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At The Beginning

It’s almost 4am and I’m exhausted, but I’m also a bit wired up, so I thought I’d blog and bore myself to sleep. *laughs*

So because I already had some of my renters move out and so much empty parcel already, Lolita got started on the corner for our home tonight! Oh gosh, you guys. Watching her make something out of basically a flat piece of land is incredible! I have neverrrr been that great at landscaping and as most people know, my landscaping skills basically boil down to “Throw some trees on it!” In fact, I had almost 2000 prims just in trees on our parcel when I was picking things up. That’s a LOT of trees.

But my sis, she’s really creative and what she’s doing for the sim is a little different than she’s done on other sims. I snapped a picture as she was putting a few more things down. How awesome does it look already?!

At The Beginning

I’m so excited to see how the sim is going to come together! My mission when I log in later today is to get our house more put together. I started a bit but nothing major. I was too busy running all over the roads looking at this and that! Maybe we should have a sim-warming party when everything is done?

Ugh, I better to go to bed before I end up logging in again to work on the house.

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Easy Like Sunday Morning

My sister was nice enough to come help me with our parcel the other night. For the past…well, forever, our home has always looked like it just kinda showed up in the middle of a lot of trees because I am not great at putting a whole area together. I can do bits and pieces, but not a whole thing. This is why I’ve always let my renters do what they want on their parcels rather than have some some carefully constructed residential area. They can do what they like and I can enjoy their art.

But after the whole house moving craziness, we had LOTS of room left and Lolita came and put down a road similar to what she has on their sim. It’s kind of amazing what having something defined does for a place! The road is bigger than what I would have done which I think makes it better. I’m not really good at proportions. Years ago when I was hanging out with someone, he told me that when you do landscaping like this, you should always go bigger than you think you should. He gave me a couple of huge trees to prove his point and he was right. But of course, being me, I end up working in smaller bits and I think that I should have remembered his advice. *laughs*

The new road goes around in a rectangular shape, so we have a grassy area in the middle. I decided it would be a good place for a small park, so I plopped a fountain down in the middle. For some reason, I’ve acquired a few fountains in my SLife! I have no real idea why because I think I’ve only used a fountain once. But I like this one quite a bit. And with the addition of our little cafe caravan and a table set, it’s becoming the perfect place to have my morning coffee and some quiet.

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Of course, my sis has an awesome coffee shop on their sim, so I’m still going to be running over to have my lattes and cappucinos!

I am still working on the park and on putting more trees around so that it looks a little bit more natural and not like a tree farm of the same trees. I also need to get our backyard done up. We had a great deck last year and I KNOW I took it all up in one big piece so I could just put it out again, but we’ll have to see if that actually happened or not!

I guess since my coffee cup is empty, I should go do something productive so I can come back and start hunting for my perfect Valentine’s dress. There is a Valentine’s formal this coming Saturday night and I need an awesome formal gown!

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80s Prom Night!

I really don’t like when I go more than a week without updating in here. I’ve meant to, many times, but I was really off my game the past week. I’ve been kind of on the sick side, which has been totally annoying, and I’ve spent a lot of time just on the couch napping and watching tv. Lame. LOL

I went out tonight with my sis and bro-in-law to an 80s Prom out at Boystown. It was sooo fun!

80s Prom 1

80s Prom 2

Unfortunately, Aldwyn wasn’t able to be my date to prom [weekends are hard for him to do things a lot of the time], but well…it’s not like I was gonna get picked up at this particular prom. *laughs* Although when it came time to vote for prom queen, a really nice boy told me he voted for me. So that was pretty awesome. I didn’t win, though.


But trust me, it was stiff competition!!

The entire place was pretty cool and they did an amazingggg job on the build, both inside and out. It’s easy to just throw together a party build but when you take the time to really put in all the little details [like Ren’s car from Footloose was out in the parking lot] and there was even an ice sculpture of a swan inside. It was perfect!

Prom Night

And then I was TOTALLY ready to kick my shoes off, hop in the truck, and head to the lake for the afterparty!! What? Only students at my high school did this after dances and stuff? Oh.

Let's Go To The Lake!

As much as we love our kids and being with them, it is nice to get away with just the adults on occasion. And luckily all of our kids are really understanding and usually take the time on our “adult nights” to catch up on their own things. But tomorrow night is family night and I’m happy about that because we have the best time when we’re all together! 🙂

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Day 326 – Parents’ Night!

Tonight was Parents’ Night at Camp Hardknock!! Oh, it was so good to see my girl again! And we were lucky that Aldwyn was able to join us, too! He doesn’t always get to join us for anything that’s earlier in the evening because of his schedule, but he definitely wanted to be there to see Abby and have fun.

It was SUPER laggy for me, so my sister Lolita was nice enough to take pictures and make some gifs for us!

Day 326 - Parents' Night!

After Abby had a sweet dedication read to us and one of “our” songs played, she wanted to show us around camp. We got to see her cabin, meet some of her cabinmates and other camp friends, and she even took us down into the super secret room at camp. We had to walk a long long way to get there, and take flashlights, too! It’s so secret, I couldn’t even take pictures!

We also went sledding and oh my GOSH, I wish I had gotten more than one little screencap because it was hysterical! I had tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard! We chose the family sit on the sled and we didn’t know we were supposed to jump off when we got to a certain point. Abby did, but we just kept on sliding! Eventually, Aldwyn and I crashed into a wall and Abby ran to find us. I got up but he didn’t, and then the sled just kept on going! It was trying to get back to the starting point! Aldwyn got stuck in a crevice and I ran to push him out. And oh yes, HE got out, but when I ran to push, I fell down and Abby tumbled after me and we got stuck in a rock! She managed to teleport us back to the starting point and who should we see coming over the hill in the crazy possessed sled? Aldwyn! OMG, I couldn’t stop laughing! It was awesome!

But just as we somehow all made it back to the start, the sim crashed. It was okay, though, because they were sending all the parents home anyway and the kids were getting ready for tuck in. So we had a few minutes to say goodbye to Abby, and then we headed on home.

I think it was really awesome that we got to hang out together, and I think it’ll be enough to get us through the next few days. She only has 3 more full days at camp, and then she’ll be home!

After we got home, we headed to a landscaping store because I’m determined to do more landscaping than just having 42380 trees around. But ol’ Daddy Z was exhausted from his wild sled ride, so he went to bed in the middle of our browsing. I can’t really do anything until we get our new house, anyway, so there’s still a lot more stuff to look at.

I hope everyone had as nice of a day as I did!

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Day 277 – Whatever Gets You Through Today

I meant to post last night, but I was feeling pretty sickly. Friday, I took my parents so we could all get our annual flu shot. I always get a little sick afterwards for a day or two, so it was not a surprise that I was feeling pretty off yesterday. I’d way rather put up with feeling a little sick for a day and be covered than not do it and get the flu! Especially since we have so many friends with school age children. Although, the shot really isn’t just for me. When you have senior citizens in your life, you learn to take precautions for their safety, too. 🙂

So last night was a quiet night for me in SL. After the Home Tour, I was a little bit at a loss over what to do because I’ve always had a room to decorate or something. I decided our living room needed some autumning up [it’s a word now!], so I painted and switched out some furniture and at one point moved the entire house to the side and then had a mini heart attack. [It fixed easily, thank God!]

But of course my favorite part of my SL day is when my hubs comes home and asks…. “Is this new?” LOL!

Day 277 - Whatever Gets You Through Today

In other news, have you heard about the date auction at The Pixel Bean? There are lots of people who have panels up, including me and my sister Lolita! Some people are offering lessons in mesh making, some are offering to landscape for you, and I’m sure there are some real dates. 🙂 If you win me, you get some time to hang out with me [and probably some of my family] for some friendly fun. We can go shopping, or exploring, or play games. I’ll also take pictures and blog about our time together. I don’t have any skills to teach you, unless you want to learn how to accidentally move your house halfway across the sim because you forgot to lock it. *snickers* Or, if you just want someone to sit with you and chat, we can do that too. But I promise you that we’ll have fun no matter what, and maybe we’ll end up good friends. 🙂

My nose is trying to kill me today, so I think it’s time for allergy meds and tea.

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Day 259 – She made me work for it.

When I was getting ready to do a post for the style blog earlier, I thought it was more suited for an autumn sim but Bluebonnet is still summery. Luckily, my sister’s home hit fall early, so I asked her if I could do my photo there. She said yes…


Day 259 - She made me work for it

She’s soooo mean! *snickers* ♥

In other news… we have a goddaughter!! We asked Abby a couple of days ago if she would officially be our goddaughter and she said yes! We’re pretty excited about it and hope to spend more time with her soon. 🙂

Tymmerie is putting together the SL Home Tour weekend for next month, so I better hurry and get our house and land finished!

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Day 252 – There’s Always A Seed Before There’s A Rose

So we’ve been taking a break from our vacation to spend some time on Bluebonnet because I’ve been wanting to decorate and get our new home situated. I think things are coming along pretty well so far. The outside looks decent, but as you all know, the inside of the house takes me foreverrrr to do. But I’m having loads of fun because I adore decorating and have a billion things I want to put out. It all takes time, but it is hard to not want the whole house instantly decorated immediately! Of course, the Piglets were the FIRST things that I put out because I didn’t want them suffocating in my inventory! I’m looking for a better shelf for them, though. Something more delicate and adorable. The second thing was a couch because you know I need to have somewhere to sit with my honey!

Day 252 - There's Always A Seed Before There's A Rose

Earlier tonight, I went exploring with my sister and brother in law at this really cool place called Partington Cove Lodge. Our brother and his family have been on retreat there and I could see why, because the sim is lovely! Takeo even rode an orca! LOL!! But he made fun of Lolita and me for carrying bags of soil around with us. Hey, you never know when you’re going to need to garden! We talked about renting a cabin to do a long weekend at Partington. I think it would be so much fun!

Ooh, I’m so sleepy I’m actually shivering, so I think it’s time to get into bed.