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Day 18 – Give Peas A Chance!

I’m really tired today. I was up super late because I cannot sleep during a thunderstorm. Don’t give me all that nonsense about them being calming. There’s nothing calming about “BAHBAM CRRRAAACKKKK BLAM!!!!!” directly over your head. Let me come into your bedroom while you’re just drifting off to sleep and bang a metal spoon against a metal cookie pan and see how relaxed you get.

Anyway, I was on my own again tonight because Aldwyn seems to have gotten sick from some petri dishes that were in his house this weekend and I suck at asking anyone if they want to do anything. So I opened up the destination guide and ended up at the Give Peas A Chance hunt. I’m glad I did it because not only is the island incredibly adorable, but I got this pea avatar for free!

Day 18 - Give Peas A Chance!

I will admit it! I practically laughed myself into an asthma attack while running around! I got some other pea avatars, and then some random stuff like jeans and a shirt, but this little pea avatar is AWESOME and my most favorite find in SL in the past month. If you have kids in SL or are just looking to go to a cute sim, head over!

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Well heck, if Fonzie’s there…

Not all my posts will have kitties in them, but today was a big day! Desi is big enough to cuddle!

Cuddle kitty!!

I’m totally in love. Now he reminds me of my big beautiful cat that I talked about earlier this week. I used to hold him like this. ♥

My friend Terri told our group about the I Heart Art hunt that’s going on. It’s a small hunt, only 17 places to go altogether, so I figured I’d do it.

I’m actually not very into art, in any life. I don’t mind going to art museums or anything, but quite often, I think most art is just a big mess and it doesn’t mean anything to me. Art in SL seems strange to me because I think all of SL as being a big art exhibit. When I put on a beautifully painted skin, or a meticulously sculpted pair of shoes, or an exquisitely detailed piece of jewelry – how can that be anything BUT art?

But then again, sometimes Fonzie is art.

[At Tart Gallery]

Or wandering into an old castle and screaming when this is the first thing you see is art.

It's scary!
[At The Village & 13]

Or getting to actually sit on things and interact – that’s art, too.

Project Z

[At Project Z]

The hunt was relatively simple, although I have to say that I will most likely end up throwing some things away. Art is what you make of it, and some of it, I don’t know what to make of!

Art Hunt prizes

It was really great getting to see some new places in SL, though. So if you like small hunts, and random things that you don’t get to wear, check it out. 🙂

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Day 330 – Halloween Hunt For Autism

I started the Halloween Hunt For Autism today!


This hunt is one of the very very very few that I will endorse in SL because it means so much to me. With two of my best friends having autistic children, and knowing so many others with autistic children, it just means a lot to me. It’s a hunt that you do have to pay $50L to participate in, but that money goes to Autism Speaks, so it’s for a good cause. You have to hold that bag to collect your treats! I haven’t finished yet, and I haven’t unpacked the treats I’ve gotten so far, but I think there’s some great stuff in there. Go over to the starting point and pay the big pumpkin $50L to get your bag. And I’d never tell…but your first prize might MAAAAAYBE be around that fireplace I’m standing near. If you get stuck on any other prize, or just want to find your favorite stores, check out this page on the hunt website for hints and SLurls.

I feel pretty icky tonight [my allergies are working overtime and my throat is sore sore sore], so I think it’s time for bed.

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Day 259 – Hunting

August! My month! [And apparently a lot of my friends’ month too.]

I spent a couple of hours doing the Home & Garden Hunt today. We all know how I feel about hunts, but this was one that I was super excited for. With a couple of exceptions, it was fairly easy. Laggy, of course, but only one store owner was really kind of sucky about hiding & moving around their gift.

When people do rez, it’s fun to look at folks doing the hunts.

This mermaid was about to be fried and on my plate with a side of fries. She kept lagging me out.

I like fish better fried.

I teleported in to Reek and landed practically on top of this guy. No idea who he is, but I hope he didn’t mind me shoving him to the side and out of peoples’ way.

Chest looker

Oh. I didn’t realize live sex was part of the hunt experience.


But, I got the whole hunt finished. There are 50 stops, but most of them do go pretty fast. I spent a little time tonight starting to unpack my goodies.


I’ve only gotten through the first… oh, maybe not even the first 10 folders, since I’ve been reading and doing other things, but so far I love everything I’ve gotten. Considering I usually only keep about 25% of the items of any hunt I do, I consider this quite the success so far.

I’m freezing [for some reason it’s super cold in my house] so I think it’s time to get in bed and snuggle in with a good book.

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Day 227 – The look of judgey judging

I meant to do a lot of things for Sunday. Blogging, cleaning… I have plans to redecorate my physical world bedroom [soooo much easier to redecorate in SL!] but it’s going to require quite a bit of cleaning and moving things around and quite frankly, I’m not down with it. But, instead, I spent time with my penguin, my wifey, and my chubby hubby.

Soph and I sat around on Callie’s bobblehead that I picked up a long time ago [SL5B, if I’m not mistaken] and I’d left on her porch. I like to leave the Bluebonnet renters gifts from time to time. They usually make me take them back. I don’t know why.


Ulaa and I headed out to do the Good Shit Hunt. Well, I’d done it already before she had logged in, but I went around with her again. When you do hunts, you usually run into the same people. This girl had clicky clacky shoes. We judge, yo. We judge.


Oh. I just realized I forgot to get pics of the chubhub. Sorry!

Ulaa just told me about a bag, so I’m off to go pick it up before I head to bed!

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Day 115 – Just another day

Oh, just another random day.

So you all know I’m not THAT big into hunts. But when I heard SEVEN different people talking about how horrible it was to find the hammer for location #2 for the builder’s hunt, the minute someone posted the SLurl, I ran to get it because I was told that the creator has moved it before.

Um. This pose? Not worth all the moving and crap.

Hunt pose

Not to mention, this is a builder’s hunt, meaning the items given are things that you can use for building and creating – you know, textures and copy/trans poses and sculpt maps, things like that. If you throw the poseballs to the ground and pull out the poses, THEN you can use them. But the whole thing itself, no copy, no transfer. That, combined with how hard it was for people to find, has led a lot of people to either give up the hunt or they’ve marked the store [jeaniesing’s Things & Animations] on their DO NOT BUY FROM THIS STORE EVER AGAIN list. So uh, way to go, Jeaniesing?


I was out doing some Hump Day Happiness shopping and encountered this person. I absolutely LOVED their avatar! So much, in fact, that I had to snap a quick picture.

Cool av!

See? I’m not just always looking at blingy crazy avatars. I notice when someone looks awesome too. :-p But for real, this av is great.


I finally made it over to the China sim. I have to say…stunning. I forget what Windlight setting I used for this picture, but omg, I just loved the place. So so pretty. But don’t wear shoes with invisiprims. The floor looks weird with them. I went barefoot. And no post-processing was done on this picture aside from making it slightly smaller. I think it’s perfect as is. 🙂


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Still waiting.

The wait for the new video card continues. But I’ve discovered that I’m fine on my island, and on Conatus, where the WTFug HQ is located. So I can be on either sim easily enough and with minimal lag. Other sims…well, it’s a bit of a trial, but I’m muddling through. I even managed to complete the Keys To The VIP hunt. I know, I know, I wasn’t going to do it. To say that I’ve been VERY pleasantly surprised with the gifts in this hunt, and the fact that MOST of the designers participating haven’t been complete asses and hidden their keys in impossible locations, would be an understatement. Did I get help with it? Hell yes I did. But only in the worst spots. Hello? Stupid video card. Even when the key was right in front of me when I landed, it took ages to rez.

I also had the chance to be an extra in a video shoot with some of the girls. I can’t wait to see it because with my settings turned as low as they are so I can walk, most things never rezzed all the way for me. It was loads of fun and if anyone needs extras in their machinima…call on us. We love it.

I’ll end with this expressing my condolences to the friends and family of Rheta Shan. I only had the opportunity to meet her once, and reading all the beautiful tributes to her today, I wish that it had been more. There is a guardian angel watching over you now, and you will meet her again in a world far more different than the physical, or the virtual.

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Discovering Belle Belle BBQ

Two Belle Belle posts in a row? You betcha!!

So a few days ago when I was at the store looking for furniture for my new house, I noticed a big sign announcing another hunt. I groaned, because frankly I’m just hunted OUT and almost prefer to shop in stores that don’t do them anymore. But Belle Belle actually had the upcoming hunt gift set up for show. I squealed because it was in fact exactly – EXACTLY – what I wanted for my new home in the patio area. And then I cried because this meant I’d have to come hunting. But luckily for me, the super awesome Leyla Firefly dropped the gift on me to review. I did a dance through plurk and then set it all up outside.

Review - Belle Belle - Discovery Hunt gift

This fantastic BBQ area is just so so perfect for summer. The primmiest part is the actual BBQ grill, coming in at 82 prims. But I love it!! There is also a pose and some BBQ tongs so you can grill up some goodies.

Review - Belle Belle - Discovery Hunt - BBQ

I think my favorite thing is the table. You and 5 of your friends can sit down, have a cold Coke [my fave!], or eat your yumminess. If you click on the Coke bottle, you get a glass. If you click on the placemats, you get a knife and fork, and click on the BBQ sauce bottle to have your food delivered in front of you. Amazing! I am a SUCKER for prim food.

Review - Belle Belle - Discovery Hunt - Eating

A closer shot of the food.

Review - Belle Belle - Discovery Hunt - Food

The Discovery Hunt starts this Friday and goes until the end of June. Why so long? Because it’s massive. Like, beyond massive. But since this was the only store I really wanted to get the gift from, I’m done. 🙂 Thanks Leyla, you’re awesome!!!

Other items in this post:

Skin: Kimberly in Candy by Free Speerit
Hair: Love Story in Harlow by Exile
Eyes: Open Ocean by Miriel
Lashes: Diva lashes by Lelutka
Feet: Bamboo Barefeet by SLink
Top: Henley Tank in Baby Blue by SecondWave Apparel
Shorts: Booty shorts in light blue by League
Pose by Imperial Elegance

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April Fool’s & Other Stuff

Happy April Fool’s, everyone! I’m actually not a huge fan of the day, personally. I tend to be a little gullible when my friends tell me things, and any joke I’ve tried to pull off before in the past is usually not a good one. I did manage to prank the group last night by telling them that I was disbanding it because of negativity, and that some people would be invited into a new group. But by the time they got to the part where I said they’d be banned from the island for having bad fashion sense, they probably knew it was a joke. 🙂 I’d hope so, anyway!

Big thanks again to those of you who have dropped notes or IMs on me to ask how I’ve been doing since my ER trip on Sunday. I’m doing just fine. I am still slightly tender in the side if I sit too long or if I sexy dance [it’s sad how often I sexy dance], but other than that, I’m perfectly fine. I have a checkup on Friday with a doctor the hospital recommended to me [after my last visit with my primary doctor, I decided I didn’t want to see her anymore] and so hopefully that’ll go well and I’ll have a new doctor. LOL I’ve lost 5 pounds this week, but I think it’s due to all the freaking water I’ve been drinking. But I am fine and I really appreciate all the good thoughts and prayers that you guys have thrown my way, I really do. 🙂

I’ve been taking it easy this week, just doing the stupid rackin’ frackin’ Bunny Hop hunt and hanging out with my girls. Oh my god. That stupid hunt is driving me up the wall. It’s getting to the point where if I TP in and I see the regular products look like a big mess, I just go on to the next stop [yes, I have a coordinates list] or if it takes longer than 5 minutes to find the egg, I go on to the next place and make a mental note never to return to that store. I’m sorry, but can this be the LAST huge gridwide hunt at least until maybe Halloween?? 300 stores is just 200 too many. I am so sick of hunting but I feel like because I started, I must finish. I haven’t even had time to really open any of the gifts up yet because any free moment I have is taken up going on this super laggy hunt.

Luckily hanging out with my girls puts me in a way better mood. Especially since they let me do things like this.

Me on Sai.

Doing Sai

And me on Sophia.

Doing Soph

And yes, those were taken on the same night. I don’t wear the same things for days at a time. LOL

I was a little sad this week because Cen decided to give up her land on my island since she’s no longer in SL much anymore at all, but it was also a good thing because Bone & Sehra needed more land, so it was super easy to just rent out to them and have them take over the whole piece and keep Bluebonnet full. I’ve been exceptionally lucky that I don’t believe we’ve had an empty rental spot on the island since I got it back in September.

Ooh, America’s Next Top Model is on!

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Not cool, Coull.

You thought I wouldn’t do it, huh?

You thought wrong.

Yeah, I’m all tough sounding. LMAO

Ok, so, we’re less than 24 hours into the Bunny Hop and someone mentioned that #206 on the list, Coull Creations, didn’t just have decoy eggs out, [A practice used by some designers to throw off the object scanners/hunt HUDs, which is really kind of a jerk move, but whatever], they had decoy eggs out that cost $25L. For just the egg! Nothing inside!! Man, it’s like when you’re a little kid and you go to some public Easter egg hunt and you run and get kicked by bigger kids and you end up with 3 little eggs and a squashed Peep, and then you realize one of your 3 plastic eggs is empty after you went through all of that!

When you first teleport into the area, you get excited because, hey! Big egg right there! What nice people! How fun to not have to…how…wh… $25L?

Coull Creations - $25L decoy egg

Well…that’s not very nice.

And yes, I’m totally wearing my unicorn set from my dear friend Aisuru’s store, Beloved. You can find this set in the lobby at The Starlust for just $75L!! It’s sooo cute, I just adore it!

Oh check it out, another egg! Surely THAT must be the real one!!

Coull Creations - And yet another $25L.

No? Another $25L for an empty egg?


Look! ANOTHER egg! That must certainly be THE egg I’ve bothered coming here for!

Coull Creations - Sigh.

I’m really getting annoyed now.

If you don’t know to check, you could maybe end up spending $75L before ever finding the egg. With the hunts that go on once in a while that you DO have to pay for [such as the Malt hunt with the $50L gifts that were TOTALLY worth every last $L], you might think you’re getting something. For $75L, I can buy another unicorn set. Did I mention they’re by my friend Aisuru? Of Beloved? And they’re in the lobby of The Starlust? *nudge nudge*

I did eventually find the actual Bunny Hop egg.

Coull - The actual hunt egg

The gift is one that I might have liked had I not already been so put off by the decoy eggs. And the fact that…well…I appear to be molesting this poor bear. Hey, I like bears. I don’t like them like THAT.


So congrats, Coull Creations. You made the first “Oh what the hell?” post of the Bunny Hop.