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Day 34 – Polly wanna give me money?

So first things first. Remember when I said I had newsssss? Well, guess what? I’m a SLuicide Girl! The blog is NSFW, btw. Most all the dirty pics are behind cuts but sometimes a stray boob pops out. My SLG character is Trixie Belle. No, you won’t be seeing Trixie having wild SLex with lots of men. Trixie is a married lady! 🙂 This is really exciting for me because most of my blog posts are not these well planned out things. Well, like I really have to tell YOU guys that. Posts like the Thanksgiving Eve post or even the day I babysat Emma were pulled out of my head in about 10 minutes. [Rylan and Sixx spent more time with their posts and pics than I did, which was pretty apparent. LOL] Even my fashion posts are usually “Oh I put this together today. HURRY! STAND SOMEWHERE AND TAKE A PICTURE.” To actually make a little story and find poses and plan everything out is different for me! And of course the subject matter is VERY different! But I think I’m going to really really enjoy it. And yep, I have Aldwyn’s full support! I would NOT be doing this sort of thing if he was uncomfortable with it. That’s what partnerships are about, ya know.

So earlier tonight I ended up at the Old Orientation Stations at Dore. There’s a section of the Destination Guide called Second Life Origins and there’s all these old places to visit, either again or for the first time. This place basically has the tutorials that the first residents of SL went through back in 2003. Most of the tutorials are basically still business as usual. But then I came across this parrot. And I remember this parrot from my own orientation [which actually happened a month after I joined SL since I was immediately teleported to a club within about 5 minutes of rezzing into SL].

Day 34 - Polly wanna give me money

Now this parrot said if I wanted some money, I just had to ask for a kiss. So I did.

No money.

Not that I was expecting any, of course. God knows that parrot is old as heck & the script inside is probably broken.

Oh, but if you go, don’t fly over to the Orientation Island Public. I made the mistake of doing that and as I got closer, I heard people talking on voice. None of the people sitting around appeared to be new since they had last names, and they were all basically calling each other names. I know most newbies start somewhere else now, and probably most of them don’t go to the public island, but if I were brand new and my first experience with SL was a bunch of people standing around using bad language and picking on each other, I’d probably leave and never come back!!

But that’s a post for another day.