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The story.

Before I get started, I wanted to thank those of you who have sent such sweet notes and IMs to me, even when you weren’t sure what was wrong. It’s too common in SL, and RL, to think that you’re alone and that people really aren’t noticing what’s going on.

I already told my group, since they’re usually the first people I turn to, so I figured I better go ahead and say it here as much as I don’t want to do so.

Levi has decided to leave SL because he needs to concentrate on RL things. RL will always always always come first and should always be the first priority. As sad as I am by this, I understand completely and have tried my hardest to make his departure as easy as possible. He is the best guy I’ve ever met in SL, and knowing that we’ll no longer be hanging out in SL talking and laughing has crushed me. But again, I understand why. I wish him absolutely nothing but luck, hope and happiness.

So where does this leave me? To say that I’m a little lost and sad would be a bit of an understatement at this point. I do have things to take care of, and will be branching out into an area that I never thought that I would, but it’s hard for me to think I don’t have him to ask advice from anymore.

Someone told me once, a long time ago, to “fake it until you make it.” That’s what I’ve been attempting to do in most of my public outings [well, all 4 times I’ve left the island so far], or on plurk. Just realize that although I may be laughing or looking like things are ok, they’re not ok just yet. I have faith that they will be again, though. I am keeping busy. I have signed on to be a helper at Starting Point. I’ve already made my plans to close the store, revamp things, make new things, and learn more about what I already know basics of. This Wednesday’s party will go on as planned, possibly at my home. I do NOT – absolutely do NOT – plan on dating in SL for a long long long long long time. I just want to hang out with my friends.

And…that’s pretty much the story. I don’t know how much more I’ll talk about it in this blog. Probably not much because I guess there’s not much more to say.

I miss you.


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Randomosity – Part…something – Even more pics.

I didn’t have much to say today. I spent a lot of time tonight flitting around buying pieces of things here and there that I like for our home. Nothing that really went with anything. lol But since I don’t have much to say, and haven’t taken pictures of anything that I bought, I thought I’d just throw down some pictures that never made it to the blog.

I forgot the site I used to make this picture, but I have it saved somewhere.


This was one of the last days in our Orcas skybox, after we’d packed up and after the bed and tub were removed. It’s way sad.


This hair reminds me of a Ralphie May bit about the Starship Enterprise being on some girl’s head. lol


We walked over to the Carnival of Doom from the Hair Fair. I got dunked and sent to Hell’s waiting room. lol

Waiting in hell

This picture cracks me up and scares me all at the same time. lol


After I’d done a little decorating.


Levi being living art…and me inspecting my shoe. lol

Living art

Attack of the killer noob!

Attack of the noob

Me floating in Laleeta’s balloon.

Laleeta's balloon

The pictures I took at Inspire didn’t come out very well because for some reason I’m not catching prim glow on my pics. But someone floated by with all these sparklies and I caught a picture.

Pretty dancing

We’d gone to get some hair and noticed a cluster of people in the sim. Turns out, it was a bot farm in the air above the store. There were more than this there, but I didn’t catch a pic after they’d all rezzed in.

Bot Farm

I just thought he looked so handsome. 🙂

He reads. :)

Non-rezzed sculpties can sometimes look dangerous.

Rez rez rez

On our sonsaku tree before we logged for bed.

Before bed

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Date Night

Last night Levi and I had a date night. 🙂 Although we’re together a lot, and we live together, and we go out together, there’s just something special about a planned date night.

We started out the night listening to Lovesmiley Gumshoe, who is a live performer, and a really great one in my opinion. Great voice! He does some original pieces and some cover songs, mostly Beatles. Kept us dancing for almost 2 hours!!

Date Night - Lovesmiley

Date Night - Dancing

This was only the 2nd live performer I’ve ever seen in SL, and the first one wasn’t all that great. LOL So I really did have a ton of fun, and of course I love Beatles songs, even if he played ones that I didn’t really know.

After the concert, we dressed up and went to a jazz club. I love old jazz, but I’m not a fan of smooth jazz, which is what this club played. But the funniest thing, and the thing that kept me distracted from the music was a guy named Sned. There were only couples at the club, and Sned. One lone woman was there, but when Sned made his way across the club to ask her to dance, she, in all caps, yelled out “I WAS JUST LEAVING.” That right there was enough to send me into a case of the giggles, to which Levi can verify since we were in voice at the time. So we decided to try to play matchmaker and Levi IMed Sned to tell him to hang around because I was going to see if I could get a girl to come dance with him. I IMed the Ch’Know group, but none of the girls seemed interested in poor ol’ Sned. Which is just as well, since not finding anyone to dance with, he started playing with avatars and ended up looking like this.

Ol' Sned

After that excitement, we hit up another jazz club, and this one was a heck of a lot better music-wise, and also had a great dance ball set up. Instead of just a bunch of balls all over the floor, there was a little ball you could touch to get the couples balls, and then touch it again to change dances. And we stayed there for a long time, listening to the music and dancing.

Levi is, of course, a wonderful dancer. 🙂

Date Night - Hand kiss

When we grew tired there, we sim hopped and ended up in this really serene and beautiful place called Heart of England. It was simply gorgeous. Trees and plants and very garden. What made us laugh was the music played. Oh, it wasn’t BAD music, not at all!! But it was like, movie soundtrack swelled with emotion oh my god is a dragon going to come eat us where are the white knights type music.

Of course, by this time, I was starting to get sleepy.

Date Night - Sleepy bench

After changing out of our fancy clothes, we went in search of a store because we keep seeing things we like from one guy, but he doesn’t sell in SL anymore. We did end up in this really awesome sphere, though. It was all space like! We stayed there talking and talking until we got tired and ready to head to bed.

Date Night - Space

All in all, it was a pretty great night. 🙂 Now today I am going to hit up a plants store. At the Heart of England, almost all of the trees and plants were by one designer, so I want to check out the store. There is still so much to do at our new place!

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A little chattier than I thought.

Ever had one of those days where you just wake up feeling out of sorts? I’m having one of those today. Could be due to me not sleeping very well last night. Could be due to the dreams I had while I slept. Could be due to the fact that I haven’t eaten very much lately and what I do eat isn’t exactly good. [Did you know you can’t live on sporadic bites of mac & cheese and copious amounts of diet coke?]

I’m also now ready to change how my blog looks. Oh, not that it looks bad or anything. But the header I have is really suited more for summer. And of course I’m wondering which template won’t break the blog. lol I have a picture I’d like to use as a header but I have to resize to fit and all of that.

This picture isn’t the one I’ll use for my new header, but it’s similar.

By the ocean

And yes, I have been wearing dark hair lately. Not all the time, you’ll never get me to give up being a blonde. But for long straight styles, dark hair just works so much better. I’m sure the blondes out there will agree with me. There’s no gaping seam line around the head or in the ponytail with the dark hair. Someone said if I just set the hair to full bright, it won’t show up on the blonde hair. Yeah, but then my head looks radioactive. I might as well add prim glow and bling and call it a day. If ever a designer can work around that, AND make a decent blonde shade, AND not rely heavily on sculpties or alphas to do it, I will buy out their entire store. Even the hair I don’t like that much.

I got to meet up with a blog reader of mine yesterday [Hi Gwendolyn!] for a prim skirt fitting. Well, not that she had much to do. 🙂 Fitting prim skirts or wondering if they look right to others is a pain and a half. I definitely know that from experience. Of course, fitting most any prim attachment can be a pain. I’ve seen you ladies get frustrated at your eyelashes! [Are you setting your default lash line to 0 before you start trying to fit them? You won’t be able to see what you’re doing if you don’t do that first. The lashes don’t have to be EXACTLY on your eyelid. Unless someone’s staring hard at you from the side, if they are not exactly touching your face, no one will notice!]

One of the funniest things from meeting with Gwendolyn was that she’s taller than me, and apparently when people meet me for the first time, if they are the “normal” SL height, they feel too tall. It’s always kind of funny to me when someone tells me that I’m SO short, or asks me if they’re just TOO tall. The answer is – I’m small. SL is built on a very large scale. Houses are usually large inside so you have room to move your camera. Furniture is made big. Couples poseballs are designed for a tall couple, not one of varying heights. As someone who has been short in SL from the beginning, I’ve learned how to compensate. I’ve learned to adjust prims, adjust poseballs, find furniture that fits. It doesn’t bug me much anymore, although it used to.

But, I have been growing a bit lately. Oh, not much. According to my scale, I’ve grown 2 inches, from 5’6 to 5’8. In SL terms, that’s barely noticeable. Of course, then I put on my super high shoes and suddenly I’m 6’0 tall.

Getting taller

For some reason, the shoes also added 27 pounds. And you wonder how I stay so thin walking around with weights like THAT on my feet.

Levi and I hit up the Hair Fair last night, and after a crash, I now have to go back through my groaning inventory and find the demos and freebies I picked up, throw away the demos, try on the freebies, and throw away any bad ones. My inventory is becoming too massive. I’m inching up on 30k very quickly, if I haven’t passed it already and didn’t notice. But I really want to thank the hair designers that had decent mens hair out at the fair. It’s so hard to find hair that looks good for men, which is why I think a lot of them end up all wearing the exact same hair, or just go bald with the painted on hair. lol Poor men. If I ever learn to make hair, I promise to make you all some.

This post came out longer than I anticipated. I need to do some RL things and then head in world to pick out a great date outfit. My baby and I have a date tonight. 🙂 Oh I know, we are together most of the time [not nearly enough in my opinion, but I’m clingy]. But this is an actual date with an actual location to go to. 🙂

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School’s Out

Fabulous party tonight! Low key mostly, but totally fun. 🙂 Everyone had such great outfits!!! I didn’t get any pics, but you can see a few on Levi’s Snapzilla and I’m sure there will be others here and there on other blogs. 🙂 Jerremy did a great job of decorating, AND we had fireworks!!! It was awesome!

After the party, Levi and I headed home to sit under our new sonsaku tree, which I LOVE, and I streamed some of the music that I like that I rarely play at the parties. Oh, mostly slow songs, love songs, that sort of thing. Of course, then we always want to talk rather than type, so we did that while we messed around with Plurk and laughed a bunch over the fact that George W. Bush has a plurk. It’s seriously funny stuff, but at the same time, it’s a forehead slapper. Oh, you know what I mean. You read a quote, and slap your forehead and say “OMG, I can’t believe he said that!”

I am sleepy now, but coming up later when I wake up, I get to do a fashion post. It’s been a while since my last one, so yay. 🙂

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The new gazebo

I really need to stop plurking. I did a plurk yesterday showing this off, and never blogged it. Of course, I’ve been kind of walking around in a fog the past couple of days, so maybe that’s not surprising.

Anyway, remember how I was in the process of building a gazebo for our hot tub, but I didn’t like what I’d built? Well, Aisuru IMed me and said that she’d like to build one for me. She had a new technique she wanted to try out, and this would give her the chance. Not being one to stand in the way of learning, I got way excited that I didn’t have to do it myself. lol Plus, she’s a great builder, so I knew whatever she’d come up with would be fabulous.

I was totally right! Yesterday she dropped the Moroccan Gazebo on me and it is just perfect, AND matches our beach furniture! Last night Levi and I thought and thought about where the perfect place would be to put it, and we decided that on a hill at the end of our land would be great, because we’d have nothing but a beautiful ocean view as we relaxed in the tub.

Setting it down.

The thin gauzy curtains are just so amazingly done. Don’t think I didn’t sit there and inspect and wonder “How the hell did she do that?” LOL We were looking at them wondering if they were alphas, but no, they’re not. It’s incredible.

We set about putting trees and plants down, and I’ll probably put even more down later to give it a more lush feeling. I also put down the standing candles that had been given out in a group gift from Sai’s store, Imperial Elegance. [Btw, she’s having a half off gift card sale right now! You MUST go get some cards, either for yourself or for gifts. Remember, there’s only 113 days until Christmas!] The candles are color change, which totally rocks. They go so well with it all.

It was lovely to have a very relaxing spot to spend time with my baby. So now please indulge me as I show more pictures. lol

Another gazebo shot

Our new garden gazebo

Relaxing in the gazebo

I’d suggest clicking on the pics to go see them in Flickr, since I’m pretty sure Blogspot is going to cut them off. And I did a lot of fancying up with them just to try out PhotoScape. I couldn’t figure out ALL of PhotoScape, but it has some lovely filters, as you can see. So I had to go between Photoshop and Photoscape to get what I wanted.

Big big big thank you to Aisuru for building that as a gift for us. We really love it!! Aisuru is the owner of Beloved Designs, and does some awesome sculpty work, so be sure you check out her store.

It’s time for me to get busy throwing some songs together before tonight’s party, so I guess I’ll wrap this up.

Oh, but before the night was over last night, we took a ride in this crazy skull balloon. LOL I knew there was one more thing I wanted to show.

That thing is freaky.

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More shopping & decorating. :)

The weekend has officially come to an end tonight. It was a long weekend for a lot of people, so a long one for me by default. LOL It was an interesting one, that’s for sure. So many changes, moves, etc. But it was a wonderful one for me. I’m going to bed tonight feeling completely loved, and so happy. But I also go to bed with some worry. If you don’t read Cen’s blog or plurk, you are out of the loop. But I’m thinking of her and her dad right now, and they’ll definitely be in my prayers before I go to sleep.

So Levi and I had some time together tonight, but not as much as we’ve had all weekend. And as much time as we’ve spent together since he got back from his trip last week, when he logged out, I was kind of sad. Oh you know…you get used to things quickly when they’re good things. lol It’s just been that the past few days, we’re up talking and exploring and doing things all night until the early morning. I knew we would have to say goodnight early tonight, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. LOL

We’ve been working on our new land, and he built us a really lovely deck and pier. I’m going to set up my fishing on the pier and we have some chairs and pillows on the deck. It was really funny because he was building and I was making a table and we were both really quiet for a long time. Then he said “I can’t believe you’re just sitting there quietly.” LOL But I really was! I caught this picture while he was building. It makes me laugh because it looks like he’s touching my head. And yes, I am in the cushion. It’s not a 2 seater. :-p


We decided to put a kind of beach/mountain house out. I LOVE this house, and it was so fun going shopping with Levi. I will admit to being highly picky, but as I’m finding out, he and I really do have similar tastes in decorating. After we bought it, and some furniture, we ran back home and he set it all up.

Putting it down



It still needs some more decorations inside, and I want to retexture the green of the couches, but all in all I’m extremely happy with it. 🙂

After playing a few games by myself, and looking at one more furniture store, I think I’m ready for bed. 🙂

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I have a big smile. :)

Quick post because I’m going to bed soon. Yeah, I know, it’s almost 8am. :-p We’ve been busily working on our place, which included lots of trips to furniture stores and we’ve both basically realized that I am one picky picky picky girl. LMAO But luckily Levi is EXTREMELY patient with me or we probably would have ended up in some huge fight because I didn’t like the 50,000th couch of the night. LOL But we did find some beach furniture from The Loft and spent some time lounging on the beach together. It’s kind of funny because if we stop doing something, we end up forgetting about SL and just talking while we do other things on the internet. But we’re still right there, snuggling with each other. It’s really very nice.

[Btw, if anyone knows where we can find some furniture that is less modern and more farmhouse, please let me know!!!]

But we did do something tonight that I wasn’t expecting. And when he brought it up, I swear I got butterflies. 🙂

We got rings. 🙂

I'm giddy. :)

It’s just…I don’t know. I’ve been giggly and staring at our hands [well, my hand more] for hours. I’m SUCH a girl. 🙂

But I’m about to go to bed so I’ll wrap this up. 🙂

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What? Sometimes I don’t blog. :-p

Ok ok, I know. LOL I think it’s so funny when I get IMs asking “WHERE’S THE NEW POSTS?!” Maybe not all in caps, but you get the idea. 😉 It actually makes me feel good, too, to know that people read still. 🙂

So where have I been? In SL, but there has been a LOT of stuff going on in the past few days. And I do mean a LOT.

Most of you know now that the Viper Pit is officially closing. But we will most definitely have a new place soon!! I already have a new place for my store, but it looks exactly the same as what I had. So if you’ve already seen it…well…there it is. LMAO

And as I’ve mentioned before, our lovely home on Orcas Island is going away. It was a wonderful time living there and I am sorry to see it go. I’ve been there since February and Levi moved in with me in April, so we’ve had many good months there. 🙂 The funniest part was probably how we ended up leaving. I thought we still had the weekend, even though I knew that things would start disappearing soon. So we were chilling on one of our pillows, locked into a very intense discussion, when…poof. LMAO No more skybox. It was the funniest thing!!! I don’t think I can show the picture here, but if you go to Levi’s Snapzilla and scroll down to the 3rd pic from the top, you’ll see how it looked. LOL It’s the one titled “I guess we should take the hint.” Sooooo funny.

But, no worries, we are not homeless. In fact…we have an abundance of home now. LOL I’m actually itching to go in world right now and start working and playing with our new land, but I know if I do now, I’ll never finish this post. Or eat anything, and I do need food. LOL Stupid RL body…always expecting food & water & diet coke.

And in between all the moving, there’s been other things going on, too. But I think everything has worked out for the best, most definitely. I’m starting September with a lighter heart. I hope to only build on that. 🙂

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Bits of stuff

First, happy 2 months and 1 day anniversary to my sister Cen and my brother-in-law Dyami!! If you go to their blogs, you’ll see a couple of sweet posts to each other. So cute. 🙂

Last night’s hump day party was fun!! Lots of fab costumes, as usual. I didn’t get pictures, as usual, but you can check out some pics on Levi’s Snapzilla. I’m so lucky that he always manages to take pictures, because I really end up missing a LOT of the cool costumes because I’m buried in other programs. Cen had even recorded a message for me to play during the party, which was kind of cool. 🙂 I know there’s a way you can dual DJ with Skype and SAM3, but the instructions I’ve seen so far are complicated, so I guess I’ll never dual DJ with anyone. LOL Although that would be fun.

Yesterday on SLX I found some full permission noobs. LOL It was so funny, I had to pass it out to people. Then I played with them at the pit. I danced around some, and I put one to work passing out landmarks. I even had one at the door of the party ball, sporting a party hat, a Blingis!, and a Hasselhoff sign. I forgot to get a picture of that one, though. I need to go back and do that.


put him to work.

I think it’s time for a shower and some food [finally!], so I’ll wrap this up for now.

Oh wait. LOL I wanted to thank the people who had time to IM and comment positive things on my double relationships post. It really means a lot to me that so many of you were understanding, and it made me feel good as some of you have told me that the post makes you feel a little less alone. There are many many many of us out there in these kinds of relationships and it does work for us. But I do agree, it’s nice when someone speaks up and says, “Me too!” 🙂 So thank you for understanding, and for reading. 🙂