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Y U Hate My Gift Card?

This is an opinion post! O-P-I-N-I-O-N. That means it’s MY opinion. It might be yours, or it might not be. Either way, it’s just an opinion post, so that’s the warning. :-p

For my birthday and my rezday last year, I got a couple of Earthstones gift cards. I like Earthstones a lot, but I don’t often have it in the budget to buy new things because over the past couple of years, it seems like they have just gone up and up in price. Of course that’s well within their right to do, and the stuff is pretty, but just not always in my budget.

So I was really excited when I got the group notice about a sale at Earthstones. Yay for SALES! I have my 2 cards which equal up to about $1600L. Double yay! I skipped on over to Earthstones, card in hand, and discovered….

I can’t use the card on sale items.


Now, had I read the notecard that was sent beyond “Sale!” then I would have realized this before I went out there. But still, why CAN’T I use my gift card? Is a gift card not like money? Someone paid for it so that I could have jewelry. Earthstones has the money. I don’t have the jewelry. Something is wrong with this equation.

I guess they could say that the reason is because it would be like getting almost double the items with the card that I personally didn’t pay for. But if I was paying for $1600L worth of sale items, no money has been lost. The $1600L was paid at one time. [Actually $3000L, the value of the 2 cards, but of course I’ve used some since then.]

Is it just too hard to set the gift card script to reflect the new sale price? Or is there another reason? I just don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to use my gift cards on the sale items. It makes absolutely no sense to me, and truly, seems just slightly selfish of the creator. But hey, if there’s a really good reason, let me know! It’s not like I’ll ever stop shopping at Earthstones, but I have to admit, this leaves me a little uninspired to spend money there again.