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Day 257 – It Started With A Pie

It started with a pie.

Yesterday, Rylan stopped over because where she lives was being restarted. Of course, being Rylan, she didn’t wear pants as she burst into the house. But we’re used to her, so whatever. She decided for my birthday, she’d make me a pie. And for, you know, breaking and entering into our house. Pantsless.

Lexi decided to send me a birthday cake. It was a nice cake, all pretty and colorful. I set it out on the kitchen counter so we could have cake later.

But Rylan didn’t like that the cake Lexi sent me was bigger than the pie she made. So while we slept, she broke into the house again [I really should just give her a key] and she made me ANOTHER cake. It’s a big cake, with lots of flowers trailing down the sides. It’s quite lovely! And it’s bigger than the cake Lexi sent, which was her intention.

However, Lexi wasn’t about to be one upped by this cake. Ohhh no! She baked YET ANOTHER cake for me. It’s huge and has stars and she got kind of messy making it. I wasn’t even sure if it would fit on the counter without touching the ceiling!

If you’re keeping track, I now have one pie and three ENORMOUS cakes in my kitchen.

Then Willow broke my house with her gigantic cake that is so huge, it burst through the ceiling into the 2nd floor of the house.

Day 257 - It started with a pie

So now I have a hole in the ceiling, one pie, four cakes, and probably diabetes if I attempt to eat all of these baked goods.

I love my friends.

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Day 104 – I Want It That Way

Yeah, I was listening to Backstreet Boys when I was doing my pic. What?

I’ve been thinking about what to do with the rest of our parcel for a while. I thought maybe I’d just stick another one of Ulaa’s houses down and decorate it, but instead I got the idea today to make a kind of “camp” site out there. I’m not done with it, but I’m starting to really like it.

Day 104 - I Want It That Way

I was chatting with Rylan earlier today and we were talking about immersion in SL. As most people know, she and her husband Sixx had a baby last year. I’m sure some people thought she was just doing it to get some blog posts out of it, but it really wasn’t like that. So we were discussing how we set up these houses and yet no one ever really comes over, and if they do, they don’t come over to just sit down in our living rooms or have a prim meal in our dining rooms. We see the more active SL families doing things like that and we LIKE that sort of thing, although we don’t do it.

Really, I think want more immersion in SL. I enjoy my SL greatly and am extremely happy, but I think I could really enjoy it even MORE than I do now by doing more…I don’t know how to put it, exactly. I don’t want to say roleplaying, but I guess that would be the easiest way to describe it?

All I know is that I want what I want. Is that so wrong? :-p

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Day 85 – I got all my sisters and me!

I think the apocalypse must be coming because the unthinkable happened today. My sisters and I were all online at the SAME TIME. Naturally we had to take a picture to record this event, as I’m sure it may never happen again.

Day 86 - I got all my sisters and me

Actually, Ulaa took the picture. I just photoshopped it to death.

Short post today because I’m working on a post for the style blog. I would have had it all done earlier, but I went for a movie and Mexican food on the spur of the moment. That’s my favorite kind of day!

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Day 58 – Well, what did you expect?

A day late, a dollar short. Is that how the saying goes? In any case, I skipped yesterday because I was ass deep in sorting stuff out for some events I need to blog within the next couple of days, and as Aldwyn could tell you, our living room reflects it. It’s totally totally a mess of boxes and bags in the house.

But, I took some time away from all that to hang out with Ulaa and Rylan this afternoon. That hardly ever happens because our schedules are a lot different and we’re usually only able to really chat in private plurk. We decided to get nostalgic and headed to Gurl6 [I know, right? I’m forever surprised it is still open, too!] and we laughed at all the hairs that we remember so well. But just as we were wondering if anyone is still actually buying the hair there, this girl popped in.

Day 58 - Well what did you expect?

Well. That answers THAT question.

So speaking of skipping days in my little project here, I’ll be skipping several this coming week. I’m finally able to go on a little vacation for a few days. I’m so happy to be getting away for a bit, I could scream. It’s only for a little bit [Thursday – Sunday] but I’m excited. 🙂 Only preparing for the trip requires some time since for the past few years, I’ve barely had the chance to REALLY buy any new clothes or shoes for myself. I might pick up a t-shirt or some flip flops if I see it on sale, but as you all know, a trip requires NICE clothes! And maybe new perfume. LOL Yeah, going all out!

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Day 55 – The Photographer

Back when we were getting married, our close friend Rylan offered to take a couples photo for us as a wedding gift. I always appreciate fabulous photos, and Rylan is totally amazing at what she does. [See her Flickr??] But unfortunately, it’s been like moving mountains to find a time when all 3 of us are online and able to do it. [She and I are in the same time zone but Al is two hours behind us.] Luckily tonight everything lined up and we were finally able to catch up with her!

Day 55 - The Photographer

I cannot wait until we get the finished picture!! I know it’ll be fabulous because, unlike me, she actually takes time with her photos. I’m more of the Snap-PS-Done type of person.

You know, I’m so lucky that I have some awesome photographer friends in SL. I’ve never had to pay for a professional photo, I’ve always gotten them as gifts, or I’ve sat for photos because someone wanted to build their portfolio or wanted to try out their Photoshopping skills. Believe me, I am totally grateful for them because I do so love awesome pics of my avatar!

Okay, I’m yawning up a storm now. Time for bed.

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Babysitting Day!

When Rylan announced that she was pregnant, I told her that I’d be a babysitter if she needed it. Well, you know, that’s what you say when your friends are pregnant! I didn’t know she’d make me stick to my word. When she asked me if I could babysit while she and Sixx went to buy baby Emma’s Christmas present, I couldn’t very well go back on my word. Especially when they rolled up in their “new” van. [And knocked over our mailbox.]

Babysitting - Hi guys

After they took off [and THAT was dramatic], I realized that I hadn’t been with a baby in a long long time!

Babysitting - So now what

I settled Emma down for a moment and ran out to the garage to unpack some of our boxes. If you recall, I collect Linden bears and other teddy bears. I also have an assortment of cute little toys that people thought I would enjoy. I figured there had to be something in there the baby would like to play with.

Babysitting - Finding toys

We hit our groove pretty fast. She’s quite the patient kid, but I guess that comes from living with her parents. She also has a great appreciation of music, so we sat around listening to some tunes. She liked the records a lot. I think she has a calling as a DJ!

Babysitting - Music time

Of course, Rylan kept calling. Nervous mother!

Babysitting - She's perfectly fine

“Emma’s just fine! We’ve got music on and she’s playing with some toys while I do a load of laundry! Everything is fine!”

Babysitting - I'll have to call you back

“Oh…I’m going to have to call you back. The um…the dryer is done! We’re fine! Bye!”

Once Emma finished um…helping me with the laundry, I settled her back down with some toys. This motherhood thing really isn’t as hard as people make it out to be. In fact, now that the laundry is finished, and she’s happily playing with her toys, I think it’s time to enjoy an afternoon glass of wine.

Gah, there goes the phone again.

“Rylan, she’s FINE. We’re just chilling and having fun and she’s happy playing with toys and looking at the Christmas tree! She’s FIIIINE. I’m looking at her ri… “

Babysitting - She's checking out the tree

“She’s very into the Christmas tree so don’t worry andwe’llseeyouguyssoonBYE!”

Quite the explorer, little Emma.

After I put her back on the ground, I realized that me and my wine were going to have to keep closer to her. So we all sat by the tree while Emma happily plucked ornaments off for a while. Nothing that can’t be fixed!

Babysitting - Under the tree

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing with toys and she was very happy sitting in the teddy bear chair for tinies that I got while on a mad Linden bear collecting spree a few years ago. I knew it would come in handy one day! But you know, I had the strangest feeling while we were on the floor playing that someone was watching us. I don’t know. Maybe this wine was bad or something.

Babysitting - Settling down to play

No matter, because Rylan and Sixx pulled up soon to take little Emma home. I went around picking up toys and putting ornaments back on the tree. The house was clean and quiet again, but it seemed a lot more empty. Who knows? Maybe it’s time we think about expanding our family.

Babysitting - Maybe it's time

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All we wanted was some organic food!

So earlier today, Rylan grabbed Ulaa and me and brought us to see baby furniture. After all, she’s pregnant and baby stuff is on her mind.

Baby rooms

There were lots of full nursery rooms, and also rooms of furniture for toddlers to teens. If I had a kid, this would be her room.

Oh, and that is Mommy Rylan doing handstands. I don’t know HOW her baby is going to come out with all the shaking.


After the furniture trip, we decided we needed to swing by the grocery store. After all, we must eat! And Rylan needs to start stocking up on baby formula and diapers, too. You can never have too many diapers! We decided to go to the Pleasantville Grocery Store because they have organic food.

Rylan found baby stuff

And I found pie! Y’all know how I love pie!

Hmm... pie

So somewhere during the shopping trip, Ulaa got hot and lost her top. We’re pretty sure she just wanted to start a new career as being the only hooker in Pleasantville. She’s even on FUNKY Avenue!

Pleasantville has hookers now

Rylan and I were going to hit the skating rink [I’m telling you, she’s an active pregnant lady!] while Ulaa was working on the corner, but when we showed up, people were already there.

Watch out, Rylan!

Pretty sure, just by their conversation, that they were totally lost.

I think they're lost

So very lost.

So very lost

Then they said Rylan was ugly. If we weren’t afraid of that woman’s ass, shit would have gotten real, y’all!

Also, the woman seemed to want to take Ulaa’s place as the new Pleasantville hooker!! What the heck?? You can’t just be taking someone’s hooker spot. There are rules, you know!

More hookers

Pleasantville wasn’t so pleasant anymore, so we got our groceries, covered Ulaa’s boobs, and went home.

Just a normal afternoon!