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Day 345 – Just Like Heaven

I got some kind of not great RL news today. Oh it’s not extremely horrible or anything. Everyone is alive and healthy enough and all that. But it’s not news that we expected to come today. So I’ve been running around trying to help to get things in order for the next step. Things will be okay but my life will be different-ish for a bit until everything is settled.

I think that’s when SL comes in really handy. First of all, my plurk friends? Amazing. SO supportive and a couple of them who are local to me had great advice and suggestions. And others simply had lots of virtual hugs for me, which are also awesome! Say what you want about plurkers, they are some of the most supportive and wonderful people in the world.

And of course, having my wonderful SL family is fantastic. I was able to come in tonight and dance with Abby and Aldwyn for a while. Then when she went to bed, she gave specific instructions to Aldwyn that he was to snuggle me tonight since I had a hard day. Bossy little thing. I don’t know where she gets it from. *grins*

Day 345 - Just Like Heaven

We have a radio station at our house right now that plays a lot of 80s-90s songs, and the song “Just Like Heaven” came on as I was taking this picture, so that’s why the title of my post today.

But I have to admit, it was great to just cuddle and talk about all kinds of stuff with Aldwyn for a couple of hours after everything that went on today. It really was just what I needed. ♥

[And because I love covers and Katie Melua…]

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Hit all the things!

Plurk was down again for a while today. If you notice a sudden rush of blog posts, it’s because people get productive in SL when it is down. LOL! But truthfully, plurk is like constantly having your buddies with you, and for those of us who use it happily, it’s harsh when it’s just torn from us. WE CRY AND HIT ALL THE THINGS. Or just do pics. Whatever.

I'm like, totes emo and stuff!

That’s the new Padded Room by aDORKable Poses, btw. I wasn’t sure how I’d feature it in a blog post when she was first talking about it, but it worked well today!! I always feel like I can photoshop the hell out of the pics I show here instead of the ones I show on the style blog. I hate when fashion bloggers overly photoshop their pics, but it seems to be the standard lately. Not that the pics aren’t extremely lovely, but you know. You want to actually see the items shown, not sit there marveling over their use of shadows and the liquify brush. It’s hard because I’m not extremely skilled at photoshop or anything, so I often feel like my pictures are lacking when I see them on the feeds in between all these really exceptional photos. But I suppose they get the job done. 🙂

Not too much progress on the wedding yet. EXCEPT… My dress is getting worked on already!!! Kouse Singh of Kouse’s Sanctum is making me a custom dress and I could NOT be more excited!! I showed her some pics of styles that I like, and I’m just letting her do her thing. I know it will be AMAZING. I have blogged a couple of her wedding dresses before and when she volunteered, I was like… holy SHIT. LOL!! I think the main problem will be the guest list. I mean…well, see…not everyone I like likes each other. And I KNOW they would put their differences aside for one evening so they can share in my day, but I just hate thinking that there are going to be uncomfortable people sitting there who might just bolt after the ceremony just to get away from this person or that person. Or who might just stay to spite someone else. I know that not all of my friends are going to, or have to, like each other. Obviously there are a few people I dislike in SL who are friends with my friends. But…ugh. I don’t want to have to worry about it, and it’s really been bugging me the past few days. Sometimes it makes me not even want to have a wedding and just get partnered quietly. But I would really regret that in the long run. I guess we’ll just send out invites and see where the chips fall.

 Of course, at some point we also have to set a wedding date so that we can make invites. I suppose THAT would help, right? :-p

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Wah! Plurk is down! It’s been down FOREVERRRRRRRRR. And from what I have heard, it’s scheduled to be down until 5pm SLT. CRY WITH ME, LOVES. CRY.

Okay, so I’m a little overdramatic. But I do miss it. I miss not being able to check in with people, especially on a Saturday when I have the day to myself. It makes me do stupid poses and faces on top of the chair on my roof.

I miss plurk when it's down!!

Do you use Plurk? I love it. I have so much fun there and it’s the best way to keep up with everyone at once. I doubt people on my friends list would like me popping up in their IMs every few minutes with mundane things!

“Omg, starvin’ like Marvin!”

“It’s really hot here!”

“I keep putting my Lip Smackers on and licking my lips.”

“I don’t understand why people charge so much for nothing.”

“Haha! My cat fell off the table!”

“Vague plurk is vague! Do it again, you whore, and see what happens!”

See? Would that not drive you insane if I randomly came into your IM with it? But on plurk, it’s somehow more acceptable. Maybe because we can mute plurks or unfollow people. I unfollowed almost all of my list earlier this month because I knew I’d never be able to keep up while so much was going on. Little by little, I’m re-following folks as things here calm down, but there are some that I only like to check in with periodically. Hell, there are some that I should unfollow as it is because their plurks make me roll my eyes so hard, I’m almost in danger of losing them into the back of my head. I doubt everyone on my list actually reads my random junk, so I figure it’s all balanced out in the end. 🙂

I think Aldwyn and I have decided that we’ll be having a forest wedding. I have some ideas, and my part of Bluebonnet is going to be a MESS while we set up for the wedding. I hope my renters don’t mind that!! But that’s not for another month at least, after we go back to being a grassy sim in September. The girl that I hope will be doing my dress just came back from her trip, so I’m going to throw about 20 pictures at her pretty soon. I hope she’s ready for them!

No, really. Starvin’ like Marvin. I’m going to go eat.

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The Shadow Knowsssss

I like shadows in Second Life. At least, I like when I can get them to work and when people use them well in their photos. What bothers me is when people force shadows into photos when honestly, you have no idea where the shadows would have come from. Unfortunately, I was doing a style picture when I realized I had done just that. It’s obvious I’m inside a loft. It’s obvious that it’s not sunny outside. So where in the heck would have all these shadows come from??

Well those shadows would never happen.

Oh well, it’s still a nice picture. I just have to redo it with normal lighting for the style blog.

I know people would say “But it’s Second Life, you can have ANYTHING YOU WANT.” Well…sure. If you want. I prefer my lighting/shadows for the style blog be a lot more natural in order to show off whatever I’m blogging better.

So last night, Plurk exploded with Meeroos. Everyone was talking about them in some way – either to scream about how awesome they are, or bitch about how they’re sick of hearing about them. I’m more in the second camp, but I’m not going batshit crazy to mute all the plurks. People have opinions and that’s perfectly fine. Personally, I got so burned out on…um…the Breedables That Shall Not Be Named that I don’t believe I will ever, EVER, MOTHER EFFIN EVER get involved with SL breedable pets again. Even if they’re cute, even if I can play with them, I will not do it. In fact, if I do ever get involved with another SL breedable, I want someone to simply whisper, “Griffin & Sabine” to me so I know to step AWAY from the pixel pet.

Hmm. I shouldn’t read plurk while I’m blogging. Now I want to talk about something else. I guess that will be the next post.

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Day 329 – Bee Positive

So, most people know I’m a pretty avid Plurker. Yeah, it can get crazy dramatic over there [with SLers? Drama? No WAY.], but for the most part I have loads of fun and it’s given me the chance to meet and chat with people I might not have met otherwise.

This past week was a bit drama filled on the plurk front. Very negative, very high school. [Although I suppose this should surprise no one, as we have a great many plurkers who haven’t been out of HS but 2-3 years at most.] So someone took it upon themselves to create Bee Positive. Almost everyday, Bee gives us a new challenge – like saying something nice about someone else or about ourselves. It’s really kind of fun and I know I feel really good after I do the challenge. And yeah, as someone said, it’s like we’re having to be reminded to be nice, but I don’t think of it like that. I think sometimes you just need a little push in the positive direction because being negative is often a lot easier.

Today’s challenge was to let someone we care about know how much we appreciate them, either in public plurk or private plurk, or just an IM. This was good for me because I’m working on my article for Second Style for November, and it’s the Thanksgiving issue. I am in the mood to be all cuddly with those I love best, and therefore today’s Bee Positive came to my blog. Also because I’m super long winded and 140 characters sometimes just is not enough! :-p

* Sophia Harlow – We’ve been friends for over 2 years now and I sometimes don’t remember what my life was like before she came into it. With a personality larger than life, she’s a good balance to my quieter nature. What would I do without her? I don’t even want to try to find out.

* Ulaa Coronet – My partner of…months! She’s one of kind. In one moment we can be dressed trampy and getting guys to show us their freenises at clubs, in another we can be having a serious discussion about anything. She is definitely one of my forever friends.

* Aldwyn Zanzibar – Ever meet that guy that you like, but you’re not sure of, right up until you are? Al is that guy for me. Sweet as can be, he puts up with my crazy issues and my insecurities, and still manages to make it seem like I’m normal and precious. Whatever I feel like doing, he’s down for it, whether I want to cuddle, see sea monsters, or just stand on a posestand and try on clothes. Who could ask for anything more?

* RubyStarlight Writer – Oh, Rooby. She was an unexpected addition to my SLife, and I adore her. Beneath her loud and brash exterior lies a heart of gold, although she’d probably not want anyone to know that. She definitely taught me that you have to look past the outside exterior and find out what’s inside, because that’s what counts.

Oh, there’s so so many more people who make my SLife so wonderful. If I sat here and named them all… well, I’d have nothing to talk about for my SS article, and it would take forever. LOL But I hope they know how much I appreciate and care about them.

Now that I’m done being mushy, here’s my pic of the day. I love surrounding myself with pictures of people I care about and the more pictures I have up, the better I like it.


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Day 200 – Two Dolla Hooker

[The blogpost title was given to me by Sanura Snowpaw of Dreams. Blame her!!!!]

The other day, I was just plurking random stuff about my day, and one of my new friends asked me, “Have you seriously pondered what an awesome day you’ve had today?” And the funny thing was, that I really hadn’t. It seemed like almost any other day to me. Today was one of those days where I stopped and thought about it. I seriously had an awesome day.

There was an impromptu plurk party. 🙂

Plurk Party


Most of the evening [and even now], I was hanging out in Tiny Chat with my friends. The adorable Evie from Evie’s Closet pulled me over to go model with her for a wedding ad. My friend Ulaa is also in the ad, and so is Luxe Helendale. If you’re on Evie’s plurk, you’ve seen a test shot of the picture, but the real photo is to be taken tomorrow.

Later, I went and hung out with friends. My new friend Flix is building this set for photos and we were up there helping out with testing poses. Well, and getting on his nerves. But hey, he invited us.

In the bar

Oh, and here I am lovin’ up on Ulaa. I dunno, she went AFK. What’s a girl to do?


And a picture of Sanura & me standing on Flix’s head. Yes, I totally realize I’m doing the same dance in like, 3 of these pics. Don’t judge me.


There are things that are not GREAT in my life, but I can never say that I’m not BLESSED in both lives. And that? That’s pretty much the best thing ever.

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Day 158 – That wall? It’s great!

Earlier today there was a very nice group gift sent out by Tuli, her new “Sayuri” skin. Well, with a name like Sayuri, you know it’s going to be more Asian based. 🙂 I’m a huge fan of Memoirs of a Geisha [the book more than the movie, but the movie is very beautiful] so I, of course, just love the name of this skin. But when I tried it on, it didn’t really look that awesome on my shape. Not because it’s a bad skin. In fact, I think it’s my favorite Tuli skin to date. But my shape just didn’t quite work with it. So…I started playing.


Is she Chinese, is she Japanese, is she Korean? I have no idea. But I think the face came out very cute. 🙂 I headed out to China Sichuan, which has a replica of The Great Wall Of China. It’s pretty cool!

The Great Wall

[Pay no attention to the ugly water. Damn you, 2.0!!!!]

I LOVE going to replicas of physical world cities or countries in SL. If I’m going to explore, those are usually the kinds of places that I enjoy exploring the most. In fact, feel free to tell me more places like that to go!

Of course, I had to snap another pic of myself out there. I like this face!

Sayuri skin

No, I won’t be making the total switch to this avatar, but it’s fun to play. 🙂

I also hit up a plurk party this afternoon. Tymmerie took pictures of me because when I tried to take a picture, I crashed out. Oops!

Plurk party

The party was fun, but I only knew 3 or 4 people really, and there were a lot – A LOT – of gestures being played. If I had to hear ::::::: I ❤ THIS T U N E ! ! ! ::::::: HOoOoOUlalalala 🙂 one more time, I was going to go crazy. Gestures have their time and place, and 20 people doing them 5 times in a row… Well, you get the idea. 🙂

I think I want to have a park party this week. People can wear clothes that they’d wear to go play in the park and we’ll just dance and have fun. I’ll give more details later!

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Day 97 – Random stuff

It never fails. If you invite me to your house, I will make myself at home and find something to eat.


What? I like popcorn.

Earlier today I was having fun on plurk. When people ask, “What do you do with plurk?” Well, besides the fact that it’s better than CNN/TMZ/SL blogs/grid status reports combined…stupid little conversations like this pop up.

Fun on plurk!

I don’t know what it was, but I laughed like a fool for about 10 minutes. But I had to stay quiet because of a phone call going on, so I *think* that’s what made it worse. I love my plurk friends.

Not much else to say today. Oh! WAIT! Did you guys know that you can set up a Wishlist on XStreet now???? OMG, I have been waiting for such a thing for over 2 years! LOVE IT. In fact, I’m going back now to continue putting thing on it!

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Day 80 – I could talk forever, but I refuse to spam.


We’re switching over to grass this coming weekend on the island. Yay, no more snow!! After running all over trying to find a decent spring grass texture, the most awesome Aisuru created grass for us. I briefly placed it down on the sim earlier and it’s so so bright and pretty! I can’t wait to get rid of this snow.

Bleh, I just had a whole big diatribe written about how I choose what to blog on my fashion blog, but it doesn’t matter. I blog what I want in my own time, unless specifically asked to blog a limited time offer or sale. If I’m blogging the same thing as 80 other people on the same day, so be it. I usually am not quite aware of it because I’m not a huge fashion feed reader. I tend to just stick with the bloggers I enjoy so I don’t have to see someone sporting bling or an ugly shape or something like that. I’m sure there are many others the same way. I’ll glance through on occasion if I feel like shopping, but that’s about it. I tend to rely on my friends and Plurk to tell me where to shop. lol

Some people have asked me how my time in Dragon Age went. Well, I really really enjoyed the game! It made me laugh, it made me cry [Oh my god, Alistair breaking up with my character? Heartbreaking!], and I was very proud when I won. And if the damn thing hadn’t crashed out at the very end, I would have loved to have seen the ending. LOL But I was very upset that I couldn’t become queen just because I wasn’t of noble birth and I was an elf. There are elven princesses, I swear!! So as soon as I won that round, I restarted with a new character.

Dragon Age, new character

That’s actually not the most flattering picture. She’s quite pretty normally. This is my human noble of the warrior class. Royal, pretty, and can kick your ass. How sexy is that? It’s still fun, because the storyline is a bit different with her. So even though I’m going through the same places, it’s slightly different.

Ugh, remind me not to look at plurk while I’m blogging. I start coming up with too much stuff I want to bitch about.

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Well, it ain’t Habitat for Humanity.

Wow. Plurk drama like a bad mama jama tonight, y’all. lmao If you’re not on Plurk yet…I don’t know how to even explain it. LOL

ANYWAY…In the middle of all the drama kinging & queening over there, I’ve been attempting to build a house.

Um...yeah. I build. LMAO

Yeah, it’s all wood, shut up. LOL I built a little cabin once for the forest Levi and I had over the pit, but that was basically just a box. Check it out, I even put a WALL in there. Barnesworth Anubis, look out! LMFAO

But then I realized, “Hey, I have NO IDEA if this is even the size I want for the part of the island I want to put it!” So I linked it up and took it home and then threw it back down.

Um…it’s a bit bigger than I wanted, but I think the size is still good for a rental home, which is what I hope it becomes. Then I started playing and I put a little deck type thingy on it.

I can haz house?

That’s my project for tonight…trying to finish it. Or at least put a roof on the sucker. I want double doors for it and maybe a railing. I have like, infinity textures right now, so I guess it’s just trying to see what goes and what doesn’t.

Oh, and I actually went and bought something today that WASN’T on sale! :-O LOL I’ve been pretty bad lately about buying clothes. As in, I haven’t been. I bought a few things at the Frangipani sale but most of my spending there was on hair. I just haven’t been in the mood to look pretty, I guess. But I saw someone else wearing this sweater and I simply ADORE fall and winter clothes, so I had to have it.

The Rainy Days sweater by Celestial Studios.

Rainy Day Sweater

It comes with some little hand prims too, but they take my rings off, and I take my rings off for no sweater. I think it looks fine without them. 🙂 And yes, I did try to reattach them but with as low as they fall on the hands, they move weird with my body. I may have to go back and pick up the wine colored one. I just LOVE Celestial Studios!!

Ok…I need a shower [I went for a jog earlier] and then I’m heading in world to work on my house some more.