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Day 224 – Platform Sitter

I didn’t have a lot of SL time today. It’s my dad’s 75th birthday! We didn’t do a whole lot for it because he’s not one for big parties or anything like that, so we took him to lunch and got a cake and it was just my parents and me, the way they like it. 🙂 When I did get into SL, I stayed up on my platform while I was making the HUDs for my new nails.

Day 224 - Platform Sitter

Making nails has been so very very fun. I love that even though the nails don’t come out all gorgeous and perfect like some of the other nail makers’ nails do, they’re still really cute [in my opinion, of course] and I like seeing them on my own nails. If you want to see what I’ve made, you can check them out in my marketplace store. Sorry about the Blingis. LMAO