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We go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong!

Tonight was a quieter vacation night for us. Our girls opted for an early bedtime, so the rest of us headed to the movie area to watch Grease, since Payton has neverrrr seen it.

Vacation movie night

If there is ever a chance for me to sit on my favorite seat, I always take it. What? He’s totally comfortable and I’m too cute to sit just anywhere.

He's my favorite seat

Takeo and Lolita are sooooo cute, right? 🙂 Well, of course they are. We don’t let unphotogenic people in the family!

Lolita and Takeo on movie night

Payton and Riley were mostly listening to the movie, I think. Payton wasn’t feeling so well [I think she got the ‘bola], so she had to go to bed early.

Payton and Riley on movie night

Tomorrow night, we have our family street dance! I can’t wait! We have our more formal “end of vacation” dance coming up, but this one is a casual fun dance for the family. Woot!!

Oh, the movie is almost over. Goodnight!

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I love these nuts!

I have a parcel available on Bluebonnet! It’s a small parcel, 2944sqm and 673 prims, and is a corner lot. It is NOT pre-decorated, you get to do all of that. 🙂 We’re a fairly quiet, family friendly sim. If you’re interested, send me an IM in world, or if you have me on plurk, you can private plurk me there and I’ll give more details!

I just realized the title of this could be totally dirty. IT’S NOT. We’re having family movie night and watching The Nut Job. My family is a bit nutty, so… it’s fitting. 😀

I love these nuts!

You’d think with it being summer, we’d have a lot more time to spend together, but it’s been the opposite since we all pretty much have been doing more RL things for now. So being able to get together tonight is super nice. 🙂

They opened up registration for summer camp counselors already and I’m kind of bummed that I can’t do it. I was hoping to have a new computer by now but it hasn’t been possible. I run slow and sluggish and being around that many kids daily, I’d be crashing left and right. So I’ll just have to stay behind and send my kiddos off to camp. This will be Brianna’s first time ever, and I know Abby is excited to have her sister go with her. I’m crossing my fingers that they get into the same cabin, but cabin assignments are totally random. Well, except for the boys since there aren’t as many of them and they all get in the same cabin. Still, I hope they do get in the same cabin! It’ll be easier on me if I can get them both all the same color stuff. *laughs*

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Day 291 – Squishes

Some afternoons, you just need some squishes. 🙂

Day 291 - Squishes

Monday night, I almost divorced Aldwyn. Do you want to know why? It’s pretty huge. He told me… he said… He said he had NEVER SEEN THE HUNGER GAMES.


So right now we’re over at my sister’s house with some of the family watching the movie. I’ve seen it like 10,000 times, so I don’t have to pay a lot of attention, but of course I’m listening even though I could probably quote this movie word for word.

They’re about to go to the arena, so I better get back to the movie.

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Day 287 – Popcorn and Pickles

Another fun movie night with the family! 🙂 It was just the adults this time since all our littles went to bed early. Although we do have fun when it’s just us, we do miss our little ones! But it was still a good movie, and my sister and I discovered we both love to eat pickles with our popcorn. Must be a family thing!

Before I headed over to Lolita and Takeo’s house for the movie, I was trying to decide what to wear. While I was searching through my inventory, I looked at myself in RL. I am allllll about comfort in my clothing when I’m at home. Yeah, when I go out I will suffer with tight things just to look cute. But at home? Nope! And I’m usually very cold in my house at night, but I don’t like to be overly warm either. So I will wear comfy shorts, a t-shirt, a sweater, fun socks, and sometimes my knock-off Ugg boots that I would never wear out of the house in a billion years but totally wear at home.

SO [good God, can I drag out a story.], I figured that since it’s been almost 3 months that we’ve been family, it was time to unleash the full force of my bad fashion sense on them and dressed myself similar to what I was wearing in the RL.

Day 287 - Popcorn and Pickles

Luckily for me, they think I’m pretty cute no matter what I wear.

But of course, they are kind of biased. 🙂

This time change is throwing me all kinds of off, and it was a super long day, so it’s definitely time for bed.

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Day 276 – But we won’t look at the shark parts!

Some of my favorite times are when we have movie night with the family. 🙂 Tonight’s movie is Swiss Family Robinson. It’s super old [like older than Aldwyn even!] but I’ve never seen it.

Of course, then you have stuff like this said during it…

[20:36] Alicia Chenaux-Zanzibar: wait… how long have they been on this island now?
[20:36] ℳŕ Takeo Oleander: 37 minutes

[20:39] Alicia Chenaux-Zanzibar: Oh c’mon, Francis!!
[20:39] Abby Snowfield: ehehe
[20:40] Abby Snowfield: ostrich
[20:40] ℳŕ Takeo Oleander: Im kinda hopin he gets eaten
[20:40] ℳŕ Takeo Oleander: whos with me?

[20:44] Abby Snowfield: she is tryin to say they all die virgins
[20:44] Alicia Chenaux-Zanzibar: lmao!!!

[20:48] Aldwyn Zanzibar: uh oh, seems like a brokeback moment
[20:48] Abby Snowfield: lmao!
[20:48] Abby Snowfield: lols.
[20:48] Alicia Chenaux-Zanzibar face palms.
[20:48] ℳŕ Takeo Oleander: uh oh lol
[20:48] Abby Snowfield: ✦✧HaHaHa✦✧
[20:48] Abby Snowfield: dies
[20:49] Alicia Chenaux-Zanzibar: only my family would make a disney movie dirty.

At least we look good. LOL

Day 276 - But we won't look at the shark parts

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Day 180 – Hold On To This Lullaby

I’ve watched The Hunger Games probably 3 times this weekend. In addition to the 4 times I saw it in the theater and the few times I’ve seen it on bluray… well, I guess you could say I’m a fan. 🙂 At the end of the movie is song I really love, which is where the title of today’s post comes from.

I’m really tired and not feeling particularly well at the moment, so that’s all you get from me tonight.

Day 180 - Hold On To This Lullabye

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Day 137 – More Movies

I set up our own little movie area on Bluebonnet tonight. The Cheeky Pea & Pilot collab for Collabor88 was just screaming at me to be set up. Plus I got to finish watching Footloose, which I rented a few days ago to watch on our tv in our house.

Day 137 - More Movies

I hadn’t planned on ever watching the remake of Footloose. I am a HUUUUUGE fan of the original. But I will say, as far as remakes go, this was pretty decent. They stuck fairly close to the original, even down to things that were said and songs that were used. I wouldn’t buy the movie for keeps, but this is a 7 day clearance rental from Lightening Video, so it only cost me $199L. 80 cents worth of entertainment? Sure!

So last night was a little sad for me because two of my friends decided to move off the island. I have been expecting it because now that they’re together in RL, that is obviously their focus, as it should be. But I honestly adore my renters, and losing any of them is hard for me! But, Ulaa decided she wanted the spot since her first parcel is usually completely full with all her builds. So now she can build on one parcel and live on the other. And it saves me from having to find someone else, although within 10 minutes of posting on plurk that I had a spot, I had people asking about it. That’s always a good feeling!

Mmm…I guess it’s time for more terraforming since my slavedriver of a husband keeps asking me about it. :-p

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Day 136 – This Movie Made Me Want Watermelon

Movie night with the Oleanders tonight! Brownie points if you can guess the movie. 🙂

Day 136 - This Movie Made Me Want Watermelon

I couldn’t wait any longer, so our autumn grass came a day early to Bluebonnet. As much as I think beaches are nice, I just wasn’t feeling the whole summer beachy vibe this year. Even doing a “Martha’s Vineyard” style beach this year wasn’t what I wanted really. I’m so much happier with the grass, especially the darker grasses we use for the autumn. Once our new house is prepared, I can really get to work on the parcel and see how well my ideas work with my skill level.

Maybe one of you will know the answer to this, as I’m still pretty uneducated about the whole pathfinding thingy in Second Life. I’ve chosen to turn it off for now on the island, simply because I don’t really know WHAT it does and because I don’t really think that we need it. But whenever I terraform, it starts to tell me that I need to rebake the region. What exactly is rebaking doing? And why do I need to do it when I terraform? It’s not the same thing as saving the terrain file, I know that much. I wish someone would just put out a very easy to understand page on the whole pathfinding thing.