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It’s family picture time! We always take pics with the whole family when we have parties and stuff, but I try to do a more “professional” decent picture of just the Zanzibars at least once a season. Given how nuts my little family is, trust me. This is not always easy. *laughs* But this is our picture for the spring of 2015!

Zanzibar Family - Spring 2015

They’re pretty adorable, huh? I think I’ll keep them.

We’ve also been busily packing for our rainforest vacation that we are going on with the Oleanders on Monday! I’m so excited to go!! I just LOVE our family vacations because it gives us all time to reconnect as a family. Sure, not a week goes by that we don’t all see each other, but vacations are different. It’s more of an immersive experience and I don’t know about the rest of the family, but I really do need that sometimes. My girls are pretty low maintenance, so I fall slightly out of practice of being more of a mommy. We get in the habit of basically just talking about our RL and stuff when we have a chance to be together in the evenings since we don’t always have much time together and so vacations give us more of a chance to play. 🙂

Tomorrow is our family Easter party with the Oleanders so that should be very fun. Easter was later in April last year, but it was the first family party our Birdy came to when she started her trial with us! I can’t believe it’s been just about a year since we met her!

Time for bed so we can continue packing a bit more tomorrow!

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All we wanted was some organic food!

So earlier today, Rylan grabbed Ulaa and me and brought us to see baby furniture. After all, she’s pregnant and baby stuff is on her mind.

Baby rooms

There were lots of full nursery rooms, and also rooms of furniture for toddlers to teens. If I had a kid, this would be her room.

Oh, and that is Mommy Rylan doing handstands. I don’t know HOW her baby is going to come out with all the shaking.


After the furniture trip, we decided we needed to swing by the grocery store. After all, we must eat! And Rylan needs to start stocking up on baby formula and diapers, too. You can never have too many diapers! We decided to go to the Pleasantville Grocery Store because they have organic food.

Rylan found baby stuff

And I found pie! Y’all know how I love pie!

Hmm... pie

So somewhere during the shopping trip, Ulaa got hot and lost her top. We’re pretty sure she just wanted to start a new career as being the only hooker in Pleasantville. She’s even on FUNKY Avenue!

Pleasantville has hookers now

Rylan and I were going to hit the skating rink [I’m telling you, she’s an active pregnant lady!] while Ulaa was working on the corner, but when we showed up, people were already there.

Watch out, Rylan!

Pretty sure, just by their conversation, that they were totally lost.

I think they're lost

So very lost.

So very lost

Then they said Rylan was ugly. If we weren’t afraid of that woman’s ass, shit would have gotten real, y’all!

Also, the woman seemed to want to take Ulaa’s place as the new Pleasantville hooker!! What the heck?? You can’t just be taking someone’s hooker spot. There are rules, you know!

More hookers

Pleasantville wasn’t so pleasant anymore, so we got our groceries, covered Ulaa’s boobs, and went home.

Just a normal afternoon!

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It’s how it goes!

I was wandering around the house when I realized something.

This wall? Too empty!

This wall needs something

I poked around in my home decor folders but I realized I might have to go shopping. So I did what anyone else would do and hit the blogs.

Let's check blogs

There are some great blogs out there for home decorating but I knew I’d need to do some foot work to find exactly the right piece. Also, if I stayed home much longer, I was going to grab the pie on the table and just curl up and eat. Just in case Aldwyn came home while I was out, I left him a note on the fridge.

The note

I hit up Art Dummy, because I’m an art dummy. They have some great things, but not exactly what I was looking for.

That might work

Oh…well, jewelry is considered decor, right? Decor for my fingers and ears and neck!

Jewelry is considered decor

I remember one time I b….. Ooh, sweaters!!

Ooh sweaters

I bought my photo tree here. Maybe they have another kind? Maybe…

I did buy decor here once

Can’t resist gacha!!


Gosh, I got so many nice things while I was out! It was really a very successful shopping trip, and I’m pretty sure that pie is still on the table, and…

Oh wait

Oh right. The wall.

Well, maybe it’ll just stay empty for now.

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What power? Power of voodoo!

A while ago, I was looking for a cross necklace that wasn’t overly gothy or overly huge, and I stumbled into B&B Spiritual Supplies. They didn’t have the necklace I wanted, but it’s become one of my favorite shops and one that I enjoy poking into now and again.

B&B Spiritual Supplies

Since Halloween and Samhain and Dia de los Muertos are coming up, the subscriber group has been getting some goodies. Actually, every month we seem to get some little trinket, which is pretty cool. I love when creators remember to treat their group members!

In the supply shop

It’s seriously the coolest little place to look around, and there’s all kinds of things for the home or for you. It’s not terribly pricy either and a lot of things are transferable. If you stop by, be sure to check out the whole place, even the little shack that has some wreaths and garland for the spooky season. I think I want to buy a voodoo doll! Bwahaha!

As much as I love fashion, my favorite thing in the world is to find little offbeat non-fashiony type of shops in SL. Do you know of any that I would enjoy checking out? 🙂

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Remember the Alamo!

Finally made it! All my blogging/SL responsibilities are over and summer can begin. I was hit with some RL bad stuff last week [which if you follow me on plurk or read my other blog, you know about and I won’t get into here.] but I’m trying to pull myself out of a very dark funk.

So since I didn’t have anything to do yesterday, I decided to check out an Alamo sim that I had seen advertised on SL’s Facebook page. Being from Texas, I’ve been to the Alamo probably 5 or 6 times in my life, and I was interested to see how it would look. Imagine my surprise when I found out it was on a sim owned by the university I went to right after high school!

[Only went one semester, but I still claim it as where I went to school. Shush. :)]

It was pretty well done, and since it’s in the destination guide, of course some newbies were milling around. A girl asked if we could all pose in a picture with her, and never being one to shy away from a camera in SL, I agreed right away.

The Alamo!

Looks like a field trip picture!

One of the funniest things was that the newbie guy in the big sneakers asked the girl in the pirate gown if she’d be his girlfriend in here. My fingers sometimes move before I can stop them, so immediately I replied, “Oh for pete’s sake.” But the girl, bless her, was way more polite than me and told him that she had a boyfriend already, but they could be friends.

I really do love the sims that look like real life places. I know, I know. People always immediately go for the fantasy in Second Life, and I do like that, too. But I think recreating a real world place, and doing it WELL, takes an awful lot of talent. Plus, I’ve always wanted to really travel, and I’m unable to do so, so it’s like getting to travel for free!

I couldn’t resist this picture. I always laugh when I see “Don’t bring drinks in here!” type of signs and always have the urge to fight the power.

But...I just got this drink!

In other news, Bluebonnet is gearing up to go beachy in the next week or so. I was getting bored with my house, so I yanked everything up. But then I decided to terraform since I have so much open space for a while.

Terraformed my name!

Call me! I’ll totally terraform for you, too!

I guess I should dive into my inventory. I haven’t really cleaned it in about 3 months, which means that’s 3 months of events and review copies that are sitting in there. I just passed the 80k mark and well…that’s a little more than nuts, don’t you think?

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The Shadow Knowsssss

I like shadows in Second Life. At least, I like when I can get them to work and when people use them well in their photos. What bothers me is when people force shadows into photos when honestly, you have no idea where the shadows would have come from. Unfortunately, I was doing a style picture when I realized I had done just that. It’s obvious I’m inside a loft. It’s obvious that it’s not sunny outside. So where in the heck would have all these shadows come from??

Well those shadows would never happen.

Oh well, it’s still a nice picture. I just have to redo it with normal lighting for the style blog.

I know people would say “But it’s Second Life, you can have ANYTHING YOU WANT.” Well…sure. If you want. I prefer my lighting/shadows for the style blog be a lot more natural in order to show off whatever I’m blogging better.

So last night, Plurk exploded with Meeroos. Everyone was talking about them in some way – either to scream about how awesome they are, or bitch about how they’re sick of hearing about them. I’m more in the second camp, but I’m not going batshit crazy to mute all the plurks. People have opinions and that’s perfectly fine. Personally, I got so burned out on…um…the Breedables That Shall Not Be Named that I don’t believe I will ever, EVER, MOTHER EFFIN EVER get involved with SL breedable pets again. Even if they’re cute, even if I can play with them, I will not do it. In fact, if I do ever get involved with another SL breedable, I want someone to simply whisper, “Griffin & Sabine” to me so I know to step AWAY from the pixel pet.

Hmm. I shouldn’t read plurk while I’m blogging. Now I want to talk about something else. I guess that will be the next post.

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And it sure wouldn’t be a kid with cat ears!

So we had a little shakeup in my kitty world last night. Desi ended up having to be returned because of some technical issues. KittyCatS have excellent customer service and I was given a new kitty within a few hours of filing a ticket. I thought I’d get an exact replica of Desi, but instead ended up with a girl kitty…a PINK one!

Awww kitties!

Her name is Audrey, after Audrey Hepburn. I pretty much love her.

Yesterday on plurk, Tymmerie mentioned a place called T.Whore. Well hey, I like whores. So we headed out there last night and I was pleasantly surprised at the girly clothes they had there. I bought a few pieces that I really liked, figuring I could put them together with other clothes and make it not quite so whorey. We were there quite a while, but mostly because we were lagging and because I was busily looking at this woman.

Dios mio.

She was wearing a body suit and jeans that were UNDER her butt. Why wear pants at that point? I don’t get it.

I was going to do a fashion post on T.Whore, but I know the clothes there are mostly from templates, and I try REALLY hard to not showcase too much template work on my blog. This is probably why I don’t blog all that often, huh? LOL! They had panties there that are pretty much exactly like ones that someone on my plurk list just released, and I know that person uses templates. But I love love love this little skirt and the little cardigan! The cardigan comes in 2 versions, a plain one like I’m wearing, and one that shows a bra.

At the Sci-Fi park

While I was at the Sci-Fi Amusement Park taking that picture, I got an IM.

[15:34] Creepy Child: hey
[15:34] Alicia Chenaux: hello
[15:34] Creepy Child: be my mommie
[15:35] Alicia Chenaux: sorry, i don’t do that.


Oh child, no.

It’s not that I’m all that against kid avatars like I used to be. It’s that I think if – BIG IF – if I ever chose to have one in SL, it would more than likely be someone that I already knew and was already close with. Some random person running around a sim asking probably everyone to be their parent – Hell no. LOL

Earlier in New World Notes, there was an article showning this YouTube video on how to do a “mirror” in SL. I wasn’t able to take a high rez snapshot doing it because I have that weird water glitch where things just don’t look right on the water, so the screenshot has it a little pixelated. But I think it’s pretty cool and if you can do it well, then awesome!


If you decide you want to try it and need the mirror texture thing, just IM me. I’m happy to pass it along so you don’t have to spend $10L on an upload for it. 🙂

Okay, I’ve written quite enough for now!

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Ever need to talk about nothing? Me too!

I’m dancing out the last few hours of the weekend.

Bounce bounce!

Earlier today, Sophia asked me to be in a picture with her for the “Bloggers We Love” challenge that’s going on. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s mostly a fashion blog thing, although I’d love to see more of the non-fashion bloggers do it too. You pick a blogger that you like, whether you’re friends or not, and do a post with them. Her post about me was pretty damn sweet, so you should go read it and see the pictures.

But this is the picture I caught while we were posing.


This is probably why I’ll never be considered a real fashionista or a top fashion blogger, huh?

It occurred to me while she was doing our pics that I so rarely take photos with people anymore. And even more rare, I don’t take advantage of my eleventy billion couples/friends poses. I should have so many pictures of me with the ones I love best, and I don’t. I really need to change that.

I jumped on the bandwagon last night and got some KittycatS. You guys have probably seen them all over the feeds lately. I wasn’t going to do it, but I am a total cat lover, and the fact that you can just keep them as a pet and not breed them really hooked me. So I ended up with two babies last night – Griffin and Sabine.

Sleeping kitties

Griffin is the dark male, Sabine is the white female. I don’t really know about the breeds or anything, but I know Sabine is a Diamond, which sounds pretty good to me. I’m not going to let them breed, although I am KIND of tempted. But the last thing I need to do is get into breeding these and have 84,000 cats running around. I just want pets. I kind of wish one of them would have been orange and white, though.

Okay, bedtime.

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Well that’s interesting!

So as I’ve mentioned before, I have chronic anxiety. It’s tolerable most of the time and I can “fix” myself with music or games if I choose not to go the medicine route, which is often since I hate pills. But when I can’t fix it…oh man. And it was sure sky high this past weekend. So high, I couldn’t really even talk to people, so I kept myself mostly offline.

Well, Aldwyn [who must be going for sainthood since he puts up with me] decided last night since I was feeling up to being in SL, that we should go exploring. And where better to go exploring than mainland, am I right? Okay, well, I don’t think he planned on us exploring mainland, but once we teleported to some … garden or something, and my xanax kicked in, we had to just keep going!

Because for real? Where else BUT mainland are you going to see this kind of beauty?

Oh, mainland.

There’s a lot of pictures here, folks, so if you hate pictures, just move along. 🙂

So one thing that’s kind of cool about mainland is that there seems to be a lot of “old” there if you just walk around. Old buildings, old textures…just old. Like these prim animals!

Retro style

They were on sale for free, so I bought them.

As we were walking, we came to a “rest stop.” You can get poutine on mainland! Who knew?

Mainland Poutine

Also, on mainland, some of the shops have really OLD things for sale. Like couches that are made basically from prim blocks, not even the more cushiony toruses. [Oh, wikipedia says it’s “tori” when it’s plural. I’m learning!] And they’re EXPENSIVE. So either the person honestly thinks that they just made the most awesome prim couch ever, or they left SL and don’t remember that they have that junk there.

There’s also a ton of poseballs just hanging out. I can’t resist so we had to try a lot of them so I could see what they were.


Aldwyn: “How did you spend your Monday night? Oh you know. Hanging out with my girlfriend and chilling with a unicorn.”

Then we came across…well, this.

I think there WAS a store...

We’re pretty sure there was PROBABLY a store there once, but now there is not, and so it’s like a big floating marketplace of crap. Ugly does not begin to describe it.

But what is a trip to mainland without running into THIS guy?

Hey, it's 2006 all over again!

No shirt. Asshole pose. Dante skin and OC hair from Naughty Designs. Oh baby, it’s 2006 all over again.

Upon meeting this guy, we somehow crossed from just mainland into Zindra, because we ended up at some place called Sexdreamz. You know putting a Z at the end makes it awesome. This girl was there dancing her ass off in the champagne glass. It said she was staff there, but she never spoke, so I’m assuming bot. Especially wearing that Shy Carmelle skin that should have died a sad death in 2007.

This skin should die

You can buy a lot of stuff at Sexdreamz, including this bed for only $5999L.

Well that's how you know it's for gay people.

Love don’t come cheap.

Aldwyn: “It’s very rainbow.”
Me: “That’s how you know it’s for gay people.”

Because, you know. OBVIOUSLY if you’re gay, you only like big bright rainbow stuff.

You can also buy this couch for $999L.

It's only $999L!

I guess sitting doesn’t come cheap either.

I’m a huge sucker for tours in SL. I love love love when a place has some kind of tour thing to ride on. Sexdreamz has a hot air balloon, so naturally we had to take a ride!

Riding in a balloon

But I guess whoever owns the balloon tour has never actually TAKEN the tour, because somewhere in this oh so lovely mall, the tour ended. Badly.

No more ride!

Our explorations ended soon after that because it was late and we were both yawning like crazy. [Well, after we sat on a giant naked lady and I ran the circuit at a puppygirl store.] It was a good night, and I laughed so much, which truly did more for my spirit than the xanax did. Of course, it always does. 🙂