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Payton Forgot How To Ferris Wheel

I DJed a birthday party for my great-great-niece Livvy tonight. It was a circus theme, hence my outfit from my last blogpost. The party was super fun as it usually is when we’re all together.

Livvy's Party - Group

Livvy's Party - Group 2

Livvy's Party - The Birthday Girl

Livvy's Party - Lolita and Takeo

Livvy's Party - Aldwyn, Abby and me

But, the best part of the entire night for me was when we decided to ride the ferris wheel! Everyone took their places in the cars and got ready to go.

Um. Except Payton forgot how to ferris wheel.

Livvy's Party - Payton Forgot How To Ferris Wheel

I laughed until I cried! Crazy girl. LOL!

I’m deliberately keeping myself up a little late tonight because tomorrow night I’m DJing for an anniversary party but it’s a late night party. I’m usually getting ready to head off to bed at that time. But hey, it’s a weekend and I’m not an old woman. I can do it! :-p

hmm… I really should go back in world and blog something, but I think I’m going to go play Dragon Age. After Origin had Dragon Age: Origins in their “On The House” deal thingy a while back, I remembered that at some point, I bought the ultimate edition on Steam. So I figured out how to move it from Steam to Origin [so I wouldn’t lose my character] and I’ve been playing off and on for the past few days. I’m still pretty much in love with Alistair. I blazed through it in 3 days to get to the ending, but now I’m going back and playing another character so I can take my time and do things I didn’t bother with before since I was just basically trying to get to the end real fast. In my haste to get to the end, and in my whole “let me add mods in the middle of the game” thing, by the end, everyone was confused on whether I was a guy or a girl and Morrigan thought I could give her a child, making me scream at the screen, “I HAVE A VAGINA.”

Still managed to knock her up, though. I dunno.

Anyway! That’s it for now!

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Can’t Stop The Beat!

You know, I think I have enjoyed this vacation more than our Bahamas vacation. Not that I didn’t LOVE going to the Bahamas with the family, but I think that tropical living isn’t really for me. I’m okay with it for a bit but then I need trees and grass and stuff like that.

Today, I started off the day with a little morning yoga.

Morning Yoga

It was a such a peaceful way to start off my SL day! And who wouldn’t feel relaxed with that view, am I right?

Yesterday, Abby and I took a boat ride down the river. My poor little one isn’t feeling too hot right now, so I did all the rowing.

We're in a boat

Last night, we had our fun family street dance! It was awesome!

Family Street Dance

Street Dance 1

Street Dance 2

My sis DJed the party using all of our songs that she had us list for her last week.

Lolita at the street dance

It was super fun guessing who picked what song. Of course, we knew if the song was fairly current, it was probably Tess or Payton, and if the song was old, it was probably Aldwyn’s pick. Takeo tried to make us shush during the guitar solo of one of his picks, but we can’t stop and won’t stop our mouths. No one tells us what to do!

The kids, of course, looked ADORABLE dancing in sync!

The kids at the dance

It was a really really awesome time and I’m glad that we did it! We have another dance coming up at the end of our vacation, but that one is more fancy.

Tonight, we’re camping out under the stars and telling stories! I can’t wait! But until then, I think I’m going to hike up to the coffee shop and grab a latte and a muffin. ♥

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A Beautiful Birthday

Oh my gosh, I’m exhausted! But it’s a good exhausted. Tonight, my family threw me a birthday party! It was supposed to be a surprise, but they had to let me know about it so that I’d actually be able to be there. *laughs* It was a BEAUTIFUL affair!! Here’s a few pictures!

Birthday Party - Fairies Watch Over Us

Birthday Party - The Entrance

Birthday Party - My Little Fairy Friends

There are tons more, which you can see in my birthday Flickr set. It was really just awesome to be with my friends and family. My sister did a fantastic job decorating and DJing! It made me so happy to just be with everyone that were nice enough to come. And it was super fun to go out to The Cornfield after the party, still dressed in full fairy queen costume, to kill some zombies and get some corn! 🙂

But this fairy needs to rest her wings now. Goodnight! ♥

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Waiting For The Dance

Tonight is Parents’ Night at camp! Woo!! I’m so excited to see my little ones. They have kept me up to date on their camp activities [which have included being stuck outside in the ground at tuck in time and killing zombies], but I miss them so much! Hopefully Aldwyn will be able to come, too. He got himself dressed last night just in case he’s able to run in during the dance. I managed to get him to NOT wear his Bob Marley board shorts. We can’t embarrass the girls TOO much.

I’m all dressed and ready to go, but while I was deciding what makeup to wear, I decided to just do a pic of myself. I’m actually not naked. My dress is strapless. *laughs*

Oh, hey there.

I’ll try to get some pics from tonight’s dance, but I can’t promise anything. I’m going to have to have my settings wayyyyy down so that I don’t crash so any picture I get is probably going to be all sad and ugly anyway.

Time to let the computer rest for a bit and then wait until the dance!

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Day 342 – Follow Your Arrow

Such a fun fun night! It was my brother-in-law Takeo’s birthday! And we celebrated with a secret surprise birthday party! It was a country party and I was the DJ. We had about 30 people show up during the party. Not that I really got to see anyone, but my sister has pics and gifs in her plurk, if you have her there. And tomorrow when I log back in, I’ll take some pics of the party area. It actually came out super cute.

Before the party, Abby and I were getting ready, and I figured that would be a perfect time to get a picture of us. Especially since I have the cute pose prop from Click from The Arcade!

Day 342 - Follow Your Arrow

Isn’t she the cutest? I love her so much!

I’m so happy we were able to spend some time with our family, extended family, and friends tonight. I’m definitely going to bed with a big smile and a lot of happy thoughts!

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Day 310 – Party Like It’s 2014!

Oh my gosh, what an awesome party tonight!!! If you made it, thank you for coming!! If not…well, there’s always next year! We had about 30 people there, so of course I couldn’t see anything because I had to keep my settings so low. So, as usual, I stole a picture from my sister!

Day 310 - Party Like It's 2014!

Actually, if you have Lolita on plurk, there are gifs of the party, too. It was soooo much fun!! I always – ALWAYS – have a brief moment of panic before every party that noooo one is going to show up. But we had plenty of people, friends, family, plurkers, etc. I loved every minute of it!

I’m exhausted, so I think it’s time to crawl into bed with Netflix and my cat. I love you guys!

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Day 309 – Twerking While Working

Tomorrow is our New Year’s Eve Eve party! I’ve been setting up the party room tonight, but of course, there was time for a twerk break.

Day 309 - Twerking While Working

I’m so so excited for the party! I just love when people come over and we dance and we laugh and it’s all good times. You all are invited, too, of course! It’s at 8pm SLT and I’ll update with a SLurl right before party time. 🙂 The theme is “Royal Fantasy Ball,” so formals and tuxedos, faeries and fauns, crowns and wings….etc. Or just show up. As long as all your bits are covered, we’re good. Families are welcome too!

My sleep schedule has been all kinds of off lately, so I think I’m going to get into bed and see what happens. lol