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I’m on a boat! Or a kayak, whatever.

In the physical world, I’m stuck at home today. Actually, I’ve been stuck at home all weekend due to the fact that my brakes are grinding. Yeah, they HAD been squealing. But now…they’re not. I know, I know. I just figured I had some time. :-p But since my RLBF hasn’t allowed me to drive anywhere [except today when we dropped my car off at the repair place], I’ve been in a pretty foul mood all weekend. I probably should apologize to some people since I’ve been short with pretty much everyone who has encountered me, but if you can’t be moody with your friends, who can you possibly be moody with?

Last night Sophia & Skyhawke showed me their new kayaking stuff that they bought for their island. It’s no big secret that in the physical world, I’m NOT outdoorsy and I’m NOT very athletic. I have never once been camping. I even asked to stay out in my backyard when I was a kid, and my mom thought I was nuts. Sky is, however, one of those crazy Ironman athletic types who just this past summer paddled for miles and miles and miles down a river in a kayak. I tease and call him and Sophia “hobos” that go sleep outside and eat beans that they cook in a tin can, but I completely admire them for their love of the outdoors. Even if I do think that they look like this while out there:

I kid, I kid.

They said I could come over and use their kayak stuff whenever I wanted, so late last night when I was supposed to be taking blog pics for my review blog, I wandered back over and decided to paddle around. It was really so peaceful and I got to think while I paddled around enjoying the scenery.


I love the water

More kayaking

After I finished my ride, I was looking for a good place for a full body shot and then I discovered something. They were holding out on me!!

They were holding out!

So naturally I had to go skydiving. Or parachuting. Whatever.


Although I know that SL kayaking is probably nothing at all like the real thing, I did really enjoy it and will probably be bouncing over to Sacred often to paddle around. In many ways, it’s better for me than the real thing because if this had been in the physical world, I would have probably only gotten slightly away from the dock before my arms started hurting, or I’d get my big butt stuck in the kayak, or I would have rolled over and went head first into the water.

But at least I probably wouldn’t have done wheelies on my head.

Sophia...doesn't kayak so well.


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It’s 5am, no brainpower left for titles

So I haven’t been blogging much lately. I’ve been kind of pushing it off with writer’s block as the excuse but that’s not entirely true. I am writing posts in my head all the time. That’s the way it was when I started and it’s the way it is now. But the difference between then and now is that there are things I can’t say. Because of privacy reasons [not my own, usually] or because it’s not my story to tell, or because I simply don’t think that I can write about certain subjects, I just don’t write. It’s a little stifling at times. I’ve always done my best thinking when I can write about it. There are things I’d love to share with all of you, my readers & friends, and sometimes I just can’t and it’s really strange for me.

Another reason, and this is probably the bigger reason, that I don’t write is because I don’t have that much to write about. I managed somehow to get myself into a quiet rut. I don’t go exploring fun sims the way I thought that I would. I don’t go to a lot of parties or events if I’m not DJing. I spend a great deal of time at home, sitting on a posestand, just kind of hanging out. Sometimes it’s almost no different than it was 6 months ago when I was pretty much doing the same thing.

I was definitely lucky to have an incredibly great Saturday, though. The Creators Stamp Rally started [which I will talk much more about tomorrow after I get some pics done] and I went to stamp a few cards. The true FIC [Fashion Inner Circle! LOL] turned out for Arwyn Quandry’s birthday/welcome-to-the-main-grid party and it was lots of fun! Arwyn was one of the participants in the BBBC this year, so some of you may know her from that. She was one of our Teen Grid participants. The party took place at Rouge and guess what? I finally had my chance to get very close to Mr. Hamlet Au. 😉

Hamlet & me on the dance pole at Rouge

Ok, I made that sound a little bit dirtier than it should have. To be honest, I’m not sure he ever noticed that he was dancing with me since I took GoSpeed’s place on the pole after her partner came to the party. But it still made me laugh for ages. If you look around, you can find pics of Hamlet kicking me and Go in the face on the pole. I also apologize for the poor quality of that picture. I had crashed about 4 times and had just gotten back when I took that to my Snapzilla [where you can see other pics, btw], so it’s not top quality.

After that party, I went to Sacred for 80’s-early 90’s night with Sophia & Skyhawke. It was a fabulous set and although the crowd was smallish tonight, it was so so good to be with most of my favorite people and able to actually have conversations. 50 people at a party is fun, I won’t say it’s not, but 10 people that you enjoy talking to while some really awesome music plays is even better, in my humble opinon, of course. And we laughed so much tonight! It was just what I needed.

Besides, who wouldn’t go to bed with a smile on their face after leaving this scene? 🙂

End of the day

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Phone Hunt

I’m up so late. Or really early, depending on how you look at it. LOL

So Monday night, Sophia and I were IMing and we decided we wanted cell phones. In SL. Yes, shut up. We really wanted ones that would have us texting. Ages ago at a store, I saw a girl with a Blackberry style one and she was just texting away. It was unbelievably cute and had the store not been lagged out like crazy, I would have inspected it to see where she got it. But since I didn’t, we were out of luck, so we had to start on our hunt for a phone.

But then she IMed me and said “There’s hair.” Usually when she says that, it’s new hair to buy. Not this time.

Floating hair

It was just hair. We were quite distressed that some poor girl would be walking around bald. But then we were more distressed when we realized it was a guy’s wig and that he was a big liar because it said he owned a furniture store and he so didn’t. We really did try to be nice and tell him he lost his wig. But we’re just 2 girls. There’s not much we could do.

Eventually, after a couple of stops and being joined by Soph’s husband Skyhawke, we ended up at RC Cluster. That is seriously one of my FAVORITE stores in SL, even if I don’t usually buy anything. It’s just so much fun!

We ended up buying a couple of phones, but you have to switch out phones when you want to talk or text, and there’s a HUD if you want to take a picture. I took one of Soph, but looking at it in Photoshop, her lips are unrezzed, so sorry, you don’t get to see it. But the phone is cute enough.

Cell phones

Um, Sky’s hat never really rezzed all the way for me, I guess. Because he’s not part bald. I promise.

Anyway, if anyone can help us find an awesome phone that will text while we type, not disappear on our hand, and is super cute, we’d be much appreciative.

The party for Wednesday is 80s Night, so I have to finish setting up the skating rink and put together a playlist. But…later. Right now, I really think I’m ready to sleep.

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So guess who got to be a model for Truth again?


Oh yeah, it’s ME!

And some others. :-p

Ok, so a few months ago Truth Hawks had hired Skyhawke Sodwind of Sacred Studio to do some photos for the store. Because well, if you’re going to ask for awesome pictures, Sky is pretty much the only person you should ask. Just sayin’. But of course, that was a long time ago, and he’s been just getting better and better at hair, so it was time for new pictures! Five models were chosen, and if I hadn’t been asked to model again, I think I would have cried and burned all my Truth hair in protest. Well. Maybe I would have burned one or two. The old ones. You know. The ones I never wear.

As usual, we were under strict rules not to blog the pics until they were given to Truth and placed in the store. Since they are there now, I get to share! I already shared once on my review blog, so you’ve probably already seen mine. If you’re not reading my review blog…why not? But I got all the pictures today so you can see all of them the right way, not just on the wall. 🙂

Krystanna Wycliffe

Truth Ad - Krystanna

Rylan Carling

Truth Ad - Rylan

Meara Deschanel

Truth Ad - Meara

Sophia Harlow

Truth Ad - Sophia

And ME!

Truth Ad - Meeeeee!

I’m not allowed to say how one of the models went Diva and demanded a new photo after feeling like she was the ugly cousin of the group, but if you go to the store and you see another photo up with someone in a green jacket…

It was really a lot of fun, and big thanks to Truth for allowing me to be up on his wall, and to Skyhawke for doing an absolutely gorgeous job as usual!

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Now for the Truth!

I have been dying to blog this for WEEKS, but I wasn’t allowed to, which really made me antsy. LOL

A few weeks ago, Truth Hawks hired Skyhawke Sodwind & Sophia Harlow of Sacred Studio to do some portraits for his store. I was chosen as one of the models for the big photoshoot, along with Sophia, Sai Pennell, Sehra Kauffman, Pumpkin Saenz, and Aradia Dielli. I was soooo excited!! Not just because hey, everytime I go shopping there, I get to see a big picture of myself, but because I would get to do it with some of my best friends.

Skyhawke did an absolutely AMAZING job with the photos, just as we all knew he would. I’m telling you, if you haven’t had your photo done by him, you are missing out BIG TIME. He’s wonderful! Out of 11 photos in my profile, 7 of them have been done by Sky. He is just that damn good.

So none of us were allowed to blog about the shoot or anything until the pics were delivered and placed in the store. This drove me crazy, as I’m sure it did the others, too. But today with his new releases, our pics are up!!!!

Outside the store – Sophia, Aradia, and Pumpkin.

Truth 1

Inside – Sai, Sehra, and me.

Truth 2

Me again, right by the ponytails. I’m wearing the “Alicia” hair in my picture. Pumpkin, Sehra, and Aradia are also wearing their namesake hairs!

Truth 3

It was just a really really fun experience! Does this mean I can add “Soopamoddle” to my resume now? LOL!! I’m just so happy that I had a chance to do this because it’s something I’ll always remember.

I’m sure all the photos will be put on the Sacred website soon, and I’m sure the girls will blog their own pictures, but I wanted to do mine here.

My Truth model picture

Be sure to stop over at Truth and check out the photos, and pick up some of his new work. And then make your appointment at Sacred for your own super fantastic picture!

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It was just a normal week…

I had thrown a bunch of pics into my Flickr thinking I had an actual post for them, but then it turned out, I didn’t. But I like to share pictures, so here we go. 🙂

Last week we had a semi-group outing to a go-karts place. It was SO fun! I suck at driving, preferring more to just go fast. Here’s a pic of the Harlow-Sodwinds in their duo car. Lucky Sophia, I had to drive myself!! Look at Skyhawke’s face. It cracks me up!

The Sodwinds racing

And this is why I shouldn’t be allowed to drive myself.


Speaking of the Harlow-Sodwinds, we were out at their photography studio one evening and I snapped this picture of them. I tried to be all fancy like Sky and doctor it up, but I suck. 🙂

Sodwinds on the wall

After Sehra’s rezday party, Pumpkin and I went to go pick up our decorations. Wanna know the truth to why Pumpkin’s humping the floor? I’ll never tell… 😉

Pumpkin humpkin. LOL

We went to visit Aisuru one evening and I couldn’t resist climbing all over her rainbow thing. It’s fun!

Rainbow peeking

Sometimes I pretend to be the receptionist at Sacred. And sometimes I just dance on the desk. They seem to put up with me either way.

Dancing receptionist

Sophia and me on Industrial Night last Saturday at Sacred. We look hot!

Industrial night

Pumpkin, Sophia, and me jamming out on someone’s piano. Pumpkin says she knows the people, so that was good enough for me. LOL


And last but not least…. Sophia staring at her husband as he pwns us all and becomes a very pretty girl. I don’t think I’m supposed to show this picture. I bet I get fired for this. LMAO!!


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Sehra’s Rezday Party

We did a rezday party [a day late] for our own little Sehra tonight. It was held at Sacred and Sophia & Sky DJed 80s hair bands. The music was awesome and everyone had a load of fun!! I laughed so hard, I got hiccups and that hasn’t happened in ages. 🙂 Of course I took a LOTTTTT of pics. If I didn’t get your picture, I’m so sorry! I tried to get everyone but I know I missed a few. 😦 And forgive me for not linking up everyone’s blogs and stuff. It’s late. LOL

Rezday Girl

Sehra's Rezday - Sehra

Aisuru striking a pose.

Sehra's Rezday - Aisuru

We weren’t supposed to make fun of Pumpkin…so…I’m not. :-p

Sehra's Rezday - Pumpkin again

I think I’m doing the robot, with Nikki behind me.

Sehra's Rezday - Robot

Ok yeah, I’m making fun of Pumpkin a little bit now.

Sehra's Rezday - Haha...Pumpkin showing off

Aisu, me and Sophia on some bouncy things.

Sehra's Rezday - Bounce bounce

Sophia before she got barefoot.

Sehra's Rezday - Sophia

Bone went AFK. Mistake!

Sehra's Rezday - AFK Bone

Gogo & Laleeta came too!

Sehra's Rezday - Gogo & Laleeta cutouts

Elora and Merrick dancing away.

Sehra's Rezday - Elora & Merrick

The gorgeous Nikki in her new shape. She looks amazing! Not that she didn’t always before, but she’s an updated Nikki!

Sehra's Rezday - Nikki

Calabaza and her date, Lola. LOL ❤

Sehra's Rezday - Pumpkin & Lola

Nikki, me, and Sophia dancing like 80s groupies.

Sehra's Rezday - 3 Dancing

Sophia & Sky were trying to have a romantic dance. I wouldn’t let them. LMAO

Sehra's Rezday - Hahahaha

Big thanks to Sky & Sophia for hosting & DJing the party. I hope you had a great party, Sehra!!!