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You’ve got a smile like an acre of sunflowers

I’ve been playing nurse in my offline life today because someone who is not me decided to eat a pre-packaged sandwich at 1am last night, knew it didn’t taste quite right, and kept on eating it. Food poisoning is never awesome, folks. Never. But I’m a good little nurse because people seem to feel better being around me and medical stuff doesn’t gross me out. But it’s been a longggg day. A very long day. And I expect it’ll be a long night since I will probably be up and down during the night to check on my patient.

But I did get a break in the evening. My Birdy found a photo she liked earlier of a mom holding her daughter and they were in a field of sunflowers. My niecey Bella said she could recreate the pose for us. Woo! So that’s what we did tonight, and then took pics.

My Sunflower

You can see Birdy’s version over on the girls’ blog! They only blog when the mood strikes, but when they do, it’s super dang cute and I think they should do it more often. *hint hint hint* This pose is especially dear to us because I gave Birdy the nickname “Sunflower” when I first met her. 🙂 Good grief, my child has a lot of nicknames. *laughs*

But it was nice to relax for a while tonight. Tomorrow night, we have another pic planned, and then I have to get the poses ready for us to do our traditional fall family photo, plus I wanted to take all of our portraits to put in the stairwell. So many pics!! It’s a good thing picture taking normally relaxes me, huh?

I guess I should go be a nurse again.

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The Zanzibars’ Fall Photo…or two.

We have been trying to get together to take our fall photo for a few days. Finally we were like, hey, let’s just take a picture of how we usually are in SL. Nothing fancy, you know. Just us hanging out the way we always do.

I think it came out pretty well, don’t you?

The Zanzibars' Most Epic Fall Photo

Of course, we are KIDDING!! We have indoor plumbing, Abby generally doesn’t try to fall off of pumpkins, Birdy doesn’t eat dirt, and I would NEVER go outside with my curlers on! *laughs*

We laughed and laughed while doing this picture! It was so fun!

But you know, we’re adorable and clean up well, so we had to pose for another picture.

The Zanzibars - Fall 2014

Isn’t my family adorable?

Birdy reminded us that it’s been 6 months she first met us! Well, at least, 6 months since she met Abby and me. She didn’t meet Aldwyn for a few days later because that’s just how we roll. LOL

Aldwyn heads out tomorrow for a quick trip, so the girls and I are going to be in charge of packing his suitcase for our Grand Canyon vacation. I hope we don’t forget his underpants. Nahh…I’m sure we’ll remember everything. He’ll fly out to join us on Sunday. We fly out on Saturday! Woo!


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And yet another one.

So today was my birthday. I wasn’t really looking forward to it. I know. Me, the girl who loves birthdays to the point of needing to celebrate twice in a month. But when you lose someone close to you, you always think random, little thoughts. “She would have been this old this year. I just turned this age and when she was this age…” Etc, etc.

I turned older than my sister this year. I mean, technically, I reached that milestone last November. But our numbers were the same and I could just NOT think about it. Now I’m older than she ever will be. In some ways, it feels like I reached a goal. I don’t know why, but it does. In other ways, it just makes me sad. She’d probably laugh. Finally the baby sister is old. That gives me a minor amount of comfort. But the whole thing has felt very weird to me and I’ve been extremely off kilter the past week or so. Sad. Angry. I’ve cried a lot. I’ve snapped at people who have done nothing to me. In a big way, it’s a relief that the day is almost over because I can move on from it.

My online friends, though… God, what would I do without them? What would I do without these people that call me family? They have been amazing. I’ve been surprised with all kinds of things, AND they are throwing me a party on Saturday night!! I’m so lucky and blessed to have them.

So I was going to show you guys pictures of the decorations in my house that the family put up. And I was going to show you pictures of our Bumblebee meeting tonight. But I actually got inspired! This is a picture I’ve been wanting to do FOREVER. Almost 3 years, which is like forever in SL! *laughs* But I couldn’t find all the pieces and of course my skills aren’t awesome. But I’m really happy that I was able to finally do it because I love this song and I find myself humming it a lot when I’m in SL.

Smiling out loud
Sailing through clouds
Life is so new
And all I know is that I’m drifting towards you

So don’t get in the way
I want this feeling to stay
Just let me keep falling, falling

So don’t catch me now
I just wanna keep on falling somehow
So don’t stop me now
I just wanna keep this going somehow
Keep on falling

Don't Catch Me Now

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So much more than I deserve.

After a whole day where none of us were able to get in world, we were all super happy to be together tonight. Even if it was just one day, we missed each other!! In fact, we hadn’t seen Daddy Z since Thursday, actually. Well no wonder we missed him!

I’ve been having a really strange thing where it takes forever for Aldwyn’s body to actually pop up for me. He’s just hair and mesh clothes and shoes. Yes, my computer sucks, but everyone else rezzes fine. In fact, if it was just a body issue, the girls wouldn’t have faces either. Just their toddleedoo bodies and clothes and hair. I don’t get it. It’s seriously ONLY him. Maybe he needs to be around more so my computer actually recognizes him? *laughs*

But after he finally popped up, and the girls changed clothes, we settled down to take our first proper family photo together.

Well, after I crashed and then had to wait another 10 minutes for Aldwyn’s body to pop up again.

But it was worth it, because they’re pretty adorable.

The Zanzibars

I’m so happy we were able to finally get a picture together! Birdy has changed a LOT since we met her, going from a blonde regular sized kid to a brunette toddleedoo. And Abby has changed skins and tweaked her face some, too. I think my girls are so cute!

I really think more than anything, we’re very lucky that Brianna fits in with us as well as she does. I love that as time goes on, she gets more and more comfortable with us. Tonight we stayed online for a little bit more after Aldwyn and Abby went to bed, and when they left, she immediately hopped into my lap which made me so happy! It was a little thing, but kind of a big thing, too.

Okay, I’m rambling a bit. I need to go to bed so tomorrow I can actually blog something before certain designers come and kick me in the head. Goodnight!

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Day 91 – The Face

So earlier today I noticed something while browsing through Flickr and it is something that’s bothered me for a while. I mentioned it on Plurk and to my surprise, some people agreed with me. See if you can tell the difference between these two pics.

Day 91 - The Face

The face, right?

See, this bothers me. When someone uses a more action type pose, I feel like they should try to adjust their face more to show more expression. I mean, that pose is called “Jump for joy” and the expression in the first picture makes it look more like “Jump for nothing much, really, because life sucks and who cares anyway.”

The easiest way to put a little more expression in your face is by using an Emoter HUD [Or if you use the Mystitool, there’s an emote thingy in it]. But if you don’t want to use a BIG laugh like I am in the second picture, you can do what I sometimes do and click on the emote you want, then unclick it and try to catch your face as it goes back to normal.

Or, if you’re even slightly handy with Photoshop, you can do an emote, like a smile, and take the picture. Then take a picture with your face normal. Cut out your smile in PS and move it to the normal pic and line it up. Sometimes you get a better look than the squinty face smile. I usually then use liquify to push my cheeks up a little just to make it slightly more real.

Sometimes I even use makeups to give my face a little more expression, like eye shadows or teeth layers.

Expressions are your friends. Try it! Sometimes it takes your picture from Blah to Yay!

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Day 86 – Feels Like Home

For those of you who actually keep home in SL, do you have that one thing that just makes you feel like no matter what else is in the house, it’s home? I do! Well, two things, actually, although one is multiple. Did that make sense? I don’t know, it’s 3am and I can’t sleep but I’m tired. ANYWAY. My things are my photos and my rose from Light Waves.

Day 86 - Feels Like Home

The rose is fairly old. It was made in 2006 but I didn’t pick it up until the closing of the Black Swan sim back in 2008. The closing of the sim coincided with a lot of other crazy things that were going on in my SLife, including my acquisition of Bluebonnet. So in every home I’ve had on the island since then, I’ve had this rose. It’s primmy-er than most knick knacks you’d want to put out there, but I don’t care.

Now the pictures… well, I love having pictures out!! I always have them on the fireplace or on shelves, and I have a photo tree from Kyoot that I always drag out when we change houses. On occasion I update the pics on the tree, but there are a few from the early days of when Aldwyn and I started hanging out. It just doesn’t seem like home without pictures of our friends and family out. I’m always on the hunt for new photo frames, too!

Okay, I’m going to attempt bed again. Goodnight!

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Day 61 – FACE!

I should be doing some laundry right now. Or starting to pack since I’m leaving at 7am on Friday. But…taking a big close up of my face seemed WAY more fun.

Day 61 - FACE!

Of course, in the middle of posing and positioning my eyes and all that, I ended up with this shot.

Oh. Face.

Yeah. That happens.

So this morning, Gogo showed a pic from Flickr with my photo on it. It seems that whoever ilovethesims4855 is over on The Sims 3 website, has stolen a photo of me for her profile. I guess I should be flattered, but that picture is YEARS old!! I’m in a Free Speerit skin, for God’s sake. LOL! I tried to contact whoever this person is, or maybe someone at EA, but you can’t really do squat without registering and since I don’t play Sims 3, that kind of ties my hands. I’d be more angry if it were my current avatar and not one from 2009.

I’m going to go back to whining on plurk that Aldwyn isn’t online yet…even though it’s at least 2 hours before he normally gets online. I like to whine!

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Day 59 – On the wall!!

So a few nights ago, Rainey Manx-Innovia [partner to Ikon Innovia, one of the better eyemakers in SL] asked if she could do my photo for IKON eyes, to stick on the wall and stuff. Naturally I said yes, because 1, I love IKON eyes, and 2, I’m fucking vain and love photos of myself. She did an amazing job on the photo! I’m using it as my profile pic now. Rainey told me that the picture would be their in the Fashion For Life store, and I thought it would just be a little picture on the side or something, maybe with some of the other girls that had their pics done, too.

So tonight I went to FFL [early blogger access for the WIN!!!] and I thought, “Oh, hey. I should go see my pic.” Nothing prepared me for this!

Day 59 - On The Wall!!


Fashion For Life opens tomorrow, and IKON is on the Dreamseeker Zeit sim. There are SO MANY DESIGNERS out there too. I’m about to run back and start looking around again. I saw some great stuff and gacha machines too!

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Day 55 – The Photographer

Back when we were getting married, our close friend Rylan offered to take a couples photo for us as a wedding gift. I always appreciate fabulous photos, and Rylan is totally amazing at what she does. [See her Flickr??] But unfortunately, it’s been like moving mountains to find a time when all 3 of us are online and able to do it. [She and I are in the same time zone but Al is two hours behind us.] Luckily tonight everything lined up and we were finally able to catch up with her!

Day 55 - The Photographer

I cannot wait until we get the finished picture!! I know it’ll be fabulous because, unlike me, she actually takes time with her photos. I’m more of the Snap-PS-Done type of person.

You know, I’m so lucky that I have some awesome photographer friends in SL. I’ve never had to pay for a professional photo, I’ve always gotten them as gifts, or I’ve sat for photos because someone wanted to build their portfolio or wanted to try out their Photoshopping skills. Believe me, I am totally grateful for them because I do so love awesome pics of my avatar!

Okay, I’m yawning up a storm now. Time for bed.