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No publicity for you!

I very likely woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, so anything I say is opinion and don’t call me a bitch. At least, not any more than you do usually. :-p

Last night I got an out of the blue IM from someone I’ve never heard of before asking if I’d help promote a treasure hunt. I was kind of surprised, but I said ok without thinking too much about it. And I did tell my group about it, even though I know this person probably wanted me to blog it. They sent me the info card and I’d never heard of the place before, which isn’t surprising since it’s a hunt to celebrate the opening. So I IMed the person and asked who was participating, which designers? The people in my group are big shoppers, but we all seem to be growing tired of hunts – especially crappy hunts with crappy gifts, so I wanted to know if it would be worth our time to go. The person said, “The designers are not known yet.”

The hunt opens tomorrow and you don’t know who’s in it? So they sent me a card of the prizes that would be there. Table, couple of tattoos, a rug, etc. Nothing that stood up and made me say “Oh my god, I have to do this hunt.” In fact, the way the card had the things listed, it made me say, “Isn’t that a freebie already?”

I cannot in good faith blog about a hunt when I have no idea who the designers participating are, or what the quality of the gifts are. I don’t even LIKE hunts all that much, and have said that before, which is why I was really surprised when I was asked to promote one. So I’m very sorry to the person who asked me to spread the word, but I just can’t do it without knowing more about it. Throw a Free Speerit skin or a pair of J’s shoes in there, and we’ll talk.

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Good news, bad news, and news to come.

First the good news. LOL My computer has been doing random lockups on me for about …mm, I guess 3-4 weeks now. It bothered me, but since it only happened sporadically, it didn’t bother me THAT much. But they’ve been getting more frequent, with the worst being yesterday with 3. That’s a lot. So I called in my personal geek squad [aka, my RL BF] and he fixed me up. The main problem was that the fan on my video card had burned out and was pretty much detached. LOL Oops. With all this technology and crap we have, shouldn’t a little note have popped up? “Hey. Uh. Don’t mean to alarm you, but I’m burnt out. I quit. Just letting you know.” But since nothing did, I just went about my business. I thought it was running a bit too hot last night. Plus, I was low on free space. 2 gigs left. And that might sound like an ok amount, but with as many photos as I take, and as many songs as I download, I would be out of free space probably by the end of the month.

But, now I have a new video card, and 34 gigs of free space. So woo hoo!

However, there is some bad news. With all the messing around, for some reason, it freaked Photoshop out and made it believe that it’s no longer registered. [eye roll] So until I re-register, no pics because I can’t resize them or make them jpgs.

I also have some late breaking Hester news, but that’ll have to wait because Levi’s about to log in [maybe, if I can convince him!] and he’s more important to me than Hester news. 🙂

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This is my mad face. >:-|

Not much work done for Tuesday. I can get very into building but the moment I’m out of it, I’m out for days.

Right now I’m in a terrible mood. Started when I woke up from my nap, and it was getting better as I got to spend some time with Levi. But the other human in my house decided he needed “5 minutes” to switch out the routers. 5 minutes turned into almost 30 and by the time I was able to log back in, Levi had gone to bed. Sorry, baby. If I’d known it was going to take so long, I wouldn’t have logged out in the first place.

I picked out the new building for my store tonight. It’s big and airy. Cen & Rick spent hours tonight tearing the pit up. I’m actually in the middle now of trying to move my items over to the new store so I can reset the classifed, but SL is not cooperating.

I have my Crankypants on tonight. Big time.

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Too tired to title

I’m so exhausted. Just as I was about to log off for the night, my mom called me to tell me that someone [presumably the nasty crackheads across the street] had broken out the back window in one of my parents’ cars. She was hysterical and waiting on the police, so I got some clothes on and drove over quickly. By the time I got there, the police had come and gone and she was out there talking to one of the neighbors. The neighborhood is planning to band together to get these people evicted. It’s a rental house. I’m guessing they can do it. But I also think that these people had better watch out…They have really pissed off everyone and most of the elderly ladies are now packing heat. My mother has a taser, but she wants a gun because she’s more comfortable with that. Oh dear.

On my way home, I called my baby and he kept me awake during my long drive home – which was made longer by the unbelievable traffic jam I got caught in. Of course, having his sexy voice in my ear makes any traffic jam well worth it. 😉

I’m going to take a nap now. I’m beat! Staying up for over 24 hours really isn’t in the cards for me these days. LOL

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I am so tired this morning. 3 hours of sleep really does nothing for me. lol Plus I feel all tied up in knots today for some reason. I’m guessing it’s just the lack of sleep, but I think it has to do with there being a lot of not so good stuff going on with my extended family right now. I was on the phone with Levi last night when my mom called and while I had him on hold, in about 5 minutes she dumped 3 major things on me so I could calm her down. But unfortunately, when she does that, it’s like I take them on my shoulders. So as a result, I feel a bit weighed down today. I’m sure I’ll relax at some point but I woke up just…tense.

Anyway, as most of my friends know, I love YouTube. And I especially love random people on YouTube who are just crazy. A few months ago I ran across a video on there by Lana McKissack, who is not only beautiful but a very very good singer, and a bit of a nut. But she’s never as funny as when she’s with her friend Chester See. Some of you might even know Chester from the Disney Channel show, Disney 365. Whenever I’m feeling tense or upset, I just watch one of their crazy videos about nothing, and instantly it brings a smile to my face.

Have a good Saturday everyone!

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Damn you, electricity!!

So I was getting ready for the party tonight when a sudden storm swept up on us. Sudden storms aren’t uncommon around here, so I didn’t pay too much attention. But then….whooosh…no power.

“What the hell?”

Then click click, power.

“Whew…I was ab…”

Whoooosh. No power.

“Oh damn.”

And it stayed off. The house filled with the sounds of beeping as various battery backups tried to work, but they’re all old, so things were beeping and wheezing and you would have thought I was in ICU or something.

So I waited. And waited. Annnnnnnd waited. Nothing. Thunder, lightning, all that stuff that scares me was going on. Then on the police scanner we heard it. “Yeah, some trees fell on the power lines. Cut the power out all over this area.”

Damn damn damn!!

So I ended up becoming a total whiny nightmare for hours and ended up missing all of the disco party except for the last 10 minutes. Sighs. I felt so bad. I felt even worse that people worried about me. I had sent Levi a text message, but I really should have just called him. I fail.

But we WILL reschedule it! I have a disco outfit and I have almost 3 hours worth of disco music. We are GOING to reschedule this sucker!

Huge thanks to Cen for doing such a great job and to Meara for finding a disco station and to Levi and Dyami for helping out with the welcoming. 🙂 If there had been any way at all I could have been there, I would have. You know it would take some kind of destruction for me to miss these parties. 🙂