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Day 314 – He Hasn’t Left For Cigarettes Yet!

I’m still on an inventory cleaning binge. I’d LIKE to get under 70,000 items in my inventory. Yes, yes. I realize that 70k is crazy high to some of you, and to others, it’s half of what you have. But for the past year or so, I’ve stayed almost consistently around 75-80k. When I get to around 80k, that’s when my inner “Oh my god, why are you carrying around all this mess?!” voice goes off.

Unfortunately, it’s getting harder and harder to delete or box up stuff. The problem with having a lot of really nice stuff, I guess. 🙂 But I have to try, because I can tell a difference in performance as I delete items. When I go on my male alt, Aidan, who doesn’t even have 4000 items, I don’t have quite as many issues. It’s still not perfect, and that’s on my end, not SL’s, but it is a little easier to walk around and do things. Of course, no matter what I do, I’ll never ever have less than 5000 items in my inventory. And truthfully, I wouldn’t want to. I don’t have a problem deleting stuff even though I paid for it. I DO have a problem getting rid of items that have meant something to me. I don’t mind suffering through freezes and crashes to hold on to certain things no matter what.

Like…my super crazy blingy jewelry set!

Day 314 - He Hasn't Left For Cigarettes Yet!

I think Aldwyn took one look at me and then turned back around as I spun around and fell down while blinging like crazy. He never even said a word. I know I’ve said this before, but I swear the day he “goes out for cigarettes” and never returns? No one will blame him.

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Day 228 – Hey Little Princess

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. He did it. My darling husband caught me the Princess Piglet!

Day 228 - Hey Little Princess

I have to say, Aldwyn is REALLY REALLY good at this gacha thing. The other day I kept logging in to more and more presents on our hallway tables. He completed almost every collection that I wanted! I knew I married him for some reason. 🙂

But truly, this whole gacha thing made me realize how spoiled I really am. I mean, he could have just thrown some money at me and said “Go play.” Or he could have told me that all this gacha stuff was kinda dumb considering the last two rounds of The Arcade, I went nuts trying to get stuff and pretty much nothing has been seen since then. But nope! He went to play, he scoured yard sales, he joined a gacha hunting group. All because I couldn’t rest without a collection of pigs and a bunch of skins and some makeup things. Is that love or what?

[Well…love, or he just didn’t want to hear me whine for the next few weeks. Either one!]

Even though I’ve been collecting gacha items, I’ve also been tackling my runaway inventory this week. I started on Tuesday at just over 95k. I know, I know, but my favorite color is fatpack!! I started being RUTHLESS. I was actually kind of surprised at how much texture stuff I still had from 2009-2011. Not that there’s anything wrong with texture stuff and I still wear some on occasion, mesh is my preferred clothing choices, and let’s face it – anything from 2009 is pretty dated anyway! I am now under 79k, which is pretty darn good, I think! I didn’t even stop to try things on. I just did a lot of deleting. Now the next big thing is to start getting into my furniture and decor folders. There are plenty of awesome items that I have that are old and still look good, but I know I have some old clunker items that can easily be tossed.

But, that’s a project for another day. Now it’s time for bed. 🙂

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Day 190 – So Ready For Spring

Oh my goodness. I had like, the worst few days. Well, okay, I exaggerate. But they did kind of suck! My car broke down on me on Saturday and it was a huge ordeal as the garage I take it to isn’t open on weekends and I sure wasn’t going to leave it up there for 2 days so there were tow trucks and lots of phone calls and I was just a huge mass of anxiety. I mean, let’s be honest here. Do ANY of us have loads of extra money for this stuff?? Nope! But we managed and now my car is back and I’m grateful it’s all over with. Where I live, if you don’t have a car, you might as well be in prison.

But, now that that’s all taken care of, I’m back in SL and holy cow. Do I need to clean my inventory. BADLY. I keep just inching and inching up there to a number that is ridiculous. It’s getting to the point of where I don’t have a lot of just crap to throw away any more, though. And I hate boxing up stuff because if I box it up, I really might as well just throw it away because I almost never go back into the boxes and then I just start hoarding boxes.

While going through some stuff today, I found my favorite little mesh bikini. Then I looked outside. Still snowy.

Day 190 - So Ready For Spring

That’s going to be changing soon, though. I’ve already felt the rumblings of the Great Bluebonnet Mountains as they prepare to descend back down into the depths of the sea until next winter, and the forecast is predicting that spring will come again sometime next week.

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Day 49 – My inventory sucks

I totally forgot about doing a post yesterday, didn’t I? Well, I can’t say that this one is going to be stimulating because all I’m really doing tonight is trying to clean my inventory a little bit, and so you get yet ANOTHER picture of me on the couch.

Day 49 - My inventory sucks

Sometime last week, my inventory climbed to over 81k. It’s not as high as some peoples’, but it’s definitely too high. I have been boxing up some things that I really didn’t want to get rid of totally to send to my alt Piper [she holds a lot of stuff for me!] and throwing away a few other things. I’m not under 80k yet, but possibly before I go to bed tonight, I’ll get there. I only have about 400 more things to go! And really, I wish I could say that it’s mostly junk I have, but it’s really not. It’s NICE things I’ve gotten from events and gacha things and stuff like that. Of course, I did run across an old pair of Schmooz boots, which was odd since I really thought I had gotten rid of all my old shoes that have invisiprims still, but they were hiding in there!

Ugh. There’s someone on Flickr begging for someone to send them free poses for their blog when they don’t even credit poses. Before I get all up on my soapbox again, I think it’s time for bed.

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Day 8 – I need to clean!

I seriously need to clean out my inventory.

Day 8 - I need to clean!

Right now at 8:45pm SLT, my inventory is at 78,466. I know. I KNOW. I am so ashamed. But you know, if it was just organized, I probably wouldn’t care about the number. The fact that it’s a big mess of crap is what’s really getting me. I will put on the same clothes and stay in them for ages, unless I’m style blogging, because I cannot for the life of me find ANYTHING in my inventory to wear.

Fashionista fail. LMAO

I know I need to just sit my ass down for a couple of hours and start putting things on and throwing things away that I know I will not wear again. A couple of weeks ago I had even started setting up more folders to help me! But that didn’t last long.

Is your inventory organized? How do you do it?

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Day 3 – Well, they WERE cool.

So yesterday on plurk, this inventory tip was being passed around. Basically, you go into your inventory Recent tab, open the filters, and filter back however many days old you are. Then scroll to the bottom and you have your earliest items. I did it and found these shoes that I bought in late December 2007.

Day 3 - Well, they USED to be cool.

[07:14] Ry Carling-Yangtz: I will personally come there and set them on fire

Mean! These are VINTAGE Kool Kicks! They used to be the best!

Of course, looking at them more closely, they have shine, the “laces” are basically square, and they’re not that great. But for the time…they were hot.

I’ve been deleting a lot of things today, but sometimes I have to try items on just to see them again. Two things about this:

1. SL fashion has become so FREAKING AMAZING over the past few years!!!! I’ve deleted some items just because I know it would cause the designer great embarrassment if I were to keep them. Things that I thought were such amazing quality back in 2008 pale sadly in comparison to today’s new mesh items. Hairs, skins, even poses, they are all so much better now! I have pretty much always been a stickler for quality items but it’s fascinating to see how things have changed.

2. So many things I have in my inventory have memories attached to them. Especially these early items! I remember stalking lucky chairs with Cenedra, or having her IM me to say “This place has freebies! Let’s go!” I remember decorating my little house next to Sam, and then of course all the fun we had at the Viper Pit. Although I am happier in SL now than I ever have been, I still miss these people. I don’t know where our friendships would have gone in the long run. No one can ever know that. But I do miss them.

There are some things I cannot delete. I just can’t. All the inventory cleaning in the world won’t make me delete them. But maybe…maybe I can box them up.


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That crab danced on his face

So until we start tearing down the wedding set in preparation for a new house, we’re going back and forth between Al’s place and my gameroom skybox. He was too lazy to dance with me tonight, though.

Too lazy to dance

Tonight was pretty awesome because I got one of my old friends back! We hadn’t really talked in about 2 years and I missed her a lot! I think the funniest part about it is that both of us have been wanting to IM the other, but neither of us wanted the other to say “Get out of my IM, asshole!” But now I have her back on my friends list and my plurk and I’m totally totally happy. 🙂

In between the re-friending and Al playing 84,000 ringtones on his new phone, I started to do a little inventory cleaning. Oh, it’s scary, y’all. I was inching back up to 80k and that is so not good. I think I’m about to have to be completely and utterly ruthless with it. I had almost 1000 demos just hanging out in there. Loads of notecards that I don’t care about, and landmarks I don’t need. I even still had a folder of stuff from Spirit. Remember that store? I don’t know if it’s still around. They used to sell dance and cheer wear. There’s no reason why I needed to be hanging on to a cheer uniform from the movie Bring It On 3.

There’s also not really a good reason why I needed a huge crab costume either.

I gave him one big crab

Of course, I can’t really think of a very good reason on why I DON’T need it…

I still threw it away, though. Ruthless!

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I had told myself I would never ever get involved with another breedable in SL again after the whole cat thing. I didn’t need the hassle or to feel like I couldn’t express an opinion about it again, you know? But the Meeroos started to interest me. I knew they were cute. I knew some of my friends were taking more of an interest in logging into SL than they had done in a while. I’d heard tales of big shot creators dropping their work and running just because the Meeroo wanted a cuddle. I started to think more about getting one, especially since I don’t have much else to do in SL at the moment.

Then it happened. Sophia gave me a meeroo. She instructed me to go get a home and some food for the little creature. The food is pretty dirt cheap [$225L for a 4 week supply for 1 meeroo], and the home was only $250L. I figure if I grow bored of it, I pass the meeroo back to Sophia and all I’m really out is about the cost of a pair of plain shoes. Not a bad deal.

But oh! I wasn’t prepared for the CUTENESS.

Hey! Wake up!

I rezzed her out and she promptly curled up for a little nap. I gained a regard point on the HUD thing when the Oracle asked me a trivia question [gah! cuteness AND trivia! how can i resist?!], and Sophia helped me learn how to set the range and activity level for Biscuit. Her name was Sammy when she came to me, but I renamed her Biscuit in honor of my RL bestie.

I’m freakin’ in love with this thing right now. I picked her up and she grabbed her toes! After I put her back down and she woke up, she made the cutest little noises ever!! I watched her just gallop around while I sat and waited for more trivia questions from the Oracle.


Seriously, I cannot believe how SWEET these things are. Just as precious as can be!! I do not plan to breed Biscuit because A, I’d like to think that I have the ability to learn a lesson, and B, I really just want a pet to play with, but you never know what could happen. I don’t think I’ll breed her, though. She can stay virgin pure.

Thank goodness I got this. I was *this* close to thinking about adopting a kid avatar.

Oh, and I totally knocked my inventory count down tonight. No more 80k for me! I’m riding pretty at 74,900 and I realized I attach way too many memories and stuff to virtual goods.

Well, and I seem to be a packrat who forgets that in her inventory lies the dumbest things the grid has to offer. But hey, we all have our faults, am I right?

Inventory cleaning