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Easy Like Sunday Morning

My sister was nice enough to come help me with our parcel the other night. For the past…well, forever, our home has always looked like it just kinda showed up in the middle of a lot of trees because I am not great at putting a whole area together. I can do bits and pieces, but not a whole thing. This is why I’ve always let my renters do what they want on their parcels rather than have some some carefully constructed residential area. They can do what they like and I can enjoy their art.

But after the whole house moving craziness, we had LOTS of room left and Lolita came and put down a road similar to what she has on their sim. It’s kind of amazing what having something defined does for a place! The road is bigger than what I would have done which I think makes it better. I’m not really good at proportions. Years ago when I was hanging out with someone, he told me that when you do landscaping like this, you should always go bigger than you think you should. He gave me a couple of huge trees to prove his point and he was right. But of course, being me, I end up working in smaller bits and I think that I should have remembered his advice. *laughs*

The new road goes around in a rectangular shape, so we have a grassy area in the middle. I decided it would be a good place for a small park, so I plopped a fountain down in the middle. For some reason, I’ve acquired a few fountains in my SLife! I have no real idea why because I think I’ve only used a fountain once. But I like this one quite a bit. And with the addition of our little cafe caravan and a table set, it’s becoming the perfect place to have my morning coffee and some quiet.

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Of course, my sis has an awesome coffee shop on their sim, so I’m still going to be running over to have my lattes and cappucinos!

I am still working on the park and on putting more trees around so that it looks a little bit more natural and not like a tree farm of the same trees. I also need to get our backyard done up. We had a great deck last year and I KNOW I took it all up in one big piece so I could just put it out again, but we’ll have to see if that actually happened or not!

I guess since my coffee cup is empty, I should go do something productive so I can come back and start hunting for my perfect Valentine’s dress. There is a Valentine’s formal this coming Saturday night and I need an awesome formal gown!

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The Forecast Was Wrong

It’s been cold on Bluebonnet since November. I’ve been paying attention to the forecast and all the snow was supposed to melt on Sunday. But you know, the weather forecast is almost NEVER right. Aldwyn and I went out and about today, looking at new houses [and meeting readers! Hi Izzy!], checking out other places, dancing in bell towers. And wouldn’t you know it? The snow melted and Bluebonnet went through a bit of a change with a brand new mountain range! Spring is here!

The Forecast Was Wrong

I really really want to make our home look beautiful this year. I mean, I say that at every weather change, but I mean it this time! I may have to enlist help, though, because I suck at this whole landscaping thing. People tell me I don’t, but oh trust me, I do. Nothing ever really comes out the way I want. I just…do stuff and then throw a bunch of trees on top of it. I don’t want to do that this time around.

Much to do tomorrow, so goodnight!

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We just like sparkles, okay?

I’ve been trying to landscape our parcel ever since the snow fell, but man… I have had no luck! I just haven’t been able to get any ideas in my head of what to do. But we’re having a party this Wednesday for Abby’s adoptaversary, so I needed to do SOMETHING.

The ice skating pond where the party will be held is pretty much done, but the rest of the land looked pretty plain. So I just started throwing stuff down. And it became very apparent that girls live there because the whole place is pretty well coated in sparkles at this point.

We just like sparkles, okay?

The place is coming along, slowly but surely. I set up a little campsite, and I’m going to make some hills for when we go sledding. But that’s work for tomorrow.

Oh! In case you’re not on my plurk or flickr, let me leave the invitation to her party here. It’s an ice skating party, so be sure to dress warm and bring your skates! I’ll add the SLurl to the party on Wednesday. Or just pull up Bluebonnet on the map and look for the people. lol

Adoptaversary Ice Skating Party!!

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Well, that was an amazing half hour.

So The Arcade started tonight. About an hour ago, in fact. It’s the first time in a while where hardly any of the family was able to be on and that made it just a little less enjoyable for me. Of course, now that they’ve moved sims, it’s not as fun as it was when some of the family were out banging against the sim borders and laughing about it! I never even got to do the border thing because by the time I got my new computer, they’d moved sims!

But I stayed up anyway. One of my friends got an early pass, so he was set up and ready to sell at midnight. My niece Bella is a mod this time around, so she also got in early and was ready to sell at midnight, too. And then the old shopping sickness hit me.

For 30 minutes, I went crazy.

I ran first to Matthew’s sale. Click click CLICKCLICKCLICKCLICK. I bought lots of things off my wishlist. Then I ran back to Bluebonnet and picked up a few more things from Bella. Then someone on plurk posted their sale and I went there and bought some more things from the list.

It took me about 30 minutes to buy many things off my list. To be perfectly honest, I got home and barely knew what had happened. I used to have a shopping addiction, years and years ago, and that’s what this reminded me of. I bought and bought.

Of course, unlike back then, I only spent around $11. *laughs*

Still, it was a fun 30 minutes. There are more things I need off my list, of course. But I can do the rest a little more slowly with the family, and Aldwyn is a really good shopper/trader and he always gets me the good rares that I want.

But I got animals. So I’m happy. 🙂

Well, that was an amazing half hour

I need to do more landscaping on our parcel. Now that it’s snowy, I want to do a bigger overhaul of the parcel, but I am not the best at this stuff. I would just hire someone to come do it for me, but oh hey, I spent almost all my $L on animals. LOL! Such is SLife. 🙂

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Hashtag Blessed

Are my posts about how happy I am getting annoying? I feel like they are. I’m sorry! [butnotsorry]

Tonight my family went to bed earlier than me, which is kind of rare these days. Usually there’s at least 2 of us who go together at the end of the night, if not all of us. But tonight, Abby went to sleep early, then Brianna went to bed early [for her]. Aldwyn and I had some time to hang out while I worked in our backyard and then he went to bed, too. So then it was just me, relaxing outside near our new pool, thinking about how blessed I really am.

Hashtag Blessed

Okay, so, here’s the thing. I am AWFUL at outdoor decorating. Landscaping, terraformimg, etc. My big thing is just to throw a lot of trees out and call it a day. On the off chance I have an idea, I work really hard to get as close to my idea as I can, but… my ideas are better than my skills. 🙂 Tonight’s idea was to put out this awesome pool/patio thing I found in my inventory. The problem is that it looks very out of place in the yard. I’ve been looking up lots of backyard ideas to see if I can figure out a way to get it to look more like it isn’t just some thing I threw out there, but I just don’t know.

In other news, I finally rented out my 2 open parcels on Bluebonnet! I was getting reallyyyy anxious that they were still not rented. In the almost 6 years that I’ve had Bluebonnet, I’ve usually had a waiting list of people who want to live there. But I guess money is tight for a lot of people these days, because some people who were interested were suddenly not interested after hearing the prices, even though my prices are pretty average with other land rentals these days. I get it. Money is tight for a lot of people, but you don’t get all the prims for free! The day Linden Lab lets me pay in sparkles and smiles, then I’ll let people come have all the prims they want for free. :-p

It’s after 3 am, I really should sleep.

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Day 328 – To The Top!

Every so often, I get the urge to do some “big” landscaping on our parcel. I use quotes around the word big because my BIG landscaping is rarely that big. I suck at terraforming and mostly I throw out a lot of trees and call it a day.

But I was looking around on marketplace the other day and I saw a big mesh hill with a path and a bridge. I loved it! I thought “Oh my god, I want that and the bridge can go across the pond! It’ll be perfect!” So I took Aldwyn out to see it and immediately he told me that the bridge on the hill would not be long enough to cross the pond. I’m really really bad at sizes and usually think things are a lot bigger than they are. [Which has kind of served me well in my social life, but let’s not talk about that.]

The more I kept looking at the mesh hill, the more I thought, “But you know? I can just terraform that.” Years ago, we had a haunted house up on a hill and I terraformed a path up to the house. I figured I could do it again.

I spent most of last night working and working on the land. It wasn’t particularly easy because, again, I suck at terraforming. But I did it! And then I went to the other side of the pond and made another hill that was flat on top because I wanted to put something there. The big problem was finding a bridge that was big enough and not in 2389 pieces like so many of them are. I needed one that was 43 meters across! Luckily for me, I FINALLY found one that was 44 meters long! PERFECT!!

I am so so so in love with what’s going on now.

Day 328 - To The Top!

The parcel isn’t done. Not by a long shot. And soon we’ll be getting our new house so more terraforming and landscaping will need to happen. But for now I’m happy.

I’m off to get ready to head out to dinner and shopping. Tonight when I get home, I’m making a path from Ulaa’s new house to our parcel. She put a bridge down to connect our parcels, but a path must be laid so it’s not a bridge to nowhere. And tomorrow? Abby comes home! This is a great weekend! ♥

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Day 264 – Never Too Many Trees!!

I have to admit, all this Arcade stuff has left me pretty behind on my normal SL “work.” Usually the beginning of the month has me reminding the Bluebonnet residents about rent [I don’t do rental boxes, they just pay me directly] and letting them know about any island stuff, and then starting in some FaMESHed blog posts. Being that this is September, I had also planned to get our parcel more autumn-ish by the 1st. But since we’ve been shopping and I’ve been manning the Lima Heights Yard Sale to make sure no one rezzes anything crazy or leaves anything behind that they’ve bought, I haven’t really done much of my normal work! Heck, I’ve barely even changed clothes in days.

Tonight I started decorating our parcel up for the fall. Only I suck at landscaping and my main form of decorating the parcel is just throwing down a trees. A lot of trees. A LOT OF FREAKIN’ TREES.

Day 264 - Never Too Many Trees!

The awesome part is that when you’re on the ground, it looks amazing. The bad part is that if you cam out too far, it looks like a big ol’ mess. It’s like a reverse Monet! But Aldwyn says no one really would be camming out that far anyway, so it’s okay. He does seem to think I’ll get lost in all the trees…which okay, I did ONCE, but it won’t always happen. I even remembered to change the trees over at Renee’s Place. I need to find some more fall like flowers and plants to switch out over there.

I’m yawning like crazy and I have so much to do tomorrow in RL and SL, so it’s really bedtime!!

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Day 213 – He said it would be me.

A long time ago, way before we started dating, the whole Formspring thing was going around plurk. One of questions someone asked a bunch of us was “Who would you take with you if you were stuck on a deserted island?” Although we weren’t particularly close at the time, and definitely weren’t hanging out very much, Aldwyn said he would take me. 🙂

Tonight we got our new little mini beach set up. Looks like he’d still pick me.

Day 213 - He said it would be me

The beach making didn’t go exactly how I intended it to. I wanted the beach to gently slope off of the side of our parcel, but well, without the terrain texture to blend it in, there was no gentle sloping. It just looked like prims. So I did the next best thing – I made it into a mini island and put a bridge leading to it. I think I like it better this way. It feels more private.

Tomorrow I’ll be working on putting trees and flowers down. I bought a forest building set but after putting some parts down, it’s just not what I wanted. It’s lovely and all, really is, but I think it’ll be better for the autumn and for when the house isn’t up on the hill. Right now I think big trees will look better and more balanced. Of course, I say that now and tomorrow when I start putting trees down, I might change my mind.

I think the thing that will get me after I put all the trees and stuff down is what ELSE to put on the sim. I mean, sure, I can just plunk down tons of trees, but I feel like we need some other little building and whatnot.

Oh well, that’s something to think about later. 🙂

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Day 212 – Well, that’s a mess and a half.

So after all the inspiration I got out at Neva River, I thought to myself, “Self, it’s time to finally get the parcel done.” Remember how I said I’d be doing that this weekend? Well… At around 8pm tonight, this was how it looked.

Day 212 - Well that's a mess and a half

A mess and a half.

See, it was all going pretty well yesterday. I managed to move our house up without TOO many things ending up on different floors. Well, okay, the bed was in the living room and the living room couch was in the water, but WHATEVER. It all moved back fine. Then I managed to terraform it up AND use my path building kit from Studio Skye to make a path leading UP to the house. I was tickled pink! In fact, it was so awesome, I thought I’d leave well enough alone and do more today.

And that’s when all the crazy started to happen.

See, I want to make a tiny little beach because, you know, sometimes you want a little sand between your toes and Aldwyn used to live on a beachy sim and sometimes I wonder if he misses it. Studio Skye makes a beach kit. Perfect! Only I couldn’t quite figure out where I wanted the beach. I wanted it to be more of a “private” thing for us [private looking, not actually “don’t come here” or anything like that], but the place that would look the best for it? The corner where our house is! The more I thought about it, the more I wanted the little beach in THAT corner. So, I grabbed the whole house again, scooted it over to where it is in that picture, and set about terraforming the pathway AGAIN.

So I started working and putting the beach prims down. I really like them because they have waves! But because our whole sim is green, there’s not that fade into sand like I wanted. So off to the Studio Skye sim I went [AGAIN] to look and see how the little beach there was. OH. There’s ANOTHER set of beachy things I need!

But then something else came up and I needed to do some style blog pics for FaMESHed and I also need to buy more $Lindens to buy the other beachy things I need to finish the little beach so I can start working on the more foresty part of the parcel and then build my little river and put the pond back.

This landscaping stuff is no joke. I can see now why some people just hire others to do their sim for them.

I’m really exhausted now, and I keep feeling like I’m TRYING to get sick, which I don’t have time for, so I think I need to go to bed and see if I can sleep this off. Goodnight!

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Day 211 – Up Up And Away!

It’s been a heck of a week! But, as it always happens, things are settling down. Well, for me anyway. Aldwyn is always a lot busier than me. Rude. :-p

But, tonight we managed to get some time together in SL. Pose Fair is coming up this weekend and since I’m one of the bloggers for it, I have a bunch of new poses to play with. I’ve been SO excited for this event!! I just love poses, especially ones for couples or friends or with props. A pose can really make or break a photo, you know? I think this one came out totally cute.

Day 211 - Up Up And Away!

I probably should have saved this pic for the fashion blog, huh? LOL But it’s on Flickr and it’s here and it’s cute and that’s what matters.

I’m really going to attack our parcel this weekend. I’m sick to death of it looking good in just certain parts. I told Al tonight that I want to redecorate the house already. It just seems really… NEAT. Like everything is just so carefully placed. The only room I really love is the “kid” room and no one even goes in there really. But mostly I want to do the parcel. The house can wait a bit because Ulaa is redoing some of it so I’ll end up switching out the houses anyway.

Yikes, it’s getting late! Bedtime!

Beautiful Life pose by In~Stance [Pose Fair 2013]