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The night was just ducky! :)

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t go out a lot in SL. I will go shopping, but I’m usually perfectly content to stay on the island, sitting on a bunny in the garden, IMing with my group. I know a lot of people would find that boring and a waste of my SL time, but to me it’s great. It’s my escape from the worries of my non-online life, and I’m happy.

But tonight was not one of those nights. 🙂 I was out inspecting some dances when I saw a cute DJ animation. My friend Tristan, who is also a DJ, wanted to come see it too. From there we stuck together, shopping for new dances and trying to find pink shoes. LOL We got matchy matchy and went to a pool party for the rezday of one of her friends.

Tris & Me

We were confronted with a huge watermelon ass, and a girl who could NOT stop doing stupid poofer stuff until the hosts of the party asked her to stop, but the music was good. 🙂 RLBF was bugging me about the Christmas tree during the party, so I missed some of it, but I didn’t know anyone there except Tris anyway, so it’s not like they missed me. LOL!

Eva let us know that she was at a new club and GoSpeed was DJing, so we grabbed our duckies and headed on over. It was fun! Especially when more of the group showed up to dance!

Beach Party

DJ GoSpeed

Get down!

Don’t I have beautiful friends? 🙂

We ended the night on the island, because Sehra had gone home already and we couldn’t let her go home alone. And because we like to bother people. :-p She tried to hide behind the couch and pretend she wasn’t home, but we totally saw her. Then we realized that Kharisma hadn’t been around us for our onigokko phase, so ….


I think we ran for an hour. How do you think we keep such lovely figures?

I could have been really down tonight. There’s some RL junk going on with my family that I’m not happy about. It would have been SO easy for me to sit alone in the skybox and stay quiet while I sorted inventory. I kind of thought that I’d just be on my own tonight. But because of my friends, my beautiful, low drama, crazy, funny friends, I had a wonderful night. Thanks, ladies. Thank you so much. 🙂

Oh, and I had GoSpeed play this tonight, because it’s been in my head for the past few days. LOL Enjoy!

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The most wonderful night!

As you guys have probably read on other blogs by now, my group of wonderful friends threw me a surprise birthday party last night! It wasn’t even my birthday, which made it all that much more surprising! LOL! [My birthday is coming up but circumstances would have made it impossible for certain people to be there and so I’m so happy they did it last night.] It was also Tymmerie’s birthday too!!! So if you didn’t say happy birthday to her, interrupt her honeymoonin’ to do that. 😉

Levi told me that Cen put the whole thing in motion. How the group was able to do this without using group notices, group chat, or letting me catch on, I have NO clue. Meara provided the party spot on her island and it was decorated SO wonderfully!! Levi had me thinking we were going to go do something else and Cen had been telling me that we’d go shop or something last night since she didn’t think Dyami would be on, and so while I was IMing with her, Levi was teleporting me and then I show up and … surprise!!! These crazy fools even had special Happy Birthday Ali gestures made!!! I cried for at least the first 20 minutes after we got there, I was so touched.

The party was SO much fun!!!! I was surrounded by those I love most, I got to meet new friends, I got to listen to Kellee make her DJ debut [she learned how just for the party!] and she was AWESOME. Such great music! And let’s not forget to mention the PRESENTS!! LOL! You guys really really shouldn’t have. But you all know my tastes and style well, down to the wads of cash I received. 😀 I even got a pancakes platter!! Don’t think I’m not gonna be whipping THAT out everywhere I go now. I’m going to be clothes shopping and pose shopping all week. Levi gave me a box CRAMMED full of stuff, clothes, jewelry and dances!!! Of course I had to try on everything and dance around the skybox before we could settle down for snuggles. LOL But really, the party could have been my only present and I would have been completely happy. Um, not that I’m giving you guys your gifts back. 😉

We even had a frantic outbreak of Onigokko, and did it up in the style that my group is accustomed to – with crazy avatars and attachments. LMAO Sai said she got a video of it, so I’ll be sure to share that with you all whenever she gets it posted. 🙂

There are pictures of the party on various blogs and on Levi’s Snapzilla page, so be sure to check those out. I even managed to get some. 🙂

Birthday - Entrance

Birthday girl Tymmerie!!!

Birthday - Another birthday girl!!

This cracked me up. I was taking a picture of Tymmerie and just as I went to click, GoSpeed ran across in front. For some reason, that TOTALLY cracked me up!

Birthday - GoSpeed!

Dancing with my baby. 🙂

Birthday - Dancing

Cen has Canadian pride!

Birthday - Canadian Pride


Birthday - Onigokko!!

I don’t know why, but a barefoot cupcake makes me laugh. Watch the hammer!

Birthday - Cupcake smash?


Birthday - Stay-Puft

Just…crazy. LOL

Birthday - Oh the craziness

Thank you guys so much for one of the most marvelous nights I’ve ever had. I have said it several times, but I truly am blessed to have such wonderful, giving, caring, crazy, funny, amazing people in my life. There is nothing I could say in words that would ever express my gratitude. So thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. 🙂 ❤

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Randomosity – Part 11 – More piccies!

I just realized I haven’t shown any pictures lately!! And since I’m stalling on going back to texture my store, I thought I’d show some random pics that are on my desktop. 🙂

I gave Calista some LOLCat pics. She missed her frame and stuck it on the ceiling. I think the pic is pretty fitting to that smooth move. LOL

Calista has the dumb.



We went to onigokko around a dildo tree and things got out of hand. The Stay-Puft man lost his top and was all legs. I almost fell off the chair laughing. The owner of the gallery where we were hanging out came by, told us to turn off our onigokko music [we were the only ones there, btw], and then hit us up for donations.

Fat legs

Levi went into work late today, but I forced him to snuggle me before he left. I’m sure it was torture for him. 😉

Afternoon snuggles

Ok…guess I’ll log in and see what I can do about my store. I HATE TEXTURING. But it has to be done. I can’t leave it all crazy and plywood floors and stuff. Plus I need to go rent my stream for tonight. DISCO BABY!

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This morning, Penn sent the Ch’Know group a gift of fire twirly sticks courtesy of his friend Kabaka Kwaszes, who seems to have taken a shine to the girls of the group. [Not that I blame him. We are highly gorgeous and awesome women.] A few of us met Kabaka one morning as we tested out his fireworks thing, which was loads of fun.

Levi and I were hanging out when the present came through, so immediately we had to get up and dance with our new toys. Well, we had to put on clothes…but that’s just good sense when playing with fire. Not that we put much on. LOL

Fire dancing!!

Fire Dancing

And then, because it never gets old and it makes me laugh so freakin’ much…

Fire Onigokko!!!

Fire Onigokko!!!

We must have done onigokko for about 30 minutes while we chatted with the group and took pics. You can go over to Levi’s Snapzilla to see a couple more pics he took this morning. I always suggest you go over there anyway, because he sometimes catches pics of me that I wouldn’t have. 🙂

I told Calista that almost all of my pictures lately are of onigokko. LOL But pictures don’t usually do it justice, so go over to Sai’s blog to check out her onigokko videos.

I’m starving. I logged in and Levi is playing piano, but he’s so good, he can do it while he’s Away. LOL So I’m not going to go eat until he comes back so I can say hi. 🙂

My piano man

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lmfao…words can’t explain.

Another super fun party. For as much “I don’t like country!” that went on the past few days, everyone had a BLAST and we even had a big discussion on southern foods that perked my appetite right up! Not to mention I’m dying for a moon pie now! :-p

Now, Cen’s blog has a hysterical retelling of the party tonight. Calista and Bettye also have pictures. And you can go to Levi’s Snapzilla page to see even more pics.

I even managed to catch a few! I gotta say, the newest release candidate viewer is excellent if it allowed me to DJ AND take pictures at the same time. LOL Unfortunately I didn’t catch any of the beginning of the party. Cen said she took tons, though. What I caught was about the last 5 minutes of the party…and then some of the insane afterparty that had me rolling on the floor laughing until I cried.

It was all good….
Viper Pit Ranch party

And then, ONIGOKKO!!

Yes, that is Darth Vader running.
Ranch Onigokko!

Kool Aid! Oh yeah!
Kool Aid Onigokko!


I…I can’t explain it. LMFAO

I felt SO bad for the couple of people who showed up as all this mess was going on. lmao I’m SORRY!!

After all of that, then a nice long time with my baby [although never long enough!], I feel better than I have in days. In fact, I think I’m going to sleep right now. 🙂