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Kitty Shop!

And the great kittycats saga marches on. :-p

I mentioned before that we have a little kitty shop over on Catnip or GTFO, but there wasn’t much there when I first talked about it.

Kitty shop!

Not true now!

If you’re looking for kitties, you should totally come to our kitty shop. I have some kitties there for pretty inexpensive [since they’re not super traited or anything], and Aldwyn has some better kitties there. Ulaa is SUPPOSED to be selling her kitty furniture there, but she’s been busy with other projects and I think she forgot. [POKE POKE]

I’m debating selling my pink Valentine’s Day kitty. I’m kind of looking to get out of the kitty breeding business [although she’s a non-breeder currently] and I almost want to sell all my kitties except my leprecats. I guess if you see her sitting out there, you know what I decided!

Anyway, come out to the kitty shop! Sometimes I’m just hanging out there, so you can come say hi to me. Or just come buy kitties!

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Blah blah.

Blah blah blah. I’m in a shit mood tonight. I spent all day forcing a smile trying to be Miss Merry Sunshine just to try to bring my mom’s mood up. And I don’t mind it, but I hate when people refuse – REFUSE – to be satisfied. Normally she’s okay, but when she gets in her moods…Dios mio.

Speaking of not satisfied… kitties. lol

What's up, cats?

I had my orange Valentine kitties up for sale at that kitty place, but since no one could ever seem to tp there, I went ahead and brought them back home. Aldwyn is getting into the kitty breeding thing for fun [and having NICE cats, btw. Growl.] so we’re setting up a place over at Catnip or GTFO for our kitties. Ulaa is making some cat furniture, so I went over and put the kitties up on her new kitty tree. They’re for sale now. I did a little decorating of the area, too.

I need to go to bed.

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Meow fuckin’ meow.

They say that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result. I think I’ve reached that with these freaking cats.

My two Valentine cats had yet another generic. Then Ulaa and I got her Leprecat and my Flame cat together and had…another generic cat.

Dios mio.

Hey, I get it. Breeding cats is not going to be my new SL business. Hell, it’s not even SL fun anymore. All I ever wanted was one cat to recover the money I’ve spent and then I would gracefully retire. Instead I’ve had a succession of fairly generic diamonds and smokeys and it’s making me very [ungracefully] bitchy. So enough.

Katey Coppola from Glitterati has donated a small space for Plurkers to sell their kitties, and so I went over there tonight to drop off a few, including the two new babies I had today. The dark kitten has fire eyes, if you are looking for fire eyes. There were a few really nice cats up there when I went to look, and they seem to be at decent prices, so check it out.

Yeah, you’re right. I still have cats at home. I have my Leprecats since they were an anniversary gift. I have my pink Valentine’s cat and my Flame. And I have the two new Diamonds I got in the past few days. But 6 cats are better than 11, right? If the Leprecats don’t have a decent kitten this week, they’ll be set to non-breeder status. The V-day cat and the flame have already been set to non-breeders. That will definitely help out.


In non-kittycats related news, I’m having a hump day party tomorrow! The theme is Fashion Disasters, so bling it UP! I want to see bling, oil, bad hair and ugly shoes! I’m even pulling the party ball out for the occasion. 🙂 We haven’t had a hump day party in a long long time so I’m super excited!!

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I seem to spend more time outside my house than inside these days, either on the porch or on the balcony.


I think this has more to do with the kitty extravaganza that’s going on inside the house than it does have to do with my love of my landscaping.

Audrey and Desi had another baby yesterday. Unfortunately, it was nothing special. Just a female smokey with blue eyes, exactly like the male one I got from the starter pack. Terribly disappointing. I’m giving them one more time to produce a kitten I can sell [and sell for a decent price] before I snap them back to non-breeders. I know that seems a little selfish, but quite honestly, I cannot afford to keep plugging money into this experiment with food and milk for 8 cats and get nothing in return. And it takes a week for them to be able to breed again, so it’s just… time AND money consuming.

George and Emma, my Leprecats, will most likely pop out a kitten in the next couple of days. Griffin is ready to go, but Sabine won’t be ready for probably 3 more days. Tony and Lucy just now started gaining love after their week of recovery or whatever, so I guess it’ll be a week before I get anything out of them.

If in 2 weeks, I don’t get anything good to sell, I’ll give away Griffin and Sabine, most likely, and the other 6 will go back to being non-breeders. I like them and all, but good God. My budget has a limit!

And so do I.

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Psst…hey…You lookin’ to buy a cat?

Well, the big moment arrived! Audrey and Desi had their first baby!


I don’t actually know TOO much about cats and traits and whatnot, so here are his stats for those who are interested:

Fur: Genesis – Smokey
Eyes: Fire (Shape: Curious | Pupil: Big)
Shade: Natural
Tail: Genesis
Ears: Genesis
Size: 11 cm (4.3 inch)

I AM selling him. As much as I wish I could keep a bunch of kitties, I simply can’t. I mean…look. LOL

So many kitties

It’s like kittypalooza up in here!

So dear little Dante will have to go. He really is adorable, don’t you think? His eyes are just striking against the dark fur. Here’s a close up pic of his fire eyes.

Fire eyes

If you’d like to buy my little kitty, please IM me. I’d love for one of my blog readers to get him rather than some stranger off the streets, you know? Besides…if I don’t sell him soon, I’ll get attached and end up keeping him and I’m pretty sure that’s not going to be good for anyone. :-p Sold! 🙂

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C’mon kitties, get it on!

It’s almost sad that my SLife kind of revolves around my kittycats a lot these days.

Cuddling Desi

I decided that if I’m going to have so many cats [I have 8 now], they’re going to have to work for me to keep them. And that, of course, means they have to start breeding. But the thing is, breeder cats eat more, so rather than sink too much more money into their food and such, I decided to set 2 to breeder status – Desi and Audrey.

Desi & Audrey

Audrey is ready to go, but Desi still needs 2% more love currently, which he should reach today. Then we’ll see what kind of kitten they manage to produce. I’m hoping it’s a good enough one that I can sell it and recoup some of the money I’ve spent so far.

Aldwyn bought me the St. Patrick’s Day kitties for our anniversary, and of course they will breed when they are ready, but that’s not for a while. Somehow, Griffin was left to breeder status and he’s at 100% but no girl to do it with. I decided to set Sabine to be a breeder but she’s currently at -215040% love, so uh…yeah.

How did my SLife come to this? LMAO! No, I’m kidding. I love my kitties. But let’s all keep our fingers crossed that I get a decent kitten to sell. I’d hate to have to shake it on the side just to keep them in kibble.

Um, in other news… Well, I guess there isn’t much other news. Man. I’m boring.

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Meow meow

Things have been quiet for me in SL lately. It’s a good quiet, but it doesn’t make for good blogging, I’m afraid. Mostly when I log in, I sit around, looking at my Kittycats. And as lame as it sounds, I love to watch them. Some days I log in and they’re just all over the place, including wedging themselves between the window and the chair, as if they wanted to look outside.

Sabine waiting for the treats delivery person.

They run around, they knock themselves into the little physical balls I have in the living room, they bang into me and ask “What’s that smell?”, which never fails to make me laugh. They’re just CUTE. Last week, Sophia bought 2 kitty birthing boxes with Flame cats. We didn’t know what flame cats were, so when one came out and was dark orange and white, I got all excited. She was sweet enough to give me the male. I named him Tony, after my beautiful cat that died in 2007.

My redheads

He’s a small kitten in that picture, but now he’s big enough to actually cuddle. My kitty family is complete.

Well…kind of.

I decided to set Audrey [my pink Valentine’s Day kitty] and Desi [my orange & white Valentine’s kitty] to breeder status. I’m just curious as to what they might produce. The bad part is that I know I won’t keep the kitten, even if it’s adorable. I’ll either sell it, or give it to a friend. I cannot keep any more cats!!!

[Please remind me of this when next month I’m crying because I have 37 cats and the island is crushed under the weight.]

Ummm….other than cats, there’s not a ton more going on in my SLife. I’m trying to pull myself out of a complete fashion crisis by blogging some stuff, hoping that makes me more excited for fashion, but it doesn’t really seem to. I need to have one day where I just sit for 2 hours and sort inventory and make oufits and throw away what I know I won’t wear. I’m blogging some stuff for the Pure Juice event too, so luckily that gives me an actual plan on what to blog.

I don’t know. I need to get out more in SL. I need to have parties, do hunts, chill with friends. We asked on plurk where people met us, and it’s amazing how many people I first met while just hanging out at Zaara’s lucky chair. Actually, a lot of people met each other at Zaara’s lucky chair. HEY ZAARA. GET SOMETHING IN THE CHAIR!

Anyway, I’m off to go check on my cats and put together an outfit to blog. 🙂

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Oh, Pintar…

I may or may not be becoming a crazy cat lady. LOL! My little kitty family is finally complete, though. I received a gift of an orange kitty this morning, with the message that every Lucy needs her Desi. So… Desi 2: Electric Boogaloo!

Desi 2!

Lucy looks pleased, don’t you think?

So last night we introduced Aldwyn to Rift. He’s not a gamer, even less of one than I am, so we got to be total noobs in there. Ulaa joined us, and she’s a lot more experienced in the whole thing of online MMO type games, luckily for us.

We rifted! LOL

I’m the one in the middle, the purplish elf looking thing.

We all started as new characters so we could stay together. The rest of the night was a blast as we ran around, did quests, and laughed and laughed on Skype.

Oh, and Aldwyn was the first to die on us.

pintar died!

Poor Pintar.

I have to admit, Rift is loads more fun when I have my two faves with me, but it’s still not a game that I’ll end up buying. It’s not worth it to me to pay a subscription fee for a game that I might only play 2-3 times a month. But it’s been an interesting experience, that is for sure!

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And it sure wouldn’t be a kid with cat ears!

So we had a little shakeup in my kitty world last night. Desi ended up having to be returned because of some technical issues. KittyCatS have excellent customer service and I was given a new kitty within a few hours of filing a ticket. I thought I’d get an exact replica of Desi, but instead ended up with a girl kitty…a PINK one!

Awww kitties!

Her name is Audrey, after Audrey Hepburn. I pretty much love her.

Yesterday on plurk, Tymmerie mentioned a place called T.Whore. Well hey, I like whores. So we headed out there last night and I was pleasantly surprised at the girly clothes they had there. I bought a few pieces that I really liked, figuring I could put them together with other clothes and make it not quite so whorey. We were there quite a while, but mostly because we were lagging and because I was busily looking at this woman.

Dios mio.

She was wearing a body suit and jeans that were UNDER her butt. Why wear pants at that point? I don’t get it.

I was going to do a fashion post on T.Whore, but I know the clothes there are mostly from templates, and I try REALLY hard to not showcase too much template work on my blog. This is probably why I don’t blog all that often, huh? LOL! They had panties there that are pretty much exactly like ones that someone on my plurk list just released, and I know that person uses templates. But I love love love this little skirt and the little cardigan! The cardigan comes in 2 versions, a plain one like I’m wearing, and one that shows a bra.

At the Sci-Fi park

While I was at the Sci-Fi Amusement Park taking that picture, I got an IM.

[15:34] Creepy Child: hey
[15:34] Alicia Chenaux: hello
[15:34] Creepy Child: be my mommie
[15:35] Alicia Chenaux: sorry, i don’t do that.


Oh child, no.

It’s not that I’m all that against kid avatars like I used to be. It’s that I think if – BIG IF – if I ever chose to have one in SL, it would more than likely be someone that I already knew and was already close with. Some random person running around a sim asking probably everyone to be their parent – Hell no. LOL

Earlier in New World Notes, there was an article showning this YouTube video on how to do a “mirror” in SL. I wasn’t able to take a high rez snapshot doing it because I have that weird water glitch where things just don’t look right on the water, so the screenshot has it a little pixelated. But I think it’s pretty cool and if you can do it well, then awesome!


If you decide you want to try it and need the mirror texture thing, just IM me. I’m happy to pass it along so you don’t have to spend $10L on an upload for it. 🙂

Okay, I’ve written quite enough for now!

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Total absence of humor renders life impossible.

So yeah, I totally love my KittycatS. Griffin and Sabine wander around my house and for some reason, I just crack up laughing when one of them asks “What’s that smell?” I can’t figure out what they’re smelling but it makes me laugh.

My friend Bella got a bunch of the Valentine ginger kitties and she offered me two of them! I have a BIG FAT HONKIN’ LOVE of orange and white kitties in real life so the chance to have them in SL is amazing. Looooook!

Lucy & Desi!

Aren’t they just adorable?!

When I was 19, I got a huge orange and white kitten for free. He was gorgeous. He grew up to be an enormous kitty, grouchy to everyone except me, and he was my special baby. In October 2007 he was sleeping outside at my parents’ house when 2 dogs came and attacked him. My mom called me in hysterics and we all raced to the 24 hour vet but it was no use. His leg had been ripped open, a lung punctured, ribs broken. If they could have saved him, he would not have had any quality of life. So we let him go. It was utterly heartbreaking and I still miss him every day of my life. If I could have another kitty, I would choose an orange and white one. Although I love my Holly kitty dearly and she’s beautiful, if there had been an orange and white kitty at the pound that day, that would have been the one that would have come home with me.

But, having orange and white kitties in SL is almost as good. 🙂 Griffin and Sabine don’t mind sharing their bed with Lucy and Desi either.

Welcome, new kitties!

I think I’ll stick with just these four, although I would love love love love love love a pink kitty. If I ever see any for a decent price, I’m totally going to buy it.

When I was doing a restart of the island earlier today, I found myself at a place called The Trap. I love opening up the Destination Guide and just ending up somewhere random.

The Trap!

I’ve done mazes in SL before. It’s usually pretty lame, or I just cam up and find my way out. So when I went in, I didn’t really think much of it. I was just trying to kill a few minutes while the island was coming back online. But this was different! As you walk through, the walls change and move and I have to admit – I got utterly lost! I also made sure not to cam around or outside or anything just to get the full experience. I also broke out the noob run because 1) it makes me laugh, and 2) why not? I was noob running my ass off in there!

Inside The Trap

The textures of each level remind me of old Geocities webpages.

I didn’t finish it because I had other things to do, but I only made it to the 3rd level and it took a while! I suck at mazes!

What I don’t suck at is leaving presents on peoples’ land. Like this lovely scene I made for Ulaa yesterday!

Ulaa's valentine! I do it up big!

I’m awesome. 🙂