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Episode 1077: The One Where I Spam You

There’s a lot going on, y’all!!

TODAY AT 1PM SLT!!!!!! The Shoe Expo fashion show!!!! My adorable Sophia is walking in it, and I think she might be a little nervous, so please come out and sit with me so we can cheer her on AND see some pretty shoes!!

Speaking of the Shoe Expo, there is a RAFFLE going on!! You have until tomorrow to buy your ticket and OMG YOU GUYS. The prizes for the winner? SO GOOD. You can see the list here on the blog but sponsors were still being added last night, so this list is in no way complete. Let me tell you just a few of the prizes if you don’t have time to go to the page. A fatpack of choice from Phoenix Rising AND the opportunity to be a model on one of the vendors, which means a very professional photo from Skyhawke Sodwind. The unfurnished Wisteria house and a $5000L gift card from The Loft. A $2000L gift card from Musashi-Do. A fatpack of the Long Boots from J’s. A $2500L gift card from MechanizedLife, so you can get that FilterCam I’ve been using a lot lately! Three fatpacks of Tiny Bird hair. And so much more!!

What do you have to do? Go to the Shoe Expo and look for the GREEN ornaments. They look like this:

Shoe Expo Raffle Ornament

Pay $1000L and buy your ticket! The more tickets you buy, the better your chances of winning, and of course all the money goes to Toys For Tots. With over $50,000L worth of prizes, it’s a fabulous deal and you’re helping out a really awesome charity.

And in my last little bit of spam, don’t forget that my island is hosting the SL Bloggers Meet-Up for December! The party will be on the 13th at 12pm SLT. If you are a designer who would like to offer a prize or two for us to give away during the party, please contact me or the SL Blogger Event Coordinator, Tymmerie Thorne. In the past we’ve gotten anything from gift cards to various stores to just fun things like backpacks and other accessories. It’s always a lot of fun! 🙂

I need to start figuring out what to wear to the fashion show, so that’s all the spam I’ve got for you at the moment! 🙂

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I’m on a boat! Or a kayak, whatever.

In the physical world, I’m stuck at home today. Actually, I’ve been stuck at home all weekend due to the fact that my brakes are grinding. Yeah, they HAD been squealing. But now…they’re not. I know, I know. I just figured I had some time. :-p But since my RLBF hasn’t allowed me to drive anywhere [except today when we dropped my car off at the repair place], I’ve been in a pretty foul mood all weekend. I probably should apologize to some people since I’ve been short with pretty much everyone who has encountered me, but if you can’t be moody with your friends, who can you possibly be moody with?

Last night Sophia & Skyhawke showed me their new kayaking stuff that they bought for their island. It’s no big secret that in the physical world, I’m NOT outdoorsy and I’m NOT very athletic. I have never once been camping. I even asked to stay out in my backyard when I was a kid, and my mom thought I was nuts. Sky is, however, one of those crazy Ironman athletic types who just this past summer paddled for miles and miles and miles down a river in a kayak. I tease and call him and Sophia “hobos” that go sleep outside and eat beans that they cook in a tin can, but I completely admire them for their love of the outdoors. Even if I do think that they look like this while out there:

I kid, I kid.

They said I could come over and use their kayak stuff whenever I wanted, so late last night when I was supposed to be taking blog pics for my review blog, I wandered back over and decided to paddle around. It was really so peaceful and I got to think while I paddled around enjoying the scenery.


I love the water

More kayaking

After I finished my ride, I was looking for a good place for a full body shot and then I discovered something. They were holding out on me!!

They were holding out!

So naturally I had to go skydiving. Or parachuting. Whatever.


Although I know that SL kayaking is probably nothing at all like the real thing, I did really enjoy it and will probably be bouncing over to Sacred often to paddle around. In many ways, it’s better for me than the real thing because if this had been in the physical world, I would have probably only gotten slightly away from the dock before my arms started hurting, or I’d get my big butt stuck in the kayak, or I would have rolled over and went head first into the water.

But at least I probably wouldn’t have done wheelies on my head.

Sophia...doesn't kayak so well.


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So guess who got to be a model for Truth again?


Oh yeah, it’s ME!

And some others. :-p

Ok, so a few months ago Truth Hawks had hired Skyhawke Sodwind of Sacred Studio to do some photos for the store. Because well, if you’re going to ask for awesome pictures, Sky is pretty much the only person you should ask. Just sayin’. But of course, that was a long time ago, and he’s been just getting better and better at hair, so it was time for new pictures! Five models were chosen, and if I hadn’t been asked to model again, I think I would have cried and burned all my Truth hair in protest. Well. Maybe I would have burned one or two. The old ones. You know. The ones I never wear.

As usual, we were under strict rules not to blog the pics until they were given to Truth and placed in the store. Since they are there now, I get to share! I already shared once on my review blog, so you’ve probably already seen mine. If you’re not reading my review blog…why not? But I got all the pictures today so you can see all of them the right way, not just on the wall. 🙂

Krystanna Wycliffe

Truth Ad - Krystanna

Rylan Carling

Truth Ad - Rylan

Meara Deschanel

Truth Ad - Meara

Sophia Harlow

Truth Ad - Sophia

And ME!

Truth Ad - Meeeeee!

I’m not allowed to say how one of the models went Diva and demanded a new photo after feeling like she was the ugly cousin of the group, but if you go to the store and you see another photo up with someone in a green jacket…

It was really a lot of fun, and big thanks to Truth for allowing me to be up on his wall, and to Skyhawke for doing an absolutely gorgeous job as usual!

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Now for the Truth!

I have been dying to blog this for WEEKS, but I wasn’t allowed to, which really made me antsy. LOL

A few weeks ago, Truth Hawks hired Skyhawke Sodwind & Sophia Harlow of Sacred Studio to do some portraits for his store. I was chosen as one of the models for the big photoshoot, along with Sophia, Sai Pennell, Sehra Kauffman, Pumpkin Saenz, and Aradia Dielli. I was soooo excited!! Not just because hey, everytime I go shopping there, I get to see a big picture of myself, but because I would get to do it with some of my best friends.

Skyhawke did an absolutely AMAZING job with the photos, just as we all knew he would. I’m telling you, if you haven’t had your photo done by him, you are missing out BIG TIME. He’s wonderful! Out of 11 photos in my profile, 7 of them have been done by Sky. He is just that damn good.

So none of us were allowed to blog about the shoot or anything until the pics were delivered and placed in the store. This drove me crazy, as I’m sure it did the others, too. But today with his new releases, our pics are up!!!!

Outside the store – Sophia, Aradia, and Pumpkin.

Truth 1

Inside – Sai, Sehra, and me.

Truth 2

Me again, right by the ponytails. I’m wearing the “Alicia” hair in my picture. Pumpkin, Sehra, and Aradia are also wearing their namesake hairs!

Truth 3

It was just a really really fun experience! Does this mean I can add “Soopamoddle” to my resume now? LOL!! I’m just so happy that I had a chance to do this because it’s something I’ll always remember.

I’m sure all the photos will be put on the Sacred website soon, and I’m sure the girls will blog their own pictures, but I wanted to do mine here.

My Truth model picture

Be sure to stop over at Truth and check out the photos, and pick up some of his new work. And then make your appointment at Sacred for your own super fantastic picture!

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80s Night At Sacred

Yipes, I’m so close to have not gotten in a post for Saturday. LOL I’m trying to post every day, if I didn’t mention it. But I went out tonight with a friend and then as soon as I got home, it was time for 80s Night at Sacred. 🙂

I’m actually in more of a pensive mood than a party mood, but I have had a great time tonight. The party is still going strong, but I wanted to post a few pics and wrap up this night.

I didn’t know what to wear, but the fanny pack & ring-pop worked it out.

80s Night - Me!

Aisuru looks so cute always!

80s Night -  Aisuru!

Lola, Pumpkin, and Rainbow Brite Nikki!

80s Night - Lola, Pumpkin, Nikki

Sophia looking hot…and a little bit tough!

80s Night - Hot Soph

DJ Skyhawke – he put together over 14 hours of music! :-O

80s Night - DJ Skyhawke

Cas, Elora, Lola, Nikki, and Bon getting down to the 80s tunes!

80s Night - Dance dance dance

Pumpkin trying to sex Sophia up. It didn’t work. :-p

80s Night - LOL

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It was just a normal week…

I had thrown a bunch of pics into my Flickr thinking I had an actual post for them, but then it turned out, I didn’t. But I like to share pictures, so here we go. 🙂

Last week we had a semi-group outing to a go-karts place. It was SO fun! I suck at driving, preferring more to just go fast. Here’s a pic of the Harlow-Sodwinds in their duo car. Lucky Sophia, I had to drive myself!! Look at Skyhawke’s face. It cracks me up!

The Sodwinds racing

And this is why I shouldn’t be allowed to drive myself.


Speaking of the Harlow-Sodwinds, we were out at their photography studio one evening and I snapped this picture of them. I tried to be all fancy like Sky and doctor it up, but I suck. 🙂

Sodwinds on the wall

After Sehra’s rezday party, Pumpkin and I went to go pick up our decorations. Wanna know the truth to why Pumpkin’s humping the floor? I’ll never tell… 😉

Pumpkin humpkin. LOL

We went to visit Aisuru one evening and I couldn’t resist climbing all over her rainbow thing. It’s fun!

Rainbow peeking

Sometimes I pretend to be the receptionist at Sacred. And sometimes I just dance on the desk. They seem to put up with me either way.

Dancing receptionist

Sophia and me on Industrial Night last Saturday at Sacred. We look hot!

Industrial night

Pumpkin, Sophia, and me jamming out on someone’s piano. Pumpkin says she knows the people, so that was good enough for me. LOL


And last but not least…. Sophia staring at her husband as he pwns us all and becomes a very pretty girl. I don’t think I’m supposed to show this picture. I bet I get fired for this. LMAO!!


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The beauties of my life

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to show this photo. I’m lazy lazy. LOL

It would be near impossible for us to ever get an entire group shot. We’re all over the globe and have such different schedules. So we were totally lucky the other night to get 10 of us online at the same time. We got over to Sacred Studio so Skyhawke could do a group photo for us. I have to say, it came out AMAZING and it’s currently my desktop wallpaper. 🙂

The group - some, anyway!

Click on it to go view it big in Flickr, because it’s just so lovely.

From left to right: Elora, Tristan, QueenKellee, Aisuru, Sophia, Sehra, Sai, me, Nikki, and Pumpkin.

I’ve said it before, but LOOK at them. Don’t I have the most beautiful group of friends ever? If you’re able to call any of them your friend, consider yourself extremely blessed.

Big thanks to Skyhawke for putting up with us while taking our picture. I know it couldn’t have been easy. LOL!!

Alicia Chenaux: i’m like the pink cream in the sai & nikki oreo.

Sophia Harlow: pumpkina, do you have chanclas on?
Sophia Harlow: cns
Alicia Chenaux: LMFAO
Pumpkin Saenz: lmfao
Alicia Chenaux: omg
Pumpkin Saenz: MAYBE
Sehra Kauffman: omg
Sophia Harlow: omgggg
Sehra Kauffman: those are terrible
Pumpkin Saenz: lol
Sehra Kauffman: shame
Alicia Chenaux: my abuela used to wear those.

Pumpkin Saenz: You’re gonna get a beating Alipants
Alicia Chenaux: woot!

Sophia Harlow: im looking to make sure everyone has panties on
Pumpkin Saenz looks at her boots and yells “REZ, DAMN YOU!”
Sai Pennell: lol
Sehra Kauffman: i doooooont
Nikkidancer Zenovka: i dont
Sophia Harlow: stuck?
Sai Pennell: i dont either 😛
Pumpkin Saenz: Sorry to disappoint, Soph
Sophia Harlow: you look adorable btw
Tristan Micheline: i see them
Sehra Kauffman: no panties for meeeee

Sophia Harlow: i look like the callgirl of the group
Alicia Chenaux: you mean you’re not?

Nikkidancer Zenovka: i think the better question would be, who *is* wearing panties?

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Oh, just this and that.

I’ve been trying to think of a good topic to blog about lately [aside from fashion reviews] but most of my SL is very “you had to be there” these days. I can do the funny quotes, and I can talk about it, but unless you’re there sharing in the immense positive energy that my friends put out, it’s probably not as funny. 🙂 No words I could come up with would really describe it, I guess. Or I really am just still stuck in a big ol’ writer’s block and I can’t come up with the proper words. That’s really probably more it. 🙂

But, I do have pics, and they DO say pictures are worth a thousand words, right??

We had a hump day party on Wednesday, and I think my favorite part of the entire party was when Aisuru pulled out her enormous hair.

Aisuru's crazy hair

Oh man, I almost fell out of the party ball when she put it on. The hair has its own dance floor! Flowers, bows, beads, propellers…it was unbelievable! Of course, the theme of the party was “Overboard,” and you can’t get more overboard than that hair.

We did another one of our inventory parties this past week. But our inventory parties always seem to dissolve into a crazy outfit dance party. At the end of our sorting when we couldn’t do another thing, we ended up in Sehra’s & Bone’s skybox to dance.

Dancing at Sehra's

Saturday’s evening at Sacred led to probably one of the funniest nights I’ve ever had in SL. I laughed so hard for so long, I couldn’t breathe and almost wet myself. I didn’t, but I could have. :-p I can’t even explain it all, but these two pictures kind of sum it up.

Ooh, taco grande!

We're happy. LOL

The funniest part [to me, anyway] was that the burritos we were holding had fart sounds. So as I was doing my booty poppin’ move, I kept farting. And yes, I DO find fart sounds hysterical. :-p

[And before anyone starts in on “You’re making fun of fat people in those shapes,” the typist behind Alicia Chenaux is overweight and not in the least bit offended. Mostly because she was laughing too hard to be offended. 🙂 ]

And of course, my kitten is still the biggest amusement in my SLife. I’m very rarely without her on my shoulder, and because Sophia & Sky always humor me, Sky did a photo with Elle and me. 😀

Elle and me

The little petal on her head kills me. Be sure to check out the Sacred Studio website to see Sky’s other works, read the blog, and learn how to make your appointment. 😀

Oh, I do have a little bit of a bitch. If you read Emerald’s last blog post, she was banned from a store in some hunt because she mentioned in a group that she, on occasion, uses an object scanner in these massive hunts. So after the holier-than-thou crowd finished berating her [get off your high horses, people], she went to a store and the owner was there and banned her.

Come ON. Really? The hunts are SO life changing important that they have to come down to THAT? The earth is going to implode if someone uses some help in a hunt to pick up your gift? Did you lose a sale by them getting help? No, because they were there to get a free gift. Will you lose a sale by banning someone? Very likely, as a lot of us who go on these hunts do so to see if we like anything in that store. If I like your hunt gift, I’ll come back to shop. If I don’t, I won’t. Most people are the same, I’m sure. Banning someone because they used an object scanner or a cheat sheet or a friend who had already done the hunt…that’s ridiculous. So I will say what I said on Em’s blog:

I will use my cheat sheets, I will use my object scanner, and I will ask for help from my friends and if they want to ban me for doing it, they have that right. Just as I have the right to publicly call them out on my blog.

Of course, in these way too huge gridwide hunts, if you just put the gift out in front where it’s easily seen, you’d save everyone some time. 😀 It’s the smaller, one store or one sim hunts where it’s more fun to actually hunt around. Just an opinion on my part. 🙂

I think it’s time for a pampering session with me, a chocolate mud face mask, and a slice of coconut cake.

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Tired Tuesday

Thank you to those of you who have told me things to do to try to help my wrists and arms!! I tried resting my arms today from the computer, and for the most part, it worked. Lots of rubbing and advil, plus a couple of hours on the phone while I shopped & made dinner. But it’s so hard for me to not be plugged in. I read books on my computer, I check recipes, I look up news stories, etc. I’m sure you guys are the same. I’ve decided it’s not really typing that makes me hurt, because it all seems to be primarily in my right forearm and I figured out it is probably the constant holding of the mouse. Yuck. What a pain. Like, for real. :-p As the night has gone on, though, I find myself hurting more, so I really need a break tomorrow, which I plan on having by removing myself from my house and taking my mom to lunch.

So anyway, it was Fat Tuesday today and I didn’t really celebrate. No parties or anything like that. I wasn’t really in the mood for a party, but I heard there were some decent ones here and there in SL. I did, however, pull out last year’s beads and masks and ended up putting together a little party look for myself.

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras pointing

I don’t know why I decided on that dress. Mardi Gras outfits are normally pretty…well, slutty. It just seemed more fun to wear a fluffy long dress instead of something that gave away the farm. I don’t know if that dress is available for purchase, it was a camping gift from Hal*Hina some months ago. It’s so pretty, though, and I don’t know why I don’t wear it more often.

The kitten and I were running around the island and stopped over on Layne’s land for pictures. Layne has just developed this gorgeous paradise on her land. I’m so lucky to have her living on the island, because her piece of land is truly remarkable. Plus there’s a lot of places to sit and hang out!


On Layne's land

I also took some time from my solitude on the island to go check out Nika Dreamscape’s art show. I just love her work and I couldn’t resist buying a few pieces while I was there in hopes that it would inspire me to decorate. I can decorate better if I have an idea of colors. Of course, I bought a lot of her pink ones, so… I may be feeling the call of pink. I’m not quite sure if Brody will mind if I decorate the entire skyworld in pink furniture. :-p

Nika's show

I spent the rest of the evening with my favorite couple, the Harlow-Sodwinds. Sky snapped a few pics of me with Elle [yes, I really AM that into this cat] and Sophia and I were going to have our picture taken together with our cats, but SL decided it was not to be the case and first Sky crashed, then Sophia crashed and couldn’t log back in, and by that time it was like, ok, so this is not happening tonight. LOL There were “asset” problems that even caused me to lose an entire pack of skins that I had gotten from a Midnight Mania board. 😦 I’m so bummed. I don’t know what the skins even looked like, but I know I hate losing gifts. If they weren’t free, I might be on the phone right now with the concierge screaming, “Don’t you know who I AM?!” But since I don’t even know what they looked like, it’s not a huge deal. 🙂

It’s definitely bedtime now, and I plan on doing some inventory cleaning tomorrow at some point. I don’t even know what to wear anymore.

What to wear?

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Pictures Pictures Pictures

I take a lot of pictures of my SL. Tons. TONS. If I’m somewhere, there’s a 95% chance that I’m snapping a picture. It’s that 5% that always gets me, though, because then I don’t take a picture of something I need. :-p But since I haven’t been blogging quite as much lately [and thank you so much to those of you who nudge me. LOL], I have 3 folders on my desktop of pictures to resize and post. But that’s a lot, guys. That’s a LOT.

But I did want to show some, so here’s some randomness over the past few weeks! And as chronological as I’d like to be, it’s probably not going to happen. Also, there’s a good chance I might have already shown a pic & have just forgotten. 🙂

My hunt for Linden bears is still going on, and I’ve been getting a fabulous collection of not just Linden bears, but all kinds of bears! It’s AWESOME! I’ve got animated bears and sculpted bears and bears to hug and hold and run around with. I love love love it!!

So many bears!

The awesome Caitlain dropped this little cutie on me during the gridwide charity work going on for the Victoria bushfire relief. I loved him so much, I bought more and dropped on a few friends that I thought could use a hug.

Koala hug

Speaking of the bushfire relief fund, did you hear that with all the donations and all the money that the creators who so generously made items to sell for it, the total amount raised was over $12,000 AUD??? Why doesn’t THAT kind of news make it into the media? Oh, let some crazy nut try to kidnap her SL ex-boyfriend who dressed up like a lion and they’re all over it. Two people get divorced because one caught the other having cybersex in SL, and SL is the epitome of all that is wrong with the world. But thousands of people come together to donate time and talent and money to help, and there’s not a peep anywhere. Forget THAT.

All of my friends did their part with donating. Sophia and I ran around buying stuff for the relief. Here we are at Truth buying the Victoria hair.

Victoria hair

My one regret is that I didn’t buy the ring Ryker Beck designed for the relief before all the relief items were supposed to be taken down. But I don’t have a spare finger for it right now anyway, so I guess it’s ok. But it was a gorgeous ring.

But a gift you can probably still get if it’s in the subscribe-o-matic is this awesome sweater & skirt set by my friend QueenKellee Kuu of Royally. I ADORE this outfit and have worn it a lot more lately than any of my other clothes because I know that no matter what, if I put it on, I’ll be cute. Go to her store and sign up in the subscribe-o and get into the history to find it.

Royally Gift

And of course I’ve been butt-deep in hunt gifts. We need to have an inventory sorting party SOON because I blazed past 40k in my inventory and am *this* close to 41k. LOL It’s sad.

Luckily some things I’ve tried on, I could throw away immediately. Like…this.

MONSTER Red dress!

Of course, when I wasn’t hunting, I was shopping like mad. That pink sale that Armidi had was just heavenly for a girly girl like me.

Armidi load

I’ve been spending a lot of time out at Sacred lately, too. Sophia’s RL & SL husband, Skyhawke, is not just a fabulous photographer. He’s a pretty kickass DJ as well, and we go out there at least a couple of times a week to hear some music, dance, and talk until we start laughing and then can no longer speak because we’re crying too hard with laughter.

Cute at Sacred

I’m awesome at catching just the most crazy shots of my friends. Seriously, I have SO many pictures where they are in such weird positions. I usually save them for myself, but Sehra looks so boobalicious in this shot, I had to show it.

Sehra's boobs. LMAO

Speaking of Sehra, I caught this picture of her her and her boyfriend Bone dancing at one of our impromptu parties a few weeks ago and never posted it. It makes me laugh everytime I see it.

Bone & Sehra dance

Oh…I caught Sophia on a pole with this noobish guy, too. Then I stole his last $5L. Yes, that’s me back there in the purple dress with the green leggings. It was 80s night, ok?!

Sophia likes noob butt

One night at Sacred we were doing what we do and changing into all kinds of costumes when Sky played Blind Melon’s “No Rain” and we HAD to get into bee outfits. Except for Pumpkin, who was a flower. Naturally that required a photo. Sophia, Tristan and I are bees, and then menudo lovin’ Pumpkin is the flower. I love this picture and it’s my desktop wallpaper right now.

Buzz buzz!

I stumbled onto this picture of me and Brody [who yes, was Levi, for those of you who aren’t in my inner circle and weren’t told, or who don’t plurk, or who just didn’t guess. LOL] and it makes me laugh because I forgot taking it. We look like we’re waking up from a nap and he’s just having a really hard time getting up out of bed. But c’mon, look at the bed. It’s awesome and looks sooo comfortable!

Waking up

And last…Elle. Oh my dear little kitten. I’ve bought a lot of things in SL. I’ve spent a lot of money on hair and shoes and clothes and houses and skins and things to play with and ride on, but nothing compares to this little kitten. If I’d known just how much fun it would be for me to have a prim cat, I would have bought one the very moment they were released! I have always, in my RL, felt better when I have a cat, and I didn’t realize that’s what my SL was lacking.

Of course, a little part of me thinks, “What’s different between this and a prim baby?” But then I tell that voice to shut the hell up and I feed my cat.

Elle stretching