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Look in my house!

Hey everyone! So after my last blog post, I’ve been feeling a LOT better. I’ve been making more videos and after a ton of people requested it, I finally got our new house tour video finished!



It is 21 minutes of me talking and showing the house. I TRIED to get it as short as possible but well, there’s a lot of house. I actually recorded for 45 minutes! I edit for you! LOL!

But I do want to thank everyone who reached out to me after my last blog post. If there is one thing that many SLers know about, it’s the depression struggle. You all are much loved and much appreciated by me. ♥

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A Little January Update

Soooo….January update? *laughs*

The truth is, I’ve had some writer’s block lately. I sit at the desk and I open this blog and I try to write and it’s like… hey, what’s YouTube doing?

Writer's Block

Well, if I’m being honest, I’ve had a creative block altogether. My videos have not been great, mostly unboxings, which are not always THE most interesting. Although one of my videos this month DID almost get 1500 views!! That is pretty big for me. AND I’m almost up to 1000 subscribers!! I cannot even believe. I mean, seriously. I can’t. But I’m utterly thrilled!

So let’s see. What has been going on that I haven’t talked about in videos. Well, we got a new house! Abby had mentioned a few weeks ago that she needed a new room because she couldn’t decorate hers properly. And it was a weirdly shaped room, I’ll admit that. So I went on a house hunt [which I did a video about!] and then I utterly fell in love with a home that I saw. My Birdy actually gifted me the house as a late Christmas gift because, as she put it, “You blog for EVERYONE and you have EVERYTHING except your dream house!” She’s basically the best. ♥

I’ve spent the past week decorating it up and ugh. I love it so much. I do. I loved the crazy boho-ness of our last house. I really let myself go boho nuts in there. This house is a tiny bit more polished, but still with all those special touches that make it homey and cozy. I will be doing a house tour video once the girls have their rooms done a little more. I created custom sleeping areas for them in their rooms, but that’s about all I’m doing. And our bedroom is *just* about done, but I think I need a few more touches to make it just right.

I don’t know, I guess that’s pretty much it. It’s been a heck of a month for everyone, I think. Our offline lives hit us all a little harder than we’d like, but hopefully February will be better. And if it’s not… well hey. It’s a short month.

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Packing Up Again

Well, we’re doing it again! We’re… switching houses!

Packing Up Again

I know, I know. It used to be something of a joke that I liked to change houses all the time. But in the past few years, we have really just stuck to whatever house we’re in. I’d say it’s mostly because I hate making the girls pick up their rooms too often since a LOT of care usually goes into putting their rooms together. And also, I don’t have quite as much free time like I used to, so once I get a house set up, I am happy to just enjoy it and not be fussing too much. But … well, we needed a change.

Okay, actually, we’re going back to our previous house. *laughs* We needed a little bit more space than our current house has, but all of the houses I have looked at recently are either too small, too large, don’t have enough rooms, or have way too many rooms. Or they are very cramped and we like a more open concept home. Our previous house really has everything we look for in a home. As much as I love the layout of our current house, we just needed something with a little extra space. So…back to the old house we go!

I’m actually quite happy because I loved that house a whole lot! It just felt so warm and inviting to me. Even before we had used it as our family home, I had put it out on my platform to blog in or just hang out in from time to time. I have modded the house to put up some walls downstairs [because it was a bit TOO open] and I just love it. I can’t wait to get it put down and “go home” again. 🙂

Plus! We have some big plans in the works! I can’t say what it is now, but I promise, by next week, I will tell you guys! We are very very excited, I can tell you that much!

Back to packing!

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Day 279 – I Threw My Shepherd’s Pie For You!

Whenever people ask me about the whole SL family thing, one major question always comes up. “Do you HAVE to spend all your time with them? Because I’d like to have a family but I don’t want to have to be with them all the time.”

Well, geez, guys. They’re not your RL family. :-p

But no, we don’t spend ALL our SL time together. Some families do! They all live in one area and they’re together constantly because that works for them. MY SL family spends time together, but not daily because we do have other things that we do when we’re in world. We chat on plurk, or Skype, or IM, but we’re not just landing on each others’ heads all of the time. They could land on me if they wanted, I think all of my family are able to locate me on the map, but for the most part, we spend time together when we have the time and it’s never forced. We genuinely like each other [because we were friends before we were family!] so spending time with them is fun and a true joy.

Honestly, I’m happy when they’re just online. I like looking at my friends list in world and seeing their names. It’s comforting. But earlier tonight, I was in world and none of them were online at all. So, I went to plurk and complained.

Alllll byyyy myyyyselllllffff….

Pretty soon afterwards, my sister and brother in law showed up. And 5 minutes after that, my goddaughter popped in. Then we spent about an hour just sitting together and chatting and laughing about random things. [Like the wicked bad shepherd’s pie Takeo ate once! It was wicked bad ovah there! *snickers*] It was one of the best parts of my day. 🙂

Day 279 - I threw my shepherd's pie for you!

So the real answer to “Do you HAVE to spend all of your time with them?” is no, you don’t. But you’ll love every moment that you can get with them.

In other news, I think I want to switch houses again. As much as I love our home, I’ve felt a little… well, not uncomfortable, but a little weird, after the Home Tour. All these strangers were in the house and while I decorated in a personal way, it was also kind of for show. And that hasn’t sat well with me. Barnes came out with a new home and I adore the layout of it. Really really love it! So I’m thinking that I want to use it. But oh man, to pick all this stuff up and get it sorted in my inventory? Jeebus. But I probably will end up doing it because I feel like it’s necessary.

Plus, you know, I have a million other things to do and don’t want to do most of them, so setting up a new house will be a nice distraction. 🙂

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Day 1 – Well hell.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m restarting the 365 Day Project. But I’ll admit it, I almost didn’t want to do it tonight. I’m tired and I’m feeling kind of sick. Coughing, achy, you know the drill. I don’t expect it’ll last long because I’m religious about getting a yearly flu shot, but it sucks all the same.

So I figured I would do a picture of me relaxing in our tub, trying to sweat out the plague. But when I went into our bathroom, I discovered something.

Day 1 - Well hell

I never finished the bathroom!!!

It’s bothersome to me because I don’t like unfinished rooms. But at the same time, Ulaa is making other houses and I know we’re not likely to be in this house all that much longer. But ugh!!! I had ideas for this bathroom! It was going to be so cute. I cannot believe I never finished it!

You can bet your ass the next house we get, the bathroom is getting finished FIRST.