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A little Tantric action for ya.

I get a little giddy when I get to review something from Belle Belle because I always know I’m going to love it. I had seen the photo for the new Lucky Board gift before I was asked to review it, and I had already planned on stalking the board.

The Tantric Lovin’ gift is so so cute! A pretty little “snowglobe,” it’s the perfect place to relax with somebody special and just get away from it all. So I grabbed my somebody special and forced him into posing with me. [Actually, I think he was making dinner as I moved us all around, but that’s ok.]

Review - Belle Belle - Tantric Lovin

Coming in at 62 prims, it’s filled with pillows and candles and I just love the pretty beadwork around the base. The inside of the globe has very light sparkly particles, so I set us up in a “space” type box along with some super cute stars I stumbled across in my inventory and now can’t stop playing with.

But of course the best thing about the globe is that it’s menu driven, with 4 poses for you and your special someone. When you first click on it, choose the option to Rez Hearts. That will put the poseball hearts outside of the globe so you can easily sit before moving inside.

Review - Belle Belle - Tantric Lovin - Meditate

Review - Belle Belle - Tantric Lovin - Together

Review - Belle Belle - Tantric Lovin - Close

Review - Belle Belle - Tantric Lovin - Entwine

I did get a comment out of that last pose. “Flexible!” Hehe, yes.

While you’re out stalking the Lucky Board at Belle Belle to get this fabulous gift, be sure you also hit up the Midnight Mania board. I think that the Luna set is almost complete, and I know I can’t wait to see what’s coming up next because Leyla is ALWAYS super super generous in her gifting. And if I’m not mistaken, you can still look for the hunt gift from the Discovery Hunt, that amazing BBQ patio set I blogged before.

Have fun stalking the board! Believe me, it’s worth it!

Also shown in this post:

Skin: Kimberly in Natural by Free Speerit
Eyes: Open Ocean by Miriel
Lashes: Diva lashes by Lelutka
Hair: Amber in platinum by Truth
Dress: Sunset Boulevard in purple by Armidi Gisaci
Shoes: Pinup in black by Stiletto Moody

I’ll probably get this wrong, but I think Noel is wearing a Cambridge shirt by Armidi, the winter coat by Alphamale, jeans by WMD, shoes by Soreal, skin by Redgrave, and hair by Naughty Designs. But who’s really looking at the guy anyway, right? 😉

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Midnight Mania & Lucky Boards at Belle Belle!

Belle Belle is a furniture store that I became aware of back in February, but hadn’t really had the opportunity to purchase anything because I wasn’t in need of furniture at the time. But I always remembered it and would visit from time to time when I was sick of shopping for clothes or hair. [It happens!]

I was very excited to learn of the new Midnight Mania and Lucky Board at Belle Belle! I’m really getting into the Midnight Mania thing lately! [If you don’t know what it is, you go to a store with an MM board, click it to get registered, and at midnight if the quota of registrations have been met, everyone who got in on it gets the prize delivered to them. It’s fun!]

Belle Belle is offering their Luna living room set in the Midnight Mania board currently, but only one piece at a time. This week is the cutie Luna coffee table with the bowl of floating candles & flowers.

Review - Belle Belle - Luna coffee table

Review - Belle Belle - table bowl

The bowl is more rounded, SL wasn’t letting me get close without it looking a bit angled. 🙂

I really love this table! I’m actually having a house custom built for me right now, and I think I might have to choose colors that will fit this set because it is just so so nice. The daily quota of signups on the MM board is 100, so if you want it, make sure you get in on it at some point this week, and tell your friends! If you miss it, you can buy it for $75L. Next week the table will be taken out and the Luna chair of the set put in.

Speaking of chairs, in the lucky board is this very awesome couples’ cuddle chair called “A Quiet Time.” Don’t get excited, that’s just the boy Alicia that I use for poseball setting. :-p But for those of you who actually have someone to cuddle with, you’ll love it!

Review - Belle Belle - A Quiet Moment chair

Review - Belle Belle - A Quiet Moment couples chair

The chair is a little primmy at 44 prims, but it is so worth it. It’s just adorable!! It even rocks back and forth. This is a lucky board exclusive, so you won’t be able to buy it. The lucky boards [there are 2 with the same item] run for 30 minutes.

I think I may have to go back to Belle Belle and see what else I can buy buy!

Belle Belle mainstore – SLurl

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Get lucky at JE*Republic!

There’s a new lucky chair dress at the fabulous store of JE*Republic!

La Plume comes with 2 options of skirt – with the jewel or without. Without the jewel, you get a nice high slit in the skirt to show off those sexy legs.

JE*Republic - La Plume - with jewel

JE*Republic - La Plume - without jewel

I love this dress because it’s sexy, but refined. You can go out and be sure that you’ll be beautiful, but you’re not giving away the farm. If you are doing The Most Random Hunt Ever, another La Plume dress is available in the hunt. Be sure to stop by the store and pick yours up!!

Also worn in this post:

Skin: ‘Meows In The Nude’ by Belleza
Hair: ‘Sick Muse’ by lamb
Eyes: ‘Earth’ by Miriel [free in the demo pack]
Shoes: PinUp by Stiletto Moody
Poses by Imperial Elegance

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Lucky Chair Bear & More Linden Bears!

My life is full of bears lately, and I love it!! Bears have played a huge part of my life since I was just a baby, starting with Winnie The Pooh. So being in SL and having all these bears is awesome!

Jungeun Vella of JE*Republic dropped a super cutie bear on me last night. It’s the new Lucky Chair item at the store, special for Valentine’s Day!

JE*Republic Lucky Chair Bear

Isn’t it adorable? I want to snuggle it! The best part is that unlike most lucky chair gifts, this one is transferable! So if there’s someone special you want to give a gift to, and you’re low on $L, go stalk that chair at JE*Republic!!

And I love my friends. They’re helping me out big time with my collecting of Linden bears!! One thing I’ve noticed is that people LOVE Molly Linden. Well, everyone who has had to deal with sim issues. I know Molly was super helpful when I was getting my sim, and it seems like others share that experience too. Yay Molly Linden!!

But I got 2 more Linden bears, and they are sooooo cute!!

Beach Bears

That’s Alexa and Blondin, just hanging out on the beach with me. Yeah, we brought our own pools. That’s just the way we roll. Except for Blondin, who is metal and would rust.

If you want to help me out with my collection, feel free!!

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I have nothing to say, so here’s some pics!

Again it was time for another clean up of my desktop with pictures that haven’t made it into the blog. I snap pics like mad. I just don’t always show them. A bunch are garden party pics too, since I never showed those.

I got inspired after getting a freebie witch outfit because I’m a HUGE Wicked fan, and the green skinned witch just screamed Elphaba!! Then I had to dress up as Galinda too. Because you know, what’s one without the other?

I totally love Wicked!

Cen and I picked up these “Wanted” posters. You wear them. lol

I'm wanted. lmao

I had to mute this girl at Rockberry. She was being completely annoying. Yes, she was humping on the chair or something.

Really annoying girl.

A bunch of Garden Party pictures. I didn’t get all that I wanted because I was starting to get lagged out.

Garden party again

Garden Faerie

Lawless & Dove

Dyami & Cen

Elora & Merrick

More garden party

This girl came running in while I was sitting around stalking the Elate lucky chair. I thought she looked TOO cool!!

She looked too cool.

Me stalking the lucky chair at Jaywalk. I STILL haven’t won anything.

Waiting at Jaywalk

Emerald & me in our cool new Halloween afros.

Emerald & me in afros

Riotvend madness. I did get the outfit, though. Great skirts, a little too MUCH for my frame. But I will wear them.


My favorite find of the week: The broom from Little Heaven!! I love this thing!

Little Heaven broom

That’s pretty much how my week went. lol Last night Emerald gave us this lucky chair HUD that pretty much has every junky lucky chair in SL installed on it, but we were having a BLAST last night with everyone running around picking up just … STUFF. I got some houses & buildings I might be able to use, though!! And more than anything, we just had so much fun. The “afterhours” crew all get kind of silly and punchy as the night goes on. We spent probably 2 hours at Zaara with Sai waiting to see if she’d ever win the lucky chair. This horrible girl with bad hair named Quinn stole the wildcard right out from under her and said she’d been waiting 2 days. Honey, no Q in SL waits 2 days for ANYTHING in a lucky chair. The only other letter that comes up more is X!! Next time, use your story on noob lucky chair hunters.

Tonight…I don’t know what tonight holds. I may just hang out in my house and try to sort some inventory. Or maybe see about decorating a part of the island for Halloween. I don’t really have any need to shop, and there are no sales that I feel it necessary to hit up. I guess we’ll see how it goes.

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Lucky Chair Lessons

*taps on the blackboard*

Settle down, kids. It’s time for Miss Alicia to give you all an etiquette lesson. Today’s topic?


There are some simple, very simple, rules to follow when stalking a lucky chair. Especially if it’s a lucky chair that has a crowd around it.

1. Don’t act like an asshole.

This includes banging around into people, rezzing big things out to block views, using gestures that spam the screen for more than a couple of lines, or just being generally annoying. Yes, yes, waiting for your letter to come up can be boring, but this is a chance for you to organize that massive inventory, catch up with friends on your list, or meet some people that are standing around.

2. Wait your turn.

If you show up and someone with your same letter has been there waiting, you MUST NOT grab the chair before the first person has a chance. I don’t care who you THINK you are. It is very unfair if you pop in and grab the item when someone with that letter has been waiting for an hour. The only exception to this rule is if the person waiting doesn’t respond within 1 minute. If you truly want to be nice, if a wildcard is drawn, let someone who has been waiting grab it first, but only if they act fast.

3. Get it and go.

Once you have your item, leave the store. For really awesome chairs, such as the one at Crimson Shadow, there’s often a crowd. Once you have the item, you don’t need it again, so get out of there and let someone have your spot. Don’t put the item on and flounce around in it. [See #1.] And don’t stay to grab another. You don’t need it, and they’re usually non-transferrable anyway.

By following these very simple rules, your lucky chair experience can be a good one for you and for everyone around you. Remember, if you do someone wrong at a lucky chair, you may find yourself blogged about.