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Day 138 – A Little Change

I’ve never been one to change skins too often. When I find a skin I really like, I tend to keep it and just keep tweaking my face because I always feel like I can make it BETTER. My beloved Briar skin is being retired, though, and I realized I was going to have to find a new “everyday” skin soon. I’ve been waaaaaitingggg for the Pink Fuel Kumi skin to be released and finally tonight it was!

I think it’s me. 🙂

Day 138 - A little change

I didn’t do too much Photoshop to that pic, just adjusted the light a bit.

Now the hard part – RE-TINTING ALL MY FEET. *cries*

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Day 152 – It was a long weekend

What a long, long weekend. I adore my family. I put them above everything else in my life. But so much forced togetherness…you know. 🙂 My mother wanted to stay in the hotel with my aunt & cousin, so I agreed to do it. I also agreed to drive everywhere they wanted to go. In for a penny, in for a pound, right?

I am so thankful to my plurk buddies, though! Oh, they so kept me sane over the weekend. They kept me from going Ali-credible Hulk in the mall yesterday when I was shopping with my 5 foot nothing, 100 pound mom, aunt and cousin and had to hear “I can’t wear sleeveless, my arms are too fat” for the 20th time.

Yeah. Mine too.

It was nice to get home to my quiet house, and cuddles with my kitty, and log into SL. The island never looked so good.


My plurk buddies also helped me discover the wonder that is Pocket Metaverse. Only I couldn’t figure out how to accept inventory using it, and that’s really what I needed! You see, all weekend when I’d check my email, I’d see things being dropped off for me. And well, you guys know SL. Messages can cap for no reason. [It’s 2010, can we get that fixed?!] I was really getting itchy to get into SL, even for a minute, because I so so so badly wanted to get the new Belleza skin – Elle! Squeeee! I love it!


I may still love the Belle skin more, though. But everyone needs an upgrade, and this one is just so so so pretty. It’s probably been covered on the feeds like mad this weekend. I know it certainly was on plurk! If you’re in the Belleza group [$250L joining fee if you aren’t in it already], there’s a free skin for you.

I’m heading back in world to play.

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Crashtastic party, but lovely lips!

So in an attempt to be more social yesterday, I went to Ryker’s “Check it out, I make pretty skins that you need to buy” party. 🙂

Ryker's party

I actually wasn’t going to go. I wanted to, but…you guys know me and crowds. But I was talked into it by Isabeau, who told me if I didn’t like it, I didn’t have to stay. Oh. LOL Sometimes you just have to be told something that simple for it to click.

It was a VERY fun party, though. However, I was crashtastic everytime I tried to move my cam around. 😦 Tyson and I went back later after he logged in, but he seemed to be crashtastic too. It was slightly more stable for me in the evening, but not very much.

But, it was fun. 🙂 Annnnnd I had to buy a new skin. I was going to choose an everyday makeup, but this one was just too fun to pass up on. Of course, now I want more more more!

This is Sienna in You Love Me. I love the little heart lippy!

Heart lippy

Love love love.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!! 🙂

Ali’s Thanks of the Day: I’m thankful that I’m going back to the gym tonight. Exercise clears my head and makes me feel better and more confident. I’m also thankful for my RL bestie of 14 years who makes it possible for me to go. 🙂

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The Skin Quest

I got a new skin tonight. If that doesn’t seem like a huge deal, well, you’re right. For most people it’s not a huge deal at all. Most of my friends buy skins like there’s nothing to it. My best friend is an admitted Skinaholic. They change skins and shapes easily and without thinking about it.

Me? Not so much.

In my physical world, it’s hard for me to get my hair cut. I will agonize about it for weeks, months, beforehand. I will let it get too long. I will scour magazines for hairstyles that I think are cute. I will drive past salons and think about going in. And then one day I will bite the bullet, RUN in somewhere, and let someone take hold of my hair. And then I will cry.

The same is kind of true for me and skins in Second Life. I will think about it. I will look at blogs, at my friends. I will grab hundreds of demos. [Once I boxed up all my demos that I’d collected in a 2 month period. It was over 3000. I wish I was lying.] I will try them on over and over and over. I will beat myself up because my avatar simply doesn’t handle most skins very well in the face. And then, if I’m feeling brave, I will run out, grab a skin, and race home. And then I will feel buyers remorse because suddenly, my look has changed.

I don’t know why I have a problem changing. It’s not like I am any different. It’s still just me, in a new skin.

I’ve been wearing my Kimberly skins from Free Speerit since they came out. I love them. They’ve been me since I started wearing them. But in the past few months, the trend in skins has been changing to these younger looking, super full pucker mouth skins. [Yes, Gala Phoenix, I’m looking at you.] And that’s cool and all, but with my shape, the skins simply haven’t been working. And believe me, I’ve demoed them a LOT. It started to get to the point of me hating when my friends would start dancing about a new skin release. I wanted to look younger, like them, but it just wasn’t happening.

I was becoming more and more upset with my look, but I couldn’t change. The most important thing for me is to still LOOK like me. Just…a better me.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been grabbing demos from pretty much any store I come across. Tonight I stood on my posestand and started going through them. And Noel, bless him, he sat right there with me and gave opinions and watched as I put on probably eleventy-billion skins. As we narrowed it down, I kept asking him questions. Did I still look like me? Did I look like a model? Did I look like someone who you would believe when I suggest fashion to you? Do I look like an emptyheaded stripper or do I look smart? Finally we got it down to one skin. And I wore the demo for about an hour, trying on different clothes with it. [Are you as exhausted as I am at this point?]

While he took a brief break, I ran out to the store, gagged a little at the price [$1490L for one skin?! Are you freaking kidding me???], bit the bullet, and bought it.

Blondie, makeup 2, from Laqroki.

New Skin

That photo is completely untouched, btw, besides cropping it.

I don’t know. Is it still me? As soon as I got back home, I had buyers remorse. I started thinking about how I should be saving money for tier, or how many other things I could buy. I started thinking that I didn’t look like me anymore. I started thinking that I looked silly, airheaded, like I should be twirling my hair and talking about how I love unicorns and kittens.

But I do kind of like it. It’s not perfect. There are a couple of things I’d change, if I could. But it does make me look a little younger, a little more fresh. And I guess that’s really what I was going for.

Maybe one day I’ll be as carefree with skins as my friends are. Maybe I won’t cringe and beat myself up everytime I put on a different skin. Maybe I’ll learn to just buy skins because they really are pretty and I won’t be so hypercritical.



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Free Speerit Eyebrows!

If you are looking for the BBBC sign up post, click here. If you’re looking for Monday’s topic, it’s right here.


I was contacted last week by the awesome Desidelia Vella of Free Speerit and she asked me if I’d mind writing up a tutorial for some new skins she’s putting out. Well, not new as in a new line, but new as in these have eyebrows that can be tinted! One question that a lot of skin designers get is if eyebrows can be colored to match their hair. I know as someone who is primarily blonde, sometimes it is nicer to have a lighter eyebrow, and there are lots of redheads out there, and those who have pink, purple, or blue hair! But tinting eyebrows isn’t something that we get the option to do a lot of the time in SL, so it’s not a skill that most people just know. So after working a bit, I came up with this tutorial. It will be in the new skins that come out at Free Speerit, and I believe those come out this week. 🙂

Sometimes tinting your eyebrows when your hair is a different color other than brown/black [the standard eyebrow color in Second Life] can add a subtle effect to your overall look that is very fashionable.

** Not all eyebrows can be tinted! It is much easier if you have a modifiable hair/eyebrow base. **

To begin, make sure you create a backup copy of your skin and hair base by right clicking on them in your inventory and right click to paste. While you should be able to make changes again after you modify the eyebrows, it’s always a good idea to have an original backup.

Now right click on yourself and go into Appearance Mode. Click on the Hair tab and then again on the Eyebrows tab. It will look something like this:

Tutorial - Hair Tab

Set your Eyebrow Size to 100 for the best results when tinting your eyebrows. For more coloring, also set the Eyebrow Density to 100. If you want a lighter tint to your brows, then you can play with the Eyebrow Density to get the intensity of the tint the way you want it.

After you have set the Size and Density, click on the Color tab.

Tutorial - Color Tab

You will now be able to move all the sliders around and find just the right tint for your brows! As you can see here, when I move the Rainbow Color and Red Hair sliders to 100, I get a nice pink brow. But you can use all the sliders to match your brows for blonde, red, or even blue hair.

Tutorial - Rainbow Colors

You might notice that you have a little extra untinted eyebrow near the inner corners. This is easily fixed by going into the Skin Tab and in the Skin Color, choose a lighter Pigment. I found that moving the Pigment slider to 30 takes care of the untinted part and does not change your color. See the example:

Tutorial - Skin Color Tab

Once you have the color you want, click on Save and you’re done! Have fun playing with your new eyebrows!