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Day 2 – Starting to feel it!!

Okay. Honestly? I’m really starting to feel it now.

Day 2 - Starting to feel it

The excitement is building up inside of me, like ..

Oh for pete’s sake. LMAO

[19:18] Alicia Chenaux: It’s an afternoon garden wedding, so I wouldn’t go all out formal, but anything pretty that you like should work. Please keep your boobs covered until the reception though.

[19:18] Heidi Halberstadt: FUCK

[19:19] Tymmerie Thorne: *changes her outfit*

[19:19] Alicia Chenaux: LOL!!!

[19:19] Elle Kirshner: even the DJ? or is there a DJ boobie exception?

[19:19] Alicia Chenaux: Oh, you can show your boobs anytime!

[19:19] Heidi Halberstadt: I vote for DJ being the exception.

[19:19] Ulaa Coronet: i love DJ tits

[19:19] Ulaa Coronet: more tips

[19:19] Heidi Halberstadt: There’s always time for THE RACK

[19:20] Alicia Chenaux: Oh god. Someone’s going to pull a strip pole out at the reception, aren’t they?

[19:20] Sehra Kauffman: like… short dress or longer?

[19:20] Blackhawk60 Sikorsky: is it not good if i wear my freenis, i can hide it as long as people promise not to see hidden prims

[19:20] Ulaa Coronet: im gonna drop a tip jar i dunno about anyone else

[19:20] Heidi Halberstadt: Imma gonna wear mah silks

And that’s what I have to put up with!!!

Anyway… LOL

I’m getting very excited. Every time I look at the benches, the altar, the gazebo, my heart just swells and flutters with happiness. I have re-read the words I’ve written to say to Aldwyn at the ceremony probably 20 times tonight, and each time I tear up a little.

I’ve had good and bad times in my SLife, as we all have, but never did I think I’d ever be this happy! It just feels RIGHT, you know? Just so so so right.

I think about the years I spent just passing through
I’d like to have the time I lost and give it back to you
But you just smile and take my hand
You’ve been there you understand
It’s all part of a grander plan that is coming true.

Every long lost dream led me to where you are
Others who broke my heart, they were like Northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms
This much I know is true…
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you

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Love Thursday

My Love Thursday is dedicated to my Ch’Know group. 🙂

There would be no me if there were no them.

The group originally started as just a way for me to be able to change my tag, and when I had a store, I figured I’d send out updates through it. But I also wanted it to be a place where people felt like they could chat. Who remembers the days of “OMG FASHCON OOPS!!!” At the time my group started, there was just this huge thing about people chatting in groups. Even now, there are all kinds of rules and stuff about group chats. I wanted people to feel comfortable. I’m pretty shy, so I figured maybe if some people chatted in my group, I would also feel comfortable enough to chat. It took about a month after making the group that anyone actually started talking in it. 🙂 What can I say? Most of the people who joined it at that time did so because they were also shy. But once we started talking…we couldn’t shut up.

The group has gone through changes over the past year and a half. People have come in, people have left. We’ve laughed, fought, cried, annoyed each other, celebrated successes, and loved each other. We tease each other like brothers & sisters, act offended while laughing like crazy, and go back to having fun. We try to be supportive in any adventure, from designing to blogging to real world things like jobs and classes, that people undertake. We cry on each others’ shoulders, and offer to cut people who upset us. We can be a little overwhelming at times, but honestly, I think it’s like a family. They are probably the funniest, most talented, sweetest group of people that you’d ever be lucky enough to meet. There are some nights when they make me laugh SO hard, I almost can’t breathe. Conversations can be deep or light or crazy, but they are always interesting. Only twice in the group’s history have people been asked to leave or removed from the group because they did something that the rest of the group could not get over, and twice it broke my heart when it happened. Because I genuinely care about each person that I invite in. They are pieces of my heart. [The only exception to this rule is usually when a bf/gf has been invited in and is removed a few days later. lol ] There is almost no one who has left the group that I would not invite back in a heartbeat if they asked. No explanations would even be necessary. Even when they leave, they stay with me in my heart.

There is almost nothing I wouldn’t do for my group. They have talked me down from anxiety attacks so many times without ever knowing it. They have kept me going, kept me strong. There are no words in my vocabulary that could ever express what they mean to me. 🙂

I don’t have a current picture of the group. It would be almost impossible for all of us to be in the same place at the same time, which has always been a sad fact. But their pictures show up from time to time in here, their blogs are in my blogroll, their quotes show up on the side of this blog or in my profile.

Thank you, my friends. Thank you for just being yourselves and allowing me to share in your Second Life. You are completely loved. 🙂

Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods.

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Thinking up titles is so 2008. :-p

I really have some awesome readers! Yesterday I was standing around and I got a gift!


A pink bear and I can hold it? It’s perfect for me! Thanks Caitlain!!

I have to admit, I spent quite a bit of time yesterday just sitting in the garden holding my new bear. I’ve been in kind of a weepy girl mood lately for some unknown reason. I don’t like being alone for too long in SL, and I am so incredibly lucky that my girls won’t let me be alone for too long. We had a super impromptu party at my fiesta area the other night. They grab me for shopping or other parties or to come see this or that. It keeps me from staring too long at the bottom right hand corner of my screen. lol

One great thing about the girls dragging me off the island so much is that I get all kinds of fabulous pictures for WTFug. LOL Such as this picture from a absolutely horrific bikini contest Sophia unknowingly took us to. Seriously, in her defense, she thought it was just a bikini party that her friend was DJing, not some crazy bikini contest with voting and junk. The girls who entered were…well, they… oh just look.

The ugliest 'kini contest ever. EVER.

Booty McTits down walking in front of the stage down there is the one who ended up winning. Oily St.Male came in 3rd. We’ll see Oily again in WTFug in a closer picture.

And laggy? Oh man, was that place laggy.

Meara Deschanel: everyone is still rezzing – wth is this?
Sophia Harlow: hell, i think

Sometimes I wish the contestants hadn’t rezzed for me.

The best part about the contest was the emoting the girls were trying to use to catch the votes. Such as…

Oily St.Male: _.;:+*’`’*+:;..;:+*’`’*+:;. THIS TUNE VIBRATES MY PUNANI! .;:+*’`’*+:;..;:+*’`’*+:;._

Candy Moundfuzz grins wickedly as her body moves, moving in a lustful frenzy pace. Her body wanting to feed that sweet agony of teasing. As she lets out a demanding roar, her eyes darkened, like orbs of fire, blazed with that sinful lust. Her hand reaching out, holding that forbidden apple, daring you to take that first bite,to give into your most taboo fantasy and temptation.

Oily St.Male slips her fingers into her bikin straps and pops them against her silky skin [Silky? She was sweating Crisco!]

Booty McTits crwals to the stage

Booty McTits moves hipnotically

Yeah. We were crying with laughter because it was just that damn bad. LOL!! Watch out for Candy’s orbs of fire!! I was also sure that Booty couldn’t get on the stage with the other girls because she slipped on all the oil that Oily was dripping all over and never could get back up there. It’s ok. She made her own little stage in front. Whew, I bet you were worried, huh? And then she went on to win. Way to go, Booty!

It’s wet and cold here in my RL today, which makes me a sad panda. So I think I’ll log into SL and soak up the virtual sunshine.

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Occupying Time

So I had to keep myself occupied tonight since I was on my own. Rather than sit and pout [much] about it, I decided to get to work on the island. I want lots of Christmas decorations and wintery type things!

First, I took the party deck and shot it up about 300m in the air so we could have more of an area to put decorations and stuff down. But then that left me with wondering what to do about the fishing. Then it hit me. Ice fishing!

Ice Fishing

Of course, I think ice fishing usually involves a small hole, but um…this is special ice fishing? :-p It’s a cute little area, anyway.

After that, I was looking around various blog posts and saw a skin that I thought was pretty, so I headed over to Redgrave to check it out. Then, for the first time since probably January or February, I got hit up for money! Just out of the blue “can u give me money plz :,<" Like the sad face with the tear was going to make me do it? So I took a picture of her. Because that's just rude, and I don't care how much of a noob you are. [She was almost a month old.]


My response was, of course, a very short, “No.” She didn’t ask again. I’m guessing she was hitting up everyone in there for money. Rude.

After that, I started on my hunt for Christmas decorations. I think I have been to probably 50 Christmas stores tonight. LOL And all I ended up with was this tree…


…and these guys!


And while I’m doing all of this, the group chat is going off like mad. LOL

Sehra Kauffman: dang it is so too long and it wont shrink….
Alicia Chenaux: that’s not what he said.
Sehra Kauffman: lol
Nikkidancer Zenovka: LOL
Meara Deschanel: I walk into the weirdest conversations I swear

Nikkidancer Zenovka: Quaintly is touching Santa’s bag………. omg
Quaintly Tuqiri: LMAO
Alicia Chenaux: LMAO
Quaintly Tuqiri: wait, is ‘bag’ a new euphemism i didn’t know about? o.O

Sai Pennell: you guys have no clue how quotable you are.

Meara Deschanel: wait, you liked Merrick’s balls on your rack?
Meara Deschanel is so confused
Nikkidancer Zenovka: no, i didn’t say that at all LOL

Nikkidancer Zenovka chases Bone with her giant adorned rack

Bone Mosten: OMG being named the hottest male av is the. best. thing. ever!

Crazy people. I love them. 🙂 ❤

But I still need so much more Christmas stuff!!! I know what I really want, but I have NOT been able to find it. I don’t want to ask yet where to get one, just because I want it to be mostly a surprise, but I may end up having to ask. LOL It’s just impossible to find a great one.

That’s my evening so far. I’m going to play a few games while I listen to Christmas music on the island and then head to bed.

Oh wait! I was told I wasn’t doing this enough lately. 🙂 WTF is in my head today? Well, RLBF was playing Guitar Hero last night and this song came up and since then, I can’t stop humming it! I love Journey. 🙂

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Chat Errors

Group chats are prone to lag and errors a lot in the past few months. With a group as chatty as mine, it can end up in a real mess. This pile-up made me giggle. 🙂

[12:40] Laleeta Xue: Ali you made your balls rotate?
[12:40] Natasha Burke: I think I want an outfit just liek that!
[12:40] Nikkidancer Zenovka: is anyone else having chat errors and lag, or just me?
[12:40] Nikkidancer Zenovka: yes, twice
[12:40] Eva Bonner: good grief
[12:40] Tristan Micheline: is she wearing a maxi pad ? 0.o
[12:40] Alicia Chenaux: LMFAO
[12:40] Peter Stindberg: uhm…. balls rotate?
[12:40] Peter Stindberg: Well, the rest speaks for itself
[12:40] Nikkidancer Zenovka: Ali’s balls rotate?
[12:40] Asthenia Pinazzo: balls?
[12:40] Peter Stindberg: chat laaaaaaaag
[12:40] Nikkidancer Zenovka: multiple chat errors
[12:41] Sai Pennell: who has rotating balls ?
[12:41] Natasha Burke: Nice outfit…
[12:41] Laleeta Xue: Oops that finally came through :p
[12:41] Natasha Burke: yes
[12:41] Asthenia Pinazzo: wtf
[12:41] Alicia Chenaux: Just the texture, Laleeta. Not the entire prim. 🙂
[12:41] Peter Stindberg: kneading yes, but rotating?
[12:41] Alicia Chenaux: lmfao

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Oh so true.

[21:19] Nikkidancer Zenovka: her fricken ass keeps walking into my view LOL
[21:19] Nikkidancer Zenovka: get out dammit.. she just did it again LOL
[21:19] Alicia Chenaux: just run and slam into her.
[21:19] Nikkidancer Zenovka: i dont want her ass skin touching mine lol
[21:19] Alicia Chenaux: LMAO
[21:20] Nikkidancer Zenovka: i mean my skin.. not my ass skin!
[21:20] Eva Bonner: I log into the strangest convos here