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If you lived here, you’d be home by now!

Oh hi! Are you looking for a nice place to live with great neighbors and stuff? Welcome to Bluebonnet!

Okay, so for real, I have two small parcels for rent right now. [Or one big one. I can join them together.] Parcel #1 is 3312sqm and has 758prims. And Parcel #2 is 2944sqm and has 673prims. I am a pretty easy going landlady. As long as you don’t put up any ugly or overly large buildings on the ground, I pretty much let you do what you want with your parcel. You’re able to terraform and control your access list. The island is usually fairly quiet and lag free. I’m huge on checking scripts and anything causing collisons so that we can all have the best experience on the island.

What else? If you rent one, you can live near Aldwyn and me!

I like to rake leaves

Or near Heidi & Black and their springtime parcel!

They have spring on their parcel

Aisuru’s parcel is always really tastefully done and gorgeous.

Aisuru's lovely home

Or if you’re into the more whimsical stuff, Emerald usually has a ton to look at!

Emerald's place of wonder

If you’re interested in checking out either parcel, please feel free to IM me and I’ll be happy to show it to you and discuss renting!

Oh. It probably would have been awesome had I taken a picture of the parcels rather than just running around to all the neighbors’ yards, huh?