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Got The Sun!

We had kind of a more RP-ish day on Tuesday. It’s rare that we do a whole lot of what people think of when they think of SL families. I mean, just answering questions from folks, they think we are in this constant RP mode where we’re doing dinners every night and tuck ins and all of that stuff. Truthfully, we’re kind of boring and most of the time we’re just sitting or standing around the house talking about random stuff or being quiet while we do our own things. *laughs*

But our friend Jill has opened up a little homeschool and the girls were invited to attend. Birdy, unfortunately, couldn’t do it because of her RL school, but Abby was excited to give it a try. She asked me on Monday if I would be able to take her to school, and if so, could I also take our friends Rory and Heath to school, too. The more, the merrier, so of course I said yes! I decided since we were doing the drop off thing, maybe I should be a better mom and feed the kids before we went. So before school, the kids had sandwiches and lemonade. [I considered cupcakes and soda, but I thought I’d take it easy on Jill and not get the kids all riled up!] My niecey, Riley, was also going to school, so I snatched her up before we left so she didn’t have to go on her own. School drop offs are very easy, and the kids were excited to see old friends, so I just dropped them off quickly and headed back home.

When I caught up with the kids later [I had to be offline for a while, so I dunno how they made it home. Magic, I guess.], they were quite happy with how their class had gone and I was glad! Schools come and go in SL and some of them have NOT been very good. I’m just happy the kids have something to do. There’s not always a lot that SL kids can go do where they can be together in a safe space.

Abby wasn’t feeling well so she went to bed early, and so Aldwyn and I took Birdy, Rory, and Heath out for dinner. The kids had to deal with my driving and they MIGHT have gotten an ocean bath on the way to get burgers, but… well, yolo. 🙂

I really had a lot of fun with everything on Tuesday. We don’t often do that kind of thing and we really should. Plus it was fun having more kids in the house. I’m soooo lucky that Aldwyn just rolls with the punches when we’re doing things because most of the time when he logs in, he doesn’t really know what he’s logging into. *laughs*

Got The Sun!

He really is wonderful and I probably don’t say that enough. ♥

And speaking of him, I’ve been putting his gift to good use and I made us this pose! Woo! It’s better than my last one. *laughs* Well, kinda. It’s still pretty rough but I’m learning how to work with the AnyPose. There are a few things I wish it had – like the ability to rotate the arms a little better, or being able to adjust how small the increment is when adjusting limbs. Or maybe there is and I don’t know because I don’t read instructions? I mean…that’s pretty likely. 🙂

But, if you like this pose, you can buy it here on marketplace. Because well, I think it’s cute, so if you think it’s cute, you might as well buy it.

Man, I’m good at marketing. *laughs*

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I do NOT love Poser. -.-

So Levi logged in this morning and I excitedly told him to hop on a poseball to test my new poses.


Oh man, they bit the big one. lmfao! Nothing came out lined up the way I wanted. Poser and I are going to have a big hell of a fight later on today.

I might need a nap first, though. That kind of fight has to be rested up for. It might also require more strawberry soda and chicken salad as well.

Poor Levi…I wonder if he really realizes how much poseball hopping is in the future while I get this one pose right. LOL Baby, in advance, I’m sorry. But you know how competitive I am and I will not let this program beat me!!

Can I also just say how excited I am for the disco event this Wednesday? LOL If anything happens to where I can’t do it this Wednesday, I will seriously go jump in front of a moving car. LOL Also, Tymmerie had the theme suggestion of something medical…like doctors and nurses and patients? 🙂 Someone think of a cute title for that, kthx. 😉 It will give me a chance to pull out my sexy nurse costume again!

Ok…going to the store, because strawberry soda and more celery for chicken salad is needed.

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Early morning babble

Up early and back to the posing grindstone. 🙂 Actually, I am just cleaning up last night’s poses in QAvimator. For some reason, the priority didn’t take very well from just the poses straight from Poser, but seemed to after a clean up. Well, on the female pose. The male pose seems to be a little fidgety. Now if Levi will wake up and get his cute butt into SL so we can test these out together, I can go back to work. 🙂 Of course, it is only just after 6am for him… LOL I just feel like I haven’t seen him NEAR enough lately, or even talked to him enough. We were in world together very early Saturday morning and talked on the phone that afternoon, but he wasn’t home and I didn’t want to bug him constantly while he was out trying to have fun. LOL I’d have seen him if I hadn’t gone to bed so early last night. Stupid sleeping. It takes up precious time out of my day!

So while I’m standing around doing nothing except looking at myself, I thought I’d check out Hester’s profile just to see if she’s conned some guy into partnering her yet. She hasn’t, but she has been with the same guy for a few weeks now. The funniest part is that out of the 3 times she’s written his name in her profile, she’s misspelled it twice. LOL

I have an idea for a new belt. I should sit down and do a rough build of it, but I seem to be a bit distracted this morning. I keep looking at this and that, coming back here to type a little more, looking at something else in world, typing a little more, etc. Someone needs to get online and hold me down. 😀 Plus I got all bitchy at a belt I was working on the other day because the belt buckle wasn’t working the way I wanted. It’s going to require a quiet room, shutting down group chat, ignoring IMs, and getting totally zoned to get it done, I think. I might do that this afternoon.

Out of things to talk about for now, so I’ll stop writing. 🙂

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I sat down this afternoon, opened Poser, and put on my boxing gloves. And it was a fight. Oh yes, it was a FIGHT. But armed with 2 tutorials and a glass of strawberry soda, I emerged…well, if not victorious, than at least not totally beaten.

I managed to put together a couples pose that looks great in Poser. Not perfect, but very close to what I’ve been imagining in my head. I even managed to get the poses to upload into SL. But there’s a big problem now.

No one to test them with. LOL

Yeah, I could ask one of the group to come test with me since most of the girls have male alts, or I could make a male account and try to recreate Levi’s approximate shape and try to run 2 viewers at once and hope not to die a painful crashy death. But laying down with a girl looking like a guy is weird [Cen and I did that one day when she was doing her experiment and omg, never had felt more weird around her] and I’m getting really sleepy and I’m too lazy to make a male account. LOL Plus, the poses I make for us I want to fit our shapes, so it’s better if I wait for him. 🙂

Wow, that was a load of rambling. LOL

Anyway, I did it. I finally used Poser. Just static poses, but baby steps. I was excited that I was able to even do that much considering the last time I tried Poser, I was slapped like a red headed stepchild and then I pouted for 3 days and considered uninstalling the whole program. Yes, I am that much of a brat.

It’s almost 9pm and I’m feeling really sleepy. I might call it an early night.

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This and That.

I suck at Poser. LOL I’m super cereal about this, too. I downloaded and installed the SL avatars to use, I turned off the inverse kinetics or whateverthehell, and then the little avatars said O Hai, U Suck, and proceeded to do their own thing. :-p I’m usually really good about picking up programs fairly quickly, but I think this one I may have to actually read up on or something. I WILL learn it, because I’ll be damned if there’s a program out there that I can’t at least learn the basics of. I’m not asking to animate a jive. I just want a nice couch pose. LOL

You know what really bugs me about FashCon lately? I mean, aside from the 50,000 stupid group notices everyday, half of which are “oops, forgot my LM/notecard/texture!” The fact that there doesn’t seem to be a real screening process for who gets to post notices. I could sign up as a designer, I guess. I make crap to wear. But I wouldn’t because I am not that good. If I ever get better in the quality of my builds, then maybe I might feel like I can be up there with the better creators. Until then I’ll just be over here in the corner. But then I see everyone who has half a store in FashCon sending out crazy notecards that are misspelled and lame. OH! That brings me to another thing. Using textspeak in “business” notecards. A notice that comes through with “And then u will look grate in ur new cloths” usually doesn’t make me want to run my ass over and grab the “cloth.” LOL I know not everyone has English as their first language, and I know PLUH-ENTY of native English speakers who couldn’t write a coherent sentence if it would save their life, but wow. It’s business, right? Maybe I’m just a bitch. LOL

OMG, check it out! I’m totally on the wall in the slideshow at Striking Poses!!

I'm a model? LMFAO WOOT!

While I was out there waiting to see my pic, a neko was there with her tail like, in her butt, not coming from her spine. I should have taken a picture of that.

I think I ate too much. I have a headache. It’s a chicken headache!