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Love Thursday

I know, I did my sappy Aldwyn post last month. But it’s Thursday, and I haven’t done a Love Thursday post in a while, annnnnndddd…. we’ve been together for 6 months today! 🙂

Porch time

Yesterday reminded me why I love being with him. Even when he’s busy [and he is often quite busy], he makes time to listen to me. Not that what I have to say is usually so super important, but he acts like it is. 🙂

Oh, and let’s not forget that he lets me tell Plurk that I’m over him sometimes several times in a day, is terribly terribly patient with me when I’m in my bratty moods, let’s me throw his dog out when I’m mad, and thinks I’m funny when I curse. [Which is often.]

He’s pretty awesome. I think I’ll keep him. ♥

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Love Thursday

My Love Thursday is dedicated to my Ch’Know group. 🙂

There would be no me if there were no them.

The group originally started as just a way for me to be able to change my tag, and when I had a store, I figured I’d send out updates through it. But I also wanted it to be a place where people felt like they could chat. Who remembers the days of “OMG FASHCON OOPS!!!” At the time my group started, there was just this huge thing about people chatting in groups. Even now, there are all kinds of rules and stuff about group chats. I wanted people to feel comfortable. I’m pretty shy, so I figured maybe if some people chatted in my group, I would also feel comfortable enough to chat. It took about a month after making the group that anyone actually started talking in it. 🙂 What can I say? Most of the people who joined it at that time did so because they were also shy. But once we started talking…we couldn’t shut up.

The group has gone through changes over the past year and a half. People have come in, people have left. We’ve laughed, fought, cried, annoyed each other, celebrated successes, and loved each other. We tease each other like brothers & sisters, act offended while laughing like crazy, and go back to having fun. We try to be supportive in any adventure, from designing to blogging to real world things like jobs and classes, that people undertake. We cry on each others’ shoulders, and offer to cut people who upset us. We can be a little overwhelming at times, but honestly, I think it’s like a family. They are probably the funniest, most talented, sweetest group of people that you’d ever be lucky enough to meet. There are some nights when they make me laugh SO hard, I almost can’t breathe. Conversations can be deep or light or crazy, but they are always interesting. Only twice in the group’s history have people been asked to leave or removed from the group because they did something that the rest of the group could not get over, and twice it broke my heart when it happened. Because I genuinely care about each person that I invite in. They are pieces of my heart. [The only exception to this rule is usually when a bf/gf has been invited in and is removed a few days later. lol ] There is almost no one who has left the group that I would not invite back in a heartbeat if they asked. No explanations would even be necessary. Even when they leave, they stay with me in my heart.

There is almost nothing I wouldn’t do for my group. They have talked me down from anxiety attacks so many times without ever knowing it. They have kept me going, kept me strong. There are no words in my vocabulary that could ever express what they mean to me. 🙂

I don’t have a current picture of the group. It would be almost impossible for all of us to be in the same place at the same time, which has always been a sad fact. But their pictures show up from time to time in here, their blogs are in my blogroll, their quotes show up on the side of this blog or in my profile.

Thank you, my friends. Thank you for just being yourselves and allowing me to share in your Second Life. You are completely loved. 🙂

Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods.

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Love Thursday

I was going to skip Love Thursday this week, but after reading my friend Quaintly’s post earlier, I simply had to do one!

I love ballet. From the time I could walk, I was striking ballet poses. My mom said she didn’t know where I’d learned them, I just DID them. I have a love of pretty much all dance, but ballet is special to me. Although I was given everything I wanted as a child, I was never taken to ballet classes because it was simply not convenient. I often think my life would have been a lot different it if had been more convenient. 🙂 This is why I always push my friends with children to pay attention to what talents or passions their children have.

Anyway, ballet – love. 🙂 I’ve done the New York City Ballet Workout, I’ve watched Center Stage about 50 million times, and I’m probably one of the few people who actually loved the Macaulay Culkin version of The Nutcracker.

I have BEGGED shoemakers in SL for ages and ages to please create REAL pointe shoes. Ballet flats are fine and I have a lot of them, but I wanted actual blocked toe pointe shoes that were slender and cute. But I always got the same excuse – “Well, you’d need a separate AO for them and I can’t be bothered for a niche product.” Pfft to that.

So I was SUPER excited when Quaintly showed the new Bare Rose ballet toe shoes!

Prima Ballerina

Soooo perfect!! And I didn’t need a separate AO at all. I’ve been dancing around all day. The set comes with pink and white pointe shoes and outfits to match, which you can see on Quaintly’s blog. But I chose to wear the “Alicia” ballet outfit that my friend QueenKellee Kuu created last year because I’d expressed a desire for a cute ballet outfit. Kellee’s been stuck in the physical world lately and we don’t get to see her much these days, but I still adore this outfit and am grateful she created it for me. 🙂

Ballet Class

Ballet is one of those things that requires a LOT of hard work to present seemingly effortless beauty. It’s something that I relate to, and admire, and respect a great deal. It takes a lot of determination to work that hard to achieve elegance and grace.

So that’s my Love Thursday, almost late, but still in. 🙂

And even ballerinas sometimes need someone to pick them up and rest. ❤

His Ballerina

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Love Thursday

Today’s Love Thursday is something from my physical world.

My parents. 🙂

This is my mom and daddy in 1963 on the day they eloped. I guess you could say my sister is in the picture too, if you know what I mean. My mom said that my dad had come home on his lunch break, picked her up, they went to city hall to get married and then to lunch. Afterwards he went back to work and she went back to doing the laundry. That’s how my parents roll. They are simple and efficient.

Because both of them grew up poor, they worked hard their whole lives to make sure that their three daughters had everything they ever wanted. Especially me, because I was the one they wanted and never thought they could have. I cannot remember a time in my life where I have gone without, unless it was just a time I didn’t speak up. That is why when they asked that I not work so I could be on hand for anything they needed since my mother is just about disabled now [she’s still mobile, but it has to be on a good day], the decision was easy. Most people my age probably wouldn’t put their lives and careers on hold for their parents, but most people probably didn’t have the kind of parents I do. I am the only one they have to count on, and I take that very seriously.

Together they’ve raised 3 girls, lost one, don’t know where the other one is, and have gone through just about every terrible thing in the world. Although they’ve both threatened to leave a time or two [or more, in my mom’s case, because she gets crazier as she gets older], they never do. She still fixes his dinner plate every night, and he still mows the lawn every weekend. For better or for worse, they will be together until the day they die.

Today is my mom’s 65th birthday. She’s been with my dad altogether just about 50 years. Their lives are an amazing love story, although they probably wouldn’t think of it that way. If I asked my mom, she’d probably just say, “Eh. What else was I going to do?”

So that’s my Love Thursday for this week. I love my parents more than anyone else in the whole world. Happy Birthday, Mom!

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Love Thursday

Love Thursday 9/3/09

I touched on it briefly in my last post, but I thought I’d elaborate more for a Love Thursday post, since I seem to keep having issues doing one. With as many times as I say “I love it” during the course of a day, you’d think I’d always have something! 🙂

So what do I love?


I love butterflies!

Butterflies intrigue me. They’re beautiful, light, free. They flutter wherever they wish. They spend their days dancing in the sunshine and smelling the flowers.

But they weren’t always like that. They start out as crappy little caterpillars. These weird wormy things with legs. The kind of thing where when you see it, you almost want to just squash it because omg, ew.

Do you really want that landing on your leg? Me either.

But out of that creepy crawly thing comes a soaring beautiful butterfly. It’s kind of like a lot of people I know, actually. They keep themselves wrapped up in a cocoon and eventually they shine like a butterfly.

I also like butterfly kisses and butterflies in my tummy from someone special, but that’s totally different. 🙂

So that’s my Love Thursday of the week. Butterflies.

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Love Thursday

love thursday

Like my fancy pants handdrawn sign? LOL! I got this wacom today as a gift and I was trying it out. I’m not especially artistic, but I wanted it, so I got it. I won’t subject you guys to too many of my horrible drawings. I might make you read my bad handwriting a lot, though.

Anyway, my Love Thursday today isn’t about my new present. Today it’s about one of the most important things in my life. My little baby, Holly.

Oh hai!

I’ve talked about her in here before, but it’s been a while. Holly is my little apology gift, my little shelter baby. My RLBF and I had gotten into one of our extremely rare fights, and instead of telling me he was sorry, he told me to go to our local animal shelter and pick out a kitty. My RLBF isn’t especially romantic or demonstrative and while we don’t fight much, when we do he usually just buys me something as a way to say he’s sorry. This was one of my better gifts. 🙂

Holly is really my life at this point, since I don’t have kids. She sleeps in front of my keyboard, she plays fetch with balled up plastic bags, she sleeps on top of my head most nights. Other nights she sleeps like this.


She’s a pretty pretty spoiled princess. She didn’t like drinking out of a bowl on the floor, so she has a short juice glass next to her dish, and a glass on my desk, too. Only filtered water, please. [We won’t talk about one time when I caught her drinking out of the toilet. Even princesses slum it once in a while.] She likes to take her naps in a nest of blankets on the couch. She is the ruler of the house.

But c’mon…if you woke up to this face…wouldn’t you give her everything she wanted too? 🙂

Hey...what you eatin'?

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Love Thursday

So Love Thursday… I kinda forgot about it last week. Well, not forgot so much as just didn’t get to it. 🙂 And I don’t really have a specific theme this week, so we’ll just do this:

I love the first IMs of the day.

I love when certain names pop up on the right hand bottom of my screen.

I love sitting quietly with someone, knowing that words don’t always have to be spoken.

I love being told, “You have to see this!” and getting teleported out of nowhere.

I love random gifts that pop up out of nowhere for no other reason than the giver thought it would be something I liked.

I love parties with all my friends.

I love crazy Yahoo conversations & Plurk conversations.

I love how I’m inspired to build crazy things based on something silly my friends have talked about.

I love how I end my evenings loved and safe. ❤

And that’s my Love Thursday, the random things that I love that make up my SLife. 🙂

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Love Thursday

This Love Thursday post is without pictures, but hopefully I get my point across without them.

This is dedicated to the men in my life. I’ve done countless posts about the women that grace my life. They are my jewels and my flowers, my strength and my inspiration. But so often the men get overlooked, or at the very least, they don’t get as much blog time. They are the foundation, the ones who support and encourage so often from the sidelines while letting us shine.

I’ve been unbelievably blessed to have some amazing men in my life, both in the physical world and in Second Life. My father, who still works a long long day at almost 71 [71 on Monday, actually], so that he can make sure that I have anything I’ve ever wanted. My RLBF, who even though our relationship is not your typical romantic thing and he annoys me to death 95% of the time, has been there for me and taken care of me through some of the worst times of my life. He is the one who has literally picked me up off the floor when I thought I would die. My two “best gays,” the ones who have been with me since high school, the bravest men I know. They came out to me in such a way that was gentle and kind, letting me know that although they had both tried to be with me in a romantic sense, I was in no way at fault for “turning” them.

And my male friends in SL. Where would I be without them? It is not a secret that over the past year, I had pushed so many away. To my surprise, some would not let themselves be pushed. They waited, quietly supporting me, willing to be there in whatever capacity I wanted them. They are the ones who accepted my apologies without question, told me that they were unnecessary [they are necessary], and took me back without judgment. Some did not, and I do not blame them. They are equally important as they have taught me a life lesson that I believed I learned as a teen, and somehow forgot along the way.

The men in my SLife are amazing, brilliant, funny, talented, sometimes without filter but never cruel, and loving. They are the kind of men that your mother always told you that you should meet. I love each of them in their own unique way, and I would never change a thing about any of them. Some I have known for long time, some have recently worked their way into my life, but I appreciate and cherish each one for being exactly who he is.

So there you have it, my Love Thursday post, complete with tears because I am a girly girl. Not that they would have it any other way.

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Love Thursday

Before you read my Love Thursday post, you have to go read Sophia’s because she made me cry.


My Love Thursday love is random snapshots. My friends know that whenever we’re out somewhere, there’s probably a good chance I caught a picture of whatever we just did. It’s part of what makes me pretty good at what I do on WTFug, because I’m quick at snapping the photo before they run off. But I do take a LOT of pictures in SL.

Unfortunately, I take SO many, I have about 20 folders named “Resize” and at any given time I have almost a 100 pictures on my desktop. I’d guess 90% of them never get seen. A lot of them get deleted, some just get tucked away in my SL folder, and then the rest go up on the blog or just hang out in Flickr.

Here are a few that I don’t *think* have ever made it to the blog.

Sehra, Nikki and me at Perv Point, which is no longer in existence.

Perv Point

Bone getting in touch with his …uh…feminine side.


Me, chillin’ at Lelutka with the Harlow-Sodwinds.

Me and the Sodwinds.

Oh, just sitting on flan, looking at the cutie Uni-Aisuru.


Booty poppin’ on Nikki. She loves it!

Booty on Nikki

For some reason, the center prim of this hair was in my mouth. Like a hairsquare, not a hairball.

Mouth box!

Nikki & Sehra came to save me from this crazy guy that was at the lucky chair I was stalking. He eventually left. I think he was scared.

XXL Chairs

And taken just today, my most prized random snapshot. New World Notes journalist Hamlet Au bows down to me. That’s right. You bow! LOL! Of course, then I gave him swine flu. That’s how I roll.

Hamlet bows to me.