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Day 99 – It’s a wonder he doesn’t smack me more often

Are you ready for the rest of the boyfriend tag thing we did yesterday? SURE YOU ARE! And I took a pic by myself because he’s not usually in world during the day because he has 3 jobs like he’s crazy or something.

I like this picture, although it has nothingggg to do with this post. Other than to show that I’m cute, I guess. :-p

Day 99 - It's a wonder he doesn't smack me more often

Alicia : Name 3 things I’m good at.
Aldwyn : Only 3?
Alicia : πŸ˜€
Aldwyn : Amazing decorator, fantastic writer, snappy dresser, Excellent DJ, and the best wife a man could have
Aldwyn : (I couldn’t stop at just 3)
Alicia : Awwww!
Alicia : What do we argue about the most?
Alicia : Uh…nothing?
Aldwyn : ikr?
Alicia : We’re really boring. LOL
Aldwyn : damn right!
[I don’t think he was supposed to agree like that.]
Alicia : Oh. Now we’ll fight.
Alicia : Do I have PMS?
Aldwyn : yes, but I can always tell, so it doesn’t cause any fights
Alicia : Smart!
Alicia : Who wears the pants in the relationship?
Aldwyn : I tried wearing the skirts, but I don’t have the legs for it. So i do…and SL is a better place for it
Alicia : LOL!!
[We all know I’m the boss, though.]
Alicia : I’m skipping some questions because we don’t go out to eat. lol
Alicia : What is my favorite kind of music?
Aldwyn : Mushy
Alicia : Hey! LOL
Alicia : I like … well okay.
Alicia : Is there something I do that you wish I didn’t do?
Alicia : And you can’t say “Ask stupid questions.”
Aldwyn : Ask stu….oh…um
[I did a growly gesture here, so I’m pretty sure in his mind he thought “Use stupid gestures.”]
Aldwyn : honestly, nothing comes to mind
Alicia : Because I”m totally perfect??
Aldwyn : Of Course! I have awesome taste!
Alicia : We’re lucky we’re together. No one else would want us. LMAO
Aldwyn : totes
Alicia : What kind of cake would you bake me on my birthday?
Aldwyn : a birthday cake
Alicia : LMAO
Alicia : Smart ass.
Aldwyn : you said I had to answer honestly
Alicia Chenaux-Zanzibar shakes her head.
Alicia : Okay, last question.
Alicia : What can I spend hours doing?
Aldwyn : cleaning inventory, decorating, finding that ONE top for the outfit you want to blog, and listening to me bitch about stupid people
Alicia : You know me well!

We were on Skype while we were doing this and he kept making remarks that I SHOULD have written down. I’m so lucky he humors me otherwise I’d probably be getting smacked in the mouth a lot more.

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Day 98 – Tagging

So I don’t know if you guys have see it on YouTube, but there’s this thing going around called The Boyfriend Tag. Basically you and your man sit around and answer questions. Mostly about you [if you’re the girlfriend] but sometimes about each other. I told Aldwyn we were going to play it tonight.

See how happy I look?

Day 98 - Tagging

Alicia: You have to answer honestly or it doesn’t work. :-p
Alicia: Okay. Where did we meet?
Aldwyn: Right here on bluebonnet, at one of your famous Ch’know parties
Alicia: Yay! You win! LOL
Alicia: What was our first date?
Aldwyn: I think it was me dragging you over to hang out on my island,
Alicia: That was a date?
Aldwyn: yeah, couldn’t you tell? *facepalm
Alicia Chenaux-Zanzibar sighs.
Alicia: What was your first impression of me?
Aldwyn: Well, I definitely loved the voice, since you were DJ’in the parties all the time. But honestly you were somewhat of a mystery to me, which is what made it interesting
Alicia: Yay me!
Alicia: The next question asks when you met my family but you knew them all before we started dating so I don’t think that question is valid.
Aldwyn : yeah, probably not
Alicia : Question 6 is “Weird habit of each other?” I don’t have any weird habits, do I?
Aldwyn Zanzibar ponders
Aldwyn : none come to mind
Alicia : Yay! I win again!
Aldwyn Zanzibar wonders if this game is rigged
Alicia : No way. πŸ˜€
Aldwyn : mmmhmmm
Alicia : How long have we been together? πŸ˜€
Aldwyn : Officially it’s 1 year, 11 months, and ….24 days
Aldwyn : give or take a week
Alicia : LMAO! Awesome!
Alicia : Do we have any traditions?
Aldwyn : you mean besides going and judging everybodies avatars?
Alicia : \o/
Aldwyn : and decorating a new house every other week?
Alicia : \o/ x2
Aldwyn : i would say no…no traditions…:P
Alicia : We suck. We need some.
Alicia : The next question is for me to answer. “What pisses him off?” And I’d say… stupid people. And people who don’t like me. πŸ˜€
Aldwyn : I WIN! πŸ˜›
Alicia : “Favorite feature about each other?”
Alicia : I’d say…the fact that you’re all kinds of normal.
Alicia : Oh, and that you let me call you old.
Aldwyn : lol….right
Alicia : And your av is hot.
Aldwyn : I love how we can just be with each other, and not feel like we have to entertain each other.
Alicia : Because I’m not entertaining? 😦
Aldwyn : o.O
Alicia : WAH
Aldwyn : I am not gonna win this one, am I?
Alicia : Just say I’m pretty.
Aldwyn : You’re VERY pretty!
Alicia : Woot!

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion tomorrow!!

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Day 102 – I kinda suck at the social thing

The Mardi Gras party last night was fantastic! There were anywhere from 25-30 people there at the peak. I couldn’t take pics until some had left, but here’s one I managed.

Mardi Gras party!

So I was up late last night, as is my norm these days, and I had a chance to hang out with some friends. Now if this doesn’t sound odd to you, let me explain why this is kind of important to me.

I have lost the ability to just hang out with people.

No, hear me out. You see, a couple of years ago, Cen and I used to hang out ALL the time at the Viper Pit. She and I were together, alone or with others, pretty much every single day. She understood that sometimes we didn’t need to talk, or she was happy to drive the conversation forward, or we’d go off and do something fun or silly. After a while, after guys and land owning entered our SLives, things started to change. Then later, I retreated into a shell [most people know that story, I won’t get into it again] and she left SL and now…I don’t know how to hang out. I see the photos of people running around with friends, doing this or that, and I am envious. I have gotten so used to being alone in SL that I do not know how to just simply BE, unless I’m very close to the person.

For example: Last night after the party, I went to hang out with Ford, Chloe and Sarra over at Ford’s new place. I was quiet. I was vaguely uncomfortable. Not because of who they are, not one bit. I think they’re great people. But I always get the sense of “Should I be entertaining?” when I am around others. The worst thing for me is when someone says “Oh we should hang out, you are so funny/interesting/awesome in your blog/plurk!”

Oh god. No, honey. No.

I freeze when people say we should hang out. I immediately start thinking “Why do they want to hang out with me? What will we do? Do I need to be funny? Philosophical? Entertaining? Do I need to think of something for us to do? What do I need to talk about? Are they going to think I’m stupid? They are, they’re going to think I’m stupidly boring! This cannot end well!”

What it comes down to is that I guess I don’t feel like people want to hang out with me for me. They want to hang out because at some point, I made them laugh when I was writing, and that’s what they expect.

Truthfully? I’m shy. I’m a little quiet. Unless I’m working a party, I’d almost prefer not to go unless someone goes with me. I can fake it sometimes. I can fake being outgoing. But when it comes down to it…I’m not.

So what do I do? I don’t know. I’ve always thought of myself as a social person, but lately…I just can’t do it.

Luckily, there are a few people that I am completely comfortable with, who have kind of pushed to get to know me past the blog or past plurk. I’ll admit that I was probably very reserved and quiet with them as well at first, but eventually they managed to slip inside the shell I never quite realized was around me. My friend Marnix is a good example of someone who I feel comfortable hanging out with. He is most definitely good at keeping a conversation going, even if sometimes it looks like he’s talking to himself. :-p


I don’t know. I guess I’ll just keep trying to push past this. I just feel bad that sometimes when someone asks if I want to go do something, I say no because I just don’t think I can do it. I have to get over this.

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Do you laugh at People of Walmart? How about Look At This Fucking Hipster or Look At This Douchebag? Have you laughed and pointed at the poorly made stuff on Regretsy? Do you look and think “What an idiot!” on Fail Blog and There, I Fixed It? And lets not forget the fabulous celebrity fashion disasters over at Go Fug Yourself! Or hey, what about the original? The SL Fashion Police?

I do get what you guys are saying. It’s a little hypocritical of me to be kind of sad that people won’t talk to me based on having a “normal” avatar [as if there was such a thing!] when I’m part of a team of writers that show blinging butt-baring bad fashion on WTFug. My posts are growing less and less frequent, as are most of the others, just because our interests and schedules vary greatly. The majority of our posts at this point are reader submissions. Oh yes, your friends are taking your picture and sending it in. But I guess we’re all a little hypocritical because there’s probably not anyone who hasn’t giggled a little at at least one of those sites I listed above, or even just when you’re out and about and you see someone looking odd.

We do want to do more tutorials, but they tend to be a little time intensive. Lash fitting was one that was brought up earlier today in Plurk, which I am more than happy to do once I get a chance. If there are any others you guys would like to see, please let us know. We also wanted to do some on crazy buildings & landscaping. At one point I wanted to do one on crazy Xstreet listings, but someone else appears to have beat us to the punch.

[Why it’s ok to post a creation that someone put their time and effort into, but not ok to do the same to an avatar, which is also basically a walking creation, I have no idea.]

I guess the main thing is this: If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. There are many blogs out there I don’t read for one reason or another. I don’t go to their blogs and comment to call them names, or IM them to berate them. Now THAT would truly make me a bitch. If I don’t look at the blog, it doesn’t bother me. As my adorable Aisuru reminded me, the internet is not SRS BZNS, no matter how badly you’d like it to be. Even if you don’t find it funny, someone else does, and that’s just life, first or second. For every IM I’ve gotten threatening me, telling me they’re going to call their e-lawyer on me for showing them in orange skin, or calling me names, I get one from someone who tells me I brightened up their day or made them laugh out loud at work. Those are the ones that keep me blogging, no matter which blog I’m on.

Oh, but please don’t be scared to talk to me in world. I think THAT is what has made me more blue than anything else. The “omg, you’re such a bitch” thing, I can take. Trust me, I’ve been called worse in my life and someone on the internet doing it now doesn’t really bug me that much. But someone being scared of me? That makes me really sad. Usually when someone I don’t know talks to me, I’m a little bit like a deer in the headlights!

Of course, that’s a blog post for another day.

*sighs* I suck.

Ali’s Thanks of the Day: A HUGE thank you for my Plurk friends who made me feel so much better earlier. They are the most incredible support system I have ever had.

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We are family, I got all my sisters and me!

This is where I spend a great deal of my SL these days.

My wall

Yep, just sitting on the wall outside of the house. Sometimes I go sit on the railing on the back deck. But mostly it’s here, on the wall. I don’t know why. There are places to sit inside. It’s just my spot, I guess.

I was picking up a gift at a store earlier and while I was waiting on things to rez, I overheard two girls talking to each other and after a couple of moments, it became clear that they’re SL sisters.

I’ve never actually had “family” in SL in the sense that I actively call anyone my sibling or parent. I’ve been included in a group that calls themselves a family. I’d certainly consider my Ch’Know group my family. But as far as an actual brother/sister/mom/dad thing…no.

I don’t really get into the whole “OMGSPAMSPAMSPAM THAT’S MY SISSY SPAMSPAMSPAMOMG” thing. I don’t think anyone over the age of 7 or 8 should use the word “sissy” when talking about another woman. Unless your name is Sissy, and in which case, John Travolta will pick you back up after the convict has slapped you around for throwing a carton of cigarettes at him and then gets his ass kicked after he steals the money he didn’t win because John Travolta is a better fake bull rider and then you get your little license plate with your name on it put back up in the window of the truck and you drive off while Johnny Lee sings.

Wait. Where was I?

Oh, yeah.

Anyway, I don’t much care for the whole “SISSY!” thing. But sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have an SL family. Not that I’m looking to get a kid or anything like that at all. LOL I’d be a horrible mother in SL. But the other stuff…the family stuff. Hanging out with sisters and brothers, maybe having someone I looked up to as a mother or father figure… Sometimes when I’m spending hours alone in SL, I wonder if I’m not missing out on something.

Do you have family in SL? How did you get into it? Do you find that it enriches your SL experience? I’m honestly curious.

Oh, but if anyone screams “♦♣○β™₯!♦β™₯β™ SISSY!!!!!11!!β€’β—‹β˜Ίβ˜»β™¦β™£” at me, I’ll slap them and run.

Just sayin’.

Edit: Crap, I almost forgot. LOL

Ali’s Thanks of the Day: I’m thankful for my close friends who may not have the title of “sister” or “brother” but are no less important to me because of that.

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Dear Linden Lab…


I know you guys are pretty busy, but I had some things I wanted to talk to you about. This won’t take long, I promise.

There’s a lot of things wrong in Second Life that we all think you need to fix. Now I won’t get into the huge things, like lag and content theft. Those are all way more talked about in other groups and on other blogs, and by people a lot more knowledgeable about those issues than I am. But there are other issues!

1. Group limits.

What is up with 25 groups? Now maybe you’ve seen it [but I’m kind of doubting it], but there was a Jira opened in 2007 asking for more groups. And if it was necessary in 2007, it’s more than necessary now with more people owning land and businesses and getting involved in the SL community. And I’ve heard the “reasons” behind the limit. The grid can’t support it, chat lag would be bad, etc etc etc. If that was true in 2007…why is it still true now? We’re less than 2 months away from it being 2010. If nothing has upgraded to handle a few more groups, well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I find that pretty unacceptable.

What if it were just the premium account holders that got more groups? Would that be too taxing on what appears to be a very delicate system? Speaking of which….

2. More goodies for premium account holders.

Don’t get me wrong, I like being a premium account. I get to own land, I get help pretty quick if I need it, and I get my little allowance every week. But what do people who don’t want to own land get? Because honestly, while the customer service is pretty good when I’ve needed it…it’s been well over a year since I’ve needed it.

If you want people to become premium members [and c’mon, you know you do], then we need more goodies! More group spots, more profile picks spots, maybe a little higher stipend or discounts on land tier once in a while. Heck, give us a premium Linden bear! Just something to get more people into being premium.

3. Unusable ocean.

So I own an island, right? And we’re surrounded by pretty water. Pretty water that we can barely use without terraforming in our land! Why are Linden waters not open? I want a real, honest, technical answer as to why we can’t sail off the island and keep going. How much fun would it be if we could set sail and go visiting? Or at least expand the area of water we can use around the island so we don’t have to give up so much of the actual land.

Those are just 3 things. There are other things, but a lot of them, you probably know about already. Don’t take any of this the wrong way. I love Second Life and I intend on sticking around for a while. I understand you all must be under so much pressure to fix this and that and handle tons of things. But as island owning premium resident, I’d kind of like to know more where my money is going and what’s getting fixed, or why things can’t be different.

But still, kudos on giving us this place. I really have enjoyed myself here.


Ali’s Thanks of the Day – I’m thankful for Linden Lab and Second Life, because without it, I would never have been able to be blessed to meet such wonderful people that I simply cannot live without now. πŸ™‚

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Oh that does NOT match!

A few months ago I got a blog idea and signed up on Avmatch. That’s a dating site for SL avatars, like I threw a profile together, saying everything I’d want in a guy in SL. It was pretty harsh, actually, but I didn’t really intend on meeting anyone off of there, so I didn’t really care. But then I started dating someone and kind of forgot about the whole thing. That, and most of the profiles were pretty horrible.

Yesterday I was on Plurk and bored, so I decided to go back over to Avmatch and see if anyone would bother writing me. About 30 seconds after I’d made my profile public, I got a note telling me I had a nice av. Wow. Thanks. I quickly went back into private.

The people on Avmatch fall into a few categories. The ones looking for SL only, the ones looking for RL too, the ones who look like hell, the ones just looking for SLex, and the ones who are really pretty.

Unfortunately, the really pretty ones are few and far between.

Most men look like this.


They’re almost always topless in at LEAST one photo, almost always covered in ink, and almost always have no idea how to type/spell/use punctuation/write a good sentence.

Of course, sometimes they attempt to lure you in with crappy emoting. I am a woman who loves someone who can emote well, so when I see this mess, I laugh and laugh and laugh.

And oh yes, he’s topless, of course.


The women aren’t usually much better. They will, however, usually use a “professional” photo. Notice I just said professional, I didn’t say good. But most of them try wear their “smexy” outfits and freebie poses from 2005.


Like the men, a lot of the women can’t write. But they’ll try to tell you what a wonderful person they are, or how badly they’ve been treated in the past. Why it would be a turn on to know that someone can’t keep a man, I’m sure I have no idea. One of the top things that any self help book tells women about dating is that on the first date, DON’T bring up all the crap from your past relationships. It’s boring, the guy doesn’t want to hear it, and it usually makes you look pathetic. Save it for the second date. But the women on Avmatch don’t seem to mind, because they’ll tell you right away.

And oh yes, they’re almost always “drama free.” However, not bling free.


I’m sure that matches are made on Avmatch. In fact, I know at least one couple who met on there and are happily partnered now, so it’s definitely not a bad thing. But it’s definitely not something I think I’ll be using in the future except for comedy purposes.

If I don’t get banned from there for writing this post, anyway. πŸ™‚

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If I met the SL me…

Geo Fulton asked a Plurk question yesterday that didn’t get too many responses, but it interested me, so I thought I’d ask it here.

If you met your SL avatar in RL, would you like him/her?

I responded that I’d be intimidated by her. But then I started to really think about it.

First of all, Alicia would stand an inch taller than RL me in her bare feet, but if she were wearing the heels she favors, she’d be several inches taller. And of course she’s got a great body and amazing eyes in a brilliant blue, so already I would feel a little intimidated just by how beautiful I think she is.

Alicia also wears clothes that I couldn’t possibly get away with in RL. The tiniest skirts, low cut tops and jeans that hug her curves, gorgeous shoes. And her hair and makeup? Flawless!

Then I would learn that she’s creative. She builds entire rooms with her manicured hands, she makes her own accessories. Now I would start to wonder why she’s hanging bottles of mouthwash and boxes of pancake mix off of her belts…but she’s cute, she could probably get away with it.

And let’s not forget that she has a tall, smart, funny, good looking partner who spoils her and cherishes her. I would be jealous…even though I do have my own RL boyfriend.

But then I’d try to talk to her and I’d find a girl who is fairly shy. I would almost think that she’s standoffish, snobby, but the more that I talked to her, the more that I would find out that it isn’t true. She just doesn’t always know what to say. In her eyes I could tell that she was pleased that someone wanted to talk to her, but also a bit scared that someone did want to talk to her. She wants to be social, to have more friends, but is also very much a homebody. She enjoys staying in the skybox with her partner, talking to him for hours on end. With the people she knows well, she’s loud and silly. The kind of person who says something just to make people laugh. She listens to her friends problems, sometimes offering advice but more often than not she just listens. She is a quiet person, but it doesn’t take too much to make her laugh or draw her out of her shell.

I would stop being intimidated by her after a while. After all…she’s just like me.

Just with a way better chest.

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Calista’s Questions

Being shy seems to be a topic of discussion lately, starting over in Cen’s blog and now Calista has some questions. Rather than answer a novel in her blog, I thought I’d bring it over here to mine. πŸ™‚

1. Have you ever had a time where you IM’d someone out of the blue and are really glad now that you did? OR vice versa.

This is going to be a long answer. πŸ™‚ First, I don’t think I’ve ever IMed someone out of the blue, which really sucks, now that I think about it. LOL Well, I don’t know. I may have IMed Calista first, back when she was Calaya. Maybe. I don’t remember. But the two best relationships I could have ever asked for in SL came from out of the blue IMs, and I will be eternally grateful that they chose to IM me first. πŸ™‚

Back in January, when I was doing my $5 A Day project and posting a million blogs in a day, I was terribly lonely. The groups I was in never wanted people to talk, and it’s really like being the new kid at school in the middle of the year. Everyone has a friend already. I was *this* close to just packing it all in, because you have to admit – SL is loads better when you have someone to share it with. But then one day I get this random IM from Cen. She just wanted to tell me that she liked my blog, and she also was very budget conscious in SL, and did I want to go explore with her? This is a picture from the first day we met. We both look a bit different now. LOL

At the Winter Moon sale

I think that’s the night we went to Avilion too, and I saw her nipples for the first time because we were changing into dresses and her top wouldn’t rez. LMAO We’ve been close friends ever since. πŸ™‚

The second random IM came from Levi back in March. πŸ™‚ I had dipped my toe into the SL dating scene and was kind of seeing this guy that DJed at the club where I was working. I wasn’t all that into him, which Cen could tell you is very true, but he was ok. We’d gone out to Sine Wave one night after our shifts ended, and we were checking out dances when out of the blue, I get an IM telling me that my profile was funny.

Now you have to remember at this time, I had gotten used to random IMs from strangers telling me that they liked my blog. To have someone say they liked my profile was a novelty! I said thank you and then we…just kept talking. For over an hour that night. And really, we just haven’t shut up since then. LOL The more we talk, the more we want to talk, I guess. I can’t think of a better person for me to be with in SL, and I honestly mean that. We’re just so compatible in so many ways. It’s hard for me to even think about what my SL would be like without him. So thank you, baby, for being nosy with my profile. πŸ™‚

2. How do you feel about privacy in SL?

I’m not sure that it’s a big secret that I value privacy in SL and RL. As bloggers/plurkers/twits/what-have-you, we do tend to give up a bit of privacy for the chance to let our opinions known. However this doesn’t mean that it should be a free for all. I’m also big on having private homes BE just that – a private residence. Everyone is entitled to have a space that is just for them, and anyone else that they choose to share it with. Levi & I are more than happy to have our friends over to our skybox, but we do not appreciate strangers in there. Some people in SL don’t care if someone they don’t know uses their home when they’re gone. Some people do. If you’re unsure, just use some good manners and keep out of a house that doesn’t belong to you if it looks like someone’s living there. If you DO end up in someone’s house and they come home, apologize and leave. Don’t act like a dick and tell them that it’s SL, you have a right to go anywhere you want. You don’t.

[Sorry. The “strangers in your home” topic will always be my hot button issue. LOL]

3. Is your friends list sacred to you? Or is it just filled up with people you know and some you don’t?

I do sweeps of my friends list usually every month. I keep all calling cards, but usually only the people that I talk to, or want to talk to at some point, remain on my list. There are some that are there for sentimental reasons too, like people I met during my first few days who helped me out, and even though we never speak anymore, I can’t bring myself to take them off my list. And I can’t take off the people who are no longer in SL, like Sidonie. I’ll wait for LL to do that for me.

4. Do you think a friends list has some sort of Social status to it?

I don’t see how it could, considering no one can see it but you. LOL I do know that there have been times that people have added me just to say that I’m on their list. And I know it because they’ve TOLD me this, which amazes me to no end. I’m definitely nothing special. LOL Of course, those are the people who usually get cut off the list. I think maybe it’s a status thing when you’re new. I know I was thrilled when Tymmerie added me to her list because I considered her such a SLebrity. But as time goes by, you learn that status in a friends list doesn’t count for much. It’s more about the quality of the people you have on it. [Tymm is still on my list, btw, but I’m not starstruck when she signs in anymore. LOL]

5. And lastly, how do you feel about random friend requests? With not even a Hi first.

I REALLY would prefer for people to talk to me first before requesting to add me. Usually if I get a random friends request, I’ll IM the person to ask who they are and what they want. More often than not, as soon as we talk for a couple of minutes, I approve the request anyway, so it’s not like I’m super hard to get on anyone’s list. LOL

Oh, and that really only goes for my SL friends list. I’ll pretty much add anyone to my Plurk list. I like the karma. :-p

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Donating Land

This blog post was suggested to me by someone who doesn’t blog, but still wanted to know some information. And so many of you know so many things that I definitely don’t know, I knew I had to come here to ask. πŸ™‚

If you have some land to donate, what would be a good non-profit in SL to donate it to?