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Day 180 – Squee!

I have to say, now that I have an exploring buddy again, my evenings in SL are pretty busy!

So, my friends all know how much I just love love love prefabs in SL. I can’t help it. I love to go walk through houses, I love to buy houses on sale on XStreet [OMG, I can’t stop myself, especially if the house is on sale!], I get giddy when people drop houses on me to review, and I just love to pull them out and look at them. I almost never USE the houses I buy, and God knows I can barely remember what’s in my inventory, but I like knowing they’re there. So tonight, Rune and I were hanging out and he asked me the most wonderful question any man could ask me.

[17:28] Runestar Twine: want to go looking at houses?


We saw sooo many houses and other prefabs tonight. Omg, I cannot wait until summer comes to Bluebonnet [probably around mid-June, we’ll go beachy] because I saw the most marvelous prefab that will replace my park. It was so fun! And the fact that he stuck around even after hearing me squeal about all the cuteness I saw says a lot about him.

Of course, who wouldn’t stick around with a girl who stops to play a game of hopscotch?


I’m sleeeeepy, so I think it’s time to tuck into bed with my phone and with Kirstie Alley’s Big Life.

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Well, now what do I do with it?

I love Plurk because my buddies there post all kinds of interesting things that I can look at and blog later.

Today’s odd thing came from Quaintly, who was looking around on Xstreet and came across this free house. There’s a lot of free houses on XStreet, that’s not so odd. But this one… was 2308 prims.

2308 Prim House

Every single piece of this build is a prim. No sculpties, no textures, just prims. It’s even got frame work that you don’t see, much like a physical world home. Just the door alone is 88 prims.

The door is 88 prims

Now, I don’t want to complain too much about a free house. This obviously took a long time to do. But…well…I kind of have to wonder why someone would make something so high prim, it would be almost impossible for people to use. Also, it’s pretty small inside.

The inside

It’s cool because all the windows open and close, but still. 2308 prims. My entire house, including furniture, landscaping and random boxes I have lying around comes in at just over 1300 prims.

2308 prims. For one tiny house. Holy cow.

At least it was free.

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Houses, houses, everywhere…

Just as an FYI, I’ve turned off anonymous comments. 🙂

So, as into buying prefabs as I am, I find myself in the position of not having much that works down on the ground. I’m really more into buying skyboxes, I guess. I want a pretty house, that has nice textures, doesn’t have a lot of alpha glitches [or texture glitches, for that matter], that is spacious and open, but with defined rooms, and preferably with a porch and hopefully doesn’t cost half a month’s tier, since I do change houses on a regular basis. You’d think with so many builders in SL, I’d be able to find something decent. I have been scouring the XStreet listings for 2 days. Everytime I see something I might like, I check and see if they have a demo rezzed anywhere at their store. I have been to SO many prefab shops tonight! For people who think that listing their products on XStreet doesn’t work…let me tell you, it does. Without it, I never would have found even HALF the stores I went to tonight.

I don’t know, I think I might just be OVERLY picky. I’ve gotten a load of freebie/cheapie houses just to check out layouts and styles.

I kind of like this vintage/coastal style.


But of course, I also love a good southern style too, with a big porch.


I’ve seen good houses, I’ve seen really horrible houses. I’ve seen houses that were barely textured, and I’ve seen them textured within an inch of their lives. [Hey, not every prim needs a different floral/striped/polka dot texture.] I’ve seen some cute and very inexpensive houses, and I’ve seen some where you really wonder if the creator honestly thinks that their library textured box with a door cut into it is worth $5000L.

But what I haven’t seen is MY house. My perfect house that would make me happy to decorate and stay in. I’m home 95% of the time, my house must be somewhere I feel comfortable in. And yes, I still have my gorgeous house Noel built for me and Sophia decorated for me. But that is my private space in the air. I need a home for the ground and so far, I just haven’t found the right one.

I think I know what this means…


I may actually have to build my own. 😦

This…is not going to be pretty.

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From fingers to houses

I have an oral fixation. Yeah yeah, make your jokes. :-p But honestly, I put a lot of things in my mouth. Sometimes when I’m sitting here reading things, before I know it, I’ve got my finger in my mouth like this:

Bite it!

It’s a bad habit, and one that I really need to break.

A habit I have that I’m giving up is sugar. I’m not a diabetic, but I am insulin resistant. So my doctor has been urging me for … well, for years, I guess, but especially in the past year, to give up the refined sugars and starches and things of that nature. So…that’s what I’m doing. Today’s the first day. I expect to get very very crabby and cranky over the next few days. I apologize in advance. However, if you want me to go off on someone or something, tomorrow would probably be the time to suggest it. LOL

So last night, Quaintly asked me if I knew where to get a colorful skybox. That, of course, led me later to Xstreet to see if anything was new. I have a problem, I know! When I pulled up the residential structures, it had them listed from the highest to the lowest price. The first house listed was $30,000L. Holy cow, seriously?! Being nosy as hell, I went out to the store because they said that there were demos you could rez. And sure enough, there were, so I rezzed one out.

The 30000L House

Yep, you’re looking at $30000L worth of house.

$30000L would pay for half of the island for a month. lol

But anyway, it’s… well, the house is PRETTY. I won’t say that it’s not.


I just don’t know if it’s $30,000L worth of pretty. I guess if you’re into having the most expensive stuff ever, this would be the house for you. But I can think of houses I like better that are cheaper.

It’s time to go clean out the kitchen. Pray for me. LOL!

Ali’s Thanks of the Day: I’m thankful that despite how cranky and crabby I’m going to be, I have completely supportive friends who say that it’s ok if I yell at them for the next few days.

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Explorations: Butterdish

Welcome to my 30 Days of Blogs & Thanks! Ok, so really, I’m getting this first one in pretty early. It’s a couple of hours into November. Well, with the time change, it’s only an hour into November, it’s… WHATEVER, OK? :-p

My friend Bon is really good about just dropping landmarks on me for nice little places he thinks I might enjoy exploring. Today’s exploration took me to the charming little area of Butterdish.

When I teleported in, I waited for a few minutes for it to rez before really looking around. Once I looked, I knew I was in for a treat.

How many other places do you go where you land almost in the path of a twister?


In my physical world, I live in what’s commonly called “Tornado Alley,” so not one to shy away from a tornado, I went to meet the storm head on.

There’s a sign nearby that says to go into fly mode, and then click the sign. Once I did, I couldn’t stop laughing.



Soooo funny!! I did that for ages. I’m easily amused.

The rest of the area is pretty much awesome. It’s very country, but just so pretty. I kept my lighting mostly at the region default the entire time, with a couple of times using the windlight preset Annyka’s Soft Lavender Day when I needed a little more lighting, like in the bakery. Check out some more pics!

Did you poo?!



Mmm cookies!

One of the cool things out at Butterdish is that some things are for sale! In the bakery, you can buy some of the cakes, and I even bought one of the cabinets. I don’t know where I’ll use it, but it was only $23L and just as cute as could be. In a little shed, there were – and you all know how much I’m addicted – but there were PREFABS. And not just any prefabs. Cute little prefabs I have no use for but that were dirt cheap!! I ended up buying this absolutely adorable skybox for just $30L, which I didn’t get pics of, and then…I saw it. For $30L, it could be mine. I forked over my $Lindens and ran home.

My very own taco stand!!

My taco stand!

With my very own taco hat!

Taco hat!

I really suggest going out to explore Butterdish. It’s just so pretty and maybe you’ll find something you need to buy too. 🙂

Ali’s Thanks of the Day: I’m thankful for friends who put a smile on my face even when they probably don’t think they’re doing very much at all. 🙂