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Look in my house!

Hey everyone! So after my last blog post, I’ve been feeling a LOT better. I’ve been making more videos and after a ton of people requested it, I finally got our new house tour video finished!



It is 21 minutes of me talking and showing the house. I TRIED to get it as short as possible but well, there’s a lot of house. I actually recorded for 45 minutes! I edit for you! LOL!

But I do want to thank everyone who reached out to me after my last blog post. If there is one thing that many SLers know about, it’s the depression struggle. You all are much loved and much appreciated by me. ♥

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A Little Picky

My birthday train keeps rollin’ along! 🙂 On Saturday, I spent the day with my parents and got taken to lunch. They’re the ones who brought me into this world, so you know, it only makes sense that they should feed me. *laughs* Then that night, my family threw me a laser tag and dance party!! We did more dancing than shooting, but the shooting was fun, too!

At My Birthday Party!

We’ve been slowly picking things up on Bluebonnet in preparation for the 1st. Not everything yet, as I don’t want us living on a completely undecorated parcel for a week, but a lot of things. I didn’t really realize how dang many prims I used up in just trees! Honestly, once I picked up the majority of trees on our parcel, I freed up almost 2000 prims! Crazy!

The second part of us getting ready for the big change is wondering about our house. We love our house a lot. It is spacious and open with all the room we need and then some! In fact, it was a little TOO much room since 2 of the rooms almost never got used except for me decorating them for blog pics and keeping some random gacha items in there. Abby has been saying for a while that she felt like her room was too big because she could never decorate quite the way she wanted. But there are not too many really awesome home builders in SL these days that I have found. Either the houses are too small, too big, ridiculously outdated, SUPER primmy, have too much baked in lighting [don’t need the sun streaming into the living room at 10pm!] or they are straight up ugly. [Yes, I am picky.] So I figured, after 2 days of searching marketplace and grid hopping, eff it. We’ll just keep our house.

But last night I was looking at my Barnesworth houses, put one out, and thought, “Wait. This…could work.” We all went and walked around in the house. It’s the Hamptons Cottage that came out at C88 back in May, I believe. It’s only 3 bedrooms [I would have preferred 4] but it’s open enough to not feel too enclosed and yet small enough where we can decorate without feeling too spread out. The girls will have their own rooms upstairs and the master bedroom downstairs is awesome with a lot of windows. There are also two little spaces upstairs that I already have ideas on what to do with! I may end up changing the floor texture because the floors are dark and it makes the house feel just slightly cold to me, but we’ll see. It’s all exciting to me to get to decorate a new place for us to live. We’ve actually been in our house now for over a year! We put it up when Birdy had been with us barely a week. It makes me laugh now because I remember the days of where we had a new house almost every couple of weeks, plus I had 6 or 7 skyboxes up at any given moment. Things change. 🙂

Anyway, I’m in the middle of a step challenge with friends today, so I better get off my butt and get to steppin’.

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Day 320 – Well, that’s romantic.

I’ve been pretty bored of our house lately. After I took down all of the Christmas stuff, it’s been pretty bare. In fact, the best room in the entire house is Abby’s room. She’s has the cutest room!

My goggled girl

She asked me earlier if we could re-do her room after she gets back from camp, and I said that I was thinking about getting a whole new house. We headed out to Roost on the recommendation of some plurkers and totally fell in love with one of the houses there! It’s a little smaller than what I have had in the past, but I think that it might work better for us. But it’s pretty and green and each bedroom has a balcony. Plus there’s a little closet that Abby already claimed as her own reading/nap room.

Since she went to bed early tonight, I took Aldwyn out to Roost to check the house to see if he liked it. He did, of course, because he obviously has good taste. We want to get the garage for it, too, if we do end up buying it. After I showed it to him, we went wandering around the sim. It’s really a fabulous sim and we enjoyed our walk.

We did have a little trouble on the boat, though.

Day 320 - Well, that's romantic.

Me: Why am I up in the air?! This is like Shallow Hal!
Him: Hey! This is romantic as shit!
Me: Oh my god, why are you fat?!

Romance, y’all. We know how to do it.

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Day 103 – Love Our House

I kept meaning and meaning to get out a blog post with our new home all styled up and pretty for the H&G Expo post that I wrote in my head. Hopefully the creators who were kind enough to give me stuff don’t mind if I just show it off later in the style blog. I just kind of overextended myself this time around. Of course, I don’t know why I’m surprised. I do it every year. I get SO FLIPPIN EXCITED for all these events, and then I suck at blogging them. But I’m not an every day blogger for my style blog. I blog what I like when I manage to get an idea together. Sometimes that just doesn’t coincide with when an event is happening. Plus I feel like the expo was REALLY short!! I never did get to see the entire expo. 😦

Ulaa made this really gorgeous house for the expo and I’m sure it’ll be available in her store tomorrow or something. I am going to do a proper style blog post on it soon, but tonight I just took a couple of shots while we were hanging out. I’ve been landscaping a little bit.

Day 103 - Love Our House

Back Side

I really do adore this house. I adore it more as I get it decorated. Being that it’s bigger, I definitely have to take a different approach to decorating. With a smaller house, it’s super easy to just cram it full of stuff and call it a day. With this house, there always seems to be a space that I need to fill. Right now I’m on the hunt for the perfect hutch or china cabinet for the dining area.

I’m sleepy now.

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Don’t rain on my parade!

The honeymoon is almost over! Well, I mean, not in a BAD way. LOL! In that “We’re about to start our home together” way. Tonight Aldwyn started to move out of his beach place that he’s had for ages.

Moving Out

He’s looking wistfully at the beach and thinking back to his carefree bachelor days. I’m back there yelling “Move faster!”

Ulaa has been building on a house and it’s been my habit to usually live in whatever her newest build is, as long as it fits my needs/themes. Her new house is really pretty and I think I’ll be able to decorate it well. She was less than sure of the outside color but once she put down the color she wanted, things started moving. But then she asked us what we thought about the inside colors. Al said it was fine except for the upstairs paper being a little girly, although he could live with that, and the fact that the kitchen was yellow. He hates yellow. I tried to persuade him not to rain on my parade and he was all, “No! If we have a yellow kitchen, I will divorce you!” And then he hit me and um…. like kicked me and…. yeah.

So Ulaa and I set about trying to find new wallpaper for the kitchen. I’m kind of old school/eclectic with my decorating, so the wallpaper we chose just makes me all kinds of happy in the pants because it’s so fun!

New kitchen!

Awww, little veggies and fruit and stuff! We should have it by tomorrow or so, whenever she gets a chance to finish it up. Then the fun can really begin!

Oh, and I figured I would blog this and see if lightning strikes twice for me. 🙂 We have a residential parcel available on Bluebonnet for hopefully a long term renter. [Long term meaning you plan on sticking around longer than a month.] 6256sqm parcel, 1431 prims. $2500L weekly rent. You are able to terraform and manage your access list. Plus if you super hate someone, I’ll simwide ban them. The island doesn’t have much lag at all, the neighbors are nice, and we’re fairly quiet. If you’re interested, please feel free to IM me in world and I’ll be happy to arrange a time to show it to you!

Okay, bedtime!