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Day 79 – It’s the memories!

I did something today I never thought I’d do.

I boxed up all of my ETD hair. All 85 folders, boxed up.


It was funny because as I was carefully placing my beloved babies in boxes, all kinds of memories came rushing back. I met this person while wearing this hair! I went to this place and wore that hair! Oh, remember when all of us went when this hair was released?

Then it hit me. My inventory isn’t large because I simply buy too much. It’s large because almost everything in it reminds me of something and I can’t get rid of it! My inventory is jam packed full of memories!

I loved ETD once. I still love some of the styles and think the brunette shades are still gorgeous. But I so rarely wear it anymore. I cannot tell you the last time any of them were on my head. But to throw them away… I cannot. It would be like throwing away memories.

So like I do with my physical world memories, I boxed them up. I stored them away. And at some point, I may bring one or two out again and wear a hair and think, “Remember when…”

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New Truth!

It’s no big secret that I’m a huge fan of Truth Hawks and his hair designs. I would never have agreed to pose for his store if I wasn’t. Along with being a fab hair designer, and a great clothing artist, he’s also a pretty decent guy who takes a fair amount of ribbing from a bunch of us. 🙂

Truth is also quite tireless in his work and releases new items frequently. [Seriously man, take a break once in a while!] But I’m glad he works like he does, because he keeps us all in awesome new hair! His latest 2 are just cute cute cute for summer!

The Linda

Review - Truth - Linda

A mass of soft flippy waves, this hair is just too cute for words! It’s exactly how I’d want my hair to be, if I could get it to be anything more than straight without the use of multiple styling tools and if I could stand short hair on myself. 🙂 But I just loveeee it! $225L for a pack of colors, and believe me, it’s totally worth it.

The Jess

Review - Truth - Jess

The Jess is a very posh style, sleek and feminine with an edge. I just adore the little bobby pins holding the side. And the best part of this style? It’s FREE. Oh yes, you read that right. FREE. Amazing!! It’s Truth’s appreciation gift to customers and bloggers. Generous!! 😀

Be sure to head out to the store to pick these lovely styles – and many others – up soon!

Also worn in this post:

Skin: Kimberly in Ocean by Free Speerit
Eyes: Open Ocean [standard size] by Miriel
Lashes: Diva lashes by Lelutka
Dress: Aphrodite Cocktail in Faschi Pink by Armidi Gisaci
Lip Piercing: Delicate Fae by Otaku Designs
Poses by Imperial Elegance
Shoes: [cannot be seen] Patent Rose Grapefruit by 50 Flats

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A bit of a catty post. A bit. :-p

So Sophia and I finished up our 5 Day No Shopping Except Freebies, Dollarbies, Group Gifts, and Lucky Chairs Challenge. It’s Saturday in Australia. Don’t judge. :-p

We ran over to Truth to hit up the sale and ick. LOL There was so much bad fashion and crazy people, I didn’t know what to think. We even got kind of surrounded by this!

We need to run.

Alicia Chenaux: omg, this is going to be a whole wtfug post. bling blanging at truth.
Sophia Harlow: it is unreal
Sophia Harlow: i think you are a fug magnet
Sophia Harlow: ive never seen anything like this

I should have put that guy in WTFug, but that would have been too easy. LOL Plus I didn’t get a very good picture of him because I was blinded by his partner’s bling.

Oh, also this random guy kept going away. I don’t know who he was, but it really bugs me when people go Away in stores because I feel like if they can’t be bothered to stay there long enough to shop and leave and free up a spot for someone else, especially during a sale, then they need to just NOT be there. Log out or something.

Alicia Chenaux: there. i finally pushed that guy’s head into the wall. that’s what he gets for going away so much.
Sophia Harlow: omg go stand next to him and take a picture


After all the fun at Truth, we went our separate ways and I hopped around the grid picking up things that I saw this week and wanted and couldn’t buy. I got the cutest shirt that I really should have taken a picture of, but I’m sure I will at some point because I love it. While I was hopping around, we got into a discussion about the new Ingrid shoes from Stiletto Moody. Personally, I’ve yet to see anyone in world who has the fake foot the same color as their skin on the first BARE shoes that came out. I saw a blog post earlier on the new Ingrid ones and the SHOES themselves are just wonderful. Probably because they’re “inspired” by a Gucci heel. [See what I did there?] If these shoes were available without the freaky foot, I’d probably buy them, a sentiment shared by many of my friends. But looking at them on the stand, in just a plain Daylight setting….

Uh. Not hardly.

I’m NOT paying $2199L for a wrinkled ankle with a big seam line. No no no.

And what’s up with the no demo thing still? SM is over a year old, right? Hello? I wouldn’t even buy $50L hairs today without demoing them first. LOL

I’m completely starving [as I have been all day] so I think it’s dinner time and then more SL time. 🙂

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Pirate Party & Pictures

Pirate party went well tonight. Aisuru made a fabulous party boat for us and we had a good time. It was a little hard for me, since this is the first party since…you know. 😦 But I remain grateful to my friends, who have been so incredibly kind, and let me talk when I need to and be quiet & alone when I need to.

So, here’s some pictures from tonight. Not a lot, since I can’t always grab a lot of pics when I’m DJing.

Pirate Party - Cen & Me

Pirate Party - Group

Pirate Party - Crap & the gears

Pirate Party - Sai & Bon

You can see more pictures on Asha Brim’s Flickr page.

But it was a fun party, went a little long because I had a lot of requests and suggestions, and of course Bone wrapped it up by coming late. In fact, if we’d ended right at 10 like usual, he’d have missed the whole thing since he was 10 minutes late. lol Poor Bone. It was also odd to see the Darwin part of the Thorne-Darwins without his better half there. We missed you, Tymmerie!!

Next week’s party is going to be at Sai’s store land and is an Asian theme, so that should be fun.

Oh yes, those pictures of me, if you can tell, show me with red hair. Cen and I went to the Frangipani sale on Tuesday night and she said I should try red hair to go with my “Back off, leave me alone” tough girl look. lol It’s definitely a different look for me. I was barely used to the brunette hair that I’d started wearing. Thank goodness for that Frangipani sale. I get to try lots of different hair colors for cheap.

Anyway, before the party tonight I was fooling around with my costume and playing on my new pirate ship and threw together these pictures.


Redhead? LOL

Another redheaded picture.

Different, huh? Not bad or good, just different. I think I’ll always still be a diehard blonde in SL, but it’s fun to play with my hair color.

Anyway, my left eye has been kind of sore today [my allergies have been acting up really badly] so I’m going to go rest now. Goodnight everyone.