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Rest & Relaxation

We have been having such a great time on our post-camp vacation! The family packed up and headed back to the rainforest a few days after we got home from camp. The rainforest is incredibly relaxing to me. It’s kind of like going home. The kids have their same beds. We have our same little bungalow. It’s nice to just be together in our little bubble. I have been loving just sitting outside and enjoying the rest.

Rest and Relaxation

This coming week is going to be exceptionally busy for me. I have a RL trip coming up and since I’ve really not gone on a big vacation in many many years, naturally I’m just this side of freaking out. *laughs* Plus my bestie will be at my house so I have to make sure it’s clean. I have a painting class on Tuesday and I see my parents on Wednesday, I need to find time to get a hair cut and color and I have to admit, I’m not exactly the most awesome at time management! I mean, I kind of only have myself to blame at this point. I’ve known about this trip since February. 😀

Tomorrow night, we have a family dance, and then begins my week of crazy! I’m definitely going to enjoy all the rest and relaxation I can at the rainforest until then!

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Back Home Again

Our rainforest vacation is over, and we headed back home today.

Back Home Again

We really did have the best time! It was so fun to be in a new place and with the family every day. I know it must sound silly to those who don’t do it, but SL vacations are much like RL ones. It’s a break from your normal, a chance to recharge your batteries, and an opportunity to bond more with your friends and/or family. And let’s face it, when someone like my sis plans a family vacation for us, she goes ALL OUT. We had something fun to do pretty much every day and of course the sim was ridiculously amazing. So much to do, so much to see!

Soooo… if you want your own rainforest vacation, she’s renting the place out weekly! It’ll be there until there are no more renters. If you head over to Lolita’s Flickr photo, you can see all of the info! I strongly urge you to do it!

Takeo made a little video of the place, too, so you can see all the goodies!

[Edit: It would be so helpful if I’d actually put the video in here. LOL]

I guess I better start unpacking. Back to our normal world!

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Almost The End

We’re coming near the end of our rainforest vacation. 😦 I know, it’s sad! I’ve enjoyed my time out there and being with the family so much. But you know, all vacations come to an end, and it’ll be nice to go home. For all I know, a troop of homeless noobs have taken up residence. We haven’t been there in almost 2 weeks! Plus we have Birdy’s adoptaversary party to plan. Can you all believe it’s almost been a year? Who knew she’d be able to stand us this long? *laughs*

Tonight was a quieter night since Riley and Abby weren’t with us. We had dinner at the rainforest cafe, then everyone did a word search [I won! Um. Not that it was a contest. But still, I won!], and then we went allll over the rainforest in our ducks!

My sister, me, and ducks!

Traveling by duck really is the best way to travel, I think.

We have a couple more family events and then I guess Sunday we’ll be packing our bags and heading home. Well, the kids keep crying every time we mention it, and Riley threatened to tie herself to a tree, so I guess we’ll see what happens.

But I will definitely miss our rainforest nights!

All That

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I Don’t Know Why They Leave Me Alone

The family all went to bed early tonight, but not me! I took a swim and I rowed a boat and I wandered around. But really… I don’t know why they ever leave me alone.

I don' t know why they ever leave me alone

I just wanted to make friends with him! Don’t…just don’t ask how I managed to get up there. It’s a long story.

We have more rainforest fun coming tomorrow, so I guess I should get in bed.