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Ok, I don’t mean to sound like a bitch, but why is it almost everytime I take a picture of someone in overly whoreish clothing, they’re wearing Luck Inc.?


Does that say VD on her one covered buttcheek? Fitting.

It’s kind of sad because the textures are usually great, but I could not in good faith wear their clothing or blog it on the style blog just for the fact that it’s gotten fugged so much. They should learn to use their skills for good, not fug.

Just my $2L on that.

I did see this guy earlier today and thought this shirt was funny.

I like his shirt

That hair has to go, though.

Wow, I’m full of opinions tonight! LOL!

I’ve been quiet this week, in large part to being completely irritable about the weather in my physical world. If you follow me on Plurk or talk to me in world, you’ve probably noticed I’ve been … oh, let’s just say I’ve been negative lately. It happens every fall, this one is no exception, although it is not quite as bad as in years past, and for that I am very grateful. It really makes you feel blessed to have friends who pat you on the back and tell you it’s ok if you’re not feeling like yourself. I love my friends, they help me get out of bed each day. 🙂

So when I wasn’t filling my irritable hours playing Wii bowling, I did some exploring. I went out to Philip Linden’s new island, P Squared. It was…cute. LOL I mean, as far as islands go, it was cute. Nothing overly special, although I guess it’s not supposed to be.


As far as I could tell, M owns the island, and Alexa Linden put down everything. So how much Philip actually had to do with it, I don’t know. But it’s nice to see that even Lindens sometimes have issues placing things.


I’ve been spending time setting up our new house, too. My honey and I haven’t had much time together in world recently because of a bad router, so I didn’t want to do TOO much. Of course, he always tells me whatever I want our home to look like is up to me. He’s the best. 🙂 I’m really happy with how the bedroom has turned out.

New bedroom

This is seriously the most boring blogpost. Like, even I’M getting bored of it. Sorry, guys. :-p

I’ll end with this… Red River Shootout is Saturday! HOOK EM HORNS!!

Go Longhorns!

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I want to wish all my adorable Canadian friends a very happy Thanksgiving!! I have to admit, before SL, I had NO idea that you guys celebrated Thanksgiving. I know, that’s horrible, right? But, now I know, and knowing is half the battle.

Pork chop sandwiches!

[10 points if you caught that reference.]

Speaking of Canadians, I feel like I kind of need to bring something up because I was checking my Google Analytics last night and something came to my attention yet again. As most people know, CeNedra left SL in the spring. I was not informed of it any more than any of you were. She has deleted her blog and her SL account. I do not know why or what her reasons were. I know her RL became very busy with her boyfriend and her child and her job, but that’s all I know. I have no contact with her whatsoever. I also do not have any contact with Dyami and have not for quite some time. So to whoever keeps pairing their names together and looking for them – stop it. You’re not going to find anything because as far as Second Life goes, neither of them exist anymore. Please quit googling them and causing their names to pop up in my analytics. I miss the both of them dearly, but I respect their decisions to leave Second Life, whatever the reasons behind their leaving may be. I also respect their decision to not tell me why they were leaving, or to have contact with me or basically any of their former friends again. That is their story, not mine or anyone elses’. I wish the both of them well in their lives and will always hold a place for them in my heart. And that is probably the last time they will ever be mentioned in my blog again, so you can quit searching for them now.


It’s been dreary in my physical world lately. I have not seen more than 5 minutes of sunshine in about the last 2 weeks, which makes me quite grumpy and sad. The autumn & winter season usually does that to me anyway, but I’m lucky enough to live in a place where usually there’s some sunshine. Not so lately and man, am I feeling it. I’m irritable and weepy and bitchy constantly. I’m SO sorry if you IM me and I rip your head off for nothing lately. Supposedly we’re supposed to have sunshine on Thursday, so cross your fingers.

But since it’s been so rainy here, I wanted to do a rainy day shot in SL. SL is actually a great help for me, usually, with the sunshine issue. I can turn the sun up and run around in the ocean and that makes me feel better most of the time. But today, rain. I have several umbrellas in my inventory, but no real poses for them. Turning to plurk to get some ideas, Rosie Shark told me about, and then showed me, the Paraplu umbrella & AO from Torridwear. It was exactly what I needed!!


I really like the way the pic came out. It might look different on your screen, but that’s your monitor’s fault.

I’m almost pro on Wii bowling, so I think I’ll go back to that now.

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Are you ready for some football?!

I just wrote the bitchiest blog post of my blogging life. And uh, no, you can’t see it. Let’s just say, I’m glad I wrote it before I plurked it, because holy cow. And no, it wasn’t about anyone specific, just a group as a whole. Not my group, of course, because they’re fabulous. 🙂 But wow. I didn’t realize I was in such a bad mood today.

So… let’s get to some pictures!

The cheery Tymmerie asked earlier if anyone would be interested in posing with her in college cheer uniforms for a picture. I do love college football, and I love cheerleader uniforms, AND I love pictures, so you know I was in!

Where I’m from, football season is a great big deal. To me, it’s the ONLY sports season. I’m not talking soccer. I’m talking American Football. Big men in pads and helmets crashing into each other and slapping each other on the ass. I’m also a huge fan of college football because it’s not as money oriented as the NFL, although I do realize a great many football guys play for scholarships. I always root for my team, the Texas Longhorns. [This is bad because I live with an Aggie!] So I was really excited to go out and find a good Longhorns cheer uniform.

Turns out? Not so easy.

Tymmerie and I hopped all over the grid looking for decent uniforms for our chosen teams, but never really did find any. She found one place that had college cheer uniforms, including mine, but it was just so badly made, I couldn’t shell out the bucks for it. Since she couldn’t find her team, she went with just the colors. I was going to do that as well. I guess it’s hard to find college teams because of the logo thing? But there are a LOT – A LOT – of NFL logos out there. I’m just sayin’.

But by the time we got ready for the picture, it had gone down to cheer uniforms for whatever team you like. This was good for me because I never miss a chance to get on the blue & white for my chosen NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys. [Shut up, you can suck it.] We were joined by Rylan, Ari, Magen, and Amanda and headed over to a pretty nice football field.

However, this football field was infested by little boy “gangstas.” We’re guessing the approximate age of these kids was about 15 years old.

Where I come from, when you take the field, you should try to prove that you’re a winner, not go out there and show off how much of a loser you are.


It was pretty bad. And of course with SL issues, we had to stick around for a while so everyone could get dressed and rez and since we couldn’t drop anything [don’t ask me how they got that car down], we had to try to position ourselves. I was 10 kinds of distracted with all the fug and mess!!


Why the flame?

Uh, no.

Move it.

But, eventually we were able to get it all together and came up with a cute group shot. 🙂


I don’t know if there’s ever been such diverse group cheerleader shot ever…but hey, we like to step outside the box once in a while.


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Oh….go buy it.

I’m a little sad. No Lotus pics ever graced my inventory. How will I ever find out what happened to it?!

Anyway, I was going to show this off in my style blog, but honestly? I’m really really lethargic today. So, I’ll show it here because I really like it.

Castle from Luna's Boutique

This is my new castle from Luna’s Boutique. I love it. Luna’s is having a sale right now where everything is $176L. Maybe it’s an all the time sale. I don’t know. But what I do know is that this castle rocks. It comes furnished too. Not a lot of furnishing, but it’s still nice inside, if a little dark.

Inside the castle

There’s even a secret dungeon. It’s really cool. The bedroom is nice too. With the furnishing, it’s like…225 prims. Something like that. I’m not in world so I couldn’t tell you. But it’s a little over 200 prims. Go buy it and find out for yourself.

I have a real love of butterflies. No, it hasn’t replaced my love of bears, but I do love love butterflies. So when the awesome Aisuru mentioned some new butterflies on plurk and then asked if I wanted a tp to go see them, I took the teleport right away.


Since I’m not in world at the moment, I couldn’t tell you the name of the store or the creator, but just use this SLurl and you’ll find them. They’re in a mall, so it might be laggy. But they are AWESOME. They flutter around so so pretty and it’s only one prim!! I’m using 3 prims for all the butterflies in that picture. Oh, and they’re only $10L and mod/copy. So go buy them.

My friend Grant gave me blog topics earlier today, so I’ll actually have some better posts in the future. Hopefully. 🙂

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I really need to start blogging every day. I think sometimes the reason I get crazy is because I don’t write enough. Which is really funny because I write a lot, but I don’t write enough.

I think I need more island space. LOL! That’s funny because for ages and ages, my part of Bluebonnet was just mostly empty. I could still see all the old stuff on it in my head and I kind of just couldn’t bring myself to make many changes. I know, I know. :-p But little by little, things have been changing and the more I do, the more stuff I put down, the less it becomes the old place and more it becomes my place. My renters are amazing and they all have such individual styles. It makes the island so much fun to look at. I have my new little beach home corner, and then the Hillbilly House from RC Cluster [because every island needs the redneck place], and my friend Merrick created this really touching sculpture dedicated to the military, so I set up a little area for that as well. I’m thinking about making more of a “resort” type area on the beach rather than just the fiesta zone, although that will remain because as far as builds I’ve made, that’s the one I love best. But a new friend of mine made a smaller pool for me and I want it to get some use. I have ideas. 🙂 Whether I’ll see them all come to fruition, I have no clue. But we’ll see how it goes. 🙂

A couple of weeks ago I was racking my brain trying to figure out the name of “that mall that’s built kinda like a RL mall.” Turns out it was Fashion Mode – which is now in the blogs again because it’s closing down. Good grief. Dear business owners, please read Tymmerie’s blog on marketing. If people can’t remember your name, they can’t remember to shop there! Of course, out came the people saying “Well, the shop owners didn’t do anything to get traffic to the mall.”

Hey, guess what? They don’t have to. Look, here’s the deal. Anyone can make a mall in SL. It’s really easy. All you need is some land, free prims, and the ability to make some stores. Heck, not even that. You can buy prefab mall vendor stalls. After that, you need some people to fill those spots. People don’t rent mall spots just for the heck of it. They do it for exposure and sales. But they usually have a mainstore, too, and that’s where the majority of their money is going to come from. If they rent from you, they’re really doing YOU a favor because you get the money. Most people I know prefer to just shop at the mainstores because there are more items available 90% of the time. If I shop at a mall, it’s usually to help the mall owner, because a store will stick around if they make back their rent for a place. Usually. HOWEVER, it’s not up to the store owner to drive traffic to the mall. It’s up to the mall owner! The store owner drives traffic to their mainstore. That’s only right. The mall owner wants traffic at their mall, they need to do something to get people to the mall and pray to whoever or whatever they pray to that the people buy something once they’re there. Once that big “Grand Opening” of the Fashion Mode mall was over…I never heard about it again. So 4 months later, it’s closing. Looks like whoever was marketing that mall dropped the ball in a big time way. Which is too bad, because it was rather cute.

And what is UP with the new Second Life website?!??! Omg, I almost died when I went to check my account earlier and it was all different! Then Xstreet was all messed up and we couldn’t enable mature items and it was a big mess. I don’t know if I like the new SL dashboard thingy yet. But well, it’s there. So I guess it’s get used to it or stop looking at it. LOL

Speaking of messed up, does anyone know a fix for this damn high-res photo glitch?!

Messed up :(

Obviously I did not mean to take a snapshot of her feet when I was very clearly focused in on her body because her prims were all messed up. I’m using the Emerald viewer, which I love love for all the features, but hate hate for this glitch. It’s easier for me to Ctrl-` than it is for me to pull up the snapshot window and save and all of that mess. I couldn’t very well ask her to stay put and not adjust anything while I caught her picture again!

Hmm…did I write enough?

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Don’t call me THAT!

So I got hit on tonight.

If that doesn’t seem like a huge deal, for most people in SL, it’s not. But I don’t really get hit on. Whether I’m giving off a “Yeah, no” vibe or if it’s just because I don’t wander around encased in latex and showing one random boob, I just don’t know. When the girls, in an attempt to cheer me up earlier this month, took me out to a … well, dirty location, I didn’t really get the IMs that they got. I was IMed by only about 3 guys, all of them told me what a beautiful avatar I had, and that was about it. [Well, except for one that I actually held a conversation with.] Anyway, when I DO get hit on in SL, it’s kind of a shock to me.

A few months ago, I’d gotten a very random IM from a guy saying hi. I don’t think he actually KNEW me. How he even found me, I have absolutely no idea. We’d say hi here and there, but never had much to talk about and I wasn’t interested. Tonight he IMed me and out of boredom, I let him come over to the beach. I was about to log out anyway, so it was really just going to be a say hello, see each other in world for the first time ever type meeting.

Within the first five minutes, he called me “hun.” Twice.


Unless you know me very well, that is. My close friends can.

He mentioned that the beach was nice, and I told him that I’d built that area because that part of the island looked bare. And then? He said… he wished that I was bare.


My only response to that was, “Um…lol.”

Luckily he crashed, and when he came back he was stuck floating. But before he left the beach to try to un-float himself, he said he should take me on a date sometime.

Why do I not see that happening?

I’m going to bed.

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Haha, I made you read nothing.

I haven’t done much blogworthy in the past few days. Most of my time has truly been spent on the island standing around while I do things in another window. I still have one parcel of land available, so if you’re looking for land, IM me in world.

One thing I did do yesterday was browse the XStreet marketplace. This is a common thing for me. I LOVE shopping without going anywhere. If you aren’t an XStreet shopper, you’re missing out. I click on Marketplace and see what the top sellers are every single day. Right now a bunch of the top sellers are $50L hooker clothes, but there’s usually other great deals. Tons of designers put out promo pieces for $10-$50L. I’ve gotten countless landscaping items for the island and skyboxes that I never use this way. But yesterday I saw a $50L hair. I wasn’t really sure who it was by and I really didn’t even know what the hair looked like. But I was in a shopping mood, and it was cheap, so I bought it. Turned out it was from Red Queen, a brand that I didn’t have anything from before but I’m semi-familiar with because I went to the store with Sophia once.

The hair was huge, black, and was a really different look for me. So I threw on some other stuff in my inventory and went out to the Error sim to play around. As I was posing, a newbie trailed me around briefly saying hello. It was annoying because she kept getting in my shots, but it made me laugh too because in the physical world, if someone just suddenly started following you around saying hello and wouldn’t get away, you’d probably scream or they’d get a face full of pepper spray.

So I caught a couple of pics and used my new tablet to play. If you’ve never been out to Error, I highly suggest you go. It’s really a beautifully bleak sim. There’s nothing to DO there really, but it’s nice to look at.

Error again

Out at Error

I’m off to go visit my parents and maybe do some RL shopping. I hate RL shopping. SL shopping is so much more fun and everything fits or can be adjusted without having to go to the alterations place and have some woman look at you like you’re crazy when you tell her you need it taken in at the top because your boobs are too small and let out at the bottom because your butt is too big.

Um. Not that that’s ever happened to me.

Have a great Saturday!

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Episode 975: The one where there’s not all that much to say

I can’t believe I haven’t written so much this year. In my little blogger dashboard thing, I’ve written over 1000 posts. Some never made it, some got deleted later. So this is the 975th posted one. Just 25 more to go to prove….that I talk too much. 🙂

Last night I had the opportunity to sit and chat with some of my friends that rent on my island. I have to say, I’m really loving how lately we’re becoming more like an actual community rather than just people who happen to live on the same island. We ride cars around and trample peoples’ flowers and bounce off houses. It’s really a lot of fun. It’s just kind of like we know that if we’re down on the ground, we’re accepting visitors, but if we’re up in the air, that’s our private location and private time. I think almost everyone has a skybox or a platform for working at this point. It’s just really nice.

Oh, if you’re looking for land, I do have one parcel opening up on Saturday, so just IM me in world. 3680sqm, 842 prims. $5500/mo or $1375/wk, whichever is easiest for you. Best neighbors in the world. 🙂

I always kind of like this time of year. Summer is winding down and my brain starts gearing up. [At least until November, the “emo rollercoaster” month. 😦 ] I have ideas for parties, for WTFug, for my own blogging. It’s kind of amazing how different things are right now compared to last year when I was still partnered and wasn’t even dreaming of owning an island. LOL It’s been a learning experience, that’s for sure.

Hmm…speaking of parties, I need to get my butt in gear and build the party room for tomorrow’s Toybox party. Um, not THAT kind of toybox. LOL Dolls and action figures and other childhood toys. 🙂 I have an idea in my head of how I want it to look, but just doing it is going to be the hard part!

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Hey bro…does this make my butt look fat?

Have you ever noticed that you usually see a group of girls in SL hanging out together, but it’s terribly rare to see guys do the same? Well, straight guys, anyway. 🙂 Not that they’re not out there, these good guy friends. The ones who IM each other to say “sup dude” and go out together to explore places or shoot each other. The ones who go chill at clubs and hey, maybe they even go check out new stores together because one of them FINALLY found a store that sells decent male hair. I know they’re out there.

But mostly, my male friends just outright dislike other men in SL. They don’t like their attitudes, they think they’re smarter than the other guy, they don’t like their avatars, they don’t like that other girls like them, blah blah whiny-man-cakes.

I have to wonder why this is. When I ask my male friends who is on their friends lists, it’s usually 99% female and a couple of men thrown in there. Are guys just not able to BE friends in SL? Do they only have female friends because it makes them feel like “men” to have a collection of women? Is it something else? And you have to realize that it makes it extremely hard on your significant other if all your friends are female. Even if we’re not jealous, we do wonder. Flip it around. If you were dating a girl and every single one of her friends was a male…well, it would bug you too, wouldn’t it?

Personally, I think there’s something wrong if a man doesn’t have at least one male friend in SL. Just someone to chat with and talk about sports or computers or chicks or wherever their interests may lie. I’m not asking to see bromances all over, but just have someone you can talk to. I know my life would be so terrible without my girlfriends. Is it just not the same for men?

Just something to ponder for today. 🙂

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Oh that does NOT match!

A few months ago I got a blog idea and signed up on Avmatch. That’s a dating site for SL avatars, like I threw a profile together, saying everything I’d want in a guy in SL. It was pretty harsh, actually, but I didn’t really intend on meeting anyone off of there, so I didn’t really care. But then I started dating someone and kind of forgot about the whole thing. That, and most of the profiles were pretty horrible.

Yesterday I was on Plurk and bored, so I decided to go back over to Avmatch and see if anyone would bother writing me. About 30 seconds after I’d made my profile public, I got a note telling me I had a nice av. Wow. Thanks. I quickly went back into private.

The people on Avmatch fall into a few categories. The ones looking for SL only, the ones looking for RL too, the ones who look like hell, the ones just looking for SLex, and the ones who are really pretty.

Unfortunately, the really pretty ones are few and far between.

Most men look like this.


They’re almost always topless in at LEAST one photo, almost always covered in ink, and almost always have no idea how to type/spell/use punctuation/write a good sentence.

Of course, sometimes they attempt to lure you in with crappy emoting. I am a woman who loves someone who can emote well, so when I see this mess, I laugh and laugh and laugh.

And oh yes, he’s topless, of course.


The women aren’t usually much better. They will, however, usually use a “professional” photo. Notice I just said professional, I didn’t say good. But most of them try wear their “smexy” outfits and freebie poses from 2005.


Like the men, a lot of the women can’t write. But they’ll try to tell you what a wonderful person they are, or how badly they’ve been treated in the past. Why it would be a turn on to know that someone can’t keep a man, I’m sure I have no idea. One of the top things that any self help book tells women about dating is that on the first date, DON’T bring up all the crap from your past relationships. It’s boring, the guy doesn’t want to hear it, and it usually makes you look pathetic. Save it for the second date. But the women on Avmatch don’t seem to mind, because they’ll tell you right away.

And oh yes, they’re almost always “drama free.” However, not bling free.


I’m sure that matches are made on Avmatch. In fact, I know at least one couple who met on there and are happily partnered now, so it’s definitely not a bad thing. But it’s definitely not something I think I’ll be using in the future except for comedy purposes.

If I don’t get banned from there for writing this post, anyway. 🙂