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Day 59 – On the wall!!

So a few nights ago, Rainey Manx-Innovia [partner to Ikon Innovia, one of the better eyemakers in SL] asked if she could do my photo for IKON eyes, to stick on the wall and stuff. Naturally I said yes, because 1, I love IKON eyes, and 2, I’m fucking vain and love photos of myself. She did an amazing job on the photo! I’m using it as my profile pic now. Rainey told me that the picture would be their in the Fashion For Life store, and I thought it would just be a little picture on the side or something, maybe with some of the other girls that had their pics done, too.

So tonight I went to FFL [early blogger access for the WIN!!!] and I thought, “Oh, hey. I should go see my pic.” Nothing prepared me for this!

Day 59 - On The Wall!!


Fashion For Life opens tomorrow, and IKON is on the Dreamseeker Zeit sim. There are SO MANY DESIGNERS out there too. I’m about to run back and start looking around again. I saw some great stuff and gacha machines too!

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Day 202 – We’d be so fantastical

I almost got in a fight with Lady GaGa today.

So earlier this evening, I got to be an extra in one of GnomeAir Halostar‘s machinimas.

Omg, it's GnomeAir!

This was something I’d been wanting to do for a while, so I’m happy I was online when he wanted to shoot. [Or she… I’m not exactly sure if GnomeAir is male or female, but since I believe he’s male, we’ll go with that.]

When the call went out for extras in the actor group, someone asked what we were supposed to wear. GnomeAir said that if we had vampire stuff, cool, and if not, just come as we were. I happened to be already wearing one of my favorite dresses from Mischief, so I figured it was good enough. I was a little surprised at the girl who decided to come in …. well, I don’t know what that lingerie mess was supposed to be. Or how it related to the story. Oh, pay close attention to the other blonde girl in the ugly black dress.


The woman in the pink hair is Ravenelle, and she was to be like Willy Wonka’s great granddaughter because for some reason, this “Twilight” inspired story [Breaking Dawn, actually] took place in Wonka’s chocolate factory. I don’t know either, but like GnomeAir said, it’s all in the editing.

So. We get in there and we’re on bikes and we’re supposed to be flipping and jumping all over the place while GnomeAir as Bella gives birth. And that’s when I get IMed.

[18:46] LadyGaGa V—-: why are you copying me?

Remember how I said to pay attention to the girl in the ugly black dress? Yeah. That’s Lady GaGa. Why am I copying HER – even though SHE couldn’t come up with ANYTHING more original than Lady Freakin’ GaGa? Yeahhh.

[18:46] Alicia Chenaux: copying what? i’m laggeed out, i barely see anyone.
[18:46] LadyGaGa V—-: please change your outfit]

C’mon y’all, say it with me. “Bitch, please.”

[18:47] Alicia Chenaux: Uh, no?
[18:47] LadyGaGa V—-: please
[18:47] Alicia Chenaux: Nope.
[18:48] LadyGaGa V—-: we wont be able to tell each other apart in the movie
[18:48] Alicia Chenaux: Trust me, I always know what I look like. YOU change if you have such an issue with it.
[18:48] LadyGaGa V—-: ugh

What kind of person IMs someone in the middle of a REALLY lagged out filming area and asks them to change? I’ll tell you what kind. The attention whore kind.

[18:49] LadyGaGa V—-: i will be bella
[18:50] GnomeAir Halostar: whatthe frik im bella

It got worse.

[18:51] GnomeAir Halostar: anybody close to edward to change me?
[18:51] LadyGaGa V—-: il be edward-gaga

I guess to shut her up, she got to be Edward. And so she could figure out who she was, she took her skirt off. Yes. This is the girl who thinks she looks SO much like me, she won’t be able to figure out who she is in the movie.

Yeah, RIGHT.

Anyway, it was really a lot of fun, and I was totally happy to do it. Here’s a pic of the cast at the end. The video should be posted on Sunday evening, so I’ll post it here when it is.

The cast

After that fun, Ulaa and I went to be models for Evie. Evie will have much better pics, but I snapped this one of us and, as I like to do, overprocessed it to death. :-p But it’s going to be a beautiful ad. 🙂


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Day 113 – Fabulous, darling!

I had the chance to model for Eboni Khan of House of Hucci today for the Fabulous Fashion show. It was fun!! And made for a great 113th photo. Holy cow, 113. LOL


I grabbed a few more shots after the show. I apologize for the low quality, I had my settings turned down so that I wouldn’t crash.

Fabulous Fashion, Vintage, Dot, Gynni

Fabulous Fashion, Katey, Moo, me

Fabulous Fashion, 3/1/2010

Big thanks to Eboni for allowing me to model for her!! Fabulous Fashion shoots every Monday at 6pm SLT. It’s truly a fun experience, and I highly suggest you check it out!

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Day 91 – *squeak squeak*

Yikes, just realized I almost missed day 91! Noooooooo! LOL

Good day today. A pleasant change after yesterday. How-freakin’-ever…I lost my voice this afternoon. Do you guys know how BAD that is for me?? I’m chit-chatting allll day long, singing, humming, laughing. As quiet as I appear in-world, I’m actually quite chatty in my physical world on a daily basis. Not being able to talk…so bad. LOL My throat doesn’t hurt a bit, and I was talking fine this morning, I just don’t know what happened. Now I can whisper and squeak.

Anyway, I do have loads to talk about, but I’ll wait until tomorrow or Sunday.

For day 91, here’s the view I had earlier tonight while in a photoshoot. I know people usually think of SL modeling as being this glam thing, but really? Photoshoots can be kind of quiet while you have your eyes clicked on a box & the photographer takes pics. I still love it, though. 🙂


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Day 40 & Busy Bee

I’ve been a busy bee in SL lately. Which, you know, is probably a good thing. But checking my calendar, Friday is the last day I have anything officially scheduled this month. I’m sure something will pop up. 🙂

So what’s happening Friday? The Musashi-Do fashion show!

Show invite

I’m walking in this one and DJing it. I know, he’s a total slavedriver. :-p I’m actually really starting to like doing runway shows. I was quite happy as just a live or print model, but runway is just fun. Plus the models for SilverStar are AWESOME and they keep me laughing the whole time we’re doing shows.

I kinda think I should wear this hair for the show. Think I can get away with it?

Oh maybe?

That’s hair from Tukinowaguma. Darn that Emerald for talking about it one day. LOL! The hair over there is just so NUTS. I love it.

Speaking of Emerald, she passed me something last night because she wanted me to look gangsta with her and Heidi.

I have some crazy friends. LOL


That’s going to be my photo for Day 40. 🙂

My friend Gwendolyn asked me to DJ an ice skating party over on her sim, Hallelujah Azul, tonight at 6pm. It should be nice. I’ll be doing jazz, soft pop, and holiday tunes. That’s always fun for me, to play all the pretty love songs that I adore. 🙂 You guys should come out, there will be gifts and Santa!

I better get back to doing stuff.

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Day 37 & Fabulous Fashion

Day 37’s photo is not my usual carefully posed, prettily photoshopped photo. In fact, it wasn’t even taken by me. 🙂

37/365 - Fabulous Fashion

Today I modeled for SySy on the Fabulous Fashion show! SySy took that picture when the show was over and all the guests & models posed with host Angie Mornington. It was a pretty darn cool experience and I’m really happy I got to do it. 🙂

The show should be up tomorrow afternoon, so I’ll be able to post it here when it is.

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Lookin’ good and feelin’ gorgeous

Resting with Santa

Santa and I are resting. It’s going to be a busy weekend. 🙂

So I did my little turn on the catwalk tonight at the Winterstock show. It was SO much fun!! I was nervous, but by show time, I was just pumped and ready to go! I did have two minor heart attacks though. Once when I was trying to change into the second outfit and NOTHING was rezzing, and once when I crashed! LOL!! But in the end, it was great and everyone did a fantastic job.

The best part for me was seeing so so so many of my friends in the audience!! Way before the show started, I was asked if any of my friends were coming. By that time, SIX of them were in the audience! And more just kept coming as the show went on. Knowing they were out there, getting the good luck IMs… Well, it was simply amazing and I’m actually a little humbled by it.

So! The SL Blogger Meet-Up is THIS SUNDAY! 12 noon SLT on Bluebonnet. I hope to see you guys out here!! It should be fun. 🙂 I’m really really excited about it! Remember, we’ll be outside in the snow, so dress warm! 🙂

I need sleep!

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Day 34 & Jealousy


I’ve been thinking today about jealousy. I’m not a jealous person by nature. I used to be, back when I was much younger. When I was 17 I broke up with a guy because he merely DREAMED about another girl. I hated if someone was prettier than me [which was everyone], or if I wasn’t invited to go somewhere, or if my best friend got close to someone else.

But like I said, I was much younger. By the time you hit 30, you realize that sort of stuff is pretty stupid. Someone will always be prettier, your best friend is your BEST friend for a reason, and at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who your boyfriend talks to or dreams about because he still loves you and you’re the one he’s with.

I’ve never been the girl people were jealous about in the physical world. People don’t look at me and think “I’m so jealous of her beauty.” I don’t have a fabulous career, or loads of friends, or a husband, or any kids. Jealousy is simply not that big a part of my life.

So it comes as a surprise in Second Life when I get told frequently that this person or that person is jealous of me. My immediate response is always, “Dear God, why?” Believe me, I was always shocked when someone I was dating in SL was jealous if other guys spoke to me. Someone being jealous of me because of my SLife…it spins my head. What I do and have done is nothing more than what anyone could do, right? Why be jealous? It makes no sense to me.

The thing about jealousy is that it’s draining. It drained me back when I was constantly asking “Who’s that bitch?” to my boyfriends or friends. It drains me now wondering if I can talk about things that are good in my life without someone getting their panties in a twist over it. I know that their jealousy is not actually my problem, but at the same time, I feel BAD. It makes me pity them for not being able to realize that behind a nice looking avatar is a person who sits around in pajama pants praying each day that the next phone call from home is not a bad one.

That’s my big deep thought for the day. Take it however you wish.

And don’t get jealous over this, but tonight is the Winterstock Fashion Show at 7pm SLT. I’ll be walking the runway in 3 designs. I’m so so excited for it. 🙂 I’ve been trying to make sure that each of my outfit folders are JUST right so when I change, I don’t mess up. This is my first official show with the SilverStar Modeling Agency and I don’t want them to wonder why they signed me on. LOL

I’m sneezing like crazy [I have a small cold.] so I think it’s time for more drugs.

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An Off Day

I’m having an “off” day today. Mostly because I’m coming down with a cold, I think. But, I need to shake off the bad because I’m DJing for holiday party tonight. 🙂

A few days ago, my friend Shiryu asked if I’d put on one of his Brocade Princess dresses and pose with him for an ad for his store. Wear a gorgeous dress and pose with a handsome man? Yeah, let me think twice about it. LOL I figured he’d just use it for the store, like for profile picks and landmarks. Little did I know…

I'm tall!

He made the photo 80 feet tall for his satellite store out at Frank’s Place!! And yes, I was vain enough to go look at myself. Who wouldn’t do that? 🙂

That is, btw, one of the gowns I’ll be modeling in the Winterstock fashion show on Friday.

Don’t forget that the SL Blogger Meet-Up for December is being hosted on Bluebonnet on Sunday at 12pm SLT. Guenevere DeCuir is DJing, so it should be great. 🙂 The dance area isn’t ready yet, but if you want to come sit on Santa’s lap or ice skate on the rink with Frosty, be my guest. The parcel will be closed except to Bluebonnet residents & a few others on Saturday evening until the party just so I can finish working on the area. 🙂 Remember, everyone is invited to the party!