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Day 55 – Happy New Year!!


The last day of 2009. Wow. 🙂

It’s really been kind of an amazing year for me. There has been bad, of course, but that just seems to make the good so so much better. I am blessed and grateful that I’m ending the year with my parents doing better, knowing that my nephew is safe and taken care of, and with many good friends that I simply cannot imagine my life without now.

I have goals for the new year, but I’ll probably save those to talk about tomorrow.

Today…this is my New Year’s wish for my friends and readers of this blog. I wish you a new year of peace. I wish that whatever hurts you, or upsets you, you can learn to find a way to if not fix the issue, then to at least come to peace with it and let it go. I wish a year of laughter, of friendship, of success. I wish you a year of bright dreams, creativity, and goals realized. I wish you a year of beauty and love.

Please please be careful if you’re going out tonight. I just can’t imagine my 2010 without you guys in it. 🙂

I am starting out 2010 with a great gift. Adric sent me… the M Linden bear!!

My M Linden Bear!

AND? Veronica Kanya made a video from the party last night! Awesome!

Also? This is the 2 year anniversary of my blog. 🙂 1193 posts written, 1113 [including this one] posted, and about a billion memories made all because I decided to start writing one night. 🙂

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Three Little Things

I’ve seen people doing Samara Barzane’s “3 Little Things” challenge, and as I’m always up for a good blog challenge, I wanted to do it too. We’re supposed to choose 3 things in our inventory that we couldn’t part with.

The first for me was easy.

3 Things - Miriel's Open Ocean

My “Open Ocean” eyes by Miriel Enfield. I purchased these in January 2008, and they became “my” eyes. The color is striking and I simply feel more like myself when I wear them. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on them too. Although I have many many different eyes, these are the ones I always come home to. I was deeply saddened when Miriel decided to close up shop and I purchased several other colors of her eyes, including a backup copy of these. [I always chose the transfer version, just in case I felt the need to share eyes.] But Open Ocean are my favorite favorite eyes in SL, no one I’ve seen yet has come close to this bright, beautiful blue color.

The second thing is more personal.

3 Things - Birthday poem 2008

In 2008, my friends got together and threw me a surprise birthday party. First surprise party of my life, actually. How they managed to keep it a secret, I will never never know. My friend Bon wrote a birthday poem for me and used the names of every one of the Ch’Know members in it. The poem is quite long, much longer than I’m showing in the picture, but it’s my poem, and I’m being selfish and not showing it entirely. It was at that moment, when I was teleported in and surrounded by my friends, that I realized that there is a lot more right with me than there is wrong, otherwise these people wouldn’t care about me so much. Whenever I’m feeling blue or unwanted, I open up my birthday folder and look at the pics and the poem again, and I feel better.

Now the third thing, I’m cheating on. I’m using an entire folder. :-p

3 Things - Linden bears folder

My Linden bears!! As most people know, I’m a huge teddy bear fan and collect bears from all over SL. But my Linden bear folder is priceless to me. Some of the bears I asked for myself, and some of them Sophia got by jumping into a lot of Lindens’ IM boxes. LOL! I even IMed M Linden once to ask for his bear, but I guess his messages capped, because he never got back to me. I have others that I haven’t moved into the folder yet, but I still want more.

And there you have it, my 3 little things. 🙂

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Pictures Pictures Pictures

I take a lot of pictures of my SL. Tons. TONS. If I’m somewhere, there’s a 95% chance that I’m snapping a picture. It’s that 5% that always gets me, though, because then I don’t take a picture of something I need. :-p But since I haven’t been blogging quite as much lately [and thank you so much to those of you who nudge me. LOL], I have 3 folders on my desktop of pictures to resize and post. But that’s a lot, guys. That’s a LOT.

But I did want to show some, so here’s some randomness over the past few weeks! And as chronological as I’d like to be, it’s probably not going to happen. Also, there’s a good chance I might have already shown a pic & have just forgotten. 🙂

My hunt for Linden bears is still going on, and I’ve been getting a fabulous collection of not just Linden bears, but all kinds of bears! It’s AWESOME! I’ve got animated bears and sculpted bears and bears to hug and hold and run around with. I love love love it!!

So many bears!

The awesome Caitlain dropped this little cutie on me during the gridwide charity work going on for the Victoria bushfire relief. I loved him so much, I bought more and dropped on a few friends that I thought could use a hug.

Koala hug

Speaking of the bushfire relief fund, did you hear that with all the donations and all the money that the creators who so generously made items to sell for it, the total amount raised was over $12,000 AUD??? Why doesn’t THAT kind of news make it into the media? Oh, let some crazy nut try to kidnap her SL ex-boyfriend who dressed up like a lion and they’re all over it. Two people get divorced because one caught the other having cybersex in SL, and SL is the epitome of all that is wrong with the world. But thousands of people come together to donate time and talent and money to help, and there’s not a peep anywhere. Forget THAT.

All of my friends did their part with donating. Sophia and I ran around buying stuff for the relief. Here we are at Truth buying the Victoria hair.

Victoria hair

My one regret is that I didn’t buy the ring Ryker Beck designed for the relief before all the relief items were supposed to be taken down. But I don’t have a spare finger for it right now anyway, so I guess it’s ok. But it was a gorgeous ring.

But a gift you can probably still get if it’s in the subscribe-o-matic is this awesome sweater & skirt set by my friend QueenKellee Kuu of Royally. I ADORE this outfit and have worn it a lot more lately than any of my other clothes because I know that no matter what, if I put it on, I’ll be cute. Go to her store and sign up in the subscribe-o and get into the history to find it.

Royally Gift

And of course I’ve been butt-deep in hunt gifts. We need to have an inventory sorting party SOON because I blazed past 40k in my inventory and am *this* close to 41k. LOL It’s sad.

Luckily some things I’ve tried on, I could throw away immediately. Like…this.

MONSTER Red dress!

Of course, when I wasn’t hunting, I was shopping like mad. That pink sale that Armidi had was just heavenly for a girly girl like me.

Armidi load

I’ve been spending a lot of time out at Sacred lately, too. Sophia’s RL & SL husband, Skyhawke, is not just a fabulous photographer. He’s a pretty kickass DJ as well, and we go out there at least a couple of times a week to hear some music, dance, and talk until we start laughing and then can no longer speak because we’re crying too hard with laughter.

Cute at Sacred

I’m awesome at catching just the most crazy shots of my friends. Seriously, I have SO many pictures where they are in such weird positions. I usually save them for myself, but Sehra looks so boobalicious in this shot, I had to show it.

Sehra's boobs. LMAO

Speaking of Sehra, I caught this picture of her her and her boyfriend Bone dancing at one of our impromptu parties a few weeks ago and never posted it. It makes me laugh everytime I see it.

Bone & Sehra dance

Oh…I caught Sophia on a pole with this noobish guy, too. Then I stole his last $5L. Yes, that’s me back there in the purple dress with the green leggings. It was 80s night, ok?!

Sophia likes noob butt

One night at Sacred we were doing what we do and changing into all kinds of costumes when Sky played Blind Melon’s “No Rain” and we HAD to get into bee outfits. Except for Pumpkin, who was a flower. Naturally that required a photo. Sophia, Tristan and I are bees, and then menudo lovin’ Pumpkin is the flower. I love this picture and it’s my desktop wallpaper right now.

Buzz buzz!

I stumbled onto this picture of me and Brody [who yes, was Levi, for those of you who aren’t in my inner circle and weren’t told, or who don’t plurk, or who just didn’t guess. LOL] and it makes me laugh because I forgot taking it. We look like we’re waking up from a nap and he’s just having a really hard time getting up out of bed. But c’mon, look at the bed. It’s awesome and looks sooo comfortable!

Waking up

And last…Elle. Oh my dear little kitten. I’ve bought a lot of things in SL. I’ve spent a lot of money on hair and shoes and clothes and houses and skins and things to play with and ride on, but nothing compares to this little kitten. If I’d known just how much fun it would be for me to have a prim cat, I would have bought one the very moment they were released! I have always, in my RL, felt better when I have a cat, and I didn’t realize that’s what my SL was lacking.

Of course, a little part of me thinks, “What’s different between this and a prim baby?” But then I tell that voice to shut the hell up and I feed my cat.

Elle stretching

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Valentine’s Fun

It’s late, very late, but I wanted to go ahead and blog while I still have a little caffeine buzz and since I’ll end up putting it off. This post will probably be more picture heavy than word heavy, but that’s never a bad thing.

I never make plans to do anything on Saturdays until the evening because my Saturdays are normally taken up by family things. But my poor mom caught the flu that my dad had last weekend, so she said I should stay home so I wouldn’t catch it. She’s always scared of any time I get sick. So since I was awake early, I decided to go over to the Isle of View and check out the Linden stuff. It was actually fun, even if it was very lagged out.

Garry Linden's kissing booth

Garry...moose? LOL

That’s Garry Linden’s “bear.” LOL Yeah, I don’t know either. But Garry was a very nice guy and his moose head thing is a welcome addition to the family.

I actually went out there again later on with Sophia and we met the cuuuuutest little Linden – Ekim Linden! OMG, his little av was just too cute for words. Sophia told him she wanted to bite him, and then she offered to partner him. He gave us hugs and we ran off before we scared him more. LOL

Meeting Ekim Linden

One of the best best best parts of my Valentine’s Day was that I got to spend time with Brody. 🙂 We spent almost all afternoon together, which was awesome! He had left roses, balloons, and a card for me to find when I woke up. Yes, I was completely giggly and happy as only a girl can be. 🙂 I moved them all into the office, which is where he found me when he logged in.

In the office

I know, isn’t he hot in that new tux? I couldn’t let him upstage me in the looks department, so I immediately got into a formal gown and we went down to the fiesta area to dance all afternoon. 🙂

Valentine Dance

Getting those few hours with him just made my day. 🙂 Thanks for spending the afternoon with me, baby.

After I had to go for dinner, I came back and threw on a crazy Valentine’s outfit. I don’t often dress too nutty, so it was kind of fun for me to run around with wings and this crazy curly hair. But then I started doing one of my new dances [more dances! I need more dances!!!] and I got an idea to go down and dance on the water. I thought the pics turned out pretty well. Not perfect, but they’re cute.

Water dance


The rest of my evening was spent over at Sacred with Sophia, her husband Skyhawke, and the rest of the crew. Oh man… I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time! I was just crying over some of the things being said!

I probably also am *this* close to being kicked out of my brand new Snapzilla account because I kept sending pics. LOL!! I couldn’t help it, it was fun to do! You can check it out to see more pics of today, but it drives me up the WALL that they come out all low quality, so I don’t know how much I’ll actually end up sending pics in.

A few [clear] pics from tonight.

Sophia and me. This picture cracks me up because we’re in such goofy poses.

Sophia & me

DJ Skyhawke got ringed. I’d feel bad for him, but I totally don’t.

Ringed DJ

Sophia found an outfit in her inventory called Little Red Riding Ho. And well, of course she had to put it on. I’m not sure what Sky is doing in the corner.

Little Red Riding Ho

Yes…I’m the teacup. LOL! It was just getting late.

We were up just way too late.

I’m like a ringleader, I call the shots. Isn’t this outfit cute? It’s by Four Yip. I love it when I put it on, but I forget that I have it when I’m looking for something adorable.


And in addition to ALL of this, I got a bunch of bears from friends and readers. Thank you all so much! I just love bears and you all are awesome for thinking of me when you run across one!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s like I did!!

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Party Bears!

There appears to have been a party in the party ball without me!!

Party bears

Why check it out! It’s Linden bears!

Izzy, Dee, Benjamin, Colton, and Don rockin’ out to DJ Linden’s beats.

Such precious bears!!

Some of you have asked me which ones are on my list because you want to help me out with my quest, so here you go:

I have…

Grant Linden
Molly Linden [I have 3 extra Mollys, if anyone wants one.]
Maggie Linden
Dan Linden
Cupid Linden
TrickOrTreat Linden [Cupid & Trick were holiday bears, obviously]
Guy Linden
Blondin Linden
Alexa Linden
Izzy Linden
Don Linden
Colton Linden
Benjamin Linden
Dee Linden
DJ Linden

And I have a Don Linden swap card. I’ve never seen Linden swap cards before, so that was kind of cool. It appears to have been made in 2005.

Swap Card

I IMed M Linden last weekend to ask for his bear, but he never got back to me. 😦 That’s cool, though. I know he’s probably busy.

I was trying to explain to my RLBF why I wanted Linden bears but the truth is, there is no one totally good reason. I want them because I want them. Same reason I collect milkglass and angels in RL. Because I like them and I want them. Isn’t that simply enough? 🙂

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Lucky Chair Bear & More Linden Bears!

My life is full of bears lately, and I love it!! Bears have played a huge part of my life since I was just a baby, starting with Winnie The Pooh. So being in SL and having all these bears is awesome!

Jungeun Vella of JE*Republic dropped a super cutie bear on me last night. It’s the new Lucky Chair item at the store, special for Valentine’s Day!

JE*Republic Lucky Chair Bear

Isn’t it adorable? I want to snuggle it! The best part is that unlike most lucky chair gifts, this one is transferable! So if there’s someone special you want to give a gift to, and you’re low on $L, go stalk that chair at JE*Republic!!

And I love my friends. They’re helping me out big time with my collecting of Linden bears!! One thing I’ve noticed is that people LOVE Molly Linden. Well, everyone who has had to deal with sim issues. I know Molly was super helpful when I was getting my sim, and it seems like others share that experience too. Yay Molly Linden!!

But I got 2 more Linden bears, and they are sooooo cute!!

Beach Bears

That’s Alexa and Blondin, just hanging out on the beach with me. Yeah, we brought our own pools. That’s just the way we roll. Except for Blondin, who is metal and would rust.

If you want to help me out with my collection, feel free!!

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Some randomness from last night.

The super cute Gogo helped me out last night and sent me a Cupid Linden bear!

Cupid Linden bear

The funny thing is that I think I had this bear last year and deleted it in some mad cleaning frenzy because I didn’t realize that – hello – it’s a Linden bear! LOL Thanks Gogo!!

I spent a crazy amount of time last night just kind of sitting on the fiesta bar. Partially because I was waiting for someone, but also because RLBF and I recently purchased a monster of a treadmill and last night we were putting it together. Oh yes, it was as much fun as it sounds.

But somewhere in my sitting around, I went out with the girls to Redgrave to demo the new Leona skins.

Redgrave - Leona demo

I’m not normally a fan of Redgrave skins. I think the older ones are kind of shiny and dirty looking, and usually none of them look good on my shape. I’m also not a fan of very photosourced skins. But this one…I think I need it. It’ll take a little mouth adjusting, but not too much. I like the color of it too, the medium skin tone, because it’s perfect for the summer on the beach. But I don’t know…I still love my Belleza skin so much! So I’m really on the fence about actually buying these. I guess we’ll see.

After the skin demoing, I was up and down a lot with the treadmill assembly [ugh] and finally when we were finished, after 3am thank you very much, I came back to continue sitting in the fiesta area but some of the girls were out at a place where Tristan was DJing. I was tired of sitting by myself, so I hopped on over to hang out. And yes, I was rockin’ my taller shape last night.

Dancing with Meara

Dancing girls

We were all playing with spankers, which is funny because none of us are really all that into gestures or anything like that normally. So while I was trying to catch a picture of Meara, Nikki, and me dancing, I caught this picture. It cracks me up because it was just unexpected while I was flipping through the pictures. Meara in the act of getting spanked!

Meara's spanking

Soooo funny. 🙂

It’s super cold here in my area today, which sucks and makes me feel a bit down, so I think I’m going to go curl up on my couch and watch Saturday TV.

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More Linden Bears!!

I’m still on my quest to acquire more Linden Bears. I can’t help it, I love them!! Sophia helped me out tonight [because she’s much more outgoing than I am] and now I am the proud owner of FOUR more bears!!

More Linden Bears!!

From left to right, Maggie, Guy, Molly, and Dan Linden. We’re just chillin’, enjoying some chips and salsa in the fiesta area. 😀

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Dear Lindens,

Hi. I’m probably one of your bigger fans. Heck, to read all the OpenSpace mess, I may be one of your only fans. But I love SL and I appreciate all the work that must go into keeping this place running at all. So I have a subject that we must discuss today.


No, not this kind of bear.

Stripper Bear

But Linden bears. You see, I heard that all of you have your own bear. Today I was told to IM TrickOrTreat Linden and I got my goody bag and there were bears in it. Now I have a mission.

I want your bear.

Armed with a “Find A Linden” HUD, a semi-charming personality, and the ability to write about nothing, I am coming after you and your bear. Now you all can make this easy for me and just send me the bears. Or you can let me come and bother you when you could be doing something useful for SLociety. I prefer the first option myself, but I’m not above searching you all out. If you don’t want to give me your bear, then I need to know why, so I can write about how mean you are just know why and not write about it.

No, my fingers aren’t crossed.

C’mon, you know you want to be nice to one of your biggest fans, right?


PS: If it makes it easier, you can all just get together and throw them in one box and ship it over. I don’t mind.