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Day 108 – Yes, again.

Yes, again. I changed houses on us yet again. Blame Ulaa. She comes out with a new house and I want to decorate it and live in it. I need a whole full sim just for us to have fully decorated houses. I started decorating tonight. Aldwyn says watching me decorate is like watching Samantha Stevens – things appear out of thin air and I move them around with my finger. Is this his nice way of calling me a witch? I guess it could be worse. He could have said I’m like Samantha Giancola.

Day 108 - Yes, again.

I’m up WAY later than normal because I was talking to Al & Ulaa on skype, but I really must get in bed. It’s another gym day tomorrow. Have I mentioned in here that I’ve started at a local gym? It’s nice! I have a trainer and everything because obviously I don’t know how to do stuff on my own anymore. But it means I’m usually dead tired by 11pm and that doesn’t leave me much time to hang out with people. But staying up late for those two is well worth it. At least, once in a while. :-p

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Day 103 – Love Our House

I kept meaning and meaning to get out a blog post with our new home all styled up and pretty for the H&G Expo post that I wrote in my head. Hopefully the creators who were kind enough to give me stuff don’t mind if I just show it off later in the style blog. I just kind of overextended myself this time around. Of course, I don’t know why I’m surprised. I do it every year. I get SO FLIPPIN EXCITED for all these events, and then I suck at blogging them. But I’m not an every day blogger for my style blog. I blog what I like when I manage to get an idea together. Sometimes that just doesn’t coincide with when an event is happening. Plus I feel like the expo was REALLY short!! I never did get to see the entire expo. 😦

Ulaa made this really gorgeous house for the expo and I’m sure it’ll be available in her store tomorrow or something. I am going to do a proper style blog post on it soon, but tonight I just took a couple of shots while we were hanging out. I’ve been landscaping a little bit.

Day 103 - Love Our House

Back Side

I really do adore this house. I adore it more as I get it decorated. Being that it’s bigger, I definitely have to take a different approach to decorating. With a smaller house, it’s super easy to just cram it full of stuff and call it a day. With this house, there always seems to be a space that I need to fill. Right now I’m on the hunt for the perfect hutch or china cabinet for the dining area.

I’m sleepy now.

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Day 94 – Another new house!

I almost feel sorry for Aldwyn sometimes. He never knows when he’s going to log in and we’re living in a completely new house. Yes, while Ulaa DID make a really amazing house for Culture Shock [which is still going on!], she’s made an even BIGGER MORE AMAZING house for the upcoming Home & Garden Expo!!

Day 94 - Another new house

If you’ve been to her store in the past couple of weeks, you have seen this build, kind of. She never intended for her store build to be a house. It was just something she whipped up just to be a store. But SO MANY PEOPLE [including me!] said that they really wanted it as a house! She resisted for a while because the build is really pretty large, but since H&G Expo is the time to go buckwild and bring out your most fabulous items, she converted the store build into a house build! And it is fantastic! It even has an ATTIC. That is going to be my space where I can open all my boxes and stuff so I quit littering up the rest of the house & Aldwyn doesn’t have to pop me in my mouth. :-p

The house is so big, though, that it’s going to take me ages to really get it decorated the way that I want. I MIGHT even need more furniture. Because as you know, you can never have enough furniture and home decor items. Not to mention that I think SL ate a few of my things – like a bed that I really wanted to use in our bedroom! Either SL ate it, or I mistakenly deleted it in my big inventory cleaning spree last week, it’s hard to say.

I started a bit on the living room. While it’s not BAD, I don’t think I’m really super happy with it. But then again, I was distracted.

Starting on the living room

Since I think it’s going to be a rainy Friday, I’ll probably settle in for some all day SL fun and try to knock out a few rooms. I really want this to be decorated fully before the Expo so I can blog it for opening day. Plus, I’m just happier when we’re settled into a house that’s all done. 🙂

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Day 86 – Feels Like Home

For those of you who actually keep home in SL, do you have that one thing that just makes you feel like no matter what else is in the house, it’s home? I do! Well, two things, actually, although one is multiple. Did that make sense? I don’t know, it’s 3am and I can’t sleep but I’m tired. ANYWAY. My things are my photos and my rose from Light Waves.

Day 86 - Feels Like Home

The rose is fairly old. It was made in 2006 but I didn’t pick it up until the closing of the Black Swan sim back in 2008. The closing of the sim coincided with a lot of other crazy things that were going on in my SLife, including my acquisition of Bluebonnet. So in every home I’ve had on the island since then, I’ve had this rose. It’s primmy-er than most knick knacks you’d want to put out there, but I don’t care.

Now the pictures… well, I love having pictures out!! I always have them on the fireplace or on shelves, and I have a photo tree from Kyoot that I always drag out when we change houses. On occasion I update the pics on the tree, but there are a few from the early days of when Aldwyn and I started hanging out. It just doesn’t seem like home without pictures of our friends and family out. I’m always on the hunt for new photo frames, too!

Okay, I’m going to attempt bed again. Goodnight!

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Day 2 – The Secret of Decorating

So yeah, not to toot my own horn or anything, but I’m pretty decent at decorating in SL.

Day 2 - I'm pretty good at it

People who come over always say my rooms look good. When I show pics of rooms on Flickr, I get favorites. Certain people are jealous of how I have made a home. I’ve styled rooms for vendor ads. I even managed to get one of my bedrooms into a magazine. After years of wanting a skill in SL, this seems to be mine.

But I used to suck at it. Oh how I used to SUCK at it. I even lived in a furnished skybox for a while because it was way better for someone else to decorate than for me to do it. My decorating consisted of putting down a plant and putting pictures all over the walls. I never knew exactly where anything should go and so I’d either buy a set and set it exactly down the way the ad looked, or I’d just kind of throw things in a room, close the door, and sit outside.

However, I’ll tell you a secret. It’s easier now to decorate your home in SL than it ever has been before because there are so many fabulous decor creators out there now! Seriously, there are soooo many good places to go.

So here’s what you do. First, go to any/all of your favorite furniture stores. Here I am at LISP Bazaar!

Then you hit the shops

And then…?


And you buy all the things!

No really. Buy everything! Buy anything you can get your hands on! If you think you like it, GET IT!!!

The real “secret” is this: The more you have to choose from, the better you can decorate simply because you have enough to choose from! It’s easy to decorate a bedroom if you only have one bed, one matching nightstand, and one matching rug. But will it look GOOD? Will it be the kind of room that people exclaim over how it looks? Probably not. But if you have 10 beds, nightstands, and rugs, plus a lot of other things, you can mix and match and make it yours.

Oh. But if you really suck and just can’t do it, IM a friend and ask them to help you. That always works, too.

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Thanksgiving Eve

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Well, at least if you’re in the US. Since this is our first Thanksgiving as husband and wife, I figured that I better start getting prepared! Which is good, since we didn’t seem to have much in the fridge to make a meal out of.

TG - We needed more food

Going out to the grocery store on Thanksgiving Eve is pretty … brave. Ooh, you should have seen it! It was like the battle at Hogwarts, or in Lord of the Rings. Crazy! But I managed to get what I needed and I only possibly kicked 3 women. Possibly.

TG - Bought Groceries

Before I could get started, I figured I better have a coffee. Tymmerie gave us a great coffee maker for our wedding and it makes all kinds of coffee very quickly! I love it!

TG - Coffee Number One

Mmmm…caffeiney goodness.

Right away I got started on the stuffing. I’ve never had turkey that had been stuffed, actually. My mom makes a fabulous cornbread dressing as a side, though! She’s not cooking this year but I … Damn. Is that stuffing on my shoe??

TG - Stuffing on my shoe

Maybe I should have another coffee. Cappucino this time!

TG - Coffee Number Two



Things are getting a little shaky. I don’t think this will be the right time to handle the can opener for our canned veggies. I would have gotten more fresh veggies but some big bitch in thigh high boots and a blinging clit ring almost knocked me down when I was reaching for some carrots!

TG - Cans are hard

That’s okay. Canned corn is a decent substitution for fresh corn.

Let’s have another coffee!! That’ll make me forget about the carrot tramp!

TG - Coffee Number Three

Come to think of it, what DID she want with those carrots?

What did she want what did she want whatdidshewant?!?!?

Geez, is it getting hot in here to you guys?

TG - Thawing Turkey

Look at my turkey in the sink! SINK TURKEY! It’s thawing! THAWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!


TG - Coffee Number Four


TG - Look at that turkey!

LO&@AMF)O(LISDJFJ((#($*LJFlk20938 ~!!!! 111 #lkjfa…….

TG - I think it's in the oven

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The Wife Thing

So now that things in my life have finally settled down a bit, it’s time to go back to doing the wife thing. Although I know Aldwyn is capable of it, I like to be sure to take care of things like laundry. I mean, you guys just don’t know how much clothing we go through in a week! Well, okay. How much clothing I go through in a week. I keep trying to keep to a budget since the economy is not that great, as we all well know, and not just run out and buy new clothes every time something gets dirty. But isn’t it REALLY better for the economy if I just shop???


While things were washing, I figured I better clean the kitchen up some, too. Since I was trying to do something to the backyard, I ended up tracking in a lot of dirt as I ran back and forth. I’d hate for Al to get home and see all the dirt and hit me.


I was going to do more cleaning after I finished up with the kitchen, but….


What? It’s a big kitchen.

After my nap, it was time to do more laundry. Like I said, we go through a LOT of laundry around here. [I blame Aldwyn for not leaving me his wallet so I could just go buy new things. But for some reason he likes to go shopping with me. I think it’s so he makes sure I don’t buy anything ugly that will cause him to hit me.] The problem with laundry day is that then I have to find SOMETHING to put on. So usually, I just end up like this.

So obviously laundry day

Gogo said I should blog the look. I think it’s part of her evil plan to make sure everyone looks worse than her.

I hear my dryer buzzing and so I guess I should go. Al should be home soon and I’ll need to be wearing something nice or he might hit me.

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If only moving was always this easy!

Most people don’t know it about me, but I really am a vintage freak. I love antiques and old old movies and old fashions. I also really love the tacky side of it all, like home decor from the late 60s-early 80s. Yeah, I can do the classy, pretty, shabby chic thing and that really is my preferred style, but the old old stuff like we had when I was a little little girl…well, I love it! And with all the vintage and retro goodness lately, I’ve been in hog heaven.

Before I left for my week of helping to take care of my dad, Ulaa had started working on a different kind of house than the ones she normally builds. Her style is very much my style, which is why I always seem to have the country/coastal/shabby chic style of homes. But when she said she wanted to build a more retro style home, I was SOOOO down for it. I got to see pics she posted on plurk while I was using my phone and I couldn’t wait to get home so I could get the new house! And I knew Aldwyn wouldn’t mind, being that he’s used to me changing houses almost every time Ulaa makes a new one, and because he’s old.

I’ll wait here for him to come hit me.

So yesterday evening when I got home, I pulled up everything and plopped down our new house. It makes me so happy!! It’s all retro goodness and fabulous and I love it! I started decorating a little bit last night but got too tired to finish. Then today Ulaa came over while I was out at the Vintage Fair and she said she’d fix the kitchen for me kind of like she had it in the vendor ads she did. I’m always happy for someone else to do the dirty work for me, so I sat around thinking of other stuff while she worked.


She did a GREAT job and I’m totally happy! Plus she re-papered the walls in “my” kitchen wallpaper we’d had in the Odette house. The wallpaper makes me ridiculously happy because it reminds me a little of the paper we had in the kitchen back when I was 6 or 7.

I worked a bit more before Al got home. I think the living room is just about finished, except I need to pull out some knick knacks. And can I just say I’m terribly disappointed that I can’t find any macrame owls for the walls?

The living room is just about done

The bathroom got started on today, but not finished. Our bedroom needs to be done, and so does the guest room. Yes, I like to have a guest room. You never know when someone needs to stay over! Then I’ll work on the landscaping. Or make Al do it, like I was making him work on the backyard. What? He’s the man. He should take care of the yard!

By the way, if you want to get Ulaa’s house, you can get it over at the Vintage Fair. Remember that it JUST started today, so it’s pretty laggy for the moment, but oh my god, it’s SO worth going to. You wouldn’t believe the things creators have put out. Really fabulous work! Ooh! And I’m going to be DJing out there on Sunday from 7pm-9pm SLT! It’s going to be a sock hop! Fun times!

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You’re the lace in my shoe

As much as I love pink, I started to think that all the pink in the master bedroom was too much pink. Especially since, you know, I don’t live by myself anymore and this is OUR bedroom as opposed to just MY bedroom. So I set about today and changed the wallpaper, and then set up the room with stuff I forgot I had bought. Al seems more comfortable in the room now.


“It was a lot of pink.”
“Yeah, and I know how you love punk. Pink.”
“Haha! You totally typoed when you spoke. You spoke-oed!”

Things in the house are progressing nicely. I really only have to finish up the dining room and I think that’ll be that for inside the house. We want to have a housewarming party when it’s all done. Maybe in the backyard!

The back shot

I’m thinking I might just let Al do most of the backyard. After all, I’ve done pretty much everything so far inside and this is his house too. He was talking about a brick something or other, like for the grill. Like I told him, he can totally do what he wants. Of course, if I don’t like it, I’ll change it, but he said he expects that. :-p

He did put out his grill. Then I put out the cows.


It’s actually RAINING here tonight, and the air is totally cool, so I think I’m going to go snuggle into bed and enjoy it. Goodnight!

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More decorating

God, what a lazy Sunday. I’ve been having massive crazy sinus/allergy issues the past few days, so you guys know how that can take it out of a person. I actually spent most of the day playing Dragon Age again. I get bored of games fairly easily, but that one draws me back again and again.

But that didn’t mean I didn’t get in to decorate more! Today I worked on our bathroom and part of the living room. I’ve also been trying to work on the master bedroom, but I *think* I’m going to want the wallpaper to be changed. I like pink, and I even found a bed in my inventory that matches the walls, but it’s just….too MUCH pink for me. I know, right? That actually just came out of MY mouth. And if it’s too much pink for me, then it’s really too much pink for it to be a shared bedroom.

I worked a little bit outside too, just adding this and that. I really do love this house.

I love this house

Tomorrow I think I’ll finish up the dining room, and maybe start working on the backyard. And maybe the husband and I will actually get to see each other in the house for more than 10 minutes! Now that would be nice! 🙂