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Biscuit & Me

I’m still totally in love with my Meeroo. I think I just like the whole vibe of the thing. Everyone I have talked to is really relaxed with it, hardly anyone is all “OMG IF I JUST HAVE A GOOD ONE, I CAN SELL IT AND RETIRE FOREVER!” with the money thing. Most people are just happy and having fun. And I’m still just totally in love with the cuteness!!

Biscuit and me

I realize SL breedables have a shelf life of about 3 months before people get bored/tired/frustrated with them and move on to something new, but while I’m still into it, I’m having an awful lot of fun!

Ulaa decided she needed a meeroo, too. I made a little island on my parcel and now our meeroos [Biscuit, Gravy, and Buttah] hop around happily on their own little island. I love it. I sit there and just hang out with the meeroos happily. We even have a fellowship – Lima Heights Adjacent. Our meeroos will endz you.

I guess I’ll go back and play with my meeroo.

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Over the past week or so, I’ve had black streaks in my hair whenever I try to take a picture with shadows. Someone on plurk said they had the same issue and a fresh install of SL fixed it. Thinking about it, I realized that I haven’t done a fresh, clean install of SL in WELL over a year. I just keep installing new viewers and updating on top of everything. Back when I used to help run a little browser based game site, once in a while we’d do a complete fresh install of the game. It made everyone lose a lot of what they had earned, but it’s not like anyone paid to play, and we always gave them some game money to replace things.

I set out to uninstall ALL the viewers on my system today. I had SEVEN different viewers. Seven!! After uninstalling, I went into my program files folder and my documents folder and deleted all the folders that were left over. I installed one viewer [LL’s beta viewer] and guess what? No black streaks in my hair, and everything was working pretty flawlessly! I didn’t crash when taking shadow pics even once, and was able to keep running around and all! So if you’re having loads of issues, copy your windlight settings to another folder [something you should do anyway if you have ones that you don’t want to lose] and do a fresh install. It might clean up some problems for you!

I’ve been working on the island today. I remember when I used to be more scared of terraforming and I didn’t want the island to change too much from how it was when I first moved there. Not so anymore. I have gone nuts on my parcel. Does it look good? Well, time will tell. I’m not done yet, and still need to invest in more landscaping items. Once I get my new house, then I can really finish up. But since I don’t have my house, Biscuit and I have been camping out in my trailer. At least, until today when I picked up the trailer and put down this taco stand.


Butterdish used to be one of my favorite places to go for pictures, but once I got over how pretty it was, I was also amazed at the funny little builds that were sold there for so very very cheap. I picked up that little stand last year sometime and once in a while, I remember that I have it.

Biscuit wasn’t that impressed. She fell asleep while ordering.

She's ordering!

Did I mention that she dug up a 500 regard point arrowhead last night? LOVE HER.

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I had told myself I would never ever get involved with another breedable in SL again after the whole cat thing. I didn’t need the hassle or to feel like I couldn’t express an opinion about it again, you know? But the Meeroos started to interest me. I knew they were cute. I knew some of my friends were taking more of an interest in logging into SL than they had done in a while. I’d heard tales of big shot creators dropping their work and running just because the Meeroo wanted a cuddle. I started to think more about getting one, especially since I don’t have much else to do in SL at the moment.

Then it happened. Sophia gave me a meeroo. She instructed me to go get a home and some food for the little creature. The food is pretty dirt cheap [$225L for a 4 week supply for 1 meeroo], and the home was only $250L. I figure if I grow bored of it, I pass the meeroo back to Sophia and all I’m really out is about the cost of a pair of plain shoes. Not a bad deal.

But oh! I wasn’t prepared for the CUTENESS.

Hey! Wake up!

I rezzed her out and she promptly curled up for a little nap. I gained a regard point on the HUD thing when the Oracle asked me a trivia question [gah! cuteness AND trivia! how can i resist?!], and Sophia helped me learn how to set the range and activity level for Biscuit. Her name was Sammy when she came to me, but I renamed her Biscuit in honor of my RL bestie.

I’m freakin’ in love with this thing right now. I picked her up and she grabbed her toes! After I put her back down and she woke up, she made the cutest little noises ever!! I watched her just gallop around while I sat and waited for more trivia questions from the Oracle.


Seriously, I cannot believe how SWEET these things are. Just as precious as can be!! I do not plan to breed Biscuit because A, I’d like to think that I have the ability to learn a lesson, and B, I really just want a pet to play with, but you never know what could happen. I don’t think I’ll breed her, though. She can stay virgin pure.

Thank goodness I got this. I was *this* close to thinking about adopting a kid avatar.

Oh, and I totally knocked my inventory count down tonight. No more 80k for me! I’m riding pretty at 74,900 and I realized I attach way too many memories and stuff to virtual goods.

Well, and I seem to be a packrat who forgets that in her inventory lies the dumbest things the grid has to offer. But hey, we all have our faults, am I right?

Inventory cleaning