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Day 326 – Parents’ Night!

Tonight was Parents’ Night at Camp Hardknock!! Oh, it was so good to see my girl again! And we were lucky that Aldwyn was able to join us, too! He doesn’t always get to join us for anything that’s earlier in the evening because of his schedule, but he definitely wanted to be there to see Abby and have fun.

It was SUPER laggy for me, so my sister Lolita was nice enough to take pictures and make some gifs for us!

Day 326 - Parents' Night!

After Abby had a sweet dedication read to us and one of “our” songs played, she wanted to show us around camp. We got to see her cabin, meet some of her cabinmates and other camp friends, and she even took us down into the super secret room at camp. We had to walk a long long way to get there, and take flashlights, too! It’s so secret, I couldn’t even take pictures!

We also went sledding and oh my GOSH, I wish I had gotten more than one little screencap because it was hysterical! I had tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard! We chose the family sit on the sled and we didn’t know we were supposed to jump off when we got to a certain point. Abby did, but we just kept on sliding! Eventually, Aldwyn and I crashed into a wall and Abby ran to find us. I got up but he didn’t, and then the sled just kept on going! It was trying to get back to the starting point! Aldwyn got stuck in a crevice and I ran to push him out. And oh yes, HE got out, but when I ran to push, I fell down and Abby tumbled after me and we got stuck in a rock! She managed to teleport us back to the starting point and who should we see coming over the hill in the crazy possessed sled? Aldwyn! OMG, I couldn’t stop laughing! It was awesome!

But just as we somehow all made it back to the start, the sim crashed. It was okay, though, because they were sending all the parents home anyway and the kids were getting ready for tuck in. So we had a few minutes to say goodbye to Abby, and then we headed on home.

I think it was really awesome that we got to hang out together, and I think it’ll be enough to get us through the next few days. She only has 3 more full days at camp, and then she’ll be home!

After we got home, we headed to a landscaping store because I’m determined to do more landscaping than just having 42380 trees around. But ol’ Daddy Z was exhausted from his wild sled ride, so he went to bed in the middle of our browsing. I can’t really do anything until we get our new house, anyway, so there’s still a lot more stuff to look at.

I hope everyone had as nice of a day as I did!

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Day 257 – It Started With A Pie

It started with a pie.

Yesterday, Rylan stopped over because where she lives was being restarted. Of course, being Rylan, she didn’t wear pants as she burst into the house. But we’re used to her, so whatever. She decided for my birthday, she’d make me a pie. And for, you know, breaking and entering into our house. Pantsless.

Lexi decided to send me a birthday cake. It was a nice cake, all pretty and colorful. I set it out on the kitchen counter so we could have cake later.

But Rylan didn’t like that the cake Lexi sent me was bigger than the pie she made. So while we slept, she broke into the house again [I really should just give her a key] and she made me ANOTHER cake. It’s a big cake, with lots of flowers trailing down the sides. It’s quite lovely! And it’s bigger than the cake Lexi sent, which was her intention.

However, Lexi wasn’t about to be one upped by this cake. Ohhh no! She baked YET ANOTHER cake for me. It’s huge and has stars and she got kind of messy making it. I wasn’t even sure if it would fit on the counter without touching the ceiling!

If you’re keeping track, I now have one pie and three ENORMOUS cakes in my kitchen.

Then Willow broke my house with her gigantic cake that is so huge, it burst through the ceiling into the 2nd floor of the house.

Day 257 - It started with a pie

So now I have a hole in the ceiling, one pie, four cakes, and probably diabetes if I attempt to eat all of these baked goods.

I love my friends.

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Day 117 – Will there be probes?

So I was attempting to find a pretty pose and a pretty windlight setting for today’s picture. I snapped a few and then went into photoshop. But then? I started laughing. A LOT.

Day 117 - Will there be probes?

Can you see it? Through the trees behind me?

There’s a spaceship on Bluebonnet. I don’t know… I just don’t know.

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Day 114 – The Best Yard!

My friend Emerald is pretty awesome. She’s bright, witty, and the kind of writer I’d like to be one day. She’s also one of the original Bluebonnet residents and has been on the island with me pretty much since I took it over. But the BEST part of being Em’s friend and neighbor?

She totally has the BEST YARD.

Day 114 - The Best Yard

I have absolutely NO idea where she finds half of the things that end up in her yard, but I’m glad she does, because it’s so much fun to look at!!

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Day 52 – Webcams and Pimps

Fun night tonight! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get pics of the most fun part of the evening because I attempt to keep this blog safe for work viewing, and it involved some pretty graphic scenes since a bunch of us went to Webcam Wednesday at a dirty sim. As much as we were laughing and snarking on the people, we agreed that they had MUCH more courage than us because we’d never have the guts to get on webcam in a public place and show off the way these folks did. Of course, a couple of them should have maybe thought about taking better care of their skin before getting on webcam, but that’s just my thought.

Since the Festival of Sin closes on Sunday and I hadn’t been yet, we gathered over there for a bit. There was a guy dressed like a “pimp” just kind of standing in front of Ruby’s store. So naturally I had to go and dance behind him because that’s what I do.

Day 52 - Webcams and Pimps

It took him like 4 tries, but finally he got out what he wanted to say.

“get lost kid”

Indeed! I told him I wasn’t a kid and he said he was thinking about buying the sim, or “hellhole,” as he put it. Ruby hopped over to ask him about it [we knew he didn’t plan on buying the sim as it appeared that he could not even afford real shoes] and I talked to a guy who had prim pubes. Well, not that it was much of a conversation. All I got out of it was that he’s from San Antonio. Then he wandered off. Guess the correct reply to “What are you into?” is not “Hanging out and having fun.” Oh well. No new friend for me.

But going back to the “pimp” for a moment – Okay, so maybe some of you who are newer to SL can enlighten me. You guys start out with stuff. Shoes, clothes, hair, etc. And while it’s not all perfect stuff, most of it is pretty decent. So why is it that a lot of new residents end up basically wearing junk? You know what shoes look like. Why walk around in basically just a shoe base? Or in a skin that doesn’t look even half as nice as one from your Library? I don’t understand. Fill me in!!

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Guilt Trip

So Aldwyn’s been pretty busy the past couple of weeks. He has 3 jobs because that’s how many it takes to take care of me. LOL! Just kidding, just kidding. Poor guy has to fight just to ever get me a gift. But he does have 3 jobs and with the end of the year coming up, things have been pretty hectic for him.

Of course, I go in phases of needing time alone and needing constant attention. This works out well for us sometimes because when he’s busy, I entertain myself with no problems. But unfortunately, I’m in one of those attention needing phases, and this whole thing with him working so much sucks for me. So while trying on some stuff I hadn’t gotten around to unboxing yet, I thought, “Oh my God! This skin! I know what to do! I’m going to take a picture and use it as a guilt trip! Because I’m TOTALLY CRYING HERE.”

Guilt Trip

Do I not look like the saddest girl in the whole wide world??

All was well and good until I got up. Then my guilt trip was just more amusing than anything else because you see, to get the shot that I wanted, I had to mod my hair a bit. And once I got up and saw myself…

That's how it goes

It was nothing but flat out funny!

At least I found a way to entertain myself for an hour tonight.

But I’m still not down with him not being here when I want.

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Big Pimpin’

What a very fun night!

Not that we did anything super amazing. We didn’t even leave the living room, actually. But let me back up a bit.

Hi! Are you a single guy in SL? Do you have a decent looking avatar? Do you know how to hold a conversation in chat and/or voice? Are you looking for more than someone to just hop on a sexytimes poseball with? Are you nice but you enjoy a bit of snark sometimes? Do you NOT have a vagina in the real world? Are you not a whiny bitch submissive? Well, then have I got the girl for you!

I’m pimping my former wife out for a holidays boyfriend! She’s hot, right?

Ulaa Morph 2

LMFAO! Okay okay, the morph is a joke. I promise she’s not running around thinking morphs are perfectly acceptable. If you think morphs are fine, then you are not the right guy!!

Ulaa is actually super pretty. See?

Ulaa's actual face

Anyway, I’m looking for a holidays man for her! She’s super funny, she’s a much better conversationalist than I am, she builds great houses, and she won’t be all greedy grabby expecting you to fund her entire SLife. PLUS you get to hang out with Al and me, too! It’s like getting instant friends!

I’d say she would hit me for this, but I already plurked it. So you know. No surprises! :-p

She’d come over tonight so I could grab a few face shots to do that morph with. We invited Pumpkin to come hang out with us, too, since she told me she was out in the snow with no shoes and that’s just NOT a place a Latina should be! This is the first time we’ve hung out in a couple of years since we only recently started chatting again. It was the first time we’d ever really had people in the house, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it! I spend so much time in SL by myself when Al is out working and Ulaa is up on her platform building, I forget how to be social. But we had a great time talking, laughing, and doing the crazy drunk dance.

We get nuts at home!

It’s time for bed for me now. 🙂