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All we wanted was some organic food!

So earlier today, Rylan grabbed Ulaa and me and brought us to see baby furniture. After all, she’s pregnant and baby stuff is on her mind.

Baby rooms

There were lots of full nursery rooms, and also rooms of furniture for toddlers to teens. If I had a kid, this would be her room.

Oh, and that is Mommy Rylan doing handstands. I don’t know HOW her baby is going to come out with all the shaking.


After the furniture trip, we decided we needed to swing by the grocery store. After all, we must eat! And Rylan needs to start stocking up on baby formula and diapers, too. You can never have too many diapers! We decided to go to the Pleasantville Grocery Store because they have organic food.

Rylan found baby stuff

And I found pie! Y’all know how I love pie!

Hmm... pie

So somewhere during the shopping trip, Ulaa got hot and lost her top. We’re pretty sure she just wanted to start a new career as being the only hooker in Pleasantville. She’s even on FUNKY Avenue!

Pleasantville has hookers now

Rylan and I were going to hit the skating rink [I’m telling you, she’s an active pregnant lady!] while Ulaa was working on the corner, but when we showed up, people were already there.

Watch out, Rylan!

Pretty sure, just by their conversation, that they were totally lost.

I think they're lost

So very lost.

So very lost

Then they said Rylan was ugly. If we weren’t afraid of that woman’s ass, shit would have gotten real, y’all!

Also, the woman seemed to want to take Ulaa’s place as the new Pleasantville hooker!! What the heck?? You can’t just be taking someone’s hooker spot. There are rules, you know!

More hookers

Pleasantville wasn’t so pleasant anymore, so we got our groceries, covered Ulaa’s boobs, and went home.

Just a normal afternoon!

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It’s how it goes!

I was wandering around the house when I realized something.

This wall? Too empty!

This wall needs something

I poked around in my home decor folders but I realized I might have to go shopping. So I did what anyone else would do and hit the blogs.

Let's check blogs

There are some great blogs out there for home decorating but I knew I’d need to do some foot work to find exactly the right piece. Also, if I stayed home much longer, I was going to grab the pie on the table and just curl up and eat. Just in case Aldwyn came home while I was out, I left him a note on the fridge.

The note

I hit up Art Dummy, because I’m an art dummy. They have some great things, but not exactly what I was looking for.

That might work

Oh…well, jewelry is considered decor, right? Decor for my fingers and ears and neck!

Jewelry is considered decor

I remember one time I b….. Ooh, sweaters!!

Ooh sweaters

I bought my photo tree here. Maybe they have another kind? Maybe…

I did buy decor here once

Can’t resist gacha!!


Gosh, I got so many nice things while I was out! It was really a very successful shopping trip, and I’m pretty sure that pie is still on the table, and…

Oh wait

Oh right. The wall.

Well, maybe it’ll just stay empty for now.

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What power? Power of voodoo!

A while ago, I was looking for a cross necklace that wasn’t overly gothy or overly huge, and I stumbled into B&B Spiritual Supplies. They didn’t have the necklace I wanted, but it’s become one of my favorite shops and one that I enjoy poking into now and again.

B&B Spiritual Supplies

Since Halloween and Samhain and Dia de los Muertos are coming up, the subscriber group has been getting some goodies. Actually, every month we seem to get some little trinket, which is pretty cool. I love when creators remember to treat their group members!

In the supply shop

It’s seriously the coolest little place to look around, and there’s all kinds of things for the home or for you. It’s not terribly pricy either and a lot of things are transferable. If you stop by, be sure to check out the whole place, even the little shack that has some wreaths and garland for the spooky season. I think I want to buy a voodoo doll! Bwahaha!

As much as I love fashion, my favorite thing in the world is to find little offbeat non-fashiony type of shops in SL. Do you know of any that I would enjoy checking out? 🙂

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Day 349 – Shop ’til you drop

I swear, I just cannot skip any more days. If I keep this up, I’ll be into December before it ends, and technically, I should have finished this on Monday. :-p But life happens, you know? And daily pictures were not always possible. I wish they could have been, considering usually when I didn’t get a picture done, it was because something was totally sucking in my physical world. But hopefully…hopefully…I’ll be able to finish this up on November 26th.

But, back to today. I dragged Aldwyn around with me while I shopped. Poor guy. I’m a fast shopper so he was having to race after me. But after all the shopping was done, we both had a chance to rest. Rest is always necessary after a hard day of shopping. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


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Day 345 – Community Food Market

I stopped over at the Thanksgiving Community Food Market earlier tonight. There’s some cute stuff there to buy, like this bag I’m carrying from Duboo. I don’t know if more people are going to set up or not, but maybe?


The money raised goes to the World Food Programme, which is pretty cool. So go do some shopping for a good cause and get some really cute stuff.

I’ve been pretty cranky most of the evening, so it’s definitely time to put myself to bed.

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Day 344 – And then he hit me!

The best nights are the nights I spend with my Ulaa and my Aldwyn. We went all over the place tonight, shopping, laughing at fug, and talking on Skype.

But then Al started with, “Well…” and I said no. No. Do NOT start that talk with me, because I knew it was going to lead to, “I need to go to bed.”



But he was mean and hit me upside the head and went to bed anyway. MEAN.

So Ulaa and I decided that because he was sooooo mean and went to bed, we got all skanky and went to laugh at some really…really…bad strippers.

We're sexy!

Fun times!

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Day 257 – Friday Fun

I’m always really happy when I find just the right thing for the house. I’ve been attempting to finish the living room, but I had a blank wall that I just didn’t know what to do with. I hit up Kyoot for Fifty Linden Friday, thinking their memory tree was small for a tabletop. I was so excited that it was wall sized! And perfect for the house!


I rarely take photos in world anymore, so I’m digging through my flickr to find good pics to upload for the tree. I love it.

This evening I came out of my semi-retirement and DJed a birthday party for Bethany Heart. I say semi-retirement, but really, I just have just been too lazy to DJ. LOL It was really fun, and the party was full of the cutest little roller girls ever.

Bethany's party

It probably looked better than this pic, but my settings were at the absolute lowest so that I wouldn’t crash, so you know how that goes. 🙂

I spent the last few hours making some of the shopping rounds. I probably should have waited, though. My Saturday is free and clear. Usually I go visit with my parents on Saturdays, but my mom has this thing against me driving if it’s too cold, too wet, or too hot. Tomorrow is supposed to be 106. Yeahhh…I think I’ll stay in the air conditioned house. :-p Maybe I’ll actually knock out some blog posts I’ve been sitting on. You just never know what a free Saturday will bring. 🙂

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Day 92 – I didn’t think I had much to say, actually.

An hour to go before Sunday and I almost missed day 92! Tomorrow will be better, because I’ll have time to sit and write this big long thing I want to write about. And believe it or not, it has nothing to do with team shirts! LOL!

It was a good day for me. My parents [for those of you who ask me about them <3] are doing much better. My dad's lungs are getting a lot stronger daily, and my mom's health is remarkably improved over this time last year. Heck, even just 3 months ago, it's much better. She gave up smoking when she caught the flu back in November kind of cold turkey. It was hard, after a 40 year habit, but WOW. What an improvement to her health in just this short time! If you smoke, I strongly strongly urge you to stop now, and ESPECIALLY if you have children. You may feel perfectly fine right now, but I guarantee your quality of life will improve if you quit!

In SL…well, yes, there is some stuff going on. You don’t need me to tell you about it. 🙂 But there’s the I ❤ Originals fair that starts on the 8th, and I suggest you guys get out there and support some of these creators. I know, I know. Conspiracy! Secret agendas! Blacklists! Whitelists! Yeah, not everyone is part of that or knows anything about it. Some of them just want to create and sell in SL, and those are the ones I support. 🙂 I was out there tonight for the blogger preview and I found a lot of old favorite and a lot of shops I've never heard of before! Good stuff, too. 🙂

While I explored out there, I had a nice chat with a friend who I haven’t known for all that long, but I kind of hope as time goes by, we become better friends, because she’s pretty much awesome.

My evening hasn’t ended yet, there are blog pics I need to get done, but for day 92… I went out with one of my best friends tonight to listen to great music and just forget about things. 🙂


I’m using one of Torley’s windlight setting for that picture, btw. It’s called Heaven and it makes everything white around you. Pretty nifty, huh? 🙂 I kinda had to do it, because this girl was dancing nearby in this like, crazy zebra dress and well…there’s too much crazy going on around here anyway, I didn’t need Ms. Zebra Formal 2010 all up in my camera.

Wow, I wrote a lot more than I intended. LOL I need to stretch my blogging muscles again. It’s been 92 days of pretty much just some pics. I think I did need a break, but maybe I’m back now.

In the immortal words of one of my idols, Elle Woods, “I once had to judge a tighty-whitey contest for Lambda Kappa Pi. Trust me, I can handle anything.”

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Houses, houses, everywhere…

Just as an FYI, I’ve turned off anonymous comments. 🙂

So, as into buying prefabs as I am, I find myself in the position of not having much that works down on the ground. I’m really more into buying skyboxes, I guess. I want a pretty house, that has nice textures, doesn’t have a lot of alpha glitches [or texture glitches, for that matter], that is spacious and open, but with defined rooms, and preferably with a porch and hopefully doesn’t cost half a month’s tier, since I do change houses on a regular basis. You’d think with so many builders in SL, I’d be able to find something decent. I have been scouring the XStreet listings for 2 days. Everytime I see something I might like, I check and see if they have a demo rezzed anywhere at their store. I have been to SO many prefab shops tonight! For people who think that listing their products on XStreet doesn’t work…let me tell you, it does. Without it, I never would have found even HALF the stores I went to tonight.

I don’t know, I think I might just be OVERLY picky. I’ve gotten a load of freebie/cheapie houses just to check out layouts and styles.

I kind of like this vintage/coastal style.


But of course, I also love a good southern style too, with a big porch.


I’ve seen good houses, I’ve seen really horrible houses. I’ve seen houses that were barely textured, and I’ve seen them textured within an inch of their lives. [Hey, not every prim needs a different floral/striped/polka dot texture.] I’ve seen some cute and very inexpensive houses, and I’ve seen some where you really wonder if the creator honestly thinks that their library textured box with a door cut into it is worth $5000L.

But what I haven’t seen is MY house. My perfect house that would make me happy to decorate and stay in. I’m home 95% of the time, my house must be somewhere I feel comfortable in. And yes, I still have my gorgeous house Noel built for me and Sophia decorated for me. But that is my private space in the air. I need a home for the ground and so far, I just haven’t found the right one.

I think I know what this means…


I may actually have to build my own. 😦

This…is not going to be pretty.