me. Only I didn’t know what I really wanted, and any shopping trips for furniture usually left me frustrated.

Enter my best friend Sophia. Yesterday she said she wanted to decorate a house or something. I told her that she could decorate my home if she wanted. I was casual about it, but inside I was actually jumping for joy because I so badly wanted this place done up.

I think she did an excellent job. 🙂

The view from upstairs.

View from upstairs

The living room area.

Living room

The kitchen.


The dining area.

Dining / Photos

The full bath, including my dressing area.

Full bath view

Closer view of the bathroom.


She knows my tastes and likes well. Nothing overly modern, and she picked up on my butterflies love. 🙂 She also decorated my office, but I’m waiting to show that until I finish up in there, since I moved all my photos off the walls and put them in the dining area. Noel also built me a desk and some shelves because I couldn’t find an office desk that I liked, so he put his skills to work for me again. See? Spoiled. lol

Oh, and the bedroom is my own to decorate. It’s kind of like Graceland. No one goes upstairs unless I allow. :-p

I’m just so overly happy with how my house is now. I was spending most of my time in the house sitting on a counter. But most of the time I was just standing around outside. Now I’m perfectly happy sitting in my charming new living room or in my office. I’m so lucky to have friends like I do. ❤