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Creators Stamp Rally!!

The big talk this weekend was the start of the Creators Stamp Rally, Summer Choice! I *think* this is the 3rd CSR event, but don’t quote me on that. They only do 2, a winter and a summer one. The winter one was my first time and I had a total blast doing it. But like a lot of people, I was pretty confused as to how to do it. And I’ve seen a lot of questions about it this year since it’s getting a little more coverage, so I thought I’d put together a little post on how to do it. 🙂

The CSR is NOT a hunt. In order to obtain a Stamp Card, which is what you will definitely need, you need to shop at one of the participating stores. There are 20 of them, which you can see on the CSR website. The cards are transferable, so if you have extras, feel free to give to your friends. But to get a card, go to one of the participating stores and buy something. Most of the stores have items marked with the CSR logo so you KNOW you’re getting a card, but some places put cards in all their items. If you’re still not sure, try to edit the vendor pic and look inside to see if it’s in there. 🙂

Once you get your card, you can either wear it [it attaches to your hand] or you can attach to a free HUD spot. Personally, I like attaching to HUD spots. I had 3 cards to stamp after buying 3 hairs at Uncleweb Studios, so I attached them all to some open HUD spots and moved them around.

CSR - Cards

That sheep avatar I’m wearing, btw, is a CSR gift from DPyumyum, which I got without having to stamp things because my friend Meara gave me an already stamped card and I ran out to get it. 🙂 Thanks Meara!

If you don’t want to wear the cards on your HUD spots, you can definitely attach them all over your body. However, don’t attach a bunch and still attach more than 10 facelights. Then you just look like a doofus.

CSR - Facelights

Yes, every circled prim was a light. I inspected. Thank goodness I don’t have attached lights turned on.

Anyway, however you decide to do it, get your cards on. You can wear as many as you have room for. Since I only had 3, we’re good to go.

Go to one of the participating stores and look for a stamp machine. They’re not usually too hard to find, although in laggier areas I find that they rez last for me. But considering pretty much every store participating is a good one, you won’t mind looking around. 🙂 Once you find the machine, just touch it with a left click. It’ll tell you in chat that your card has been stamped. As you can see on my cards, I’m stamped!

CSR - Stamping

Then you just keep going around to all the stores that are on the website, finding the machines, and getting a stamp. You can go in order, or not, it’s up to you. Sometimes if I find that I’m stuck in the same pattern as someone else that I don’t like, I switch it up to avoid them. Hey, it’s how I roll. But the important part is to get all 20 stamps. It can be fun, and you get to meet people. Unless they’re like these people who decided to take a dance in the middle of a store.

CSR - Couple

Once you get all 20 stamps, take your card(s) off and head over to the Event Hall. It will probably be laggy, so just chill and wait until everything rezzes.

CSR - Event Hall

Then go up to an empty prize vendor booth…

CSR - Booth

Find your card in your inventory and rez it out on the little space in front of you. Yep, just drag it from inventory and drop it down. That easy! It says right in front of you where to place it. Then the card will slide into the slot and the prizes will pop up. I recommend you go to the website first to look at them all in more detail to decide what you want before going to the vendor booth. You have a couple of minutes to look and decide once you rez your card. Only one card can be rezzed at a time!

CSR - Prizes

Once you see which prize you want, left click and touch it. It’ll pop up bigger on the prize booth and you can choose yes or no, depending on if you want it or not. 🙂

CSR - Yes or no?

Once you’ve made your selection, it is delivered to you. Then you can rez another card, or run home with your prize.

Remember, the cards ARE transferable, even the stamped ones, so if you have extras it’s very nice to offer to your friends. Especially your friends who maybe don’t have the money to buy something from the participating stores and wouldn’t get a card otherwise. And I really like almost all of the prizes this year, so it’s definitely worth the time to do it! 🙂

The Creators Stamp Rally is going on from now until August 31st, so go shop and get stamped!

CSR - Treehouse